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  • Border Security Alone Not Enough to Stem the Tide of Violence

    The Texas Department of Agriculture has launched an online video campaign aimed to “shame” the federal government into enhancing U.S. border security. As part of the campaign, called “Texas Traffic—True Stories of Drug and Human Smuggling,” each week over the next four months the Department of Agriculture will release a video chronicling firsthand accounts by Texas farmers, ranchers, and law enforcement of drug smuggling, human trafficking, and other violence along the border.

    While reports of the true severity of spill-over violence along the border are heavily disputed, one thing is certain: The U.S. cannot simply sit back and ignore the continued bloodshed and fighting just south of our border in Mexico. Since 2006, Mexico, led by outgoing President Felipe Calderon, has been fighting a war on the nation’s transnational criminal organizations (TCOs). The military offensive and ensuing violence has thus far taken roughly 55,000 lives, including the high-profile cases of Americans David Hartley and Robert Krentz.

    In response to this continued violence, the Texas Department of Agriculture calls for “the federal government to enforce our laws and secure our nation’s borders.” Simply enhancing security on the U.S. side of the border, however, is not nearly enough.

    Stemming the tide of violence requires a multifaceted approach. Through the Merída Initiative—a three-year, $1.5 billion anti-drug assistance package for Mexico and Central America—the U.S. has offered valuable support to Mexican efforts; however, more must be done.

    Combating the transnational criminal threat requires an integrated drug strategy for the Western Hemisphere—one that recognizes that the regions drug problems reach beyond Mexico and into the Andes, Caribbean, and Central America. In both Mexico and Central America, the U.S. can help our friends and allies bolster law enforcement and strengthen judicial reform in order to help halt impunity and corruption, and also work to strengthen military-to-military ties. At the same time, ending the cycle of criminality and violence will also require efforts to strengthen education and legitimate economic opportunities.

    Certainly, none of this will happen overnight. Mexico, and the rest of the region for that matter, remains engaged in a generational struggle against the narcotics trade and the threat of TCOs. Mexico and the U.S. must be sure to realize that there is no silver bullet to ending the war on drugs. Enhancing U.S. border security is not nearly enough. Countering the continued threat of violence requires that the U.S. and its partners take a truly multifaceted approach.

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    4 Responses to Border Security Alone Not Enough to Stem the Tide of Violence

    1. Glen A. Lewis says:

      … "the region's drug problems reach beyond Mexico and into the Andes, Caribbean, and Central America."

      It should also be noted that the drug trade is driven by demand in the United States – the primary consumer of illegal drugs in the Western Hemisphere.

      Our toleration of drug use/abuse combined with wrist-slap penalties for "recreational users" will continue to drive demand in the impoverished countries of Central and South America.

      We, as a nation, need to go back to penalizing illegal activities.

      The message needs to be clear: Not only is drug use illegal, it is wrong and it WILL be punished.

      The whining complaint of "He only had a half-ounce of marijuana" needs to be met with the statement, "He violated the law, and through his buying the Weed, paid all the growers, smugglers and distributors between him and his street-corner dealer – who also got paid – and promote more smuggling and drug dealing."

      • Carol, AZ says:

        Look at the videos, and hear the repeated evidence from all enforcement agencies._ Our own Govt is the felon here and has been from day one under Bo. Just recently_ over ten back door amnesty decisions, EX. Fiat , without Congressional approval_ to back door every Fed Law agency that deports.
        ICE is in court defending themselves against our own Govt.
        In {film 2} over 1000 cities are set-up and operational._Yes, " the market is here because of demand". Have you ever considered that it's_ Bo's private stimulus fund through the million exchanged through banking?
        No whining coming from our law enforcers . While they are defending our rights to live without fear for our ranchers and ag growers they are also trying to protect you. What have you ever done to help us?

    2. Lloyd Scallan says:

      How do we expect boarder violence to slow down when the Obama government is giving guns to the drug cartels so he can force more gun control of US citizens.

    3. t m homer says:

      Regarding both legal and illegal immigration, read "Press 2 for English". It is excellent and suggests a plan that would benefit our country. It is very clear cut: put a moratorium on all legal immigration; make English our national language which would make immigrants assimilate into our country rather than accommodate them in their own language everywhere; enforce our existing laws, and make e-Verify mandatory…and there's more, but read it for yourself. You will be impressed.

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