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  • Family Fact of the Week: Back to School Prep Is a Lifelong Project

    It’s back-to-school time, and parents are scurrying to equip their children for success. But children’s school preparation should begin much earlier than August. As numerous studies show, it should start during a child’s toddler years.

    Parents’ involvement with their children (both academically and otherwise) from their earliest years in life has been linked to their cognitive development and future academic success and educational achievement. (continued below video)

    For example, on average, preschoolers whose parents frequently read to them score significantly higher on cognitive development, and those whose parents provide cognitive stimulation tend to have higher IQs and greater academic success. For children of all races and ethnicities, parental involvement is associated with greater academic achievement.

    The impact of parental involvement has long-term consequences. Adolescents whose fathers are more involved during their childhood tend to attain higher levels of education as young adults, and those who have positive relationships with their mothers in kindergarten are more likely to excel in middle school.

    Likewise, those whose parents are highly involved in their education during elementary school are, on average, more likely to graduate from high school. Parental engagement in children’s academic and leisure activities alike is linked to higher academic achievement and better grades.

    In the arena of social development and behavior—which can also impact children’s prospects for success in school—parents again make a difference. Children who have positive relationships with their mothers in kindergarten are less likely to exhibit behavioral problems and more likely to achieve academically in middle school. Youths whose parents are present in the home at transitional times in their daily life (for example, when they wake up, come home from school, and go to bed) are less likely to experience emotional distress, and those with responsive and involved parents tend to have higher self-esteem.

    Given that children’s success in school has significant impact on their future endeavors, policies should be designed to optimize parents’ involvement in their children’s education. School choice would empower parents to be the decision-makers in their children’s education, moving parents “from the margins to the center for their child’s academic development,” as one report puts it.

    Many states around the nation have taken important steps to boost school choice opportunities. As more states implement such reforms, families will have greater opportunity to choose the best educational options to meet their children’s needs.

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    One Response to Family Fact of the Week: Back to School Prep Is a Lifelong Project

    1. Bobbie says:

      Parental assessment on public education from personal experience as a parent. Public school is conflicting to the family upbringing. What's not accepted at home isn't even reported when nonacceptance happens at school as accepted and soon the child is defiant to parental upbringing.

      Public schools have pressures from peers, administrations and government authority, home has parents. Today parents who home school are priceless as teachers/educators. Parents are efficient, effective and educational. They care about the intelligence of their children not how tax payers will provide vacations, pensions and health care and call it "for the kids." How disturbing…

      It's a great needless battle imposed by the incompetence of public schools, educating as priority "speculation" pertaining to "social" engineering that wastes precious time narrowing the mind, (anything "social" is sincere when learned throughout life's experience uninfluenced by government control.)

      True education is teaching basic fundamentals that opens the mind to think for itself. We continue to reeducate our children. Our children have caught on to truth and target and think for themselves.

      For our family, public government run education has been more trouble than worth at outrageous costs with special interests and hidden agendas priced and attached. Public tax funded schools should have the same standards so there isn't a need to make a choice but to extra curriculum. Because there is contempt from outside government authority in control who are the influences of bully behavior, we're forced to choose? Parents are the life line of their children! Teach your children well and only time will tell…

      We need America back!!

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