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  • New Mexico Photographer’s Religious Freedom Case Goes to State Supreme Court

    The New Mexico Supreme Court recently announced that it will consider the case of a Christian photographer who objected for religious reasons to photographing a same-sex commitment ceremony.

    The photographer, Elaine Huguenin, says she refused to photograph the ceremony because the message it communicated was in conflict with her religious beliefs.

    Because of her refusal, Huguenin’s business was hauled before the state human rights commission, found guilty of discrimination, and forced to pay nearly $7,000 in attorneys’ fees to the complainant.

    The case is just one illustration of how individuals and institutions with traditional beliefs about marriage, family, and sexuality face significant threats to their religious and moral conscience. Other examples include:

    • The chicken restaurant Chick-fil-A has been targeted by various public officials because the company’s owner voiced support for marriage as one man and one woman.
    • Several Christian charities have been forced to stop providing foster care and adoption services because they cannot in good conscience comply with laws that would require them to violate beliefs about marriage and family.
    • Boy Scouts of America has lost equal access to public facilities and programs because of its position on open homosexuality.
    • A graduate student claims that she was expelled from a public university counseling program after she conscientiously objected to counseling a potential client seeking assistance regarding a homosexual relationship.
    • A Christian organization at a public university was denied official recognition because it required officers and voting members to adhere to traditional Christian teachings, including a prohibition on extramarital sex.

    This is not “live and let live.” This is the state—and sometimes private citizens and the culture at large—punishing people who refuse to recant their beliefs regarding marriage, family, and sexuality.

    The better approach is to respect and protect freedom of religious and moral conscience. It is an effective and principled way to promote social peace and civic fraternity in an increasingly pluralistic society.

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    10 Responses to New Mexico Photographer’s Religious Freedom Case Goes to State Supreme Court

    1. KJinAZ says:

      What this case shows is that it's time to go to war with our government. The total failure of our court system to protect the rights of individuals is gone. We must fight back to stop this madness. As a business owner you have the right to decline service to ANY person you wish, and for any reason. There is NO law that says otherwise. This judge should be recalled, and every decision he made should be throw out, as it is clear he does not understand the law.

    2. Bobbie says:

      How unfortunate some Americans have become by choice. It's the photographer's loss but lets drag her to court instead of giving our business to one who wants the job. Just despicable, desperate and disingenuous people lowering themselves for government attention because the once great American tolerance
      has been lowered to sue on behalf of personal petty intolerances that go out of their way to find them!
      What happened to cases based on personal/collective intolerances automatically thrown?

    3. T B Independent says:

      But wait! I have been told, there is no war on religion. Double standard?… Maybe. Yes! war on religion na..

    4. Maureen says:

      This is it, folks- stand up for your rights, or lose them. Jesus told us a long time ago that if we follow him, the world will hate us. It is showing that hate now. We cannot back down. So many people in so many different cultures have gone through this, I guess it is our turn now. So do not despair- stand strong, and pray to the One who knows exactly what we are going through. Our freedoms of life , liberty, and religion are worth fighting for.

      • G.Heart says:

        John8:7 If any one of you is without sin,let him be the first to throw a stone at her.

        1John3:13-15 Do not be surpised my brothers, if the world hates you.We know that we have passed from death to life,because we love our brothers.Anyone who does not love remains in death.Anyone who hates his brothers is also a murderer,and you know that no murderer has eternal life in him.(NIV)-GOD IS LOVE-John1:1-The word is God,the word was God,and the word will always be God.Perhaps if others focused a little more on love and understanding,and a little less on selfishness,the world would seem a bit more bearable.

    5. Diane says:

      Freedom of speech and freedom OF religion applies to all citizens, Christians included. Even the Supreme Court should be able to understand this.

    6. Mickie says:

      This is despicable, I am 73 years old, have been a christian my whole life and never thought in my life time I would have to defend my religeon in the United States of America. More and more I think of Soddam and Gomarra. GOD IN HEAVEN HELP US ALL.

    7. FreeFromGov't. says:

      Religious freedom has been under attack for quite some time. It has grown more intense with the Obama
      Administration now leading the charge. Yes, the President of the United States is now decidiing which freedoms he will support and which he will attempt to crush. Is yours next?

    8. Devan says:

      What happened to the 1st amendment to the Constitution in this country? Does it only apply to those that are politicly correct?
      If it is ok to prosecute someone for their religious beliefs then what is to stop the government prosecutor from coming after you?
      Only the rule of law, the same rule of law so blatantly ignored by the current group of appointed government prosecutors.
      Some in today's political spectrum have chosen that fair and equal protection under the law should only apply if you agree with their "political correct" agenda. It should apply the same to every American citizen regardless of political affiliation.
      I wonder how many citizens out there no longer believe they enjoy "equal protection under the law"?
      I also wonder how many citizens are sick an tired of of those that seek to circumvent the U.S. Consitution and the rule of law for their own power to pick winners and losers to keep themselves in positions of power in the future?
      I guess we'll find out come November 7th.

    9. Jax in Texas says:

      As a Christian I cannot word my response to this issue properly. Suffice it to say I haved quietly sinned in my heart. Look upon what one Judge says about November 7th……

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