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  • Chart of the Week: 70% of Spending Goes to Dependence Programs

    Federal spending concentrated on the 47 dependence-creating government programs that include housing, farm subsidies, and entitlements now comprises more than 70.5 percent of total federal expenditures as of 2010, according to Heritage’s Index of Dependence on Government.

    This represents the fourth year in a row that the Index of Dependence on Government has risen, increasing by nearly a third — 31.73 percent — in that time span.

    As Heritage’s Alison Acosta Fraser, director of the Roe Institute for Economic Policy Studies, noted this week:

    The 2012 Heritage Index of Dependence on Government found that 63.7 million Americans received either Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Social Security, or support for higher education—an 8 percent increase over the previous year. These same people were very likely to receive other federal benefits, such as Medicare or food stamps. Separately, The Wall Street Journal found that in 2011, 49 percent of Americans lived in a household where at least one member of the family received a government benefit.

    Then there are the 78 million baby boomers who have begun to head into retirement. Further whittling the taxpayer rolls, many  are projected to be substantially if not entirely dependent on Social Security and Medicare, further exacerbating the federal spending crisis that currently exists.

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    17 Responses to Chart of the Week: 70% of Spending Goes to Dependence Programs

    1. Bill Jones says:

      “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.”
      - Alexis de Tocqueville

      • Todd says:

        Congress discovered that long ago. We have only endured because most of America recognized and understood the danger. We are quickly approaching the tipping point where most of America does not care because they receive this "free" money. What those who are receiving this money fail to recognize is that once the economy stops, so does the "free" money. Re-distribution does not crate wealth. It just ensures that everyone is poor – with no hope of ever improving their individual economic status.

    2. Ned McCaffray says:

      Social Security is NOT an entitlement. I and my employers paid for it!

      • You paid for someone else on the belief that someone else would be taxed to pay for you. But this vicious cycle can’t continue. It’s time to end this incredible fraud, a hideous program.

      • KAP says:

        You are correct Ned. But, our leaders on both sides of the aisle have squandered SS funds. A good example of WHY govt should not be in charge of health care!

    3. Kenneth Patterson says:

      It bothers me that Heriatage continues to label social security as a welfare program. I worked and paid into social security for 50+ years, I had friends who paid in for long periods of time, but died with no heirs, so the government kept it all!!! social security is just another ponzi scheme, and everybody seems to know it but Heritage!!!

    4. Except for the millions who fraudulently benefit from Social Security and Medicade , people who paid in advance for Social Security and Medicare coverage should not be counted as receiving a federal benefit .

    5. Mike says:

      It is my understanding Social Security is not an entitlement, employers and employees pay an equal percent, if self employed you pay both portions. Why are we adding Obama Care to this list? If funds are so low, more and more on the Government dole, where does the money come from to pay for this new program?

    6. Morris Ryan says:

      Since I've spent most of my adult life forced to purchase Social Security premiums, I very much dislike you calling Social Security an entitlement. The money would be there for senior citizens except for the people in Washington spending for something else.

    7. Bobbie says:

      It's appalling how the democratic party has destroyed America's principle and weakened the minds, abilities and ambitions of her people! Government dependency contradicts freedom and independence!!
      This is embarrassing to America for which she stands under wrongful governing force.

    8. Rocky says:

      Something that they're not telling you, is that America's largest debtor is what is owed to Social Security and other programs, that were paid into and , at least in it's inception, were Not to be used for Anything except their original purpose. A Democratic President and majority Congress passed legislation to transfer those monies over to the general fund and then spent them on other things, leaving Gov't. Bonds and securities as IOUs. BTW; since these programs were paid into by most all Americans all of their working lives, they're Not Entitlements !

      • Ray Chandler says:

        Actually, they are, since until very recently the recipients got far more out of them than they paid in, ie, they are Ponzi schemes. Tehre simply is no money for them, none to redeem the IOUs, and in any case those expected to pay for the "promises" didn't promise anyone anything. Time to end these fiascos.

    9. Craig Brotko says:

      I am as conservative as you will find. But it kind of rubs me the wrong way when you lump the social security benefits I will start to collect when I turn 66 as a freebie or goverment welfare! I have worked ever since I was 16… 50 years now and had no choice as to the money that was taken from my pay each week. I hope one day people realize that privatization of SS is long overdue but don't blame me for wanting to collect on what I was forced into!

      • There is an undenialble "freebie" component. Until very recently the recipients could count on getting far more out of it than they ever put in, ie, it's a Ponzi scheme. There is no money for the program now, and won't be in the future. Those expected to pay for the promises of the past made no promises to anyone. Time to end this charade and fiasco now.

    10. Stirling says:

      Those that "Depend on Government" are never truely free. Even if you have earned it (social security,etc) you are still one step from having nothing when the government ponzi scheme falls apart.. Thus unless you have no ties to government (to survive financially) I'm sorry but no ammount of QE/Money printing will save you. The truth may hurt but not being prepared will hurt more.

    11. GuyAverage says:

      The entire aim of Obama's government is to create, expand, and perpetuate dependence by the population on the government. 100% dependence.

    12. O2BMe says:

      Social Security and Medicare Programs should not be considered in this graph because they are programs forced on the public and taken out of their salaries. Medicare has just been raided by Obamacare so naturally it will have a shortfall. Social Security was supposed to be in a trust fund, but congress dumped it into the general fund and spent the money leaving behind IOUs. Obamacare is another program being forced on the public as were Social Security and Medicare.

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