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  • Global Verdict on Obama's Crumbling Foreign Policy

    Recent survey results show that the Obama Administration’s foreign policy has been unsuccessful in the promotion of America and in improving hostile relationships, especially in the Middle East.

    What’s more, polls taken by Transatlantic Trends 2012 show that the disapproval of the current Administration continues to grow.

    Directly linked to the approval (or disapproval) of Obama’s international policies is favorability toward the United States. Barack Obama rode to victory in 2008 declaring that he would improve relations with the Middle East. Fast forward four years, and favorability toward America in Middle Eastern countries among (nominally, at least) U.S. allies such as Jordan (12 percent), Pakistan (12 percent), and Egypt (19 percent) is lower than it was during the Bush Administration.

    In addition to the Transatlantic Trends poll, a Pew Global Attitudes Project report in June showed that confidence in Obama has decreased internationally—in some cases, dramatically.

    Not that currying favor abroad should be the top priority for a U.S. President, but in this case, what is so striking is that the numbers have plummeted in countries to whom Obama has tried to cozy up.

    In China, approval of Obama’s leadership has plummeted from 57 percent to a dismal 27 percent. In Russia, it has decreased from 40 percent to 22 percent. And, as recent events can attest, in Muslim countries, approval is getting close to rock bottom, with a decline from 34 percent to 15 percent in the last three years.

    Obama rose to “celebrity status” on the promise to restore America’s reputation in the world, but he has fueled the fire of anti-Americanism around the world by his repeated apologies for the U.S. and its founding values. He has given credibility to the view that the U.S. is no longer the global superpower that promotes freedom around the world but a declining power that must apologize for its past transgressions.

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    8 Responses to Global Verdict on Obama's Crumbling Foreign Policy

    1. Bobbie says:

      Heard another American border control agent was killed…

      If people could just close their eyes and think about the troubles in the world, the hateful resentment, the financial MESS, the recklessness, the lack of human quality, people will conclude it has all stemmed and continues to grow within the controls of dysfunctional governing that people in this country and throughout the world, doesn't need, didn't ask for and can do without!

      • Carol, AZ says:

        Yes, Bobby , tragically we are bleeding bodies on our border again and the press describes this area on the AZ/MX border as_ "a very dangerous area for known drug activity."
        Instead of tanks, drones, and other military hardware to stabilize this area and protect our border, and personnel, horses were used, to surprise the drug mules.
        It didn't work.
        Until we understand the word terrorism , disallowed to be mentioned by our yellow-bellied press here and abroad , and how dangerous it has become leaving all entrances wide open, we will never be safe here as we once were.

        • Bobbie says:

          God Bless you, Carol! Thoughts and prayers are with all the good of this country left vulnerable by this careless, inept, dangerous administration!

    2. Jenny Lee says:

      Obama started his Presidency with the attitude that Congress and Foreign Leaders like to play 'Simon Says', and he chose to play 'Simon'. He tossed Congress Obamacare and other policies, and said here sign it now and read it later. That level of arrogance does not sit well with most people. Most people who have reached the level of Congress and Leading a Foreign Country do not have self-esteem issues and do have the ability to speak their own mind. When surrounded by emotionally strong people, using tactics that are pushy or demeaning to others does not work. If anything it can create more friction. Which is most likely what he has done with the Foreign Leaders throughout the world. Additionally, a large number of people outside the United States assume Americans are arrogant, Obama has reinforced those assumptions during his four years. (Facebook: Jenny's Rants and Raves)

    3. Dr T.L. Barton, Retd says:

      former community organizer who is totally out of his league when it comes to foreign policy. He thinks his speaking ability and "charisma" will impress foreign leaders. He cannot be further from the truth. Despite what Valerie Jarret and Michelle tell him, he flounders, bowing and scraping and impressing people with his total incompetence in handling foreign affairs. He thinks if he builds a couple of hospitals, send a shipload of grain and extends his hand in friendship to all, he will unite the world with him. He is totally inept in dealing with foreign powers and his narcissictic personality will not let him admit the truth.
      Where is a real leader, not a syncopant, when we need him?
      Dr T.L.Barton

    4. Pete Houston says:

      Well, the carpet bagger sold a shiny bottle of feel good medicine and the snake oil does not work and the village is sick from consumming the poison. The few of us that did not drink the poison need to run him out of town. Those that are sick and still want another bottle need to be given a sedative and they can wake up on Nov 7 when the problem is solved.

    5. Carol, AZ says:

      (1) Yes, our country is in steady decline and foreign policy is one example of the continues crumbling ..The repeated acts of terrorism against us and our "empty chair " leaderless by Congress , Senate , and Judiciary system that's suppose to balances our laws_ also to blame.
      Destroying American embassies ( and other countries) is an overt act of war against us. The press covered it up , and also covered up _how we have left the front door purposely open, the back door , and all exits once locked_ now conduits in both directions.
      Our military is being pinked slipped_ if you haven't heard, we are too broke to support them.
      Hilary is funneling millions in support to the Muslim Brotherhood, Congress is approving it, and Hussein Bo entertains them at the W.H.

    6. Stirling says:

      It's no surprise given the "world" view of this president that we are in this situation. Anyone who's seen http://2016themovie.com/ will realize that "Obama's America" does not share the same values that America was founded on.

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