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  • INFOGRAPHIC: Obama Foreign Policy Strewn with "Bumps in the Road"

    In an interview with 60 Minutes on Sunday, President Obama referred to the problematic relations with Middle Eastern governments as “bumps in the road.” These “bumps” (failures, in reality) are the result of a policy based on profound naiveté and shortsightedness.

    When he came to office, President Obama attempted to portray himself as the antithesis to President Bush. Striking a conciliatory tone in his inaugural address, President Obama projected weakness in the place of leadership. He told hostile regimes that “we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist.” (continues below graphic)

    But he failed to realize that regimes in Iran and Syria could not unclench their fists without risking their hold on power, which was based on uncompromising hostility to America. Obama’s naïve Middle East policy made life easier for these tyrannical regimes and amounted to an open invitation for Iran to continue its nuclear weapons program.

    A year after taking office, President Obama offered an olive branch to Syria by upgrading diplomatic relations. Despite Syria’s support for terrorist groups—including some responsible for the deaths of U.S. servicemen in Iraq and Lebanon—and Syria’s involvement in the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, President Obama reversed his predecessor’s policy, appointing an ambassador while Congress was out of session.

    Then, just as Syria’s protests were heating up, in March 2011, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called Syrian President Bashar al-Assad a “reformer.” Eighteen months later, the regime is still in power and responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands.

    Such attempts to placate tyrants have done little to further U.S. interests. Since President Obama took office, Iran has moved closer to obtaining a nuclear weapon, the governments elected in the wake of the “Arab Spring” display violent disdain for the United States and American values, and the Administration’s unrealistic one-year deadline for an Israeli–Palestinian peace agreement raised Palestinian hopes that could not be fulfilled and led them to push for unilateral statehood at the United Nations.

    The only success the Administration can claim is the killing of Osama bin Laden. Yet, as tragically witnessed in the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, the threat of terrorism and Islamic extremism remains. For this, the U.S. needs strong leadership, not complacent wishful thinking that is reminiscent of Jimmy Carter.

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    7 Responses to INFOGRAPHIC: Obama Foreign Policy Strewn with "Bumps in the Road"

    1. Bobbie says:

      He may be a success to his own kind but he's a failure to America. He protects hurt feelings in foreign countries that torture, maim and murder innocent peoples' lives. Instead of enforcing corrections that builds tolerance, he wants everyone to baby their lack of tolerance that threatens human life. He says he's waiting for facts everyone else has!

      It's funny his bumpy road made by him of course, touts what he lies Mr. Romney's policies are but doesn't mention his own that are intentionally collapsing the country, intentionally expanding government dependency, intentionally spreading world hate for America!

    2. kafantaris says:

      The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution itself are both utopian, and both over 200 years old. But unlike other utopias, the one our forefathers embraced works.
      It has an ingenious mechanism to revitalize its institutions: Freedom of speech.
      As John Stuart Mill explained, when a society allows its citizens to question its government, its values and its most sacred beliefs, the examination finds errors and things for improvement.
      But even when no correction at all is needed, the challenge in itself works miracles — it forces us to defend them.
      If things prove fine after such "stress test," we learn that we are on the right track. Merely knowing this wipes away uncertainty and replaces it with life and vigor.
      Such is the hidden benefit of open debate — and the reason why institutions elsewhere stagnate and die.
      And no one rushes to save them because people have forgotten long before why they are there in the first place. This is the grave danger John Mill warned us about.
      The fathers of this country gave heed to his words.
      Perhaps the fathers of new democracies should do the same.

    3. From a President that will not admit to a "terror attack" on soverign United States soil, our embassy in Bengazi, Libia. That is a failure to keep U. S. citizens safe. Who will not attend daily scurity breifings to find out if there is a threat against our nation.. A person that would rather go on to Television talk shows than to see leaders of foreign countries on policy concerning their national security as well as our own. THIS COUNTRY DOES NOT NEED HIM IN THE WHITE HOUSE. We can not afford to have him in public housing anymore. We need a person that will lead this nation, and not sit on the sidelines and watch the game

    4. Soouthside HAWK says:

      Now we find out that the adminstration lied about the Libya Embassy killings. "Just another bump in the road," ay, Barack? We now know as the stupid Ambassador lied on Sunday shows that it was not "the video"

      Then there's the guy in Times Square with links to terrorist….the "foiled" but really failed bomber over Detroit and the "workplace violence" at Fort Hood – you know that one, where the terrorist shouted Ala Akbar as he mowed our service men and women. Meanwhile Simon Rosenberg on Megan Kelly is blaming Bush again.

      This Naricisstic Hoax in Chief knows all about appearences. I mean, how could he possibly get re-elected if America knows that his one sterling achievement – Foreign Policy is making us more unsafe?. When this Con man was elected I said there would be another attack against us.

    5. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      "appointing an ambassador while Congress was out of session"

      The optimist in me at least notices that this action, while without precedent, was nontheless Constitutional.

      There I said something positive about him. Now don't get me wrong…he's still gotta go.

      • SNuss says:

        The President has no power to overturn the rules of the Senate or the House. Both were technically "in session", so such appointments violate the law.

    6. Lyle Frieman says:

      Why the surprise: Obama told us precisely who he is and what his domestic and foreign policy will be during his campaign to lead our nation. Example(s): No nation shall be richer or stronger than any other. Upon entering college he stated “I sought out communist, radicals, revolutionary students and professiors” (among others). It’s all there in his writings and speeches. All one had to do was connect the dots. Lyle

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