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  • Matt Damon's Anti-Fracking Movie Financed by Oil-Rich Arab Nation

    A new film starring Matt Damon presents American oil and natural gas producers as money-grubbing villains purportedly poisoning rural American towns. It is therefore of particular note that it is financed in part by the royal family of the oil-rich United Arab Emirates.

    The creators of Promised Land have gone to absurd lengths to vilify oil and gas companies, as Scribe’s Michael Sandoval noted Wednesday. Since recent events have demonstrated the relative environmental soundness of hydraulic fracturing – a technique for extracting oil and gas from shale formations – Promised Land’s script has been altered to make doom-saying environmentalists the tools of oil companies attempting to discredit legitimate “fracking” concerns.

    While left-leaning Hollywood often targets supposed environmental evildoers, Promised Land was also produced “in association with” Image Media Abu Dhabi, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Media, according to the preview’s list of credits. A spokesperson with DDA Public Relations, which runs PR for Participant Media, the company that developed the film fund backing Promised Land, confirmed that AD Media is a financier. The company is wholly owned by the government of the UAE.

    The UAE, a member of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), has a stake in the future of the American fossil fuel industry. Hydraulic fracturing has increased the United States’ domestic supply of crude oil and natural gas in areas such as the Bakken shale formation and has the potential to increase domestic production much more in the foreseeable future. That means more oil on the market, and hence lower prices for a globally traded commodity.

    Fracking is boosting the country’s natural gas supply as well. While the market for American natural gas is primarily domestic, the Energy Department recently approved Cheniere Energy’s plan to export about 2.2 billion cubic feet of liquefied natural gas per day from Louisiana. The Department is considering LNG export applications from seven other companies.

    A strong global market presence for American natural gas could also work to the UAE’s disadvantage. The Arab nation ranks seventh worldwide in proven natural gas reserves. For instance, Japan’s energy imports are expected to rise significantly over the next five years. The country is currently a major importer of UAE natural gas. If it decided to import more LNG from the United States to accommodate its increased energy demands, it could deal a blow to the UAE economy.

    Another source of competition might come from other industries that use natural gas to manufacture other products. As American gas grows cheaper the United States becomes a more attractive destination for industries that manufacture petroleum-intensive products. The UAE, meanwhile, has invested billions attempting to shore up its own share of the plastics and chemicals markets, both of which rely on petroleum products and are likely to gravitate towards the cheapest sources of those products.

    All of this suggests a direct financial interest on the UAE’s part in slowing the development of America’s natural gas industry. Pop culture can be a powerful means to sway public opinion. While Promised Land, like anti-fracking documentary Gasland, appears to inflate the dangers of hydraulic fracturing, it may have an impact on the public’s view of the practice.

    Heritage’s James Dean contributed to this report.

    Note: AD Media’s role in financing Promised Land was confirmed by a spokesperson with DDA Public Affairs, not a representative from AD Media itself. This post has been corrected to reflect that fact.

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    162 Responses to Matt Damon's Anti-Fracking Movie Financed by Oil-Rich Arab Nation

    1. Michael says:

      Matt Damon is the reason I no longer go to the movies. His comment that the only reason people go into the military is because they have not financial options really frosted me. I'm a retired Marine – I love this country more than life.

      • Chris says:

        The reason this is being support by these companies is because the US has some of the most tracking in the world. If we continue to revamp these domestic wells, it threaten overseas dependency on gas and oil. The only thing this movie could do by turning people against tracking is increase our foreign energy policy!

        • Badwhisky says:

          First of all it is fracking, second this movie is BS, if you educate yourself with information which is accurate you will find that there are little if any issues with the process. No matter what you do there is always some dingle berry trying to stop it, the NIBY's will be the death of us and there really are not that many of the SOB's out there, there are more unintelligent self absorbed couch potatoes listening to NPR and MSM absorbing the liberal blather than there are folks actually in the know. I think Eddie Chiles was right about liberal California and it's Hollywierd crowd when he said" if they do not want to produce their own energy, let the bastards freeze in the dark".

          • CriticalThinker says:

            What continues to stun me about these threads is the level of barely disguised hatred of fellow Americans. The USA seems to be becoming a country of extremists and if an individual fails to recognize that, they are a huge part of the problem. Perhaps, at 300 million people, the country is too big to support its wide ranging citizenry, differing viewpoints, alternative belief systems and the rest. Greater respect for each other, and each other's thoughts and opinions would make the country stronger, more effective, and great once again.

      • Disavowed 1 says:

        Thank you for your service, now we have a different calling at hand, defending our own Nation.

      • lee says:

        thanks to you and your military brothers and sisters we all have freedoms in this country.
        Matt has the right to be wrong and we have the Right to not go to anything associated with him
        thus making him less relevant.
        i thank you more importantly for your service and GIFT to this country you gave us.
        my hat's off to you.

      • Joe says:

        Michael – Thank you for your selflessness and your service. May God bless you always (I can still write that in this country, right?). And I feel the same way about Hollywood…

      • Gunny G Alz says:

        Semper Fi Devil Dog.

        Our new fight is retaking this nation from the Left.

      • Lisa says:

        Michael, Thank you for your service. If I didn't know anything else about Matt Damon, that would have been enough for me to boycott anything he was connected to. My son turned down a very good paying job to go into the Air Force. I wish all these Hollywood extremists would just go away.

      • SirGareth says:

        Matt Damon can use the Hollywood Defense in this matter by claiming he is only just another in a very long parade of useful "sho-biz" idiots.

      • Marine72 says:

        Oxymoron and "Follow the Money" says it all.

      • Shawn S says:

        I have not been to the movies in 27 years. I will not watch a Matt Damon film on cable and have done this for the past 4 years.

      • JayTee says:

        Yeah, I don't know why we continue to value the opinions of people who make their livings by pretending to be someone else. Many people seem to be pretty good at entertainment of one sort or another, but don't know a damn thing about economics or government. We have to be the biggest fools in the history of the planet.

      • I think matt damon is actually johnny depp wearing a blonde wig. Both "individuals" are practically identical in every respect except for the hair. At the very least, the two must be next door neighbors. Either that or hollywood has a bunch of robots.

      • T Lady62 says:

        Looks like the Oil Sheiks are feeling threatened by the concept of America revisiting energy independence. It's about darned time. And I'd like to see Mr. Damon stand in front of people like you, myself (I served in the USN 20 years), and all those WWII, Korean, Vietnam, Gulf War, and Iraq War veterans and say those words to our faces. And no, I certainly won't spend one red cent on this piece of propaganda. Not even to rent on Netflix.

      • jake says:

        Yeah, well I joined the military to and you CANT honestly sit there and say Matt wasn’t lying when it came to 80 percent of the people around you. I hate vets that throw their service around like they know everything about every branch and every unit in the five services all for their political jibber-jabber. Maybe most of you jar-heads joined to go fight wars but that’s why we call you all jar-heads. Why don’t you show us how ALL the rich people are lining their kids up to go fight for their country. If you remember back to basic, I bet you can remember a few of these spoiled brats dropping out. Poor people fight the wars, its a fact since the caveman and Matt Damon was right on that observation, most people join for the education or the fact that they have no hope where they live of ever being NOT POOR. People who join just for the love of America are from Tennessee and Kentucky and that’s only because their high school text books are filled with a fantastical ideal of America instead of facts.

    2. 2ndprotectsall says:

      So, Hollywood is now in collaboration with foreign entities to weaken U.S. companies…what a surprise.

    3. Mike says:

      Gee, it's tough to figure why no one's going to movie theaters these days (except to see Dinesh's movie). Hollywood might be next to fall after the newspapers. Americans are just tired of all the liberal propaganda.

    4. Cindy Q says:

      Damon is another example of uninformed, uneducated, dutiful slaves in Hollywood who take all their cues from the leftist fanatics who are out to bring America down. Remember, an actor's only real talent is being able to read a prepared line convincingly enough to make it believable. Very few of them have ever had an original thought. Keep this in mind the next time you see them spouting the propaganda.

      • Prune says:

        Damon like 90% of hollywood actors are not actors, no talent, they are their bosses little soldiers that Marxist Hollywood is using to shape our thinking and opinions through their stupid movies,no one goes to watch anymore…

      • James says:

        Wait. He played the part of a genius in one of his movies? Doesn't that mean he is really smart, knowledgeable and everybody should listen to him?

      • Tony says:

        You're 100% right on target about Hollywood's love affair with left-wing ideas.

    5. Joe Dutra says:

      This movie is destined to tank at the box office.

    6. KJV says:

      Well, here’s another Matt Demon movie that I refuse to go see.

    7. jim says:

      I generally like Damon's films but I won't be seeing this one. He should note that the usual liberal feel-good movies don't do well at the box office.

    8. Nobama says:

      It comes from Hollywood. A totally liberal media. Why give any notice to what the say or do. After all they make money by reading to the public what others tell them to say. Do you really think they are important?? After all you can train a partly to say what you want!

    9. ProsperityUSA says:

      I'm sorry, but I must be the first to say it…"Matt Damon is an idiot."

    10. Cincinnatus says:

      Does Matt Damon know he is being used or does he hate America that much?

      • Buckeye Joe says:

        He hates America that much. He is not being used. He is using the sheep that follow him.

      • george says:

        He hates it that much. Seriously, most of those on the radical left do. That's one reason obama the lawless is doing what he's doing. He thinks we have to pay for everything we have done to the world. That we are somehow guilty, responsible for the worlds trouble. That we have had it too easy, and now it's time to live as a third world country so we can see what it's like.

    11. Kat Birth says:

      Lovely…and we wonder why gas prices are so high!

    12. I hope all patriots will join me while I boycott this movie.God Bless America.

      • WLT says:

        The only good movies from this putz were Good Will Hunting and The Bourne Identity. After that it's all been trash. Learned that and won't waste my good money on his BS anymore.

    13. Just a Guy says:

      This upsets me. Really upsets me. Damon is one of my favorite actors; a true genius at his craft. Jason Bourne is one of the best characterizations ever. He really brought Ludlum's character alive. I read the books after seeing the movies and it was a perfect interpretaion he'd done.

      There has to be something in the LA water system that makes these people go quack-wacky.

      • Snailmailtrucker says:

        Freedom is Never Free

        Looks like you need to pay by dumping this little weasel along the roadside…..

        I DID !

      • Snailmailtrucker says:

        Freedom is Never Free

      • Tod says:

        Probably the same stuff that makes California the 8th largest economy in the world, I guess.

      • Matt is the Man says:

        Yep he is a very good actor. He does not have to believe in the Dogma portrayed in the film. He can Good Will Hunt where ever he pleases and it is ok to have his liberal Private Cryin, but those that think movies are the mirrors of reality and the actor is really playing out his personal philosophy as it is in real life are just naive'. Wonder what they really think about Chris Reeves when he was playing Superman? Movies are entertainment, not reality, to most of us adults. And I am a Vet, worked at the Oil and Gas regulatory agency in Texas, am a lifelong Republican for 40 years, and will see the film.

    14. It would be interesting to follow the money in several other anti-American/pro-Arab states commentary, reporting and Obama Administration decision making. I'm not sure many journalists are up to such a task.

      • Mark Wabalas says:

        Look at all environmentalist groups, majority of funding is from overseas… EPA is the most corrupt arm of the government, and they are taking full advantage of our caring tree-huggers, turning them against ourselves!

      • iodiner says:

        It's over. The mainstream American media is ideologically bound to the left, obbama, and his minions. Do not expect objectivity, or truthful journalism from them anymore.

    15. Barbara says:

      Thank you. Please see that this information gets into mainstream news.

    16. Nichols says:

      This article doesn't touch on the important topic: the negative impact on fracking. Patriots should concern them selfs with the health if our nation. Both politically and environmentally.

    17. A liberal/leftist who lacks the intellectual horsepower to understand what he's saying.

      And who appears to be every bit the Hollywood whore that you'd expect from someone of his pedigree.

      He's as much a clear and present danger to our Republic as are Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and others of their stripe.

    18. Norman Noir says:

      We've always known Matt Damon was a tool. We just didn't know he was a tool of the Arab oil ministers.

    19. Echo says:

      As it's oil reserves drop, the U.A.E.'s gas reserves become more important to their economy. Independent development by the U.S. threatens their bottom line.

    20. Joe Bob says:

      My word, but you all are a pack of fierce conservatives, aren't you? Never mind that the article serves a bait and switch about the proven ill effects of fracking in favor of highlighting that an OPEC entity gave money to this film. Seems to me that that tactic is some free market capitalism, now isn't it? I nominate ALL OF YOU to have fracking operations in your own back yards, and accept the accompanying damage to your water supply, be it well or municipal.

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually Joe, hydraulic fracturing is generally done at depths over 10,000 ft (~3000m), where fracture lengths have reached a MAXIMUM of ~600 ft (180m). It is funny because, the large disregard for factual science and scare tactics are rampant. The image of a woman lighting her tap water on fire is not because of hydraulic fracturing but because of natural gas trapped in coal seams at 650 ft (200m) depth that most water wells are drilled to.

      • energy seeker says:

        Sign me up Joe Bob, I would be happy to have a fracking operation in my own backyard

      • STK says:

        Proof, please? Either way, good or bad, just proof.

      • Tom says:

        Actually I have had a fracked well in my back yard for many years now, and the drinking waters has tested just fine from the beginning. I am guessing that you do not have a well in your back yard, yet somehow know more about the oil industry than everyone else. Also, I bet you drive a car to see the movies you bow down to. Try to remember that an actor is just that. It is a person who makes a carreer playing fantasy; and often has lost his/her path to reality. It amazes me how these actors have convinced themselves that somehow what they think is actually relevant to the world.

    21. cleanH2O says:

      It doesn't matter that this movie was supported by an foreign oil company. What matters is that fracking is a terrible thing that ruins our land and the water underneath it. Watch "Gasland" to see the truth about fracking.

      • Frack Files says:

        Well stated. People working on the rigs and in the fields need to learn about the potential health impact.

      • Andrew says:

        You should check out "Truthland" and see the truth about fracking…

      • Actual Expert says:

        Gasland is nowhere close to the truth. Fracking is only bad if something gets spilled on the surface outside of containment. And that happens so seldom. Think about it every time you drip a few drops of gasoline on the ground when filling your car at the pump.

        There are more animal droppings in our water than anything else. Maybe we should start knocking off everything that does its business ABOVE the potable water strata. How do you think that would go over??

      • RockintheBakken says:

        cleanH2O, you need to do a little more research on fracking. I live in the middle of one of the largest oil deposits in the nation, and fracking is going on non stop, and we dont have any issues with it damaging the land or water. Do you even know what the process is? How deep it is done? Or are you just being spoon fed propaganda by the anti oil machine?? Learn to think on your own after you have the facts. Thanks

        • if only says:

          The facts? Gas Land mixed truth with high drama & confused the issue by NOT being 100% truthful. That does not mean you should throw the baby out with the bath water. tracking is a dirty business that was given free rein & now should be held to regulatory standards, once "they" figure what those standards should be. The mixed signals are relevant. Watch this & maybe you will see that you need to put on your thinking cap too: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=

    22. ELefevre says:

      Good story. I don't need another reason to assiduously avoid putting $.02 in Damon's designer, bling-emblazoned jeans but, I'll take one , anyway!!

    23. Dave says:

      I work in the frak industry. I am extremely proud of the hundreds…thousands of young men and wo
      en who are out here everyday…braving the elements…working hard thru all kinds of weather…heat..dust..cold..rain. They're here everyday and everynight. Helping supply energy for our country and earning a good living for their families. Many are young kids..18, 19 years old. Learning the oil business and the meaning of a hard days work. They make me proud to be American.

      • Frack Files says:

        I work in the risk management profession. You may be proud, unfortunately workers and residents need to be protected from irresponsible development of the resource. With a huge reserve stock piled why is the industry rushing to exploit the resource to be sent to China and India. I thought we wanted to be energy independent?Thats not American.

    24. psadie says:

      Don't you love it! The Arabs are terrified about our energy independence. The USA is self sustaining with the resources that are at our disposal. YET Obama backs the Arab Muslim world while our rigs in the Gulf lay silent and he spends more money on green energy that is a losing proposition. This is no AMERICAN PRESIDENT. Gone in November.

      • RockintheBakken says:

        I so hope you are right and he is gone in November……… My worry is all the people he is promising a free ride to are going to get to the polls. We cant afford another 4 years of his "leadership". The US does not seem to be his top priority. So sad.

    25. Mark Lonzo says:

      I know someone personally who let them film his farm field and the used CG to show dead animals in the field. This is nothing more than flat out propaganda. Damon should be ashamed of himself….oh I forgot he's a lib he has no shame.

    26. No surprise here. Let's just hope and pray that Americans in mass see #Truth. #TCOT

    27. Sammy says:

      What riles me is that liberals hate the small-town, farming community, hard work, free enterprise, church on sunday, every 12-year-old owns a gun way of life. Liberalism is what's destroying those types of places, not fossil fuels.

    28. David says:

      Bring back the Draft and the dysfunctional,insane,perverted social behavior sponsoresd by the “enemy” will be eliminated

      Mister Eastwood served his beloved Republic in the Military!

      I am with Patriot who said “I love this country more than Life”

      To Uncle Mike in San Fransicko GOD Bless America and every last Patriot here!

    29. PollutedWaterStinks says:

      While interesting it does not change the fact that the majority of the fresh water supplies in the US (and around the world) are polluted and have been contaminated by various types of industrial exploitation including: oil & gas, mining, etc.

    30. Debra says:

      Help save America, boycott movies and put the actors out of business!

    31. Eron Thomas says:

      Oh let me do my shocked face :-0 Another Hollywierd lefty afraid of energy producing technology in a movie (China Syndrome comes to mind) paid for by wealthy Arab oil guys telling us to not develop our own natural resources. I am just stunned at the level of stupidity of these liberals. First of all when did Matt get his degree in geothermal engineering? How can he have any opinion? Who wrote the book Useful Idiots, cause I think I am gonna send a copy to Matt.

    32. Tina Rocha says:

      No thanks Mr. Damon, I know longer can enjoy work from what turns out to be an unequivocal idiot. One who humors himself in thinking he has some intellectual political insight or capcity when just the opposite is true. And my deferring your products would be vertically and most certainly in perpetuity. In other words, you won’t see another dime from my family as well you shouldn’t in any form. $100,000 says this film doesn’t make the revenue from your friend Hanks in Larry Crowne. As a matter of fact, who is this guy Damon again?

    33. Robert says:

      Obama's agents are right now in negotiations to purchase a $35M beachfront estate for him. It's in Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii. It's GORGEOUS !! Question: how does someone who was a community organizer before he became a President come up with the money to buy a $35 MILLION estate? Wonder where all the Solyndra money went? Now you know.

    34. The Iguana says:

      Its time to boycott Arab oil. We have enough here. We don,t need their oil,gas, terror,or their ant social values.We have enough problems and they are definitely the cause of a great many of them .

    35. Gunny G Alz says:

      Matt Damon and the Hollywood Limo Libs ARE a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER to America.

    36. Moefo Schmoe says:

      I'm waiting for the movie version of Shakedown Socialism starring Matt Damon as Comrade Red and Vin Diesel as Laika. Perhaps directed by James Cameron? or maybe Michael Moore?

    37. So let's all boycott this movie!

    38. JWS says:

      Matt Damon is a fool. People who care what he thinks, or fund his political/ ideological crusades by purchasing tickets to his movies are also fools.

    39. john says:

      Maybe the events of the middle east is a reason we need our own energy the UAE can sell to India. Anti-Americanism will die off. When Romney comes into office I do see the USA ending exports from Egypt,Libya and Tunisia

    40. C Bauer says:

      I bet it won't make one tenth of what 2016 made.

    41. Gunny G Alz says:

      The very ones standing in the way of energy independence, prosperity, and jobs are all residing in the Democrat Party.

      A vote FOR a Democrat is a vote AGAINST America.

    42. iambicpentamaster says:

      Matt Damon = Mr. Blood Money

    43. mike says:

      And they want to know why movie goers aren't going….we're tired of the entertainers being political…keep your mouths shut and do your job…entertain us…or we just won't go…just that simple…you've got all your riches, but if the incoming drys up so does the outgoing…see how Jane Fonda and several others have been doing…If it wasn't for Ted Turner, maybe she would have dried up long ago before Ted paid for all the Plastic surgery…try a USO show Jane..

    44. Bob Kutz says:

      So Matt Damon is colluding with Hollywood leftists and Oil Rich Muslims to damage industry and energy independence in the U.S.?

      Well color me surprised!

      You know, what would really surprise me? If we heard anything out of the MSM about this movie, other than how successful it is. I can picture the Matt Damon interview. I am sure he will denigrate all the scientists who’ve done ‘peer-reviewed’ science and say fracking is an environmentally sound practice. He will tell us they are ‘in the pocket of big oil’.

      No one will bother to ask him why he hates America, or if he is aware that the film was paid for by oil rich Muslims. Given his IQ, it might not actually occur to him that he is hurting the U.S. On the other hand he may not care.

    45. ghackney24 says:

      Good actor period. I'm taller than him. Have eaten carrots lived more winters and have less hair covering lottsa' logic compared to what he allows to be said in the media.

    46. Larry says:

      My favorite Matt Damon movie…Team America!

    47. Dave Cooper says:

      Folks such as Matt Damon and Ben Afflec are out standing performers in a make believe Hollywood World, but when it comes to the real world, they tend to struggle with distinguishing fact from fiction. I have 32 years in the O&G Industry and happen to know that there is no dependable research that proves fracing is a danger to people or the enviornment. And just how hipocritical is it that the backers of this film are filthy rich oil sheiks from a country whose sole credible industry is Oil & Gas. Come on Matt, go back to what you know, fantasy land and pretend world.

    48. Brewster says:

      Follow the money. Remember. The agents receive a large percentage of the "actors" pay. I'll bet Damon made a bundle on this one. "Money is no object" someone once said.

    49. Snailmailtrucker says:

      The only movies that I will ever go see are produced and funded by Pro Americans !

    50. Vuil says:

      Featuring Matt Damon in "The Fracking Conspiracy"

    51. detroiter says:

      Matt Damon ruined 'Saving Private Ryan'…What a lousy actor – and now he is a lousy political activist..Somewhere Sarah Palin is smiling (a real American hero!)

    52. PaulE says:

      Yet another waste of time movie filled with lies, distortions, and just plain made-up fiction designed to skew public opinion against fracking. All so we can continue to ship $300 billion to $400 billion a year overseas for oil from countries that want to do us harm.

      These empty-headed Hollywood actors need to spend 6 months or a year, living as an average person in the Middle East, Nigeria or Venezuela, not a multi-millionaire vacationing in some foreign country surrounded by assistants and servants, to appreciate what they have here in America for just being able to read someone else's movie script a few times a year. Then maybe, just maybe, they might think twice about slamming everything American.

    53. tina says:

      Hollywood and Communists go hand in hand. Kick them all out of the United States of America!!! If you don't love this Country–leave it.

    54. David Santos says:

      Hey, Matt I just put you in the same box in my closet that Jane Fonda been in for the pass 47 years…what a jerk…

    55. Harvard + Hollywood = Horror Show

    56. Independent Thinker says:

      Has anyone seen the documentary "Gas City"? Not sure who is financing the other side of this argument, but I am going to educate myself from both sides and make my decision on my own whether or not this is a sham- no one is going to write an article or make a movie and force feed me what I am suppose to think and feel… There are two sides at war for your mind. Don't drink the Kool Aid~

    57. Chris says:

      This is not surprising. Much of the anti-fracking propaganda in Europe has been funded by Russians, who are trying to prevent the development of a viable shale gas industry in Europe that would threaten their stranglehold on the European natural gas market (Russia currently supplies nearly half of European natural gas). The other big financier of European anti-fracking propaganda is the French nuclear industry (nuclear power plants supply ~80% of French electricity), which would be devastated by cheaper natural gas that would result from development of a European shale gas industry. When you follow the money you truly begin to understand the motivation…

    58. Robert says:

      The hell with Damon and his
      Arab buddies. Just cause he can read a swcript doesn't make him smart. Hollywood just turns out crap that is against the US. That is why I don't go to the movies.

    59. F_This says:

      Matt thinks it's okay then to destroy other nations with fracking, just not ours. He would rather the US keep paying billions to the Saudi's while we are broke and could actually get our own oil.

    60. Daisy says:

      Matt Damon's most meaningful role – I'm Maaaaaat Damon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1f8wYZR-zM

    61. Brad Hanson says:

      No conflict of interest here! Move along!

    62. John Graves says:

      Thank you for the 'underground' story! I am about to publish my next book, "Fracing, The American Alternative Energy Source" just before the movie comes out. I must send a copy to Mr. Damon for his extraordinary timing in giving me such free publicity! People will flock to buy the book, just to read the truth about our new American heroes working in the oil and gas fields of middle America. Anyone who knows of a demobilised seviceman looking for work, it is out there in North Dakota, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Great pay, tough, hard work. No wimps allowed.

    63. Josiah says:

      I wonder if the creep will make a movie about people who were forced to live next to 600 foot tall wind turbines, with noise, flicker, lights, transmission, and substations?

      Doubt it.

    64. luxomni says:

      There used to be an Ad that proudly proclaimed that "When you are out of Schlitz you're out of beer". I logically heard that as "All the other beers were bought first". When we import foreign crude oil ours is still in place. And we are paying for it with dollars that will soon be worthless. Who really is the bigger fool?

    65. Tom Tucker says:

      Perfect. Hey, as long as America loses, I'm sure Matt's just fine with that. That and the big payoff at the boxoffice. Who needs integrity or honor?

    66. George says:

      That really doesnt suprise me at all with this administration and President being against fracking with his E.P.A. so worried about it. So it makes sence that they would have a movie for against fracking by muslim nations wanting to sell us their oil. But it also proves that there is nothing wrong with it at all but i. t is just another tactic of this man to cause us not to use our own fuel and redistribute jobs and moneys to other nations. Which isnt right at all and all this environmental nonsence of the leftists needs to stop and we need to use our own oil , coal , natural gas to give jobs to the American people and more income. Just another example of traitorist politics and power mongering. So pray and vote this man out of office. Sincerely ;

    67. fedup says:

      There is an email going around asking people to support the boycott of liberal leaning TV shows, news stations and movies. Maybe if they get hit in their pockets they will begin to realize that half of the nation disagrees with their message. Boycotting has worked extremely well in our history!!

    68. WilliamPenn says:

      Matt Damon is one of CPUSA's most useful idiots.

    69. Mark Kortum says:

      This article does not include the information required to indict the movie, Mat Damon, or the UAE. Are the UAE major investors with some sort of direct knowledge or did they just happen to own shares in their portfolio some how? If they are major investors who supported a significant percentage of the movie then the conflict is evident. If not, it is just another ignorant Hollywood waste of celluloid but not an international conspiracy.

    70. iodiner says:

      Folks, let's just ignore these liberal celebrity morons, and their products. If it doesn't sell, they'll stop making their propaganda crap that most Americans don't want.

    71. King_Alexander says:

      Yes, and after losing all of its attempts to persuade federal regulators into blocking the approval of Cheniere Energy's LNG Louisiana export facility, the Sierra Club is _suing_ to require an environmental impact statement on the effect on _China's_ environment of burning U.S.-produced natural gas there. God forbid the United States should become energy independent and improve its balance of trade with China. Truly, green is the new red.

    72. Ron says:

      I'm always up for a good fictitious gaggle of a movie. LOTR is more believable than this garbage!

    73. TexasJester says:

      The truly sad part is, if it hadn't been for American interests opening up the original oil fields over there, the Middle East wouldn't have all this oil money. They'd still be living in sand huts.

    74. King_Alexander says:

      The 2.2 billion cubic feet per day that Cheniere Energy plans to export daily represents about 432.1 million metric tons of hard coal or 864 million metric tons of lignite that China does not have to burn every single day. Although both are hydrocarbon energy sources, mining and burning coal has a far, far greater impact on the environment than does recovering and burning natural gas. Therefore, for the Sierra Club (and such as Matt Damon) to oppose U.S. LNG exports tends to show that the organization may not really care so much about helping the global environment as it does about harming the U.S. energy industry and the U.S. economy as a whole. Could the royal family of Abu Dhabi be financing them too?

    75. guest says:

      Looks like the UAE domestic fossil fuel economy is all over this one. Even going so far as to hire former executives of major western production companies to mask their plot. Too bad they gave it all away by forgetting to change their NAME.

    76. lgs says:

      Matt Damon should really star in Dora the Explorer (a kids cartoon for 3 year olds) That's more his speed. He's another Hollywood no-talent doof.

    77. Brendan says:

      It's as if the people who released this film are purposely trying to undermine the anti-fracking movement. Why else would they partner with a UAE firm? They must have known that this would be the spin- "middle eastern gas and oil interests are trying to undermine American energy independence…" I'm beginning to think that Promised Land was designed to promote the gas and oil industry by discrediting those who are critical of gas and oil extraction.

    78. Betty Lou says:

      “While Promised Land, like anti-fracking documentary Gasland, appears to inflate the dangers of hydraulic fracturing, it may have an impact on the public’s view of the practice.” states Heritage.

      Understand: Unless one lives near where fracking takes place, unless one personally knows of wells contaminated by fracking, unless one personally knows of fish kills due to fracking, unless one personally knows of people becoming sick because of fracking, unless all this becomes personal one has no idea of the actual negative repercussions of fracking.

      “Appears to inflate the dangers of hydraulic fracturing” is insulting. There is no “appears” and there is no “inflate the dangers.” Fracking is dangerous and it does contaminate. But make sure you have your well tested, if you can afford it, as a base line before drilling takes place or the companies are not liable for your children’s illness due to contaminated well water. It makes no difference that the land has been in the family for hundreds of years with no problems. An entire community can be aware of such travesties, but with no testing there is no proof. Big money wins.

      I happen to be an independent voter whose father and husband worked in the oil and gas fields of WV. I am not against drilling, but I am adamantly against Marcellus Shale fracking. Check out what is really happening out there.

    79. Scott Cannon says:

      Really, you all beleive that this is a conspiracy of some sort? You will find financial backers of all sorts funding all diferent kinds of films. It’s simply an investment. This is a story written by pro frackers to push their agenda, don’t be foolish.

    80. Crede Calhoun says:

      Chesepaeke energy just paid 1.6 million in danages to PA residents for messing up their water and the ongoing cost of roviding water for many many years will be un the tens of millions. This author obviously is drinking the gas company kool aid when he says "Since recent events have demonstrated the relative environmental soundness of hydraulic fracturing". Hunh?

      He also is cluless when he talks about the sippingof our gas overseas. The gas prices in the US don't even make the process profitable. This gas is all intended for Japan that has gas prices four times higher than ours and Japan is getting heavily invested in fracking by buying into gas fracking companies. Saving the gas for U.S is not going to happen until the gas companies can stick it to us. Wake up folks we've seen this bait and switch before.

      To think that our most precious freshwater resources are being threatend for the profits of multi-nationals is insane. These well casings will fail eventually and at that point the pathway is there and waiting to pollute enitire aquifers and regions with petrochemical compoundds and salty radioactive brine water.

      Three types of people support fracking.
      1) Those blinded by greed (your typical conservative)
      2) Those that swallow the gas indutry spin
      3)those that haven't done any research

    81. Pingback: Matt Damon’s Anti-Fracking Movie Financed by Oil-Rich Arab Nation (+video) | Restoring Liberty

    82. will says:

      YOUR DONE MATT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,YOUVE REALLY BLOWN IT THIS TIME………YOU GOT ALL AMERICANS PISSED,,, SO,,,,,,, GOOD LUCK,,,,,MY BROTHER……………………..>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    83. Cheesy says:

      Damon was a waste of 3 perfectly good Ludlum stories.
      Mark Wahlberg, as a badass like Jason Bourne, sure .
      This weenie? Hahahahahahahaha!

    84. Pingback: Michelle Malkin » Movie portraying American oil and natural gas producers as greedy polluters was financed by the… United Arab Emerates

    85. William Lewis says:

      I agree with all the repliers. I haven't been to a movie since Rocky 1.It will not get in the news the way you want it too. The Media goes along with the Hollywood types. They will make a hero out of Damon. I will add Damon to my boycot list

    86. Pingback: Movie portraying American oil and natural gas producers as greedy polluters was financed by the… United Arab Emirates | Inspirations, dreams, humaniora

    87. Pingback: Movie portraying American oil and natural gas producers as greedy polluters was financed by the… United Arab Emerates | Conservatives for America

    88. Ela says:

      First of all I don't understand oil-gas politics that much but I do hate the higher prices right now since the economy is still slow. Second, I really don't think that Matt Damon hates America he is probably raising money for this country through the box office and he was handed this role! Third, why should he turn down making a movie when he also has bills and a family to feed just because the subject matter might be contravertial?! ALL I KNOW IS THAT HE'S GOOD AND HOT AS HELL (YUM YUM YUM) SO DON'T MESS WITH HIM– KICK!

    89. Charles says:

      When will people like this useful idiot start being tried for treason? He is supporting those who have stated they hate us and plan to destroy us. That's treason whether he knows it or not. And since he's a useful idiot, I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Still, he should be labeled and tried for what he is: a traitor.

      I'm not seeing that movie. My money will not go to investors in the UAE …

    90. REO says:


    91. SamZydeco says:

      Reminds me of a story about DiCaprio pulling up in his Prius to get on a…private jet! Hypocrisy abounds with liberals.
      I'm sure Matt justifies this not because he wants to help oil producers but because cheap natural gas crushes 'green' energy alternatives like wind and solar. A side note ; I'm still waiting for the media to show pictures of the endangered eagles that are being hacked in half by the massive windmills

    92. Blessedone333 says:

      lol oh poor hollywood, if they didn't have propaganda to make, they wouldn't have a job! ha!

    93. Joni says:

      So it follows that the Obama administration and Hollywood support toxic water in Venezuala, Argentina, Angola, Bangledesh and in every other nation where they have developed and spent our taxpayer money PROMOTING oil and gas fracking. You just can't have it both ways can you?

    94. Bob T. says:

      The oil industry has to earn our trust and lately it has failed us miserably, BP to say the least. The pipeline in Mid-MIchigan which cost many people their homes! Shame on this article, and keep up the good work Matt Damon.

    95. guest says:

      sounds like the research indicates this can be a very safe process, … unlike the bamsters foreign policies, or lack thereof

    96. Matt is a great actor, and that's what he's all about. As for the fraking industry, it has faults as well as value. It greatest challenge today is to overcome drinking water contamination However, cheap energy is what it's all about. Consider the number of coal firing plants that have converted to natural gas. The savings are a whopping 66%. Surely the stakeholders of the fraking industry are keenly aware their financial success is dependent upon the quality of life of its indigenous citizens. Why kill the golden goose that lays the golden egg?

    97. John says:

      My very close friends are the bar band in this movie. They are, in fact a real working band with alot of original music. A good bit of it was filmed in Avonmore, PA. Many friends of mine were extras. I cheered them on when they were selected for the movie, even though I knew it was a hit piece. I worked for Talisman energy for a short time as an IT contractor.

    98. Barry says:

      Come on, did you really say that increasing frakking here in the US will actually decrease prices?

      We now know of more oil than ever before, and yet prices go every higher. That simple idiotic remark decreases your credibility to nothing.

    99. Mike says:

      Unfortunately you don't hear the MSM doing any muckraking into foreign influence in our elections through Citizens United – just imagine what they'd probably find…

    100. I live in PA. Everything in that article is true. It has harmed nada…no one…and there is lot sof money to be made for the farmers who live on this land. As for using "Syriana" as a source…Clooney…really…need I say more? I'm done with the entire Ocean's 11 cast. I will give no more to any of their pockets.

    101. Grey Wolf says:

      LOL – it's wonderful to see the fracking apologists reduced to tearing lumps out of the oil industry. It truly is a dog eat dog world in Big Energy isnt it?

    102. Michael B says:

      A God given natural resource that all civilizations need being vilified by enemies and fools.Oh Matt and his Hollywood buddies are so smart. They take money from people who hate us and then make a film demonizing American Industry.Companies that can build jobs,wealth and free us from foreign dependence.I guess they would rather have the wealth in people’s hands that want to destroy our way of life.They are in complete denial that this would affect them as well. I say it already has. I don’t watch this trash out of Hollywood anymore. Hey Matt if we don’t have our own energy sources what will we do in time of war if the Arabs turn the pumps off? How in this world have these types of people gotten rich? By Americans going to their movies or by Foreign monies. Makes you wonder.

    103. LiberalHater says:

      Hollywood has only produced two good movies: Patton and Gone With The Wind.

    104. Glenn says:

      This is BULL! 50 years ago, while still learning, the process may have been a little careless. Now there is a great awareness of the enviroment to the point you can't hardly tell anything has happened other than the production equipment that remains and is monitored daily much of the time. But even areas 40 – 50 years ago that were hot spots are still farming, ranching, and their water supply is unharmed. In the movie industry they are big on "this is based on a true story". Maybe they should be required to anounce this is based on someone's imagination and catagorize it as "Sci-Fi".

    105. Bruce Johnson says:

      I can only speak from experience. I grew up in an oil town. I remember that before I, myself, went to work in the oil for a major company, the oil had been produced in the area for almost75 years. In spite of this, I remember our little town having the best tasting water in the whole area. I remember going to sporting contests all over the state and wondering how people could drink the water that I tasted from their drinking fountians when ours was so great.

    106. joe says:

      matt can fill his tank up and it does not hurt because he is rich well matt it hurts us middle class and the poor ill never watch any mvie your in again

    107. Adam Sutler says:

      This film is obviously Saudi propaganda!

    108. Irene says:

      Well, after all this hype I can guarantee that more people will go see this movie. You have stirred their curiosity and made it into a big deal. I would also like to say that we are not giving people enough credit to see things and make their own educated decisions. I am never for banning books, movies, etc. That's BIG BROTHER to me. If you can't give people the liberty to do and see what they wish, you are being too controling for me.

    109. AndyEiger says:

      The big U.S. planning to own and produce a gas plantation somewhere in the middle east has been the hot for weeks now. As for me, if the US thinks that it'll be the best for the majority of their citizen then why not create it , right? Perhaps we could say and react only when we witnessed how things turns out after they decided to push through this. I think that the gas flaring and other oil-related industry will be enhanced once this was done. so we really must watch out for it.

    110. Algerian says:

      I wonder what is keeping Mr.Damon warm on winters, and how is he getting a lift! or maybe it's just a Not to Frac in US but Yes in the rest of the world where he can still get the supply!

    111. Eddie says:

      I watched the trailer, WOW! I didn't think Hollywood could get anymore extreme with their ultra liberal agenda. First of all the movie insults the intelligence on several levels. First, in typical liberal fashion it portrays the "common folk" as country bumpkin yokels with the brains of Forrest Gumps pet monkey. ad portrays successful people as the greedy evil Grinch/Scrooge/Mr Potter, etc, lol.

      Being from PA and literately right in the middle of all the fracking going on and knowing about a dozen people personally, including my girlfriends father and her sister and husband, who are getting royalties every month from the gas companies for land leases, I can say it's NOTHING like the movie implies. The only thing going on around here is locals making A LOT of money. Since my girlfriends father is getting older, he's in the process of passing things down to his kids, his land, house, investments, etc. I've gotten to see some of his financial statements. In 2011 he made $76,000 in royalties, in the first 3/4 of 2012 he made $112,000 in royalties. I don't know what her sister and her husband are making, but I'm told their house will be paid off 4 years early come March. The water still tastes great and no evil gas and oil people have come along and stole our xmas gifts! It's not rocket science, if you're presented with a contract by the gas company and you sign it before taking it to a lawyer, then you deserve what you get if you get screwed.

    112. Accodrding to http://drillingmaps.com 47% of the 27,591 fracked wells in 2012 were oil related while 53% were gas. Fracking is done for both oil and gas and they are both dangerous.

      Here are the fracking companies that are funding this propaganda about Saudi money. Disclosed oil & gas wells fracked in 2012 in US: $CHK Chesapeake 2,500 $APC Anadarko 2,477 $XOM Exxon Mobile 1,805 $EOG EOG Resources 1,449

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