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  • What Did the Obama Administration Know and When Did It Know It?

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton meets with Libyan President Mohamed Magarief on September 24.

    Mounting evidence suggests that Obama officials may have been less—much less—than forthright with the facts of the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, which resulted in the death of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans.

    Reportedly, U.S. intelligence sources knew within the first 24 hours of the attack that not only was al-Qaeda involved, but also which members and even where one of them lived. And yet, Administration officials toed the line unfailingly that the murders were provoked by the YouTube trailer for Innocence of Muslims. Most Americans, however, found this line of argument entirely unconvincing.

    U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice has found herself a particular focus of scrutiny, having been sent as an Administration mouthpiece to the Sunday talk shows five days after the attacks. Rice faithfully repeated the party line categorically over and over that there was no evidence of terrorism involved. Well, either Rice had not been briefed and thus spoke out of ignorance, though parading as an authority, or she was deliberately misleading the public. This makes her guilty of either incompetence or dishonesty.

    All of this should be deeply troubling to the American public. It clearly is to members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, who have now rebelled against the Obama Administration’s stonewalling and are demanding answers. The Senators were of course briefed by a grim-faced Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who gave them less information than they were able to obtain from the daily newspapers.

    Clearly, acknowledging that terrorism is alive and well comports badly with the Obama Administration’s rhetoric, which has portrayed Obama as having vanquished Osama bin Laden and thus ending the “war on terrorism.”

    In letters to Susan Rice and Secretary Clinton, the Senators have now demanded more and better answers. Members of the House of Representatives have also demanded the truth. They and the American people deserve nothing less than honesty and transparency from the White House.

    House Letter to Obama

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    2 Responses to What Did the Obama Administration Know and When Did It Know It?

    1. Carol Bee says:

      This horrific attack on our Ambassador and others in Bengazi, plus all of the attacks on our Embassies, along with the lack of questions to the administration from the media, clearly show how the Fourth Estate is failing the American people. The administration has lied to us from day one. They have tried to blame everything on the video trailer, which was only a minor excuse for the riots. Zawahiri called for the riots in Egypt to protest the death of his number two man, who had recently been killed by a drone attack. He also called for the Al-Quaida members in Libya to attack Western elements. Our Embassy in Egypt was warned at least two days ahead of time. Why were the people able to scale the walls and burn our flag, putting upan Al-Quaida flag in its place?! The video was just a pretext for the riots. Zawahiri, the head of Al-Quaida, was calling for all of these riots. But where was our security forces in each of these places? And why would Hillary Clinton and President Obama put out an apology for a UTube movie trailer, which was only a flimsy pretext for all of this violence? Because they do not want to admit that their guilt and that their policies have caused this.

    2. Pete Houston says:

      We should be asking for the heads of the group that killed our ambassador and hold the different country's responsible for the damage to our embassy's. If they don't get it together, then we need to bull doze their embassy's in the US and send them home. The reason is that we will not provide protection for their staff's and they need to get themselves back to where they belong. Also gets rids of their diplomatic immunity status.

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