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  • Obamacare Spends More Than a Trillion in Taxpayer Dollars and Still Leaves 30 Million People Uninsured

    On November 7, 2007, at a speech in Bettendorf, Iowa, then-candidate Obama said:

    Every four years politicians come before you to talk about health care. You hear the same promises. And then you see the same results. Well it’s time to end the outrage of 47 million uninsured Americans. It’s time to finally do something about it.

    Well, not much has changed since then. Four years later, the country has 48.6 million people without health insurance and a $1.68 trillion health care law that, if it even works as claimed, would still leave 30 million people without health care.

    A USA Today editorial recently praised Obamacare for increasing the number of insured by 3.6 million. But those gains include 50.8 million people enrolled in Medicaid (2.3 million more than in 2010) and 46.9 million people enrolled in Medicare (2 million more than 2010). And under Obamacare, the number of people covered by government health care will continue to rise.

    And for $1.68 trillion in taxpayer dollars, the number of uninsured will still be 30 million. You can almost hear the calls now for spending another $1 trillion to “finally put an end to the outrage of 30 million Americans lacking health insurance.”

    A new Congressional Budget Office report points out that the cost of being uninsured under Obamacare will fall disproportionately on the backs of middle- and lower-income families. Of the $8 billion per year the federal government will collect from the individual mandate, more than 70 percent will be paid for by those taxpayers earning below 400 percent of the federal poverty level (or those earning less than $90,000 for a family of four).

    Some predict that the number of uninsured will likely continue to rise as the price of purchasing government-approved health insurance will outpace the penalty for staying uninsured.

    Before Obamacare, the government was already spending over a trillion on health care through Medicare and Medicaid and by extending health care tax benefits for certain people. Maybe it’s time to stop spending more money and instead think about spending the current dollars more effectively.

    The Heritage Foundation’s Saving the American Dream plan does just that. It recognizes that the government can’t force or micromanage people into health coverage. Instead, the best approach to reducing the number of uninsured is to provide the right incentives—not penalties—that create a landscape for competition and innovation that will draw people in by offering plans that they want and can afford.

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    13 Responses to Obamacare Spends More Than a Trillion in Taxpayer Dollars and Still Leaves 30 Million People Uninsured

    1. juno1721 says:

      Wow – can you imagine if we went back – even more would be uninsured.

      And if we went even farther back – to where Romney and Ryan want to take us?

      • Bobbie says:

        Back to personal responsibilities, self reliance and personal diligence? Back to freedom without government obstructing self control? Where are you from?

    2. Bobbie says:

      REPEAL! It's a game that was unsustainable from the beginning. Please open your eyes to what this administration is doing to America. It's time to be forthright, blunt and candid! We're lied to way too often by a man that says in private, "the better liar is the better politician," while claiming he's Christian. I don't like liars or being lied to and for the meaning of these words I do not trust the mouth they came out of.

      • Jerome Bigge says:

        How much money do you think the private health insurance industry paid to make Obamacare a reality? Obamacare is a massive money maker for everyone involved in health care. And a net loss for the rest of us!

      • pcj says:

        The first 1000 pages of the bill were posted online in early 2009 at thomas.gov. I read the first 600 pages and it is a disgusting mess. Did you know the bill sets up 100 new agencies to oversee the program? How much healthcare money will go down the drain to set up and support those agencies? And how much more paperwork and restrictions will they come up with the justify their existence? Romney's plan to repeal it, take the few good items from it (kids to age 26 on parents policy, no prior exclusions or caps on lifetime limits, etc.) and start over. Go to thomas.gov and read it for yourself. Don't just repeat what someone told you, read it and make your own opinion.

    3. PaysoncsensePaysonb says:

      All in the name of celebrity, personality and a dime store resume. And that dime store resume is costing us not only a fortune but a whole way of life. America has finally reached the tipping point of stupidity over intelligence. God help us. Whoops! we won't be able to say that soon.

    4. Sebastian says:

      Well in Germany nearly everybody has a health insurance. Via his company e.g. or a professional association and of course even more possibilities including private insurance. I would be glad if Americans would be able in the future to get insured. Everybody. Without any communist tendencies of course!

      • Jerome Bigge says:

        Compare the income of a German MD to an American MD. Ours earn a lot more than their's do. Same thing is true in Canada, Great Britain, France, Italy, any European nation. Our health care costs more than anyone else's because here in the US they are free to charge pretty much what they want. Then in some nations in Europe the government pays for their education, something we don't do here. Nor do doctors in Europe face the malpractice suits that US doctors do. Over there they keep the legal profession on a tight leash, perhaps being well aware of the consequences to a society of letting lawyers create laws to enrich themselves as they do here. The legal profession is very well "represented" there in Congress, the President is a lawyer, and the Supreme Court is composed of lawyers. The legal profession here in the USA knows "where the butter is" to put on their "bread". Allowing lawyers to hold public office is of course a true "conflict of interest" since what is of benefit to lawyers isn't a benefit to the rest of us!

        • VAF says:

          Physicians and hospitals are not allowed to charge “whatever they like.” Their prices have to line up with what is reasonable and customary. Despite what is charged, whether its $100 or $1000, Medicare and private insurances will only reimburse X number of dollars. Example – hospital charges total $90,000 for an ICU stay for a pt that has extensive treatments for 4 days. Medicare only reimburses anywhere from $3000 – $10500, depending on the diagnosis. I will assure you, it IS the lower end of the spectrum. That I can promise you. Medicaid pays maybe 1/3 of that. Take into account medicines, treamtments, physicians, tests and staff to care for pt – hospitals aren’t getting very much.

    5. Donna Rovito says:

      juno, if we "went back" nothing would change – the addition of 16-18 million NEW people to Medicaid and the subsidies which will (allegedly) be paid to help an additional 16-18 million more won't kick in until 2014.

    6. Jerome Bigge says:

      Not that hard to reduce the cost of health care… First, repeal Obamacare. Second, repeal prescription laws so that people can take care of many of their health care needs without involving a doctor. This also solves the so called "shortage of primary care doctors" because a lot of their time is wasted forcing patients to make office visits and have lab tests in order to continue to be able to buy medical drugs. In my own case I calculate this would save me $400 a year, money that could be better spent elsewhere. Third, repeal all government laws that make health care more expensive than it needs to be. We could have various levels of medical providers, various levels of hospitals to meet the needs of those who don't require expensive top level services. Of course this means that everyone involved in the health care field will probably end up taking a cut in their incomes, and this is enough in itself that we won't be able to do it. As everyone knows, the USA has "The Finest Government That Money Can Buy" and all of our elected officials there in Washington D.C., both Democrat and Republician, have accepted lobbyist money to do as the "special interests" who hire these lobbyists want done. We may have the right to vote every couple of years, but usually all we can do is replace one bribe taking politician with another bribe taking politician. Otherwise, why would they campaign so hard to get elected? The pay is OK, but nothing special. Certainly not enough to justify the sort of spending that they all do to get elected….

    7. Linda says:

      Why is the Romney campaign not talking about Obamacare? They should be talking about it every time they speak. Obamacare is hated by the majority of Americans and it never seems to be mentioned. If Obama is re-elected, we will be stuck with it forever!!!!!!! Republicans are such cowards! There are so many issues they could be using against this guy and they just run with their tales between their legs. Do they even realize that most of us don't even listen to the MSM any more? I don't even look at our local newspaper let alone tIhe NYT or Washington Post. If the MSM is successful in getting Obama re-elected, they will have to write their own obituary.

    8. Well duh! That's the beauty of it it destroys America and makes Obama supporters say thank you for destroying it! Obama is a REAL Lib liberals are tatught to send people to Hell and have them enjoy the trip!

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