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  • Morning Bell: America's Debt to Its Diplomatic, Military, and Intelligence Personnel

    U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens was killed in Benghazi yesterday, along with reportedly three other staff and two Marines.

    The deaths in Benghazi, Libya, of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya and others in the service of the United States provides a tragic reminder of the great sacrifices that U.S. diplomatic, military, and intelligence personnel serving abroad make to defend America and its interests around the globe.

    In a dangerous world, and especially in the dangerous areas of the Middle East and North Africa, American citizens who volunteer to serve in America’s foreign policy agencies and in the U.S. armed forces face risks both from public disorder and intentional attacks by terrorists. Those Americans put their lives on the line to protect their fellow Americans and advance the principles of freedom, opportunity, and free enterprise that America champions in the world.

    No grenade blasts, no bomb explosions, and no rain of bullets will stop those in America’s diplomatic, military, and intelligence service from accomplishing their missions. Their continuing dedication to service reflects the greatness of America and the dedication of the American people to proceed, as Abraham Lincoln said, “with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right.”

    Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the fallen and with those on the front lines around the world in our diplomatic facilities, military units, and intelligence elements. May God bless all those who serve our country abroad, and may God bless our country’s leaders as they work to protect them in these days of danger.

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    55 Responses to Morning Bell: America's Debt to Its Diplomatic, Military, and Intelligence Personnel

    1. Rolly says:

      I would like to know if our militay opened fire when these people stomed our embasy and treatened the lives of the ambasador and their own lives and if not why not because all I hear is our people are hurt and I don't see why we aren't defending ourselves

      • Michele Ashmore says:

        ITS not politically correct to defend ourselves…

      • Daniel Stahl says:

        I agree 100%, as a Marine Corps veteran I've got to believe the Marines who were posted on embassy duty were well armed and prepared for such an incident. That is …unless the coward-in-chief Obama tied their hands with some rediculuous PC rules of engagement!

      • Cindy says:

        The Libyan "police" guarding our embassy were taking pictures the day before the attack. When the attack happened, they pointed the terrorists in the direction of the building where our Ambassador and others were hiding. They attacked that building, took our Ambassador out, beat him, raped him, killed him, and dragged him through the streets. Of course the media tells a different story. But this is the truth.

    2. necromancer1943 says:

      Thank you for putting this up as I didn't see the information about the other three staff members and the Marine(s)

    3. First off: My deepest condolences to the families effected by the violence & loss of life on our American Embassies. May they rest in peace. May our brave men & women serving in such volatile areas be kept safe under our One True God. God Almighty. I pray Psalms 91 over you.

    4. Rachel says:

      i think this is more about reminding us what our diplomats and military do every day and the risks they take. this is sad and tragic and should not be ignored by our higher up.

    5. tony says:

      This is a ridiculous article Heritage. The deaths are unforgivable and our government should be ashamed for letting this happen.

    6. Susan G. says:

      Considering the global conquest our nation is on, in the name of 'protecting our freedom' while giving it up at home, can you actually blame the Libyans for their outrage? I am sorry this happened, it is tragic. But so is the empire building we've engaged in.

      • Drieser says:

        Empire building… didn't realize we have retained any of the land we have fought through to free individual countries from tyrants and despots other than the dirt needed to bury our dead. Tired of hearing about empire building… where is this empire you claim we are building? So many want to see the US no longer the leader of the free world… well if it isn't the US… who will it be and how free will we be?

      • 2Dokie says:

        GLOBAL CONQUEST!!!??? The mid-eastern primitives would still be in tents and mud huts if it weren't for us developing their resources and educating their offspring. At this point we should put them back in the seventh century, since that's where they're stuck mentally. These people only understand absolute brutal power and that's what they deserve

    7. Rene`e Hasz says:

      First off: My deepest condolences to the families effected by the violence & loss of life on our American Embassies. May they rest in peace. May our brave men & women serving in such volatile areas be kept safe under our One True God. God Almighty. I pray Psalms 91 over you.

      Outrage met me this morning when hearing & seeing such violence that occurred on our American Embassies and knowing that our Commander in Chief & Secretary of State have not been doing their sworn oath & keeping Americans safe. This effects all of us…ALL…from the oldest to the youngest American being born every second. These radicals are not playing games…this is for real!

      I must step back & keep in prayer our brothers & sisters in Christ in the East that are in the midst of all this turmoil. Prayers of Psalm 91 over you…

      God have mercy on all of us….

      • Lorraine Smith says:

        Yes, all Christians should read the Psalm 91 and "Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths." Proverbs 3:5-6

    8. Donald H. Vance says:

      Eulogizing is certainly most appropriate–but what about preventing these atrocities? We spend millions on protecting our overseas compounds against spying activities, but what about assaults? I thought we had marines protecting these outposts. It seems to me that a few well-armed Marines could have killed the ring-leaders and broken up the attacks. These fanatics only respect strength–let's show it.

    9. as usual..day late and a dollar short tis the old cliche'…sooo sad…..sooo sooo sad!!! pure madness and cowardly

    10. incorrigibleUSA says:

      Not trying to be offensive, but how about a little less idolizing and a little more fact and detail. They weren't martyrs they were people doing a job for a country that clearly thinks too highly of itself…

    11. Jason says:

      An embassy is not normally a heavily defended building; typically only having a token of protection in the form of a couple or a handful of marines. It is entirely speculation on my part, but I imagine the two marines killed at the embassy were the guards, and that their last moments were spent defending the ambassador and his staff before being overrun by vastly superior numbers. All of them suffered a horrible death for something they were not even a part of. We should not let this go un-answered.

    12. John Roane says:

      Worth posting and worth repeating, boots on the ground personnel sacrifice much so we can live in relative peace, unlike the high office personnel who are always in the spotlight taking all the credit and glory without sacrificing much if anything at all such as Obama and Hillary. We all owe a great deal to those courageous boots on the ground Military, Diplomatic and Intelligence Personnel. Our hearts go out to those families who sons and daughters have fallen in service to the United States of America.

    13. jack in the box says:

      its way past time to turn libya and all the other countries save israel into a huge sand pile, the idiots in the area need a serious lesson in you hit us we take ur whole damned country, their mentality is they hate us, we will never be at peace with them and they cant and wont be peaceful between themselves, this isnt a hate statement but a reality of the world we live in….

    14. Larry K White says:

      Another six lives lost to a Failed Liberal President. We are likely to learn much more about this Adminstrations failures in protecting our Diplomats, Military, Border Patrol Ops forces after President Obama's dismissal on November 6th._ What were the rules of engagement? What emails or communications from the Embassy were ignored by our CIC? _ I agree with Liz Trent._God Bless the Families and friends of these Fallen._God Bless America

    15. ghub says:

      Very well said and clearly appropriate for these circumstances!

    16. garysvent says:

      In the days of instant communication and close to instant retaliation, there is a zero need for embassies. Bring 'em all home and let these benighted toilets ruin themselves without our preening State Department in attendance. Let these imbeciles riot against their own government for a change.

    17. i thought these places where protected by marines, well im thinking maybe we should put more guards on duty then with bigger weapons where were some copters or planes to protect our people, i think a strike of some order is due. how about we take all this money we send them every year away esp cairo screw them.

    18. L Crockett says:

      How can we support his family?

    19. Lynn Tolbert says:

      Obama's pro-Islamic foreign policy emboldens the Jihad against America, Israel, and the secular west.

      To eliminate wasps, you exterminate the nest. Obama is swatting at the wasps.

      Token arrests will occur, but the key perpetrators will disappear into the desert sands. The U.S., under Obama, is the weak horse.

    20. Sebastian says:

      I thought an american embassy were armoured against those attacs. It should be! The people who did that assault must be hunted!

      greetings from Germany

    21. Heather J says:

      @ Liz…it started over a Florida preacher burning a copy of the Koran, recording the burning, and then putting it on youtube…President Obama had nothing to do with what prompted these killings

      • Drieser says:

        Heather… you are wrong on soooooo many counts, including what insighted this most recent act of violence.

      • Doots says:

        So they're not mad at Obama for killing Osama?

      • Bobbie says:

        HURT FEELINGS started over the Florida preacher burning a copy of the Koran? That justifies the brutal beating and death of honorable men and colleagues? The president apologizes for America's innocence? He doesn't even know the facts, it's just in his blood to blame America for every horrific act of any man. This freakish, 2nd century human intolerance morphed into violent animal behavior called terrorism, has to be dismissed from the face of the earth.

        The President is more concerned over Mitt Romney's comments who knew more the facts in regard than standing in place to explain: himself, his policies people are killing innocent lives over and the acts of the inhumane that are unfit in civil societies! People who kill over their hurt feelings are less than people and growing in population. America needs to come home from everywhere she's taken advantage of.

      • bgabes says:

        So Heather, which Constitutional right should we give up AFTER free speech? He wasn't burning a Q'uran, he was speaking out against a religion that advocates violence against women and that idolizes those who martyr themselves in the name of Allah. The men, women and children who were celebrating and burning American flags at the West Bank on 9/11/01 didn't prompt Americans to raid Arabian embassies in the US did they?

    22. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Mr. Addington – Do you honestly believe Obama and Congress give a damn about protecting anyone but themselves? Do you not realize Obama knew this was going to happen when he lied to the people about democracy and an Arab Spring. You and HF are again giving Obama an excuse to continue to destroy our nation.

    23. toledofan says:

      I guess, at the end of the day, Obama owns this because of his lack of leadership during the Arab spring, allowing a Muslim Brotherhood leader to take charge. The article clearly points out the dangers we do face and putting down our guard is not a wise decision. We can only hope that we aren't saddled with another four years of this administraion, because, I fear, it will the beginning of the end for America.

      • Barb says:

        It's Obama's fault who the Egyptian people chose for president during their election?!! Love irrational reasoning!

        • Bobbie says:

          How do you know it's "who the Egyptian people chose?" All we hear about is fraud in their election process. Something the democratic party wants open for every election in America as they offer no suggestions to avoid election fraud. They fight against voter integrity! Not the America(ns) I know and would rather not be forced to comply to their ignorance!

          The Muslim botherhood was invited to the white house months earlier. Wonder what the agenda was for the day in America's white house and why special awareness and heightened securities weren't discussed to protect America's ambassador and colleagues for this memorable 11 anniversary to 9-11-01! The brotherhood let it happen and should be charged the same as America's president!

    24. Harry says:

      To me, this seems a planned reaction to our 9-ll ceremonies! How many wild crowds carry powerful guns in their parades?

    25. Peg says:

      Just horrible that this happens in a country where we have been providing support for THEIR liberation! I have to wonder as Rolly did … did we defend ourselves and what are we going to do about this moving forward???

    26. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      We can't repay it.

    27. mcasse says:

      As a retired Foreign Service Officer, i appreciate the posting by Heritage. We all knew the dangers and we also knew our responsibilities to American values and principles. The statement by the Embassy in Cairo questioning our commitment to freedom of speech is deplorable. Does anyone wonder why the Ambassador in Egypt has not been recalled to Washington for consulatations to determine why his Embassy issued such a statement. That is the definitive action the President could take to distance himself and his administration from the statement. Actions, not words,, do the trick.

    28. sdfultz says:

      Thanks for maintaining a non partisan acknowledgment of the cost that brave Americans are willing to pay to achieve America's place in the world.

    29. O2BMe says:

      I don't know if it is true, but I heard that the marines were not guarding this embassy. If that is true, I wonder why not. There is no embassy safe in that part of the world.

    30. Joseph Picone says:

      The thoughts and prayers of all Americans should be with those who had their lives stolen and their grieving families by murderers. This is a direct result of a president who has been capitulating and apologizing to terrorists for the last three and a half years. Obama is not only a disaster to our economy he's a foreign policy "nightmare". This just proves it.

    31. drieser says:

      When we stop attributing western morals and values to other cultures, when we stop expecting them to think as we do and behave as we have defined "civilized" behavior, we might then be able to win the war on terrorism. The culture of the middle east is different, yet we expect them to react as we would, to negotiate as we do, to fight as we fight. When we accept the fact that multi-culturalism and political correctness are killing this country, perhaps we will take the war to them. They understand brutality and violence, not hand holding and apologies… Are their "good" muslims, peaceful muslims? Where are they? Their religion has been hijacked and yet they sit quietly on the sidelines. When they start fighting to reclaim their religion and purge it of the radical Whabbis… then they can be called "good" and "peaceful" muslims. Until then… as its been said… Islam is the religion of Peace and if you disagree… they will kill you. Blacktop the entire place. That they will understand.

    32. Jeanne Stotler says:

      Obama has tied the hand of those who guard the Embassey's,(Marines) he supports the Brotherhood and he shows he is worse than Carter. It took him hours to respond and he had to make sure he had the cameras and telepromters, he's all show and no substance. He apolagises for what a citizen, protected by the Constitution, does. Inow ask what would Bush have done?? He would have gone on the air immediatly and condemed the action, he might have even fired the warning shot, and no way would he order our Marines to step down. Now is the time for all to PRAY< "God help the USA"

    33. Oscar Brown says:

      Besides the tragedy of those deaths in Libya and the embassy being overrun in Egypt is the greater tragedy of this being likely to happen again because the State Department is overrun with liberals who are convinced that appeasement is the best tool they have in their kit. It is this insanity that was the direct progenitor of those deaths. The Islamists did the killing, but this insane nonsense that dominates our diplomatiic corp gives rise to their hatred and a firm assurance that all we will do is issue a strong statement of protest. Time for a change before more of these brave people are sacrificed on that alter.

    34. Mike says:

      Last time this happened was on carter's watch. Connection?

    35. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Can never be repaid.

    36. Bobbie says:

      Our hearts go out to the families who were brutally victimized by the acts of humanities weakest!

    37. Bobbie says:

      If Obama didn't have proper security and protections in place for the American embassy, which is apparent he didn't, why isn't he held accountable? Seems anything with "America" attached here and abroad is not protected by this President or his administration and actually puts anything "America(n)" in harms way!

    38. Ross Appleyard says:

      So now N. Africa is lumped with the "Middle East"? We are losing.

    39. Sebastian says:

      America, please do not get fooled by islamists who pretend to be democratic!

      greetings from germany

    40. Edgar Johns says:

      pray: our country gets back on track here and overseas. God Bless America

    41. Judith Melisko says:

      God bless America and God bless the family of the fallen. Before this tragedy I was simply put, voting against the current president. Now however I am voting for Mitt Romney. I hope other Americans could determine the difference between strength and conviction or weakness and acquiescence.

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