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  • Investigators: Sebelius Illegally Campaigned on Taxpayer's Dime

    Independent federal legal officials have concluded that Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius violated federal law by conducting political activity “in an official capacity,” according to a statement released on Wednesday.

    “Sebelius violated the Hatch Act when she made extemporaneous partisan remarks in a speech delivered in her official capacity on February 25, 2012,” the news release from the U.S. Office of Special Council states.

    The Hatch Act prohibits federal employees from using their official authority or influence to affect the outcome of an election. A federal employee is permitted to make partisan remarks when speaking in their personal capacity, but not when using their official title or when speaking about agency business.

    After the event, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) reclassified the trip from official to political and issued a statement to that effect. Secretary Sebelius and HHS reimbursed the U.S. Treasury for all costs and expenses associated with her travel to the event. OSC found no evidence that Secretary Sebelius made any other political statements in her official capacity.

    The Obama administration’s decision to allow cabinet secretaries such as Sebelius to speak at events sponsored by large Democratic electioneering groups has raised other Hatch Act concerns.

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    420 Responses to Investigators: Sebelius Illegally Campaigned on Taxpayer's Dime

    1. Randall says:

      Not that it matters. Lord knows the DOJ won't prosecute her.

      • sueinmi says:

        Isn't HHS a taxpayer funded government program? Why would this department be paying for any political event?

        • It never ends says:

          That's the flag it raised in my mind too.

        • OldOllie says:

          I'm assuming that question was rhetorical.

        • Brian says:

          because they know that they'll get away with it.

        • Jim says:

          Are you for real? can you read? What is your reading comprehension like? HHS is Health and Human Services and that is a government agency. and it was not a political event but she made comments that were purely political in nature and that is the problem, but not if you are a Democrat because the laws don't apply to them. They are too good to prosecute.

        • toomuchgovernment says:

          Because Obama needs everyone he can find, to crawl out of the woodwork to prop up his failed 3.5 years and administration. IF Obama had been in the private sector with his 'performance' over the last 3.5 years he would have been handed a 'pink slip' and escorted to-the-door.

          I can't believe he is still in the election, much-less ahead in some polls. This by-itself just show the stupidity of the American people. They voted last time for a 'rock-star' who had no experience and this is what we all got.

        • Because it's all for "the One" so anything can be excused, explained and condoned.

        • Brad Jamison says:

          Yes and that is precisely the point. A better question would be, who in this administration is not a criminal?

        • Curly Bill says:

          Becasue the democrats are in charge!

        • lmacnaught says:

          It isn't. this is why she reimbursed them. It is ludicrous that the pres allows any of his cabinet members to attend any of these types of speeches and make them on behalf of the admin.
          It is wrong and none of them should be in this arena.

          Course, what else are they up there for….certainly not for us.

        • Kurtiss says:

          Because if you're gonna pay Paul, you gotta rob Peter.

        • Pilot.Dave says:

          Because she needs her boss to be re-elected, thus she will stay on the gravy train… Besides, like Randall said, Eric Holder has her back for the same reason…

          So much for the "power of Congress" (Eric should be under arrest by Capital Police right now)

        • Steve Fox says:

          These people have no skill or talent. I worked there.
          But they got big egos and mouths.
          You get to the top by brown nosing and socializing.
          And then you wonder why they do stupid things?

      • Yeeeech says:

        No you are correct. They are too busy prosecuting Gallop Poll for publishing statistics that showed Obama is losing ground with democrats, independents.

      • John Doereme says:

        How is it that this whole administration get a pass from all media. Hey Mainstream Media, you suck out loud!!! We know a monster when we see one, and you're it. Stop off for a bite at a diner before you head back to the sewer.

      • Joe says:

        Sebelius also spoke at the Democrat Convention. So what was Obama's excuse for Hillary Clinton skipping out, again?

      • RMILLER says:

        The White House issued a forged Birth Certificate for a president who has had an illegally obtained Social Security card since his meteoric rise as a pot smoking cocaine abusing student at Harvard. The DOJ itself has been running an organized gun running effort to Mexican drug cartels. Do you think Obama cares if his top brass does political stops on the public dime????? Is this even planet earth here? Or planet Obummer, Inc.? These stories make me laugh.

      • ceem says:

        You've got that right. If she was a Republican the news would have her convicted and this would be on every news lead in for a week.

      • I am so tired of all this…this administration does not follow any rules…no surprise…again

      • Maybe they will. She is WHITE, after all.

      • freecheese says:

        If this matters to democrats, fund raisers from the babtist pulpit would have put Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton in jail long ago. Double standards for democrats.

      • bobbi says:

        That's the problem… the DOJ should be investigating and prosecuting…

      • No Name1 says:

        Not this DOJ, but perhaps the next DOJ will.

      • Steve Dakota says:

        Nor will the media lap dogs hold her accountable… as they most certainly would if this were a Republican administration.

      • Soffitrat says:

        Maybe not. But the People sure as heck will.

      • "O-Bot" morons says:

        well I'm shocked!

      • Russ says:

        OSC office of special counsel has authority here. someone should call them…

      • Mark Urbo says:

        This witch has violated a lot more than the campaign law. She has violated the trust of America with this socialist driven joke called Obamacare. It will be the end of quality healthcare and move the whole industry into public sector where it will bankrupt the US – just like is has Europe.

      • Mimi says:

        I agree…Do we really think anything will come of this? No way. Obama is too busy apologizing to the Middle East fanatics about the fact that people in this country have the right to say what they like.

      • Doug says:

        The President does it every day.

      • Earl Lee Swagger says:

        Let us!

      • bicentennialguy says:

        My thoughts exactly. Nothing ever happens to any of them. She'll probably be rewarded in some form or another.

      • burt says:

        she knows well NOTHING will happen to her.

      • guest says:

        They would if she was a conservative!

      • griefman says:

        you betcha

      • williamnoonan says:

        Exactly, they only prosecute states for states' right violation which are clearly defined in the Constitution! Will this administration please go away!

        Wake Up America!

      • Guest says:

        I have worked there for 30 years and you should SEE the office environment. It is sick, fed workers would re-elect these people even if they gave away half of the territorial US.

    2. Joe says:

      Nothing to see here,move along.

      • Chas says:

        OK, Blind man.

      • NOt unless you want to see another example of the Obama Administrations manipulation of the law.

      • Gemteck says:

        Typical ignorant response.

      • Dialogos says:

        Spoken like a true lib. Do as I say, not as I do right?

      • redhawk says:

        Look Here nothing wil get Holder to do his Job on this lawbreaker any more than he will prosecute Corzine…So why not do some Journalistic Investigation on WHY out Intelligence (/) agencies under Klapper…Panetta…Napolitano anf the FBI under Hoder have fai Miserably to NOT anticipate anything on the secont 9/11 attacks on US soil??? Is accountabiliy m lack there of, the NEW way of the Admonistration, or is Campaigning for cash and playong Golf the Only way that the CIC governs???

    3. Glenn says:

      OK….great. Now what? Will she be held accountable?

    4. Guest says:

      Well, she figured her boss does it so it should be ok if she does.

      • greyfox says:

        You guys/gals have it all wrong, it's not her we're after it's Romney. She is a democrat and can say anything she likes anytime she likes, you people still don't get it do you? November is the only cure.

    5. Fraa Orolo says:

      What money does HHS have to reimburse the US Treasury that does not come from the US Treasury?

      • MikeeV says:

        It's all in the accounting method used. Thay have no money.

      • cngerms says:

        Please understand, first and foremost, that I'm NOT defending these people, but I'd like to answer your question. This is information of which not many citizens are aware. Some govt agencies acquire a very large portion of their budgets from user fees paid directly to the agencies. The FDA, for one, takes in an enormous amount of "user fee" dollars from pharmaceutical companies established in legislation; the Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA). This would be one example. PDUFA basically establishes a means by which pharmaceutical companies pay the FDA to review drugs within a specific time frame mandated by the law (PDUFA). Believe it or not, this is something the pharm companies wanted, too. They lobbied for it. It's a method by which they can get new drugs on the market more quickly since PDUFA fees largely pay the salaries of drug reviewers to review the new drug applications. As Paul Harvey would say…..

      • Matt says:

        Think the only alternative was to pay the bill from her personal finances, otherwise it's still a violation.

      • BOBBARNES says:

        my question exactly…the 64k dollar question that the media and government hopes nobody will notice…most just see that it's paid back…ITS STILL THE TAXPAYERS MONEY.

      • bjs says:

        Please know that all refunds from any government office or program goes to the US treasury. ALLLLLL paybacks and return of funds is always made out to the US treasury. It always surprised me that citizens are unaware of the workings. This is troublsome on so many levels that it is scarey.

      • Steve Smeltz says:

        I was wondering the same thing. Kind of like my left pocket paying my right pocket.

      • @nogzm says:

        Great point! I'm going to follow up on this as far as I can get.

      • Kurtiss says:

        Now why would a journalist ask a follow-up question like that?

      • byeGeorge says:

        You man out of the Chinese treasury…

      • justamom says:

        I guess the DNC could reimburse…that will really happen!

      • Kathleen says:

        GREAT question!!!!

        But just to clarify, if someone robs a bank but gives the money back, then it's not Really a robbery and therefore OK? If someone commits perjury but calls it something else, it's also OK? With this brand of reasoning, half the folks in prison could get released!

      • fredvn2 says:

        Exactly my thought when I read the article…….I had to go back and read it 3 times to make sure it really said what it does. Shouldn't she alone have reimbursed all expenses…… then get fined and perhaps some jail time for breaking the law? What a bunch of crooks and they all know the DOJ will just look the other way.

    6. RotalSnart says:

      I's OK, Obama does it every day.

    7. MJH says:

      As this administration takes responsibility for absolutely nothing that happens under its watch, I am sure this has to be Bush's fault.

      • Chase says:

        Where there is no punishment . . . there is no law.

      • guest says:

        The new theme is blame Romney, as the recent bungling of the embassy attacks by Obama was, according to the MSM, somehow Romney's problem.

      • randy says:

        It is always Bush's fault, I have never seen such a blatantly corrupt group as the Obama regime these crooks want a full take over of the Country. and the stupid drones are eagerly following along with a chill up their leg.

      • zygote says:

        yes, and if it is then then Obama Admin are a bunch of irresponsible children.

    8. Paul says:

      She's just doing what Obama is doing.

    9. LibSick says:

      If we allow these assclowns to continue to be in power after the next election, the United States of America will not last another 4 years.
      Please, everyone! Get out and vote against them.

      • ItsJo says:

        Your post is right. We do need to rid our nation of these frauds or we will NOT be a country of freedoms any longer. It's no wonder Obama is trying to 'silence the opposition that is bringing out his TRUE agenda
        for America. See the movie by D'Souza "2016" and, his latest book: "Obama's America"….it verifies what
        I've posted for years- "What Obama is doing to America, IS DELIBERATE, as he Hwants to reduce us to a 3rd world status, and give more power to China, Russia & Middle East. He is deliberately putting us in such deep debt, we may NEVER recover….$ 6 Trillion ON HIS WATCH of less than 4 yrs.so far. WAKE UP PEOPLE or WE WILL HAVE NO AMERICA.

      • OldOllie says:

        Rush was right. The country can survive 4 years of Obama; however, it cannot survive 4 years of a majority who would reelect him.

      • Oh God, yes. Get out and vote this administration OUT.

      • Yes but you are all overlooking how cool they all are and inventive too. Why even now there is a new group called SLUTS, amazingly cool and so on the cutting edge! Even now as we speak I am getting my Vagina costume constructed for holloween- I'll look ever so grand. Yes please another four years of OBAMA and the Liberals OMG, I will be so bummed out if someone with some brains and ability ever gets in the White House

    10. gman says:

      Sebelius is an embarrassment.

      • MORTON says:

        Definitely an embarrassment, among other things. She is a prime examp-le of why the road is going to get very hard for real Americans if Obama is re-elected.

      • Jack says:

        And she has been excommunicated from citizenship in Kansas and the Roman Catholic Church is right behind that because she is forcing religious organizations to offer free birth control against their principles and for her support for killing the unborn.

      • Dino says:

        She fits right in…..in the Oblamer administration.

    11. She'smerely playing follow the leader. Eric Witholder will manage to ignore it.

    12. _ALDEBARAN_ says:

      Why should this surprise anyone? There is nothing worse than Catholics who actively persecute the Church. History is replete with examples. See 1930s Germany and 1950s Russia.

    13. Obama's on his way to Vegas right now on the taxpayer dime can we fire him too?

    14. Marine72 says:

      Yes! November 6, 2012.

    15. RGW, Alta Loma, Ca says:

      When I was employed by the federal government (under the Reagan administration) we were constantly warned to watch our speech if we were addressing the public. If we were conservatives, we had to doubly cleanse each syllable lest our co-workers report us for Hatch Act violations! Those same co-workers, however, would openly engage in partisan politicking, fund raising, and even doing volunteer work on the taxpayer's dime with impunity.

      The bureaucracy is run by died-in-the-wool Democrats; far left-leaning, dues-paying union sell-outs. The Treasury Department is the worst, with the largest, most powerful of all the federal employee unions, the NTEU. Mostly populated by low-paid paper-shuffling clerks in the IRS, Treasury is made up of entire departments that refer to themselves as "the Plantation."

      Fraud is rampant, fights are not unusual (and typically between women over their boyfriends), we could do a lot toward fixing a great many ills in this country by dismantling this monstrous unseen welfare system that is our federal government.

    16. Amy says:

      She also sends very partisan emails to HHS staff.

    17. Bill Redd says:

      Please vote this crew out in Nov. for the good of the republic.

    18. iambicpentamaster says:

      When you're so used to spending everyone else's money, it's just so hard to stop…

    19. dick Grace says:

      If these thieves in government had to pay their own way we would see a lot less of them and that would be a good thing. We need to cut off their government benefits too like retirement, and free taxpayer paid trips abroad, etc. Let them go to work and pay for it themselves like the rest of us do.

    20. Joey the Bull says:

      Since she was speaking positive about Obama, she should be left alone. We all know the rules. The state run media will make sure that she is made out to be a hero.

    21. mikeyl says:

      We must demand she step down….how can we trust her? Her decisions are supposed to help Americans….not at the pleasure of candidate Obama. Conflict of interest…you bet…..step down now!!

    22. Duke says:

      HHS reimbursed the Treasury? That's like John Gotti reimbursing John Gotti, Jr. with money he stole from your wallet.

    23. Lady Con says:

      I'm sure she's sorry and will be promptly forgiven (and the crime forgotten)

    24. aubreyfarmer says:

      The actors on the political stage sometimes forget that they are supposed to be carrying out the duties of a bureaucrat.

    25. DefendAmerica says:

      Back in 2008, when the usurping fraud was running, I attended a Child Protective Services training session in Austin, Texas, where a black woman who headed up the training, not only gave verbal support of him, but showed a political video in support of his run for office.

      This goes on constantly. It's time we citizens demanded that it stop.

    26. "After the event, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) reclassified the trip from official to political and issued a statement to that effect. Secretary Sebelius and HHS reimbursed the U.S. Treasury for all costs and expenses associated with her travel to the event."

      So, it's not a crime if you "reclassify" the trip and repay the taxpayer? I don't think so! Try telling the police that you didn't "really" rob a bank because you brought the money back after you did it and see if you still don't end up in jail.

    27. P.B. says:

      Call me when this Nation has a budget….till then…so what.

    28. jpar says:

      So, what's the penalty?

    29. Rhinobuster says:

      Her Dad was a terrible governor in Ohio.The apple never falls far from the tree!

    30. zombee says:

      The American taxpayers have been played for rubes. Its time for a taxpayer boycott… they can't jail all of us. Voters are growing tired of being treated like rubes by politicians , who only show an interest in them at election time. Go John Galt.

    31. Bud says:

      Hi, I am a democrat and I can do what ever I want, just shut-up and stop whining because you Republicans can't do anything to stop us. Oops! Let rephrase it a little Please don't let Mitt win because we all might be screwed and not the good type of screwing either.

    32. informedcommonsense says:

      Ms. Sibelius should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I would say the same had the spokesperson been Republican. This kind of activity is the reason Americans are so turned off the political process, unfortunately. They act with immunity, whereas the average American is prosecuted for the most trivial matters.

    33. brophinator says:

      Obama's been doing it all year..

    34. and the consequence of this is… what exactly?



    35. UseYourBrain says:

      No, really… its okay. she's a democrat so its okay…. its cool…. kapish?

    36. BillB says:

      quick (attempt) to sweep under the rug, pay the expenses , HELLO ! she broke the law !

    37. jamal says:

      These Obama hacks work without regard for the law.

    38. drivesguy says:

      Since when has any law meant anything to this administration? This administration gives away British nuclear secrets to the Russians. This administration outs Seal Team 6 and then when one of their members die because they choose to ignore national security for the purpose of political gain. In previous years, such activities would have resulted in trials for treason.

    39. wastelandpast says:

      She knew she was in violation, but she also knew nothing would come of it with eric holder behind her…

    40. Michael Long says:


    41. JeffT says:

      As Obama would say, "I won, so what?" And he and she will get away with it.

    42. vettelover says:

      This administration breaks the law DAILY!! Nothing will come of this, just like nothing comes from all the other laws he has broken. And the MSM covers for all his crimes against the American people! Now go read about the kardshians!

    43. alla8891 says:

      It's all Bush's fault

    44. Tim says:

      Obama is illegally president and they can only post a story about how his moronic friend illegally made a speech? GET REAL.

    45. the electrician says:

      thats not a big deal in this administration they broke every damn law there is, and they still come out stinking like rosies…..doj wouldnt even look twice at this case..

    46. How can the Department of Justice prosecute anyone anymore? How can any jury take them seriously? (oops, forgot, the US has fewer trials per capita than the USSR did in its darkest hours. Enter your plea and move along.) It's no longer a nation of law, but of "who you know."

    47. twinstick says:

      I'm sure that "Plugs" Biden told her that it was OK to do that…

    48. Paul B. says:

      " Secretary Sebelius ***and HHS*** reimbursed the U.S. Treasury for all costs and expenses associated with her travel to the event."

      Is that not sleight of hand?

    49. Stu Pidass says:

      Vote Republican on November 6th…

    50. Brian Wilkin says:

      Who in the Obama Administration hasn't been caught breaking a law? No, seriously.

    51. atho says:

      Eric,Eric where are you?

    52. Craig Poe says:

      I, hereby, call for the resignation of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

    53. HarryO says:

      They all truly believe they are above the law… really.. and with what's in charge they are.

    54. doug johnson says:

      i don't know how she has time to speak anywhere what with her busy schedule of working around the clock to make it as easy as possible for women everywhere to be able to kill fetuses.

    55. Here in El Paso they have their undies in bunch over a priest who told his parishioners that they should not vote for a candidate who supports denying religious liberty. Bet they would defend this beach.

    56. American's are in for a shock after this election if Obama is elected or not .The real truth will come out about Obama because you can only hold back so much for so long before the dam breaks .it will not be pretty.
      just think Obama loses we can blame Obama for 4 years >how will that work for ya

    57. TJ Davos says:

      So Federal officials are allowed to pay expenses and redefine a trip after being caught breaking Federal Laws? Rome ( U.S. ) is burning and the Government clowns drugged and oblivious, so out of touch, All should be fired for being completely dysfunctional and incompetent. The level of disdain politicians have for U.S. citizens is absolutely sickening.

    58. Maluka says:

      She is just following her crooked leader's example. Do everything on the taxpayer's dime. That is what criminal politicians do, rob the taxpayers. No worry the crooked leader of the DOJ eric holder will never prosecute any of his fellow crooks. He is too busy hiding the records about all the guns he smuggled to the Mexican drug cartel.

    59. Hugh Askew says:

      Sebelius seems to consider herself above the law thats us common folk must follow. Just look at her time in Kansas, and her relationship with Planned Parenthood and abortionists in that state. Pathetic.

    60. dwillingham says:

      Is anyone surprised? This adminstration has become more corrupt in 3+ years than any other preceding administration. Its starts at the top, with our treasaonous no-talent, blamer-in-chief. Trickle down liars…….

    61. Matt says:

      She's a hack. Disgusting.

    62. dwillingham says:

      They danced and sang at their pathetic convention; this jerk can't stop fundraising for one day to stay in the WH and respond to a situation that is still smoldering. This jerk needs to be defeated. He can take a 4 year cruise, bring the media with him and they can ask all the stupid meaningless questions they want.

    63. chukkal says:

      No one in this administration has ever had to follow the rules…..why start now?

    64. Thomas Long says:

      Is everybody ready to clean up the most corrupt administration in US history? Did I hear anybody say "Culture of Corruption"? We will be moving "Forward" only if this miserable failure of an administration is kicked out and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. From Sebelius to Holder to Barry and all those who violate the Constitution. This is the most important election of our lifetime. Where am I wrong?

    65. dingo says:

      Could you imagine what this administration would do if it wasn't the most ethical and transparent in history? At least we can rely on the MSM to hold Obama et al. accountable should they ever fail to meet these promises.

    66. Markmdy5 says:

      Yes, on Nov. 6th

    67. Bobbie says:

      Make her face the people and admit her fraud! Thank goodness for the "hatch act" that espouses integrity and maturity! For her maybe it should be called the "hatchet act" to remove her indecencies from America's government authority. It's about time this party gets put in it's place and time to replace with grown adults who have positive personal human character who are honest and upfront with the people. Can't think of a single democrat in office with those characteristics. Maybe a few but it certainly isn't enough to ever trust the party again! All we experience from democrats is "play the people." Corruption, abuse and unruly favors wasting tax dollars by unconstitutional, unlawful acts of people with unearned authority, governing perversions.

    68. Chouhouin Oz says:

      Must be Bush's fault… wait, that's not going to cut it anymore… it's the fault of the last 30 years. If they didn't created HHS, there wouldn't be one to spend taxpayer's money today.

    69. micwi says:

      Laws only apply to conservatives, Republicans, and Libertarians. Lefties are not bound by any laws. Their motto, "ends justifies the means". Their Marxist ideology moves "Forward". I hope the silent majority is now awake to what's going on in this country. Lord help us if we let this go unchecked in November.

    70. James Weeks says:

      Wait a minute. Doesn't Obama do this every day? Guess I don't understand the difference.

    71. steve says:

      This is a Imperial Presidency ……… That's why !!!

    72. dwstick says:

      Obama's deputy campaign director, Stephanie Cutter coordinated with the superPAC that came out with that "Romney killed my wife" ad; a violation of Federal election law. So far, no action has been taken against her. So I seriously doubt anything will happen to Sebelius.

    73. Piff says:

      Put her in jail…They'd put us in jail…but not those who are of the "ruling elite" !

    74. TRE says:

      Other politicians have gone to federal prison for this crime. Wonder if Sebelius will?

    75. noboma2012 says:

      Obama often schedules "official" government trips along with his with campaign events. At the “official” events, instead of “uniting” Americans, he instead riles up his audience (typically his supporters) with lies, false promises, and vicious partisan attacks.

      Here’s an example: Obama raised at least $2 million on his “official” trip to South Florida on April 10, 2012. Even if he or his supporters reimbursed part of his expenses, most of the expenses for the entire trip would fall on taxpayers. (Air Force One, Secret Service and other security groups, motorcade, etc.)

      Please look up the transcript of his speech to FAU students on April 10, 2012. Obama’s “official" policy speech was instead largely targeted against Congressional Republicans and Obama’s opponent. By the end of the speech, many in the crowd were chanting "four more years!” Even the (left-leaning) Palm Beach Post stated that Obama was in “full campaign mode” as he gave his speech to “4,500 people in FAU's gym in what was billed as an official White House address on the economy.”

      Another article in the PB Post said, “…At FAU, Obama sought to skewer Republicans by invoking the first Republican president…”

      Please watch Obama’s blatantly obvious campaign speech on Youtube! (It gets worse as it "progresses" – pun intended.)

      Before and after the "official" speech at FAU, Obama attended campaign fundraisers that charged up to $15,000 a person. (These included events with "the 1%" crowd he so often vilifies; at least two were at “1%” donors’ mansions.) In case that wasn’t “rich” enough, each event included VIP packages for “bigger contributors”. Gee, for a President and many others in his party who think that earning lots of money is not “fair” (even if one earns it both legally and ethically, and creates lots of jobs in the process), that’s not a bad haul.

      * Please watch Peter Schiff's video that he made at the DNC convention, in which MANY attendees said that corporations should not be allowed to earn profits, and one attendee said that corporations should be forced to earn “negative profits.”

      Bill Clinton’s called Obama an "amateur" at being President, but Obama’s a master at this fundraising game! Of course, if anyone dared to challenge Obama on misusing funds for “official” trips, the outcry would be (1) you’re a racist (no, I simply read and can do basic math), and (2) GW Bush did it! (I don’t know, but who cares? Obama is the one who promised “change” from Bush, and Obama should be running on his record and actions.)

      Credit goes to the Palm Beach Post for the quotes used in this post. Here are some more:

      “BOCA RATON — President Obama's first visit to Palm Beach County since he was a 2008 candidate found him in full campaign mode Tuesday, telling $10,000-a-plate donors and enthusiastic Florida Atlantic University students that his policies stand in stark contrast to the "old broken-down theories" of Republicans."

      "Obama raised at least $600,000 for his reelection campaign at a lunch in a private home in Palm Beach Gardens, then spoke to about 4,500 people in FAU's gym in what was billed as an official White House address on the economy. After the FAU speech, Obama left Palm Beach County for fundraisers in Hollywood and Golden Beach, where he raised nearly $1.5 million more.” …


      “GOLDEN BEACH — For Obama's final fundraising event of the day, about 60 people who paid at least $15,000 apiece gathered in a tent at the oceanfront home of attorney Jeremy Alters…”

      “So a conservative estimate of Obama's haul from the Westin is at least $550,000, on top of the estimated $600,000 he raised at the lunch in Palm Beach Gardens. The upcoming dinner in Golden Beach should raise another $900,000 — bringing the day's total above $2 million. Each event had VIP packages for bigger contributors….”

    76. s.unerzagt says:

      This whole administration is made of you name it. I've never seen a Human Health Secretary speak at a Convention that I know of. She did break the law, but who's going to do anything about it. Just like that bunch can't count past 3. Why did anyone vote for this bunch is beyond me, maybe they where given Jim Jones Kool-Aid.

    77. Free willy says:

      They concluded she broke the law….so what is the penalty?

    78. s.unverzagt says:

      I've never heard of a Health and Human Secretary speak at a Convention. All lies anyway.

    79. Vic Buehler says:

      …..will she become a professor?, and assuming so, of what? and at what institution of "higher learning"??

    80. Saywhatagain says:

      I am a federal employee. Let me try that and I'd be fired in a heartbeat. I wouldn't be given a chance to make amends.

    81. Pst says:

      Kathleen sebelies is an embarrassment to all Catholics and to all Kansans.

    82. bulldog49 says:

      Team Obama at work again. From an Agriculture Secretary firing a woman after seeing a youtube video, to a Homeland Security Secretary ignoring her immigration enforcement duties, to an Attorney General suing states and refusing to prosecute outright voter intimidation cases, to an Energy Secretary rubber stamping the war on fossil fuels, to a HHS Secretary granting countless Obamacare waivers and violating the Hatch Act, we see again the partisan hackery and incompetence. Some hope, change, and "new tone in DC"!

    83. Rudderfish says:

      "Secretary Sebelius and HHS reimbursed the U.S. Treasury for all costs and expenses associated with her travel to the event."
      So if I rob a bank, everything will be ok as long as I give the money back….right?

    84. Robert says:

      In a lawless administration, what does it matter? Thankfully, these crooks will be looking for employment elsewhere soon.

    85. mark s says:

      Con men, tax cheats, felons are running our government.

    86. James Smith says:

      I wonder if the Democrats have any understanding how difficult it is to govern when the Liberal Media not only doesn't help you – but actively tries to undermine. If the media didn't have it in for GWB, I wonder what his reputation would be perceived as? Also – Obama wouldn't walk on water without their help. It's like in the Olympics: a higher "level of difficulty"…

    87. Hiram Davis says:

      Oh no! Don't tell me someone in this administration broke a law. What is this nation coming to?

    88. Enrico Rizzo says:

      She should also reimburse the U.S. for the cost of the investigation.

    89. dimslie says:

      No problem, we'll just have Obama throw out that law.

    90. guest says:

      I'm sure the Dept of Justice is going to prosecute this

    91. Greg says:

      I work for the federal government and this is nothing new. For the last four years managers have sung his praises to the masses in the middle of staff meeting, during briefings and while on private meetings all "on the clock" and definitely in violation of the Hatch Act, which we have an annual, mandatory course.

    92. David says:

      Sebelius was loser when she was governor of KS. Sorry part of her going to Washington was an endorsement for former Senator Dole and Senator Pat Roberts. They're progressive losers too and history will tell.

    93. tom says:

      Obama is in Vegas calling one in regarding the embassy attacks, I hope he isn't too stressed out.

    94. Bill Lee says:

      MY My we can't expect Obama's Administration to follow the law? He has used broken the law so many times as President it is no big deal as we are getting used to it. He is like a child. Laws are for other people not Obama!.

    95. alvin says:

      Whats new? When Sebelius was the gov of the state of ks she used the tax payers dime for two years while she traveled for Obama. Just more of the same.

    96. @BealBaug says:

      So why isn't she in jail, or at least being held accountable. Who is protecting the law abiding citizens in this country anymore?

    97. Francis1572 says:

      The Laws of the United States of America do not apply to members of the Democratic National Committee.

    98. Buddy Dallas says:

      this would be the second time she sticks herself. the greatest one is when she opened the doors in front of a senate hearing spilling the beans on medicare paying for obamacare. did i mention in front of senators,

    99. zoeusa says:

      Does the Hatch Act apply to ex-presidents?…President Bill Clinton during his 911 (9/11/12) speech was pitching for Obama's re-election and pushing people to vote for Obama….If it doesn't fall into the category of the Hatch Act, then it is sheer disrespect for the 911 Memorial Day…

    100. I heard today that President Obama released a message saying that he and his administration are sorry that any ones feelings where hurt and he apologized, the 9 hrs later said the previous message was UN authorized and the Regime did not give the go ahead for said message

    101. thsldu says:

      Leave it to bleeding heart looney lefties to try and reinvent not only the Constitution but the Hatcfh Act. The next thing we'll hear is from Holder is that her defense revolves around her definition of "is."

    102. Robert Tharp says:

      Doesn't suprise me. She did it all the time when she was governor of Kansas.

    103. Marilyn Gray says:

      Does the Hatch Act apply to ex-presidents? President Bill Clinton whilst giving his 911 ( 9/11/12) speech was pitching re-election for Obama and encouraging the people to vote for him. If this doesn't fall under the Hatch Act, then it is sheer disrespect for the people on this 911 Memorial Day…

    104. OldOllie says:

      Sebelius has issued an official statement: "Oh, yeah? Wuchoo gonna do 'bout it, biotch? You ain't da bossa me! Dat's right, I do wut I want!"

    105. Jail crooks N office says:

      So if I slow down after going through a speed trap it's no harm no foul? Throw her and boss in jail for life as a reminder government employees must follow the law.

    106. koama says:


    107. Chas615 says:

      And this is surprising to whom?

    108. L.E. Liesner says:

      In the last three an a half years justice has not been done, what makes anybody believe it will be now. Under this administration we have selective enforcement of the law, not equal justice.

    109. Vote Loud says:

      So what's the Constitution for Progressives? "The ends justify the means"!

      Hey KS… do you really want to go down in history with those that took AmeriKa down?

      Apparently so…

      The big question… What did they promise her?????

    110. Kevin Stowell says:

      A regressive making her dreams come true on someone else's dime? Say it isn't so!

    111. This president and his administration have no use nor do they follow the law. . . .why would this surprise anyone?

    112. Prudence says:

      Do these people ever get fired ?

    113. mesndblues says:

      They are the lawless ones…They do as they please…Who can stop them??? Only you in November..

    114. Tony says:

      Doesn't she know that HHS money can only be used to Unconstitutionally impose mandates on Churches??

    115. This is nothing new for Owebama or Sebelius theyve been pushing illegal lobbying for prohibition for quite some time!

      Federal Grants May Have Illegally Funded Lobbying Activities

      Federal funds may have illegally supported state and local lobbying efforts as part of a “prevention and wellness” program by the Department of Health and Human Services, according to HHS’s Inspector General.

      The IG noted that possibility in a letter to Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), who first raised concerns about the program. “Grantees may have violated a series of anti-lobbying statutes,” the IG found. Statements by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which administered the program, “appear to authorize, or even encourage, grantees to use grant funds for impermissible lobbying,” the IG added.

    116. Captain Obvious says:

      Nothing will happen.

      These people are now Royalty- the laws do not apply to them.

      On the other hand, we ‘little people’ can be held indefinitely without charge.

    117. Federal Grants May Have Illegally Funded Lobbying Activities

      Federal funds may have illegally supported state and local lobbying efforts as part of a “prevention and wellness” program by the Department of Health and Human Services, according to HHS’s Inspector General.

      The IG noted that possibility in a letter to Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), who first raised concerns about the program. “Grantees may have violated a series of anti-lobbying statutes,” the IG found. Statements by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which administered the program, “appear to authorize, or even encourage, grantees to use grant funds for impermissible lobbying,” the IG added.

      The CDC program awards grants to states to reduce smoking and obesity. Those grants cannot be used to lobby state or local legislatures, but the IG’s office found “numerous examples of activities that, on their face, may violate anti-lobbying provisions.”

    118. OhioRiver says:

      Just more Chicago ganster acts of ignoring laws that the rest of us have to obey.

    119. kenny in Texas says:

      There are to many laws how can anyone keep up with them. The feder government has over extended it's power to the extent they have to pass it yo know what is in it. There isn't a single person that doen't violate some law everyday. The bloggers and media can pick and choose who they want to report as law breakers.

    120. Leroy says:

      So she broke the law…..who's going to do anything about it? Ben Bernanke has been breaking the law for four years by printing money, clearly a violation of the Federal Reserve Act. Obama has violated the law by refusing to enforce immigration laws, despite being responsible for making sure all of America's duly passes laws are enforced. Congress violates the Constitution routinely, but there's no one who can/will do anything about it.

      The people are growing very weary of this disregard for the country's laws and Constitution by our "leaders.". There's a storm coming.

    121. Captain Obvious says:

      Nothing will happen.

      These people are Royalty- the law does not apply to them.

    122. Susy says:

      We need to get these people out of our government. We need adults in D.C. We need adults that can run a country as described in our Constitution We need people that love our country and will make sure every child in this nation understands what America is all about. We do not need thugs and people who try and divide us. People who hate America should not be in government. And, we really need to research all that has been done and passed without Congress so we can vote them all out.

    123. Dennis says:

      Joe sees nothing? I see a lack of respect for the rule of law. Why should a Republican taxpayer pick up the tab for a Democrat to politicize an event? Why should a Democrat pick up the tab for a Republican to politicize an event? It is against the law. No matter the party.

    124. Stormy says:

      So, what you going to do about it? So, what! This bunch is corrupt at its core, and our law enforcement agencies are even more corrupt. I guess you coud make a citizen's arrest. None of them are concerned about laws, unless it benefits them.

    125. Aries says:

      I hope he brought his poker face:-$

    126. Randy Frank says:

      This whole administration is a JOKE. Holder will not prosecute. Remember what Al Gore said when he was caught making illegal political fund raising calls from his office, some thing like, there is no controlling legal authority involved here. He was not prosecuted.

    127. guest says:

      So many broken promises, broken laws, broken hearts of their people…These democrats are the worst bunch of politicians in my lifetime, which is lengthy so far. Good riddance to them, please. They must be voted OUT!

    128. Dr_Oh says:

      She will probably vote several times, too! It's the liberal thing to do!

    129. Abe says:

      We need not worry. According to Obama, he has the most ethical administration in the history of the country and the silence from the alphabet media is proof of that. wahahahaa

    130. Robert Ford says:

      So what? She is a democrat. Now if she was a republican we might have something.

    131. Jonathan Hilton says:

      When the Press People decides what is right and wrong and Believe THAT and report it that way AS Fact instead of Opinion we are All Lost !!!!!!!!! It is Contemptable and Tryanical when they decide to use it to keep the incompetent in power because they Like their political Views!!!

    132. Jack Polland says:

      When the people in Power flaunt the law so Obviously it is showing they consider their selves Above the law.
      In a free country No one is above the law ..Even the ones who can be protected By the government from being prosecuted. It shows that those in power Believe their mission is more important than the law everyone else lives under. Any such administration that does not condone this and take leagal action againt it should be voted out !

    133. sablegsd says:

      And nothing will happen to her.

    134. Mike Hardy says:

      Taxpayer's dime? Which taxpayer? Has he been alerted? I think you mean taxpayers' dime. Or taxpayers' dimes.

    135. John Poland says:

      When Government officials flaunt the law openly it is a sign that they feel We are their Subjects and need to be controlled by laws ..And.. They rule us and are above laws!

    136. Jack Polland says:

      When Government Officials Openly flaunt the laws written to restrict Their Behavior..It shows they feel They are in charge now are are Abopve laws that restrict Them..But Not those that restrict Us !

    137. Bill47pi says:

      The Emperor and his minions are not subject to the laws we plebeians are required to obey.

    138. TugboatPhil says:

      Well heck, as long as she changed the wording on what kind of trip it was and paid some hush money, what's the diff? I mean if you rob a bank and then give the money back it's all cool, right?

    139. mrmercator says:

      Just another criminal in Obama's cabinet that won't be prosecuted.

    140. wallace1303 says:

      Hold on a minute….."Secretary Sebelius and HHS reimbursed the U.S. Treasury for all costs and expenses associated with her travel to the event." HHS reimbursed the U.S. Treasury !!!!! Is that not one government agency paying back another…Just how does that make it "legal" ????

    141. AmericanMom says:

      When I worked for customs, this was a huge no-no, and it was drilled into us. We even had to sign papers acknowledging this would be a firing offense. Oh, I forgot, this WH is not held to any standards.

    142. Jhan Stevens says:

      DOJ will give her a waiver

    143. Bo Tanaka says:

      If this had happened under a Republican President, the Democrats would call for a full investigation of the White House and an independent counsel.

    144. John Poland says:

      Who among us is above the law of the land?? The King and his appointed officials???Oh wait we Elect our Public Servants..So No One Is !!

    145. Guest says:

      What did Sebelius know and when did she know she was a Democrat speaking at a campaign event? Conspiracy anyone?!?

    146. dickydo says:

      OOOPS! I made a mistake; can't we reclassify my trip and remarks so I won't get in trouble?
      And, remember that lots of watchers heard what she said. Can you un-ring a bell?

    147. As with all of the crimes happening during this administration by this administration……….."no one" will be held accountable!

    148. stagecoachdriver says:

      So who's going to prosecute Sebelius and others? AG Holder. Get real.

    149. Jaque Bauer says:

      Congress will do nothing,

    150. BBCC says:

      Bureaucrats have one purpose in life: keep your job, thus they campaign for their boss. Losers.

    151. pappad says:

      Yes, but we have to give him almost 2 months notice and make it official in November. However, we'll have to come out in overwhelming numbers to offset the massive vote fraud the Democrats are planning.

    152. faulknerschild says:

      don't you just hate these people? So, America, what are you going to do about it?

    153. Sally Marion says:

      Of course she won’t be charged she is a democrat they have a different constitution and laws. The democrats can do, say and act anyway they want no one in this country will ever charge them. Sad as it is, it is true. If any republican did anything like this they would be charged before they got off the stage. Even if the republicans were in charge they would not charge a democrat…they fear the retaliation from the press. The republicans have the elephant as a symbol they should really have the jellyfish because it has no backbone.

    154. guest says:

      If you don't want your "tax" dollars paying for this, stop paying…

    155. dan O'Connor says:

      To Mrs. Sebelius,
      What does your Catholic family in Cincinnati think about your pro-abortion activities? You are a
      disgrace to your family and to all real Catholics. My family has been has been using the services
      of your family for close to 100 years but I will do every thing in my power to bring all of our service
      requirements to other funeral homes.
      Dan O'Connor
      West Harrison, Indiana.

    156. James says:

      Typical government agency, break the law and then after the fact reclassify everything so that it is okay. The law was still broken.

    157. KIate says:

      If she was a Republican, she would have been asked/told to resign by the RNC, and the Dems would have been screaming for her blood… Yep a typical double standard, normal for progressive liberals… Look at how many Dems have been and still are being clearly caught or implicated in totally illegal, anti constitutional actions, yet are NEVER prosecuted or even sanctioned… Total lawlessness, as they go, so goes the bulk of the character of this country…

    158. Mars says:

      So, what are we going to do about this? Seems like we cannot depend on our spineless Republicans in Congress to do anything about it. Pathetic.

    159. radicaltruth says:

      So we keep noting and pointing out the lawbreakers in this administration… and yet nothing is done.

    160. tweaver says:

      Everything about Sebelius is illegal. Why should this be different?

    161. Bob says:

      Standard operating procedure for Democrats.

    162. Gabby Johnson says:

      despicable, evil woman. she is like so many before her – look into the eyes and see the turned corners of her mouth and you get it the first time: she is a card carrying member of the Death Club.

    163. tom says:

      Obama does it every day!!!.

    164. Richard Vail says:

      and you're surprised that this administration would break the law in an attempt to influence the outcome of the upcoming election? That's merely the Chicago Way…

    165. jonny carbon says:

      She didn't build that.

    166. It is a waste of time investigating Democrats, they never, never, Never are held accountable and the media will cover it all up. For instance, how many outlets have run anything about these violations? None, you say?

    167. ernaldo says:

      This is a matter for the media. They are supposed to be our non biased watchdogs. I'm sure they will..er…..hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

    168. Mike G says:

      I would love to say that I am shocked that Obama and his minions are breaking the laws of the USA willy nilly whenever it suits there purposes, but it happens so much now that it is clear Obama's pattern for governing is Hugo Chavez.

    169. dusty says:

      They changed the trip profile from "official" to "political" only AFTER they were caught. Nice, what else are they hiding???

    170. John Gault says:

      Another of obama's CRIMINALS….

    171. So if I get caught shoplifting, why can't I just return the clothes and say I was taking them home to try them on.
      She broke the law and the trip gets re-classified. I guess this is part of the hope and change program of the Obama Administration. I HOPE I don't get caught but if I do, we'll CHANGE the classification so it is no longer illegal. WOW!

    172. Karl says:

      It becomes more and more apparent, democrats are corrupt. The revel in corruption. For them the end justifies the means. We are now living in an authiritarian dictatorship headed by marxists.

    173. walter says:

      This is the Chicago Way. You break the law, then later change the records, so you did not break the law.

    174. kestrel27 says:

      It's no big deal, Sebelius is a Democrat. Laws only pertain to Republicans.

    175. BK Martin says:

      The Obama's administration has never let a little thing like the law stop them from doing whatever they want. We have a lawless dictatorial regime NOT a government, If change doesn't happen this Nov. it will only get worse and the only one we can blame it on is us…

    176. blackbeard says:

      we can in november

    177. dave kurtz says:

      This is OUR money folks…. regardless of which party is spending it…. legally or illegally.

      WE fund so many F-&%-up countries with foreign aide,

      WE supply weapons to our so-called allies who later use those same weapons against us,

      WE passed a stimulus bill that nobody read that was earmarked for the missappropriation of 800 Billion dollars of taxpayer money that didn't help the economy, the people, or the country whatsoever…it was a scam.

      WE provide all sorts of benefits and entitlements to OUR own people who do not want to work that loves the welfare in OUR own country.

      WE watch OUR lovely representatives spend millions and millions of their own money in conjunction with donations to become elected into an office seat that pays about 100k…. ? Do they really represent the people?

      It is time to VOTE OUT every single one of these scumbags, clean house and start over with real people who care about what is important…. FREEDOM.

    178. jiminga says:

      Changing the campaign slogan from "Forward" to "Laws? We don't need no stinkin' laws!"

    179. An entire administration staff of scofflaws. Lord knows Eric Holder will ignore this, These criminals all need to be in Leavenworth!

    180. mersey says:

      I am sick and tired of this regime usurping the Constitution and acting as if they are above the law. This country is in such decline that most Americans have their heads buried up their butts and are not paying attention to the illegal activities of this administration or shrug their shoulders as if they don't care. Wake up people, once our liberties are gone there is no going back.

    181. chucky_Dee says:

      When does she get promoted?

    182. eddo says:

      If this were any other administration the egg would have "hatched" by now and this kommie would be under indictment.

    183. Crewmax42 says:

      "Glenn – OK….great. Now what? Will she be held accountable? "

      Now, THAT would be a story!

    184. Osama Bedead says:

      If we don't prosecute men bringing clubs to polling places to "influence" voters, why would anyone think we would prosecute "free speech"?

    185. My Money - Not HHS's says:

      "Secretary Sebelius and HHS reimbursed the U.S. Treasury for all costs and expenses associated with her travel to the event." So, let me get this right. HHS reimbursed the U.S. Treasury. In other words, I, the taxpayer reimbursed the Treasury, not HHS! Also, I wonder how much of the reimbursement did Sebelius pull out of her pocket?

    186. Mary says:

      Because they can no one out there protesting this and until we start standing up for the rights we have left this administration will continue to push as far as WE THE PEOPLE WILL ALLOW THEM TO DO SO!! So get off you rears and get out there and start demanding what rights we do have left instead of coming on chats, show them that WE ARE MAD AS HELL AND WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!

    187. Ann Nickel says:

      Yes – vote him out!

    188. GA Momma says:

      Can anyone at the Heritage Foundation answer why this is allowed to continue and what can be done to stop this constant breach of the law by this administration?? If this is allowed to continue with no consequences, it will only continue to get worse until it reaches tyrannical proportions (in fact, it is probably there already!). What can WE THE PEOPLE do to stop these law breakers?!?

    189. twolazy says:

      It seems that liberals, Progressives, socialist, communist or other social misfit are exempt from laws of the land. So how can this woman have broken laws? Anyway I’m sure we’ll see an Executive Order making this quite clear.

      “I don need no stinkin Congress” You are witnessing the transformation of America from the rule of law to the whim of man.

    190. fred says:

      I hope these Washington DC bureaucrats realize how much the taxpayers resent them.

      They are selfish stupid people who are only interested in their fat paychecks and fat pensions and wasting

      somebody else's money on debacle after debacle with no remorse.

      These people drink the socialism kool-aid and think we need to be told how to live.

      uuhhh these people are disgusting.

    191. sidpridgen says:

      The law does not apply to them. It just applies to the rest of us.

    192. cyrus says:

      Typical Obama staff, screw up 24/7 and nothing happens.

    193. Warbo says:

      This woman doesn't even pay her taxes until called out on it. Any surprise that she isn't aware of the Hatch Act or intentionally disregards it if she is?

    194. Duude says:

      This administration knows federal laws are only for the other guy.

    195. I am completely at peace with the upcoming election because I have decided that if we re-elect Odummy, we are getting exactly what we deserve. We will be throwing away the country and freedoms that our parents and grandparents fought to preserve and we will deserve no better.

    196. Bob D says:

      Just another Democrat sucking off the American taxpayer.

    197. Re: Sebelius Illegally Campaigned on Taxpayer’s Dime – Charges should be filed against Sebelius. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The Hatch Act is routinely ignored from the President on down. Public sector employees who campaign during working hours should return their pay or be charged.

    198. doc says:

      Democrats Ripping off the Taxpayers? Using Taxpayer money for personal gain? I'm Shocked. I guess she took her lead from Obummer, the El Presidente who uses the Spare "Air Force One" to carry his dogs. Why are all democrat administrations such "Freak Shows"?
      Never ever vote for a Democrat!

    199. clothos says:

      I've never understood why – if the President clearly breaks a U.S. law intentionally – the congress can't put his @@s in jail.
      He's walked all over the constitution and made laws himself, without consulting Congress. I say put him behind bars and leave him there.

    200. Omalena says:

      She should share a cell with Holder!

    201. George Lampkin says:

      Is this the kind of administration that Obama promised us?

    202. Scarber says:

      I feel pity for this woman as Gov. of Kansas she allowed the most horrific abortions to take place, in fact she encourages such. The many innocent lives lost through her advocation of abortion is a heavy burden to bare, she WILL be held accountable.

    203. bmac4freedom says:

      Are you better off now than 4 years ago?
      Are you safer now than 4 years ago?
      Doyou have the same amount right's gauranteed by the constitution that you had 4 years ago?
      What president and his appointees in the history of the United States has circumvented the rule of law more than this one?
      He and his brownshirts and toadies if not stopped in November will bring on an uprising that will ruin this great country!
      Foreign Policy we are now respected by other countris Less than when Jimmie (big teeth) Carter tried to ruin the U.S.?
      Arab Spring backed by Obama and the media delivered exactly what they wanted and planned "Anarchy" in the world!

    204. StevePVB says:

      How can they be in violation of the law. Everyone knows the law doesn't apply to Obama or his minions.

    205. glenp says:

      INDICT HER NOW!!!!

    206. From a Kansas resident, I deeply regret anything this sorry excuse for a politician has done. I must point-out, though, that she is a Democrat, and Kansas is a Republican State. In other words, she is an aberration, and anomaly. She was also hand-picked by Obama. Not exactly our fault, but we are sorry just the same.

    207. More to come as the dictatorship of the Obamanation digs in. If they cleanse their illegal activities then they never happened. I'm not looking forward to the recount after the election…

    208. WavyChips says:

      What we have here is a deliberate misrepresentation of the facts. How can there be a Hatch Act violation when there is none. She fully reimbursed the U.S. Treasury for all associated expenses so end of story fellas.

    209. Paul says:

      i she a democrat or a republican? answer she could not ba a republican or it would be plastered all over the post. she must be a democrat since nothing in the post tells you what party she belongs to

    210. CitiZen says:

      NPR doe it every day…

    211. CitiZen says:

      NPR does it every day with OUR money…

    212. Jack Schilla says:

      Obama and his administration are by far the most dangerous threat to freedom, that America has ever known.

    213. Amazingoly says:

      Three choices: get fired, step down, or get charged.

    214. Bob says:

      Solyndra, Fast and Furious, etc.. If she needs to be prosecuted she'll need to take a number and wait her turn.

    215. George says:

      Giving back the money does not mitigate the theft. Our prisons are full of people who would give back the money, return the drugs, etc., if that would buy their freedom.

    216. Trixie says:

      Nothing new here, she did it all the time when she was the Gov. of Kansas, and got away with it!

    217. jcarney says:

      What a disgrace… This woman should be FIRED…. and held accountable by a special prosecution not conducted by anyone out of Eric Holders office…. in fact, she needs to be in front of the Supreme Court now and thrown in jail right afterwards…. and left to survive on ObamaCare (since it will be non-existing after he is removed from office)

    218. John says:

      Is she an R or a D?

    219. Man from Lamancha says:

      Look – Laws are only for catching Republicans. Democrats get a pass. If you don't believe me ask Tim Geithner or Charlie Rangle or Nancy Pelosi or Eric Holder or any other members of that wretched hive of scum and villainy we call our guberment.

    220. Anishinabi says:

      Okay, let's prosecute her.

    221. Peter Marx says:

      Law? What law? We don't follow no stinkin' law….

    222. Jack Schilla says:

      Basic precepts of legality mean nothing to Democrats, or Obama. We need Romney and Ryan to renew faith in America.

    223. Roger Dane says:

      Is there anyone within POTUS' cabinet or list of Czars who is not crooked, not corrupt, not a criminal in white collar? Doubt it.

    224. Dennis says:

      Health Care System is in need of 110% of attention to make some realistic changes. Ms. Sebelius and her administration should be investing all energy to improve the situation. Poor decision on her part. Make you question her abilities as the head of such important branch of gov't. No?

    225. Bill Shee says:

      This is a surprise? Standard Order of Business for this admin.

    226. Ben says:

      Like the republicans never did it before. get over it.

    227. Clay says:

      Her punishment: Promotion to a higher post.

    228. sickofdem says:

      The silence from the liberal agenda driven main stream press and media is deafing. Yes, I mean you CBS,NBC,ABC,CNN,MSNBC,AP and all the other liberal rags no one is listeing to these days

    229. Bob says:

      Please realize—her whole upper management and communications staff was involved in prepping her for her official visit. That means they developed talking points on what was favorable to her boss (the President), and had Q&A's on the ugly questions that might get asked. So, when these things happen, regardless of who is in the White House, it takes many people walking along the Hatch Act line. It happens for every agency, and for every administration I've worked for.

    230. SSW says:

      She is following her boss' example, and he is MIA.

    231. Salharmonic says:

      That's one scary chick

    232. She's gotta go people! What she did is ILLEGAL, a violation of the Hatch Act, a federal offense which is supposed to result in at minimum suspension and usually leads to dismissal…

    233. B Chan says:

      May be the obama loving media can spin this and make it out as another opportunity to attack Rromney! Our nation is being destroyed from within by morons in the media!

    234. Kansas says:

      She should resign!!!

    235. burt says:

      hey, "admins" – STOP blocking my comments……are you located in Cuba???

    236. Susy says:

      So, why don't they arrest her and send her to trial? Why won't they arrest Barry for all the laws he has broken? And Holder?

    237. LMJ313 says:

      This is the most lawless group of thugs I have ever seen in political office.

    238. Bob Kutz says:

      They are using our government against us. Openly and while thumbing their nose at us.

      You cannot go in an official capacity, make the comments, and then change your status to unofficial, after the fact. That is illegal use of government resources.

      These people need to be put in prison. Same as Corzine.

      If this continues much longer, prison will no longer be on the table.

    239. aaa says:

      When the new administration takes over, all the crimes committed by the Obama administration had better be prosecuted. Holder, Sebelius, Geithner , Napolitano, the list goes on and on.

    240. Cash McFlow says:

      No one pays attention to this woman from Kansas. Forget her. She's just one of Obama's many tools!

    241. Cincy says:

      Violation of the law? Since when has this been a concern of the Obama administration? They have done it before, with no consequences and will continue to do it until they have absolute power. The "civil" but cowardly Republicans hide under their desks and in the cloakroom hoping it will just go away. It won't. I suggest you read the history of Germany 1932-33. I am not comparing the administration to the Nazis; I am just suggesting that they are using the same methodology/strategies that worked to transform a German Democracy into a dictatorship and completely subjugated the German populace in just a few short years. Unlike the Russian and the Chinese peasants that were easily enslaved by the Communist in 1917 and 1947, the Germans were a long-time accomplished and sophisticated culture, but they were duped anyway. We are already seeing the dependence/enslavement of people with more and more government assistance programs. All we need now is the "national emergency" to "temporarily suspend" our constitutional rights. The Republic is in peril and our only hope is the Nov election. If Obama is re-elected, the Republic is toast. Our subjugated grandchildren will wonder why we did not stop it when we could!

    242. Monica says:

      So, what are you going to do about it?? Report it in the MSM?? It's pretty meaningless if nothing is done about it now, isn't it??

    243. roy says:

      The demos are both lawless and godless.

    244. Lloyd Scallan says:

      So what? Most everything Obama and his ilk do is "illegal", yet no one is doing one damn thing to stop it!

    245. Miles_Monroe says:

      Laws mean nothing to these people unless they are intended to squelch the opposition. Then they are taken VERY serious. God I love Intense Debate. It's such a better system than Discus.

    246. redstorm_ says:

      I see top officials can do whatever they like and violate whatever laws are in place BUT the average federal worker is held to a higher standard? WTH!!! This government is collapsing as we speak. It's just a matter of time before the American way of life is squashed forever and some new age socialist democracy is put in place with a few 'chosen elite' who "know better than the rest of us"…welcome to the old Soviet Union…

      • Cincy says:

        As I recall, the Soviet Union basically had a three tiered society. 1. The Political leaders and Social elites that ruled. 2. The bureaucracy that supported and served this upper class. These "public servants" had good homes, special stores and good incomes. Once in a while one would be dragged down into the basement and shot, but what the heck. Life was good until then and it kept the others in line. 3. Then there were/are the lower class that basically slaved to support the other two – I call this class the potato diggers. Now look at the USA. In the last few years the upper class of elites are basically above the law.- political leaders, elites like Jon Corzine, union leaders, and other friends of Obama and company. Then there is the federal civil service folks that serve the administration, have secure lifestyles and make incomes and have benefits well above the average taxpayer that supports them. And then there is us – the potato diggers- that work hard, do not have secure lifestyles, do not have gold plated benefits, and are taxed to support the other two. We are not like the old Soviet Union yet, but we are getting there.

    247. constantvigil says:

      Remove her from office!!!

    248. are you kidding???? Ovomit flew AF1, at the cost of millions, to Hollyweird to attend a fundraiser at George Looney's house and not a peep.

    249. JBar595 says:

      So when is she going to prison?

    250. mjaugust says:

      Another despicable democrat hack with no morals.

    251. Rank says:

      After January 20, 2013 GITMO could be overflowing with members of this administration. However, I believe that there will be massive pardoning in Obama's last few weeks.

    252. Kelly says:

      She will be given a Nobel Prize as a result for following orders-

    253. erv says:

      Typical. Get caught then change the premise. Do not pay taxes, get caught, pay the taxes. Travel on taxpayers money for non-governmental business, get caught, pay back some of the money. Take out God and Jerusalem, get caught, put it back. Put money that is not yours in your freezer, get caught, give the moeny back. Of course, no real legal action occurs. I wish people would wake up and see what is happenning and vote these law breakers out of office.

    254. theduck6 says:

      Why do we have IGs , "watchdog" groups, ethics training, codes of conduct rules, election commissions when it's clear there are blatant violations and no repercussions?

      Someone here said it best, "move along, nothing to see here".

      The biggest power of the press is the power to ignore.

    255. KC ZOMBIE says:

      Cruella de Vil and Claire McCaskill the pride of the Midwest.

    256. david BARNES says:

      As usual politicians want to change the laws to reflect their will not that of the people. Elected officials are supposed to represent us. STOP SPENDING OUR GRAND CHILDREN'S MONEY FOR YOUR OWN BENEFIT ,YOU ALREADY SPENT MINE > MY CHILDREN'S (SEE THE TRUE NATIONAL DEBT AT http://duncan.house.gov/

    257. Jeanne Stotler says:

      Everyone in this administration is a disgrace, A DOJ who won't uphold he law, commits perjury when beforethe Congress, A security sec. who denys that illegal immigration in her state (former Gov,) is as bad as it is, and we can go on and on, incl. the Liar in Chief we need Prayer, St. Jude is patron of the impossible, we need his help, and the help of all in heaven to see tis through.

    258. Jacki Kinch says:

      We still have the power. VOTE THEM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    259. Larry Burdge says:

      I'm quite sure that now this has become public it will be at the top of AG Eric Holder's to-do list of investigations,,,,,,,,right after he is finished hanging that sherriff out in Arizona..(he is profiling you know, a high crime and misdemeanor)……….What we have here is a failure to communicate.

    260. Larry K White says:

      Congrats Scribe Investigates…Scoop.
      Late, but no less sincere.
      Our Campaigner In Chief has made dozens if not hundreds of Taxpayer funded trips…Legal but not moral; I mean right.
      Thanks, keep it up.

    261. She is more than enough of a reason to fire her boss. The AG would go with them.

    262. She is more than enough of a reason to fire her boss. The AT would go with them.

    263. ajt says:

      Did everyone miss her performance speaking at the DNC? A sitting confirmed cabinet secretary headlining at the political convention? Doesn't that violate the Hatch act?

    264. Jim says:

      That's like stealing and getting caught, then you say OK I'll give the money back and everything will be OK.

    265. 7papa7 says:

      Hey it's the Obama administration. When did following the law ever mean anything to these people. The ONLY thing that is of any importance is getting reelected. If you have to break every single law in the book it is OK if you can achieve the ultimate goal of reelection. The AG has the same approach. The law is only for those who are conservatives or against the Obama socialist agenda. This AG will NEVER prosecute any Obama drones. This is just another reason why this administration MUST be defeated in November. We Americans who believe in the rule of law, who believe in the constitution and who believe in the documents that made us great want our country back.

    266. @Nick11766 says:

      Corruption by both parties at ALL levels, yet another violation of our rights. The gov’t constantly violates our rights.

      They violate the 1st Amendment by caging protesters and banning books like "America Deceived II".

      They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by allowing TSA to grope you.

      They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars.

      Impeach Obama, support Ron Paul.

      Last link of "America Deceived II" before it is completely banned:

    267. Susan P says:

      Is there one honest person in this entire administration? I guess not.

    268. Perplexed says:

      Every dog has their day in the sun and she is no exception. However, one day it will come to an end and eventually she will meet her Maker and have to answer for her life.

    269. mjaugust says:

      Another democrat hack with no morals.

    270. Carl says:

      Let me get this straight — free speech for corporations. No free speech for non-civil service political appointees. Expenses paid for by non-governmental political funds.

      It is correct that political speaking trips not be government funded.

    271. Duh! The entire Obama administration is full of lawbreakers. They are power-hungry socialist zealots who will not give up power easily, but we have one last opportunity this November to boot them out and take back our country and the freedom to live our own lives as we want, not as they command.

    272. Tom Irish says:

      Kathy is our Ambassador to the National Association of Abortionists. In the old days it would have been called Murder Inc.

    273. Buttercup says:

      Comrade Sebelius belongs in prison for crimes against America!

    274. B Young says:

      This woman is scary on a daily basis anyway. Her beliefs are at best wacky.

    275. Bob A says:

      Romney should appoint a special prosecutor to put her in jail!

    276. Htos1 says:

      One the EARLIEST Alinsky/Clower-Piven fanouts fom the wreckage known as the clintonoids.Thi one's another one that needs to cool it's jets at Leavenworth,for 25 to life.

    277. novi56 says:

      The United States has descended into open lawlessness.

      Where is the outcry from the supposed opposition Party, the GOP?

    278. agmccall says:

      WOW! someone in the Obama administration broke the law, How unusual

    279. Her father John Gilligan was governor of Ohio,nothing else to say.

    280. Snailmailtrucker says:

      I want this criminal any every other Obama official remover from our government and fitted for Jumpsuits IMMEDIATELY !

      The entire Obama Administration is ….

    281. John says:

      I am glad she was found guilty. These folks on the left are the truest of bullies. I worked for Washington State Government for years and filed a state complaint on the director of a transit operation who used his captive audience (me) to rail on those who had succesfully had passed a voter initiative to limit taxes, cutting back on tax revenues to the overpaid bus drivers significantly. My objection was found valid but nothing but a "letter of reprimand" was issued to this idiot. I probably embarrassed him and the board and that provided me some satisfaction. It is important the political officials on the public's dime do NOT bully, denigrate or influence voters. That is EXACTLY what the Hatch act is about

    282. Ken says:

      No problem obumer does it all the time!!!

    283. Yank Ster says:

      Either way we still paid for the trip.

    284. indy says:

      It seems every day this current administration violates the law. They are never held accountable by the DOJ or the media. Laws or the Constitution simply don't apply to them or their supporters.

    285. NoelH says:

      Ok. Good; she's been caught. So, what are the chances she'll be charged? Zip. Eric Holder. Has a more perverse person ever been in a cabinet position? (Well, maybe Janet Reno). Then factor in Obama's 'Czars': Sunstein, Jones, etc. And an openly homosexual Scty. or Education.. Perversion, corruption, this is Obama.

    286. Brewster says:

      What's the use. America is done. Sad, very sad. We are no longer the beacon on the hill.

    287. Griefman says:

      WHy am I not surprised? HHS, the EPA and the DOJ are now the greatest threats to our country. I look forward to reading about long and nonconcurrent jail terms for all of them.

    288. justamom says:

      No surprise here!

    289. bydand says:

      She will be prosecuted right after Holder gets prosecuted for gun running to the drug cartels

    290. KP2GMU says:

      Notice they changed it after the fact. Basically, they saw she violated the law, so they then went back to reclassify the trip as political. They paid pennies on the dollar for the cost of the trip. The fact is that she made partisan comments at a government event. Saying the event was personal/politcal after the fact is a lie that they are using to try to protect her.

    291. Mutantone says:

      Now use the Hatch act to get Obama for giving stimulus funds to MSNBC for their favorable reporting of his failed Administration

    292. Don Iarussi says:

      an admininistration of criminals

    293. Guest says:

      This woman is a disaster just like every other Obama appointee. This is what the majority of Americans want which should tell you a lot about the majority.

      This country is finished. America, as described by the Constitution, will never exist.

    294. How does this qualify as news?

    295. ironbob says:

      So what. It's not like Dear Leader is going to follow the law on ANYTHING.

    296. jeff says:

      So much lawless activity in this administration and it's like they are all untouchable…kinda crazy and insane. Makes you wonder if barry will enact martial law or something in mid-october….October surprise.

    297. Drew says:

      I am pretty non political, but it amazes me that the question here isn't the partisan statements she made – but the fact that a law has been enacted that restricts a person's first amendment rights. I know that a government employee on government business, funded by the US taxpayers should have enough sense to leave politics out of her speeches, but there is this little thing called the Constitution that seems to be ignored when making these new laws … this speech isn't news – restricting one's first amendment rights is. It's funny to me that those who would decry foul anytime Obama supports a law that would negatively influence an individuals rights, use (or support) the same tactics to stop another from their rights. If you want the government out of your business elect someone who is truly for individual rights and small government … Ron Paul 2012!!!! Oh, I forgot the RNC also wants to change the rules so that someone who has earned the right to speak isn't allowed to. Whether Romney made the decision to censure a candidate that earned the right to speak at the RNC, his election committee, or the RNC itself – It doesn't matter … he has shown that he either doesn't have the moral judgement to be President, or surrounds himself with a group that isn't morally based. Anytime you aren't open minded enough to hear another person's argument, no matter how much you disagree, you have set a trap to have your opinions and arguments subject to the same fate. Freedom of speech is guaranteed for a reason … it is the first step toward totalitarianism.

    298. Hey everyone – get this through your thick skulls – the rules to NOT apply to Democrats. We can do what we damn please, and no one in the media will say a word about it. Sending guns to cartels in order to make phony claims that Mexican drug dealers are using American guns, making up our own immigration laws, using the EPA to regulate carbon dioxide, and more.

      So forget about it – we don't need Congress and we don't need the Courts, which support us anyway.

    299. Obama doesn't need to comply with the laws, and no one in the media is going to call him on it.

    300. torpedo8 says:

      The next day the robber returned all the money to the bank and apologized to the folks he shot in the process. No crime. No charges. Nothing to see here, move on.

    301. Captain Obvious says:

      Will she be prosecuted? -No

      Laws do not apply to royalty.

    302. Ltc444 says:

      When she was Governor Her own National Commander, the one she appointed, basically outed her as a liar when she failed to respond to a series of tornadoes in Kansas.

      That is probably why she fits in so well with the band of perjurers, deviants and tax cheats which make up Obambis cabinet.

    303. Only proves the American people are passive and spineless about upholding our laws and protecting our freedoms the coming authoritarian take over of the USA is going to be well deserved.

    304. Steve Coffman says:

      Laws mean nothing to this administration.

    305. rwheadrex says:

      AG Holder:Show me your wrists, Ms. Sebelius.
      HHS SEC:Yes sir!
      AG Holder(to aide):Give me the feather.
      DOJ AIDE:Yes sir!
      AG Holder(to HHS SEC):This is going to hurt me more than it is going to hurt you!
      AG Holder(to HHS SEC):Let those three lashes with the feather be a constant reminder of your trangression.
      AG Holder(to crowd):The sentence has been executed!

    306. Please Don't! send here back to Kansas, unless its for a 25 year stent in Leavenworth Federal Prison for Treason and Infanticide.

    307. tgibson says:

      Another part of the trainwreck that is the Obama administration. Nothing will be done this administration only goes after its opposlition!

    308. Purejustice says:

      Here's my shocked face :-O

    309. Mark says:

      I'm an employee of a federal department and we get almost DAILY reinders that the Hatch Act covers everybody except the President & Vice-President…I can GUARANTEE she was warned multiple times. (I am commenting on this on my own time, an don my own computer, otherwise I'd be violating the Hatch Act)

    310. Fred says:

      I cannot believe this Administration or its DOJ would do anything in this matter. The Constitution and laws of the land do not apply to them when it gets in the way.

    311. manofrenoun says:

      Why is it that every politician is above the law, regardless of party. If we break the law, we go to jail. This lady breaks the law and simply makes a few changes on paper work, shifts some money around in her accounts and thinks it's all good.

      This is not a free society people. This is tyranny.

    312. Vote Loud says:

      What stinkin' Laws???

      Progressives don't believe in stinkin' Laws!

      "The ends justify the means"!

    313. Freedom John says:

      They know what they were doing. But, when you're above the law, you've above the law. No Democrat will prosecute her or even probably chastise her.

    314. P. Kaboo says:

      Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson “did not permit U.S. Marine guards to carry live ammunition,” according to multiple reports on U.S. Marine Corps blogs spotted by Nightwatch.

    315. Just_Asking says:

      So when exactly is she headed to prison?

    316. Don says:

      Of course! Would you expect any of the morons in this Administration to act otherwise?

    317. guest says:

      The most open and ethical administration in history…

    318. shovelDriver says:

      So if someone breaks the law by committing burglary, robbery, or white collar fraud, they can get a "do over" and simply repay the funds?

    319. manuel vasquez says:

      What is the statute of limitation on the Hatch Act?
      What are its punishments?
      Assuming she is a lawyer, like all the others, and knows what the Hatch act is as she violates it – can her law license be sacked?

    320. Jane d says:

      Get rid of her. She is no friend of ours.

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