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  • Morning Bell: Defending America Takes More Than "Hope"

    Speaking to veterans at the American Legion conference this week, President Obama said, “Today, every American can be proud that the United States is safer, stronger and more respected in the world.”

    That’s quite a statement from a President who has granted legitimacy to extremist organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood and promised the Russians he would be “flexible” toward their demands on missile defense, while slighting American allies like Poland and the Czech Republic.

    Heritage defense experts call Obama’s defense strategy “a strategy of hope“: “a hope that big wars are a thing of the past; a hope that America’s allies will do more; and a hope that fewer resources do not jeopardize the lives of American soldiers.”

    These are flimsy hopes in the face of hostile nations and terrorist groups that want nothing more than the destruction of America.

    If we do not reverse course—strengthening our military instead of gutting it, providing true security for our allies, and getting real about the groups that want us dead—the cost will be American lives.

    The Administration has made a lot of noise about “pivoting” America’s security focus toward Asia. It is a vital region, but Obama’s policies of cutting the size of the military are the opposite of what we need to secure the country’s interests around the world. Heritage’s Bruce Klingner and Dean Cheng explain:

    A smaller Navy, Air Force, Army, and Marine Corps means a reduced U.S. presence overseas and, due to an even higher operational tempo, a greater strain on existing forces and equipment. Underfunding defense requirements could restrict potential U.S. policy options and increase the danger to U.S. forces during any future Asian engagements. And, ultimately, the price of such underfunding will be mission failure or American servicemen’s lives.

    Though Asia is important, the American homeland is still a target for terrorists, and terrorists are still training in the Middle East. Heritage’s James Carafano has warned that “President Obama’s determination to pull out from Afghanistan means the U.S. will leave the field with the enemy still standing.” While al-Qaeda affiliates in Iraq are continuing violence daily, Carafano says that in Afghanistan, “after the American withdrawal, the Taliban may well sweep back and re-establish control of parts of Afghanistan. Al Qaeda could well follow, even as it continues to build up bases of operations elsewhere, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa.”

    As it stands now, America faces these threats with a military that is being hollowed out. Terrorists continue to try attacking us here at home. Our leaders must make defending America a priority and commit the resources to meet its challenges both at home and abroad.

    As Carafano put it, “A belligerently aggressive Iran…an anti-democratic Russia…an expansive China…a wet-behind-the-ears ‘Dear Leader’ in North Korea…enduring threats from narco-terrorists and Islamist terrorists…there is every sign that, when Obama’s four years are up, the world will be a potentially far more dangerous place than it was when he first took office.”

    Quick Hits:

    • Hurricane Isaac has weakened, but it continues to dump rain on the southern U.S., causing flooding and knocking out power to 700,000 people.
    • “The Chicago Teachers Union issued a 10-day strike notice Wednesday, saying teachers in the nation’s third-largest school district are ready to walk off the job for the first time in 25 years,” reports AP.
    • Britain is debating an “emergency tax” on the wealthy.
    • Five Australian troops have been killed in Afghanistan as insider attacks on coalition forces continue.
    • Did you know that the U.S. has the highest corporate tax rate in the developed world? See our chart.
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    32 Responses to Morning Bell: Defending America Takes More Than "Hope"

    1. toledofan says:

      It's just hard for me to understand why the main stream media contiues to give cover to Obama and the Democrats, in general; not only are we weak on the world stage, we've allowed ourselves to be muted by a bunch of third world countries who have gained some credibility at home, like; Iran, Syria, and Eqypt. I mean we can't even force or persuade the UN not to attend an Iran sponsored U.S. bashing session. If we don't gain our footing, we'll just allow someone else, that doesn't promote freedom. to take over and everybody knows what that means.

    2. Mary......WI says:

      It's most definitely time for a "change" in the White House comes this November. The number one responsibility of the president of the USA is to protect the people and the homeland……number one job! Obama doesn't get it or just doesn't care because he's living in some kind of la la land while bringing down the patriotism, morale, economy, and the American dream for many. Romney/Ryan have a truthful quality and they have the drive and the love of this country to bring her back to her greatness.

    3. sdfultz says:

      Pick and choose the puppets we want and where we want them, man have we not learned?
      The people of the middle east have finally woke up, so let's let them fight for their freedom and when they release themselves from tyranny, Like the God we love so dearly, we'll be here for them.
      Hey the Brotherhood won in a democratic free election, what else do you want? Putin won in election, what else do you want. Every President deals with the worlds Nations as they see fit, that's what Presidents do!

    4. Allan Jones says:

      where is the united states safer stronger and more respected…..under nobama that has all but disppeared…..he is a lying socialist muslim….

    5. KC-NM says:

      Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Paul Ryan clarified this point last night. A great nation leads (which we are not doing today) and a great nation has military and economic strength (which is being demolished by the Obama administration). It is time for change! Get out and vote and make sure everyone you know votes for Mitt and Paul.

    6. I cannot believe Obama sings the same song over and over again. "My Prayer" is on one side of that old Platters 45 rpm record while the other side contains the song; "The Great Pretender".

    7. jim P. says:

      Amazing we do not learn from history. Bill Clinton did not increase our stature in the world as terrorists still wanted to kill us and Prezbo Barack has done it either. They still want to kill Americans. So much for spending our tax money for a trip to Cairo to get zip out of it. His sanctions on Iran? Where are they? Oh, he said it is only a small country. Our leaders never learn.

    8. Carol, AZ says:

      Yes," Attacking us at home" is the main premise and refusal to admit, we have domestic terrorists within our own country.
      " On Nov 2009, Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan, a radicalized Muslim armed with an FN seven pistol , an a .357 Magnum at Fort Hood, murdered 13 soldiers and injured 30. The kill zone from domestic terrorist further includes: Tucson AZ, Aurora CO, and Oak Creek , WI. A total number, 37 killed, leaving 112 injured.
      These were our fellow Americans who_ served and protected_ others watch a movie_ some came to worship their religion_ Gabby Gifford's was reaching out to her supporters.
      Immediately_ all actions from home-grown nut jobs _were down played by the press.
      The Army was forced to stand down_ over all reporting of Major Hasan's radicalized transformation.
      Our Southern Border is not secured_ and our own Govt is supporting the Muslim Brotherhood.
      Yes, as stated: "flimsy hopes, or "is putting lipstick on the pig."

    9. Kenezen says:

      I fully agree that this President has not been alert or properly positioned with other countries to guard America's interest.

      Has heritage heard that a possibility of Wall St, Banks putting Sovereign Euro CDS positions into Tax Payer covered funds from Normal trading accounts in the high Billions to low trillions??

    10. Jeanne Stotler says:

      " A country is only a stong as it's Army", today we need to say "it's Military". When we weaken our defenses we are more vunerable to those who wish to do us harm, If you see "2016, Obama's america" you will understand what BHO is doing and it's not what we want.

    11. J E Houser says:

      Again, you ask me to use profanity. I do have the solution though I cannot get it implemintied. Have ALL persons at their desks in Washington, then pick up the District of Columbia, move it 300 miles to the east and wash it off.

    12. L.E. Liesner says:

      As a veteran of Korea and Vietnam, I don't listen to anything this fool says. He lies to everybody, why should veterans believe he wouldn't to them too. A smaller military and less nuclear weapons at a time of world wide unrest is one of the most stupid things that can be done if it is merely stupidity. To quote Joe McCarthy "If liberals were merely stupid, the laws of probability would dictate that at least some of their decisions would serve America's interest." I think we can rule out stupidity and substitute it with the word treason.

    13. Church State says:

      How symbolic yet ironic for Mitt Romney to announce his VP choice on the battleship USS Wisconsin. GOP Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney certainly has the comfort of knowing it will not be the children of his fellow church members that will be fighting in any U.S. wars. The State of Utah lawmakers and other LDS/Mormon faithful lawmakers went to Washington in the 70's and made sure federal regulation was passed to exempt their 19-24 year old men and women from serving in the US Military. On any given day The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) – The Mormons has as many 40,000 young men and women missionaries in this age group serving their church worldwide.


      How come nobody remembers OBAMA in college?

    15. voteright2012 says:

      I would call Obama's strategy — "Strategy of a Traitor"

    16. Bobbie says:

      It's hard to accept people so defiant of America's greatness are wrongfully in the house! Everything sounds good coming out of his mouth, nothing adds up. And no one sees the suspicion here? Oh yeah we do. Obama is too insecure and doesn't stand to be a man of his word or a man of integrity or a man who faces truth with due diligence. COVER!

      Looking forward to the change in leadership necessary with those who's convictions respects America(ns.) Lots of strong, prominent voices on that the last two nights!

    17. Amelia Wasiluk says:

      Recently i was reading a story to my first grader on Mexican History. The Moral of the story was that No matter how strong or well trained Physically, technology is still a gift from God to help us protect our rights and lives.

      For example Aztecs and other native American Indians were known for their physical strength and being experienced warriors; however, when confronted by Spaniards with High tech (for their time) weapons, in spite of a much smaller number of soldiers they still won against the Indians who way outnubered the Spaniards and were ferocious in fighting.

      So my point is that it is all over the place proof that we need to invest in technology to protect our kid and nation as a whole.

    18. Bobbie says:

      Conventions are very important to determine the sincere from the insincere, the genuine from the disingenuous! This country needs people experienced in her freedom, dignity and honor to lead her people the same way. In the last two nights sincerity sounded tremendously as it will throughout the Republican convention. The republicans at the convention are true to their word. Their record shows this. Republicans respect humanity. Democrats subjects humanity. That's why WE left the democratic party and fell in love with the strength and encouragement, dignity and integrity of the republican party! Any mistakes they make are caused by the derelict democrats they painstakingly work with. I myself experience working with people who don't work. Republicans have to do it everyday with irresponsible, reckless, incompetent democrat heads of America.

      The American people are coming to throw up the lies they've been fed and the irrationality of their lies. Democrats are only making themselves look worse by the day!

      America needs leadership that works with America and her people, not against her and her people!!!!! Straightforward and honesty is what's expected in America's leadership that this crew can't stand up to.
      Paul Ryan was hysterically truthful last night. When he said “like a ship trying/waiting (can't remember which it was) to sail on yesterday's wind.” True and true analogy!

      American women, put Condeleeza, Nicki, Mia, and Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Waserman Schultz, Maxine Waters side by side and you tell me who promotes the American woman? You tell me out of ALL republican women side by side a democrat, who you want your daughters inspired by? Democrats who say you can't do anything THAT DIDN'T EVEN OCCUR TO YOU or even give a try? Or Republicans who's faith and encouragement knows every American true to themselves can do it with the inspired ambition from those who have done it or are doing it? Come on people. Have some dignity where democrats don't want you to!!!! Free from democrats and personally reliable to self govern.

    19. Javelin47 says:

      All talk & no action? And someone is surprised that this administration would do that? It falls in line with what appears to be a process for dismantling our military and violating the Government's prime directive – provide for the common defense. In general (except for a few foray's in various places), the current administration does not seem to have much interest in that.

    20. Ken Marx says:

      The President has such contempt for the people who put their lives on the line to keep us safe. Today we are NOT safer, stronger and more respected in the world than we were just four short years ago. Sorry Barry, you lose on this one.

    21. PaulE says:

      The over-riding thesis of Obama's defense strategy, if one can call it that, is for the United States to take a purely supportive role in global defense initiatives laid out by organizations such as the United Nations. In essence, his goal is to ensure other, more morally and politically correct organizations, at least in his view of the proper world order, outside the United States would dictate what our defense initiatives should be and how they should be carried in the context of a larger, more internationally based, coalition.

      In such a dramatically different view of United States global defense policy, which is counter to maintaining a strong and vital defense for the United States , both military manpower and equipment would be scaled back substantially over time to ensure we don't provide a disproportionate percentage of either resource in any future engagement. In short, in Obama's view of how our defense policy such be, he would like to further down-size our military to ensure we are no better than any other member of such an international coalition. Given how the other member nations of NATO have hollowed out their military preparedness over the years, to pay for their aggressively expanded social welfare states that are now bankrupt, down-sizing our own military to be on par with our allies would serve only to invite attack from every third world dictator or fanatic out there.

    22. Dr. Henry Sinopoli says:

      At lease Hope is a positive, regardless of its source…With idological organizations so far right or left, our country seems decided on almost every issue. Heritage is a philosophical right-wing company marching just as strong as move on .org moves in the other direction…

      Your rhetoric as well as Obama speak seems very silly at times…

      I have not doubt this will end up in the Heritage…do not let others read basket

    23. Jim Collins says:

      Obama's defense strategy “a strategy of hope" in the face of growing international terrorism reminds me of Neville Chamberlain waving the Munich Agreement to the Britons and claiming that war has been averted. Now is the time for our Churchill to lead!

    24. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      This isn't the first time either. After World War I, we cut the military budget. In 1924, the Air Corps participated in
      a round-the-world race. Why? It was a publicity stunt to get Congress to appropriate more money for it. According to Edwin P. Hoyt's book The Lonely Ships: The Life And Death Of The Asiatic Fleet, whenever Congress wanted to cut money from the Navy's budget, it always cut the fleet train. We did the same thing after
      World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and Desert Storm. After Desert Storm, we eliminated 7th Corps. We're going to do
      the same thing now after Iraq and Afghanistan. BIG MISTAKE!

    25. LDX says:

      More narration on the collapse of America. This isn’t much better than what Prison Planet and Oath Keepers is doing. You’re giving us a play by play narrative of the action. We already understand how repatriation works. The occupying government sets aside the rule of law and assumes leadership, and, well, here it is! So what? Where’s the militia? There isn’t any. Where’s state leadership for militia? Arizona’s the only location in the world that taking on neopolitics at this time, and Arpaio can’t do it alone. Is anyone helping him out? No, but everyone’s got the narrative down pat. You’re information is like the script to a movie. It’s entertainment. The real world went out the window when people stopped educating on the Constitution and Bill of Rights and again when the NRA began promoting gun ownership less concurrent membership in a well regulated militia. This is a cheap movie, but I am sure you will figure out a way to make it entertaining to turn a profit. Hey, MARKETING works, eh? Also, while I'm thinking about it, the [United Nations Programme of Action to Prevent, Combat and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects] is an example of the macabre political science that is ruling the US at this time. On the surface this is a UN Small Arms Program of Action which is going to disarm the US all the while increasing occult rendition of young women to resource ritual human sacrifice. It's an application of their Amen-Ra Toth paradigm, and as usual people don't have a clue what's coming at them, you included, Amy. ‘NEATH THE SURFACE it's petticoat government legislation directed at empowering grifters to kidnap young women for use in BDSM/pedophilia ritual sacrifice for entertainment. You didn't know TH-AT, did ya? No, because you're just a ha-ha-happy journalist that's making buck narrating play by play action on repatriation! Censor me, momma! Reality just isn't happening in the land of Oz in these latter days.

    26. tpaige says:

      Would it be cheaper and would we greatly enhance our security if we stopped meddling in other country's affairs? The Constitution does not charge These United States to save the world, force changing regimes or build nations let alone spread democracy which is mob rule. I'm not against a strong nation, there is nothing like a strong military to help defend a country but why are we expected to have a lower standard of living on order to be where we are not supposed to be?

    27. JohnL2 says:

      "Speak softly but carry a big stick!" These words of Teddy Roosevelt were profound then, but far more profound today! The United States of America MUST keep a military that no country in the world would dare to challenge! Some other countries seem to hate America and many love us, but ALL MUST respect us! In the world we all live in currently, we MUST maintain and encourage love of the United States, but more, we must command respect!

    28. JohnInFlorida says:

      Politicians who send U.S. troops into combat equipped as described in the first video should be stood up in front of a firing squad. Disgraceful!

    29. will says:

      The numbers on Obamacare have changed drastically since the president's constant promise during the vote-arm-twisting "The Affordable Care Act will not add one dime to the deficit." And we now have an additional "tax" (to make the Act constitutional) in violation of another promise. CLASS is kaput, and revenue from it put the ACA barely in the black in the original CBO numbers. Please get some new numbers, and then let's flood the airwaves with BO saying "I won't sign this Act if it adds one dime to the deficit."

    30. Kent Hatcher says:

      Having lived in Germany for 14 years and having contact with the laison officer over there I can assure you that there is no respect for Obama's policies. In fact there is great fear that we being a part of NATO would not not be there if they were attacked. This was true of the last two democratic presidents.

    31. Mike says:

      I am not convinced that obama has our country's best interests at heart. his dad was very anti-American and so was his pastor.

    32. Hank Stamper says:

      Reading these posts is like a joke.
      The country is in a lot better shape than when the last President was in office. At least this President kept hunting Osama bin Laden to the end. As for reducing the military it swelled to the largest it has been in a long time due to two wars. What President would embroil the US in two wars splitting our strength? Well we know that answer. On the economic front the last President wanted to dole out money to the banks to keep them afloat. Why? When congress had a chance to "wind" down banks that failed, the Republicans blocked passage of the bill. So know when the next bank crisis comes to fruition, which it will, the country again will be in an absurd position while we hear the same stupid mantra, "to big to fail".

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