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  • Downsizing America: The Obama Doctrine in Action

    A poorer, smaller, humbler, less influential America—that is Barack Obama’s vision for America as presented by Dinesh D’Souza, who spoke at The Heritage Foundation last Tuesday about his new book on this country’s 44th President, Obama’s America: Unmaking the American Dream.

    The book’s incisive analysis arrives at many conclusions similar to those of The Heritage Foundation’s papers on the Obama Doctrine.

    Many of Obama’s actions and policies can seem incomprehensible coming from the leader of the most powerful nation in the world. They are therefore often attributed to bungling and ineptitude. However, according to D’Souza, this is a President who did not seek the highest office in the land to preserve American greatness and leadership. Instead, Obama’s core motivating philosophy is deeply rooted anti-colonialism.

    D’Souza sees the President as successfully pursuing a vision concealed by political rhetoric from most Americans who voted for Obama. From Obama’s perspective, says D’Souza, America is too rich, consumes too many of the world’s resources, is militarily too strong, and has to be reduced to its proper place among the eight or so major nations of the world. “He wants…an America in decline so that other nations might rise.”

    In domestic terms, this explains why the President doesn’t even break a sweat as the national debt skyrockets by the trillions. If this crushing debt burden causes national decline, he is all for it. In foreign policy terms, such an analysis explains questions such as:

    • Why does Obama frequently seem to side with America’s rivals as opposed to its allies? A striking example is the Obama Administration’s decision to cancel the missile defense deal struck with Poland by the Bush Administration. Meanwhile, the President was caught on camera telling Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that he would have “more flexibility” after the November election. Another is the Administration’s backing of Argentina in its dispute with Britain over the Falkland Islands, a 180-degree reversal of standing U.S. policy. Dictators in the Middle East have been toppled, but enemies like Iran and Syria receive hands-off treatment.
    • Why does the Administration seek to eviscerate the U.S. nuclear arsenal while other nations are either failing to reduce theirs or actively building them? The President sees our nuclear arsenal as the biggest global threat—not Russia’s, North Korea’s, or Iran’s. The President’s Nuclear Security Summit in 2010 was a gathering of only U.S. allies—Iran and North Korea weren’t even invited.

    As described by Heritage Foundation scholars and others, the Obama Doctrine grows naturally from this anti-colonial worldview. Its tenets include a more humble engagement with the world and more reliance on treaties and international organizations to deal with global crises and threats to our security. It emphasizes “soft power” instruments such as international aid over military power, and it aims for a more restrained international role for the U.S.

    The problem is that the Obama Doctrine does not have its roots in the real world, which certainly will not be a safer place as a result of downsizing American power. The period of American pre-eminence is one of the most stable and certainly most prosperous the world has known. This country is exceptional, its alliances are worth preserving, and its moral stance against international aggression and oppression has to remain a beacon to the world.

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    36 Responses to Downsizing America: The Obama Doctrine in Action

    1. Gsvensson says:

      Sad state for America we need to remove him from office….

    2. audiblearchitect says:

      I was actually interested in reading Mr D'Souza's book for a rationalization of his take on Obama's philosophy. Looking him up on Amazon, I found that Mr D'Souza is also the author of "Life After Death: The Evidence", as well as "Godforsaken: Bad Things Happen. Is there a God who cares? Yes. Here's proof." Not a compelling track record, in my view, to take an author and his method of rationalization seriously.

    3. david says:

      Is there also an influence to make white america pay for the injustices of the past to black america? would like to see more conversation on that question

    4. Bion says:

      I feel like it's a very poor argument to act like Obama is intentionally damaging america. You'd be better off attacking his competence rather than insinuating some hidden agenda, because as much as some folks hate Obama, he clearly doesn't hate/isn't intentionally sabotaging the USA. Acting like he's trying to hurt the country just makes you look silly IMO…especially considering his campaign against al qaeda which has proven far more aggressive/effective than Bush's invasions.

      Just wish this was a bit more objective.

      • G-Man says:

        It's not a hidden agenda!! O comes right out and says what he's going to do. He's following the Alinsky playbook page by page. Use his won words – He loves this country but he wants to FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE it. His words. If he really loves this country why the need to radically change it?
        But he's safe in that the main stream media is in his pocket and won't ask the hard questions, and demonize those that do as racial haters. Puleeze…

        • Helle Dale helledale says:

          Exactly! the president is not hiding his agenda in the least. It is just that we find it so difficult to believe it at face value.

      • alanstorm says:

        "…he clearly doesn't hate/isn't intentionally sabotaging the USA."

        Evidence for this view? Mr. D'Souza has a more cogent take on this, given Obama's lifelong immersion in far-left political thought. The far-left DOES see the US as the enemy.

      • Todd says:

        Wow! Talk about drinking the Kool Aid.

      • Jeff says:

        I think Obama presents a weak image of America. I wholeheartedly believe that the National Security Leaks were intentional and sanctioned by him to bolster his image as "Commander in Chief". Matters of such seriousness should otherwise have evoked outrage from the Oval Office and demanded heads roll. It's not, "acting like he's trying to hurt the Country". His policies have hurt the Country. There has Never been so many scandals associated with a Presidency. Beginning with Rod Blagoivich and Rahm Emanuel negotiating to sell Obama's Senate seat, buying votes to pass Obamacare, Fast and Furious and cover-up with Holder, money to donar buddies and their now failed companies, non prosicution of Jon Corzine and the missing Billions from MF Global…it goes on and on. And as far as Al Qaeda is concerned, Bush set the table for that. Obama had 3 other chances to take him out and didn't. Why? Then, to take the credit like he did was pathetic. He's weak, insecure, incompetent and dangerous.

      • Mike says:

        "He clearly doesn't hate/isn't intentionally sabotaging the USA." Dead wrong. Either Obama is the stupidest Harvard grad in the history of education, or this man loathes what this country stands for and is actively participating in its decline. No one, regardless their educaiton, could be wrong on 'every' economic recovery decision, but Obama has. Obama most assuredly has a hidden agenda he is unwilling to share with the public. Hopefully history will record Obama for exactly what he is…the worst president in American history.

      • Roger King says:

        You might want to take a look at the 2016 movie. Obama is fighting Al Qaeda but is actively removing himself from both Afghanistan and Iraq. Obama is pro Palestine but not a fan of Israel….etc…etc. Why would he stop our oil drilling but give grants to 3 Latin American countries for oil drilling. He tries to halt our nuclear energy generation but give a big grant to an Arab country for Nuclear Energy. See the movie and you will be hard pressed to no see this logic.

    5. It's amazing with all the information coming out that people still blindly support a man who's goal is to take down our country

    6. DaveW says:

      President Obama is very strong on fighting terrorism and tracking down some of these dangerous people, which does make us safer in that one venue. But then he turns around and promotes a radical agenda of disarming us of our convential and nuclear weapons in the face of enemies like China and Russia. The only place the budget is cut is in defense. Once we get to a certain point in our strength – we will be impotent. While we may (or may not) be directly attacked.. the rest of the world will be at the mercy of giant, unfriendly, greedy nations that will rob them of our freedom. Once American power is gone, freedom will follow for the world. We are the 'good guys'…

      • Bobbie says:

        that's what I mean. How can he be strong on fighting terrorism when he makes America vulnerable to it? Eyes and ears are misled and/or deceived with all matters out of ones own control…

      • meh says:

        Enemies like Russia and China? Does 'enemies' mean 'allies' in this particular bizarro universe you inhabit?

        My lord, you Heritage people put the palm in facepalm.

        How deep do these conspiracies go? Take down our country? Make 'white America' pay '? 'Anti-colonialism'? Yarns from a simpleton author better suited to crackpot supernatural prattlings? Man alive.


        • Bobbie says:

          only taking public words spoken by government officials for what they say and you're deaf to it? Not American, are you?

      • William Lee says:

        The only strength that Obama has demonstrated is being so indecisive that he allowed the strongly anti-terrorist policies and iniatives instituted by President bush to come to fruition.
        Have we forgotten that Obama waffled for months and months until the opportunity to act in Egypt,Syria, somolia,libya, and Iran, had passed. He hesitated, and in fact, continues, to do nothing while Christians, and other innocents is dictatorships across the globe are slaughtered without even moral support from Americal

    7. Bobbie says:

      I do find the silence of the quick to judge democrats and the President himself, awfully concerning…

      Thank you to Mr. D' Souza and all for bringing these dark matters into the light…

    8. Its plan an simple we can either give a man a second term who is not for American Exceptionalism or vote for one I'm Gov. Romney who does and wants to see America prosper.

    9. Ginger says:

      You cannot make an opinion until you see 2016 Obama's America which is an excellent documentary on Pres. Obama by following his own words and book he wrote "Dreams from My Father" do not offer comments until you see it. If you choose not to go to the movies to see it, wait until October when it comes out on DVD, then make all the pro and con comments you wish.

    10. cecelia says:

      I found the documentary 2016 to be thought provoking as it as a detailed a direct construction of life experiences,mentors, teachers,that influnced the formative and educational arc of "the sum of parts" similarities between the two, the divirgence arrives in the the core belief of the author and myself that we face a critical choice this election cycle the choice of freedom and democracy,inovative meritocracy as we have always understood it or something that resembles a society of predetermined outcomes of collectivism

    11. Sebastian says:

      All Americans must see, before November, The Movie 2016 Obamas America. It explains it all. Just saw it this afternoon. It is NOT a knock on Obama. I knew many of the things in this film but when all the pieces are put together as a complete story in this documentary, it will scare the living heck out of you.

    12. Carol, AZ says:

      Helle ,

      Thank you for this article and backing up, what is known as : The "Obama Doctrine."
      Regardless of how anyone here interpret this article , they must see, 2016, that has opened across America.

    13. Its plain and simple we can either give a man a second term who is not for American Exceptionalism or vote for one in Gov. Romney who does, and is not ashamed about being the best.

    14. R Holland says:

      Obama and the Democrats are combining the poor and middle class to form the "dependent" class. Dependent on the handouts from a big government. Now that 47% pay no income tax they can vote themselves more and more from a bigger government.

    15. Jack says:

      When I first saw Obama emerge as a contender in 2008 it was like looking at a picture where all the angles were wrong. I called it then and in this case I hate to be right now. Voters went into a swoon with this wolf in sheepskin clothing.

      Who would enact major new entitlement programs and run up 5 trillion in debt and counting? Answer a man who hates the United States of America and is using debt as a WMD. This man must be voted out in November. This is what happens when people vote emotionally instead of with logic , you installed a monster in the presidency. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

      I am not sure who is worse, Obama or his Democrat enablers who will sacrifice the country in order to stay in power. I guess it does not matter to them what the resultant dogpile looks like as long as they can stay on top.

      • John r says:

        I grew up in the ghetto and I am well aware of the nature of con men. From day one I recognized Obama as a charlatan. I never understood then why those around me could not see what was so obvious to me: that this man was a first-class phony. Sad to say that he's turned out much worse than I ever imagined.

    16. Helle Dale Helle says:

      The case for an Obama doctrine that leads to the downsizing of American influence in the world is very strong. As referenced in my blog, the Heritage Foundation has on several occasions analyzed the president's policies from the perspective of a coherent and deliberate world view and arrived at much the same conclusions as D'Souza. It is not an usual position for the American left. nor for those abroad who view American power as a threat. What is unusual is to have an American president who shares this perspective as fully as Obama clearly does.

    17. William Lee says:

      As the storm Isaac approaches the Gulf coast, the "annointed one" will address America. He will raise his hand and order the winds and seas to become calm, and when it doesn't happen he will blame The Weather Channel, Jim Cantore, and NOAA. He will propose a dramatic new " non-producer stabilization program" with a mere 800 BILLION dollar price tag, that will that will compensate anyone who can prove that they have NEVER been productive in any way except progeny, and have been disappointed by the failure if his "pronouncement"He will "GUARANTEE" that if given a second term, there will never be another destructive hurricane in the Gulf.

    18. jeff says:

      4 years ago Barack Obama sucked us all in with feel good retoric. I couldn't see how someone with so little experience, a community organizer with 2 years in the Senate, could qualify to be the Commander in Chief. But, he said all the right things. He said what everyone wanted to hear…"Not Blue states and Red states but, the United States". He said he'd, "Cut the deficit in half" in his first 4 years and reduce unemployment to 5.3%. He promised bi-partisin politics, and unity….Not since the Civil War has the Country been more divided. And, he doesn't see it. Boarder States being sued for trying to protect their citizens and requiring ID to vote? Blanked amnesty for a million illegals? Stealing 700 Billion from Medicare to pay for Obamacare that the majority of the Country is opposed to. How about stealing 500 billion from the Post Office? I don't want to pay for someone elses birth control. I don't want to pay for someones abortion. I don't want to pay for someone elses health insurance. I don't want to pay for the birth of another illegal baby. I don't want an electric car.

    19. gayle says:

      Compelling book………..thought provoking movie. Can't wait to vote in November.

    20. Roger King says:

      Saw the 2016 movie and much of what Obama has done now makes much more sense. Well worth everyone watching. There have been Democratic presidents I didn't agree with but not as destructive as Obama. That combined with a complicit media and I honestly believe this country will never be the same if Obama wins another 4 years. By that I mean people of all persuasions will be living in a quickly declining country that will never come back to it's former glory.

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