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  • Fast & Furious: Univision Continuing to Ask the Tough Questions

    On the heels of staging a successful presidential forum, Univision, the largest Spanish-language network in the U.S., has uncovered more information on the failed Operation Fast and Furious.

    Fast and Furious resulted in nearly 2,000 high-powered weapons travelling across the border to be used by Mexican drug cartels that has resulted in the deaths of dozens, if not hundreds, of innocent civilians.

    Mexico’s former Attorney General Victor Humberto Benítez Treviño estimates that approximately 300 Mexicans have been killed by Fast and Furious guns, and hundreds of those weapons remain unaccounted for. Among the most disturbing allegations from the Univision report includes the possibility that Fast and Furious weapons were used by a squad of hit men working for the Juarez cartel to gun down 16 teenagers (and wound 12 more) who were attending a birthday party in Ciudad Juarez in January 2010.

    As we have been reporting, Administration officials have been less than revealing about what they knew about the ill-conceived Fast and Furious Operation, including the strong possibility that Attorney General Eric Holder may have contradicted himself in sworn congressional testimony.

    As my colleague Lachlan Markay writes responding to the recently released report authored by the Department of Justice’s own inspector general:

    While the report does not claim that Holder misled Congress, it does say that those affidavits suggested gunwalking took place. Holder says he read those affidavits, and that they suggested no such thing. If the inspector general is correct, both claims cannot be true—either Holder did not review the affidavits, or he was not truthful about their contents.

    The Univision report only furthers the need for this Administration to provide the American people and the Mexican government with more information about how the U.S. government could have possibly allowed this program to be carried out. It has resulted in the deaths of Mexican and American citizens including U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.

    And despite the minimum coverage by the mainstream media of the Fast and Furious fallout, the recent inspector general report has made clear that there is more being uncovered, including the possibility that there may be another “ATF investigation that involves an individual suspected of transporting grenade components into Mexico…and supplying them to drug cartels.”

    As evidenced in the recent presidential forum, where Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos pressed President Obama on a number of important issues, it’s clear that the largest Spanish-language news network is not afraid to ask the tough questions and shine a spotlight on the failings of this Administration.

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    20 Responses to Fast & Furious: Univision Continuing to Ask the Tough Questions

    1. george says:

      Thank God for Univision. The Mexican and Hispanic voters should not support President Obama because of this. November 6, 2012 will hurt Obama because of his actions in fast and furious.

    2. Mercy says:

      So true george, I don't understand where is the outrage for this Fast and Furious from the Mexican
      Hispanics, Just like the death of the Ambassador in Libya and the navy Seals, incredible what this
      administration is getting away with!! So proud of Univision how they asked the good questions for Obama.

    3. Joe says:

      Thank you Univision! It is good that there are still journalists not afraid to search for the truth. Keep it up, my Spanish is getting better now that i watch your channel more every day.


    4. Carm Scotch says:

      Mexican and Hispanic voters are deluded by the GOP agenda & misrepresentation of facts. You Mexican/hispanic voters are doing yourselves a disservice by voting Reublican & against your interest. Dont forget if Romney is elected not only will the DreamAct will be repealed and Self deportation will kick in but you will lose Planned Parenthood which offers medical care to uninsured hispanic women,social services that provide poor hispanics with much needed help like foodstamps, medicaid, Section 8, headstart school program, Medicare vouchers, SSI invested in Wall St. and the list goes on. These are important things we cannot afford to lose. Romney Ryan ticket will take all of this things away and give themselves and every wealthy person in USA TAX BREAKS. Do you really think Mexicans & Hispanics will get anything out of Romney/Ryan? KEEP DREAMING.

      • Daniel says:

        Carm, the Plantation / Dependency Democrat scare tactic no longer works with US Latinos. Even heard an undocumented alien from San Francisco (a sanctuary city) on a radio show today express strong Conservative views and lament how much our once-virtuous society has degraded…We Latinos care about jobs, strong families and yes, even traditional family values! Gov Romney has it right; Latinos are looking for a hand-up, not a hand-out; we know about this great nation's upward mobility and our thinking is very much aligned with mainstream Conservative values. Hate groups like La Raza don't speak for us!

      • Todd says:

        For someone who evidently reads The Heritage Foundation, you are very miss-informed. My recommendation is to turn off MSNBC and The View, and start thinking for your self. Your DNC laundry list is a joke. And by the way, what is “Self deportation”? You are not even making sense.

        It is people like you who working America has to take care of. And it is people like you who put Obama in the White House which has sent this country into the hole we find ourselves in today. Romney and Ryan will save this country, so people like you can live in the dreamland which you obviously are in.

      • Scot L says:

        Hey Scotch…if you bothered to do your own reaearch instead of just parroting liberal talking points, you'd know that the Deam Act was NEVER passed by congress and IS NOT the law. However, many of it's provisions are being illegally implemented by executive order and administration policy against the wishes of the people. It must be so great to be clairvoyant and know exactly what will happen under a Romney administration…can you tell me the winning lottery numbers too? Is it a good thing that 46% of the population are now receiving Food Stamps? "It's the economy stupid", is something you should keep in mind. All those food stamps would not be needed if we can get this economy moving and create jobs for our people instead of making them dependant on the government which is financially unsustainable. Wake up and embrace what the facts are telling you…unless you'd just like to remain one of the "uninformed masses" on the left.

      • Mike, Wichita Falls says:

        Why do people come to, and stay in, these United States…for freedom or for bennies? The gravy train is dry and on borrowed time. I keep hearing how important family is to Hispanics. Well, the voting members of your family are burdening the non-voting members of your family with a crushing debt load when they vote for Obama-Biden. That vote may preserve for a short time the bennies, but in the long run, long after Obama-Biden are gone, both freedom and bennies will be lost.

      • Steve, OH says:

        First of all, you can't repeal a bill that has never been passed by Congress. The DREAM act failed, but Obama has circumvented Congress and implemented this via Executive Orders, a direct violation of our Constitution's separation of powers clause. Second, you won't lose all these things you listed, unless of course you are here ILLEGALLY! Your scare tactics are weak and pathetic. Grow up and use some truth once in a while.

      • Guillermo Polo says:

        As a full blooded hispanic (albeit a tax paying US citizen who has never taken a dime from the government) I am embarrased by Carm's post. Not only is it full of lies but it's quite obvious he didn't even bother to check the facts before parroting left wing talking points.

        I know many hispanics that think for themselves and do NOT support Obama.

        Lastly, the democratic party has turned a large number of hispanics and blacks into 2nd class citizens. And they have done this on purpose to ensure they get their vote. It's truly despicable.

        • Bbbecky says:

          Bravo, I wish you well – and I hope that you are taking this message to every hispanic you know!

    5. angry-elf says:

      @carm scotch,
      many people were killed at the hands of drug cartels with weapons supplied by this administration and you want to offer up that the GOP is gonna deport the good hard working Mexicans if Romney beats out Oblama? Seriously? Is that all you got?
      I am sure many Mexicans have already left since there are more jobs elsewhere than here in the U.S. thanks to your "Campainger-in-Chief!

    6. THe Hispanic Community is rapidly finding that the Obama Administration is really not "in their corner"! From his failed promise of "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" to the "Fast & Furious" debacle, and the fact that there are no jobs (for anyone), Obama has failed Latinos and all Americans with his Socialist policies.

    7. Renaus says:

      It doesn't matter. Hate to get anecdotal here however, my whole family is "hispanic". With the exception of my wife and I, we are the only Republicans. My own mother is still a Mexican citizen after being here for 65 years and never returning to Juarez where she grew up. They all say the same thing……Obama had nothing to do with it and Holder didn't know about it. Case closed! The hispanic community does not want to hear about it because Obama and Holder can do no wrong. Read the post by "Carm Scotch" and this will tell you all you need to know. As long as there is free handouts, Obama can do no wrong.

    8. Pete Houston says:

      Carm, time for you to cut your umbilical cord from the federal government and stand on your own two feet. Your family and neighborhood should be your support network and not the federal government. The liberal nonsense that the government should be doing everything for you when you can not is a road to slavery. The federal government is not here to wipe your nose/behind.

      The Federal government ran a poorly run operation to discover information on the drug cartels. Well the reason that we have this problem is that the drug users in this country have the notion that they are only hurting themselves and do not affect anywone else with their recreational drug use. Well after all the deaths in central american and the usa, you would think that they would become more sensitive that their actions are causing this. Stop using illegal drugs and the market will be gone.

      Both topics lead to the conclusion that each of us need to be responsible for our actions and circumstances. We need to be able to help others so that they can help us when we have a time of need.

    9. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      Holder…incompetent or dishonest…both grounds for dismissal.

      I don't know which scandal is worse…Libyan consolate attack or a fumbled gunwalking operation. Either one would have sunk Bush, and both make Katrina look like child's play.

    10. guest 969 says:

      Viva Univision!

    11. Marge says:

      Thank you, thank you, thank you! This shows all those liberals that we are not a bunch of morons that depend on their hand outs. Open your eyes, see them for what they really want. They want us to be poor and stay poor.
      Obama LIES then DENIES. Univision will get the truth then he will not be able to weasel his way out. Carm depends on us the American people to provide her EVERY need she knows every program. I am in the middle class and his agenda will affect EVERYBODY including the poor, YOU. Where do you think he will get this money? I f we survive this year, we will go bankrupt. We can not afford Obama! WAKE UP! God is our source not the printing of more money.

    12. Bobbie says:

      What a horrific display of the devaluing of human life! There was no good intent behind this egregious intolerable act of America's government officials. People deserve no less than truth and when matters are in government control beyond the people's own control, there's no excuse for preposterous disrespect to lies and cover up! That's not what America's government officials get paid for or thieving America by helping themselves to limitless pay. What a massively abhorrent embarrassment America and the world is forced to deal with without voter integrity…

    13. historianMI says:

      This is about Power. Giving goodies to Latinos legal and illegal is intended to buy their votes. Giving General Motors to the Union bosses gives union votes to the Democrats. Giving food stamps (TANF) to more millions buys (hopefully) more millions of votes. Making voting more difficult for Armed Forces members makes for fewer opposition votes. Giving millions to teachers' unions buyts more teachers' votes. Get enough votes through these kinds of changes and you get a PERMANENT one-party government with the ability to do almost anything, including a captive or quiescent Supreme Court, and….despotism.

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