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  • "2016: Obama's America" Looks for Obama, the Man

    If the film 2016: Obama’s America preaches to the choir—as critical reviews of the movie contend—then the choir of Americans curious about Barack Obama is a large one.

    In spite of the prediction by Variety that 2016 would vanish without a trace, the documentary about President Obama is by the latest count No. 3 at the box office, running in 1,800 theaters nationwide. It is on track to overtake Al Gore and several Michael Moore movies. Other, cruder epithets have also been thrown at 2016, but no one has been able to challenge the facts of the documentary. “Choir preaching” is in fact the criticism most reviewers from The Washington Post to The Philadelphia Inquirer have leveled at 2016.

    The most likely explanation of the success of 2016 is that filmmakers Dinesh D’Souza and Gerald Molen have tapped into a deep well of curiosity and concern among ordinary Americans about the man they elected president four years ago, a man many find aloof and hard to understand. At the heart of D’Souza’s argument is the contention that Obama cannot afford to let the American people in on his true radical vision of a diminished American place in the world. If he did, they would never vote for him. “For Obama to make himself acceptable to America, he had to hide his past,” says D’Souza.

    Accorded kid-glove treatment by the mainstream media, President Obama has never been really scrutinized, nor his life story closely examined like those of other American presidential candidates. In a sense, D’Souza and Molen have tried to do the same thing Michelle Obama attempted in her speech Tuesday evening (though from a very different perspective, of course)—explain Obama, the man, to the American people.

    Fundamental to the concept of the movie 2016 is the fact that both D’Souza and Obama have roots outside the United States. D’Souza, who narrates the movie, talks of his childhood in Mumbai, India, and compares it to the childhood of Obama growing up in Hawaii and Indonesia, the son of an American mother and a Kenyan father who abandoned his family before Obama was even born. In this sense, as an outsider, D’Souza claims a special understanding of Obama; the movie is based on D’Souza’s best-selling book Obama’s America: Unmaking the American Dream.

    A big part of Obama’s make-up, so D’Souza says, is the deep-rooted anti-colonialism of his father, Barack Obama, Sr. “Only through the dreams of the father can we understand the actions of the son,” D’Souza says. Or as a voice over from President Obama’s own reading of his autobiography Dreams from My Father states, “The pain I felt was my father’s pain…[his]struggle was my struggle.”

    In this view, the radicalism of Obama’s chosen mentors like former domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, anti-American preacher Jeremiah Wright, anti-Israel professor Edward Said, and radical professor Roberto Unger lies just below the surface and explains Obama’s policy choices, domestic and foreign alike. (At the same time, Obama has distant and conflicted relationships, marred by divergent views of their father, with his eight paternal half-siblings, like his brothers Marc and George, the latter of whom D’Souza tracks down in the Kenyan slum where he lives.)

    According to the analysis of 2016—an analysis that tracks closely with many of Obama’s policies—the President views American military projection, economic power, and energy consumption as excessive, a threat to global stability.

    As Heritage Foundation research has shown, the Obama doctrine amounts to diminishing the footprint of American power in the world by cutting our military, cutting nuclear weapons, transferring American power to international organizations and undercutting American allies, while handing concessions to America’s competitors. As D’Souza puts it, Obama wants to “restore a world where many countries have equal power.”

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    15 Responses to "2016: Obama's America" Looks for Obama, the Man

    1. Abijhan says:

      I saw this movie yesterday afternoon and it really opened my eyes. If you haven't seen it I highly recommend it. You will wonder how in the world the US would vote a communist into the White House and then let him do whatever he wants. Obama is not from here. He didn't grow up here and he certainly doesn't share those things that are uniquely American.

    2. Paul F Davis says:

      Thanks for your insight and perspective. http://www.PaulFDavis.com

    3. Nancy Clark says:

      The land of the FREE… As a small business owner – I fear for the future of my children and and grandchildren. I pray the people in this country WAKE UP and realize the true reasons they are here and all the lives it took to be the greatest country in the world!

    4. Paul says:

      I expected the movie to just be concentrated on bashing President Obama and was pleasantly surprised after watching it that was very informative. I would urge or recommend everyone, regardless of their political affiliation to view the movie.

    5. debra says:

      GREAT movie; saw it twice and took my 18 year old. Fabulous feeling to sit in a full theater here in Los Angeles and hear loud applause at the end knowing we are all thinking the same thing. Obama must go!
      This country has to get back on track again and become number one once again. Obama would love to see this country embrace socialism, yet he will have his millions and make more on his celebrity book tour once out of office. He loves hanging with the Hollywood types anyway. Send him packing! Also, TODAY, the United States fell from fifth to seventh in the annual competitiveness rankings, issued by the Geneva-based World Economic Forum due to ineffective government….the one thing Dems want more of! They take God out of their platform but insert Gov. whenever they can. IF YOU WANT LESS FREEDOMS AND MORE ENTITLEMENTS VOTE BO…..if you want economic growth once again for this country vote ROMNEY/RYAN!

    6. gordon says:

      I'm very glad I went to see this movie. No news station (TV or radio) even mentions the anti-colonial viewpoint brought to light in this movie.

    7. Barb says:

      Looks like a lot of distortion to me. I think the makers are not only ultra conservative, but also harbor racial bias. Shame on you for making this desperate attempt to tear down someone who likely will go down in history as the President who rescued our country from disastrous collapse. Like many of the people in this country, greed has taken you over, too. Nothing is too base for you if you can make money on it. Shame on you! If I were not so old, I too, would picket all the theaters showing this film. Shame, shame on all of you!

      • Liberty Justice says:

        Racial bias lol. That is a joke. If you saw the movie you would know that race is one of the first thing that the creators of this movie covered. The president is a 50/50 bar. Get out of your generation of racism and join my generation of who gives a monkey's tail. Furthermore the maker of this movie is an immigrant from India his skin color actually would match Obama's if they held their hands side by side. His intent was not to make money, in fact it was only being show in 1,000 theaters NATIONWIDE when it first came out. His intent was education. Just because one succeeds doesn't mean they are money hungry, its a reward for hard work. Expert economists say our economy is teetering on the edge, and his gross spending doesn't help. Shame on you for being out of touch and commenting on something you obviously know nothing about. Why don't you find out why democrates who voted for him the first time around will not be voting for him this time. Educate yourself. Be an American not a party member!

    8. gsmullennix says:

      This review is similar to the movie. Well written, balanced and accurate. 2016 is so well done, so well presented that anyone can learn, factually, more than they knew about the president. The hypothesis about the behavior of the president certainly is worthwhile discussing and pondering. Social justice, whatever that means, has always been the well intentioned road which leads instead to malady. Better to allow people the freedom to pursue their own happiness.

    9. Peg Fisk says:

      No one I have talked to in the Westchester area has heard of "2016." There were no reviews, no ads. When I googled the movie, after hearing about it on John Gambling's morning program, I found out that it was in my local movie house. So, I went to an early morning showing ( around 11am), and was surprised to see about fifty people there. I don't get it–a movie that is #3 Is not even mentioned in my local paper and receives one paragraph in the NYT? Wait a minute! Now I get it.

    10. Marie Confidential says:

      This should be shown on Natonal Teleivision – For All Votes and Americans To See.

    11. Bobbie says:

      He's a danger to this country. His words are conflicting, his actions are menacing and severe and mostly nontransparent. He calls himself a citizen as if he's on the same level as the rest but don't ever take a man's perception of being equally a citizen when he has authority to control you making 100's of 1000's more than you. That's not a citizen. In America no man rules over another, not even a male president. No sharia law is infiltrated by government favor over civil law. He says everyone will have equal responsibility which is already a lie since he's letting some people own homes they can't afford, screwing the tax payers in the mean time. He says special interests aren't the problem? Gays, women, immigrants, minorities, businesses… This "president" focuses most of his unprecedented time stealing from those who provide their own and earn their pay, on special interests! Screwing America and her highest office, royally.

      Take all "special interests" off the tax dollar dime and put it on the ones interested. Special interests are not essential or constitutional to this country's federal government. Let's see personal responsibility and personal accountability to personal interests taken off the government agenda and put on the rightful persons interested. Obama needs to go where he can be appreciated. Where there is no ability to think outside of narrow. That's who Obama represents.

    12. Jack Exum says:

      Really great summary of 2016. Highly recommended.

    13. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Another example of how if you do not agree with Obama or his administration, Obama's DOJ just sued Gallup because they had the nerve to provide true polls that show Obama loosing. How long will it be before Holder, pushed by Obama, will sue the producters of this movie. No one disagrees with Obama without the Alinsky attack released on the poor souls.

    14. MMarton says:

      I saw the movie. I truly think there's a part of the brain superseding all senses when politics is involved. People who are otherwise intelligent throw logic and reason out the window. There is no way you could have seen this movie and determined that D'Souza was trying to offer a thoughtful portrayal of Obama. The underlying premise – that Obama is anti-colonial and seeks to weaken the U.S. – is absurd and D'Souza's examples are a stretch at best and mostly wrong (such as the bust of Churchill – it was on loan and scheduled to leave the White House before Obama took office). People, check your head.

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