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  • China "Owns" the U.S.: Fact or Fiction?

    There is a common misconception that China “owns” the U.S by holding the majority of U.S. federal debt. Contrary to this belief, as a region, Asia owns only 20 percent of U.S. federal debt, with China holding less than 10 percent ($1.3 trillion) and Japan owning approximately 6 percent ($882 billion).

    American citizens and now, unfortunately, the Federal Reserve are the primary holders of U.S. federal debt. The U.S. urgently needs to get its fiscal house in order. It has too much debt, period. The relatively minor share of it owned by China is not the problem.

    The 2012 version of Key Asian Indicators: A Book of Charts is now available at heritage.org. Follow the link to access this helpful resource and get information on everything Asia—trends on political/security issues, data on Asia’s fastest growing economies, Asia’s top investors in the U.S. economy, and the real numbers on who owns the most U.S. Federal debt.

    Asia is home to more than half the world’s population. Freedom and tyranny live side by side, as do economic opportunity and poverty. East and South Asia have some of the best places in the world to do business, but they also have some of the worst. Asia is home to some of the most unstable, dangerous nations in the world, and it is home to some of the most steady and reliable. It is also home to the only country in the world capable of emerging as a peer competitor for global American influence – the People’s Republic of China. Every year, The Heritage Foundation releases the chart book, illustrating the dynamism of the region.

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    9 Responses to China "Owns" the U.S.: Fact or Fiction?

    1. J Harman says:

      That's interesting. I strongly believe that on every Monday morning Tim Geitner speed dials the Chinese finance minister and ask if they will buy more debt. I wonder what he offers as collateral? The federal parks in the West, the mineral rights, the oil rights, the lumber value how about the "key" to the front door.

      Do we really need the Chinese as trading partners? What about modern day "sweat shops"?
      Organized slavery under the g

      • cantrell n cordova says:

        well actually i go to Polly high and are perfeser says we all ready gave them the key now we just git to live here

    2. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      It's a fact.

    3. ATB2 says:

      The question isn't who holds the largest share of US debt, it's who holds enough to crash the bond market and blow up the debt bubble that sustains the US government and in so doing wreck the US economy? And who might have motive to wield this power as an implied threat to its own advantage? Much like possessing a nuclear strike capability, the weapon doesn't have to be used to be effective in international relations.

    4. 0_Henry says:

      I wonder if I can convince the IRS to let me pay my share of the National Debt by taking money out of my shirt pocket and putting it in my pants pocket. It this any different than the Federal Reserve Bank of the USA buying USA Treasury Instruments & Securities and then telling the world the T-bills, T-bonds etc. were actually "sold?"

    5. Stirling says:

      The Chineese have been reducing their exposure to our debt since this administration has been devauing our dollar.. They aren't stupid as our Laughable Kennsian Economics administration has been. We are printing most of the debt recently since other countries have stoped buying our worthless debt.

    6. Vytautas Kerbelis says:

      investigate black budget global and its a multi trillion economy why not expose it all could pay up debt and give people jobs

    7. Norman Linnell says:

      Now show me the amount of foreign aid we are sending to each of the countries that hold our debt .

    8. Renaus says:

      I think it's a problem that China, a dictatorial communistic government, owns more than the rest of Asia at 47%+. That is too much power in the hands of one nation that can be used against the U.S. What if the one nation decided to dump all their holdings on the open market? Inevitably it could bring the U.S. and our government to it's knees. Shows how short sighted our federal government is and how our government is not providing stewardship of our nation. Like Romney said, the government is our employees. Time to get rid of the present Administration and bring in new blood that can live within it's means.

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