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  • Obamacare's 18 New Tax Hikes

    Not only did the President and his partners in Congress take $716 billion out of Medicare to pay for Obamacare, but they also raise taxes by $836.3 billion to pay for it, with $36.3 billion hitting Americans in 2013 alone. Here’s the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and Joint Committee on Taxation‘s (JCT) updated cost of the Obamacare tax hikes and penalties.

    To read about more of Obamacare’s negative effects, click here.


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    73 Responses to Obamacare's 18 New Tax Hikes

    1. Stirling says:

      The "Myth" of any raising taxes is that it raises the "estimated" ammount.. Obamacare will not raise anywhere close to what it Claims will be raised. What will happen is that those inteligent people will find ways to limit there exposure to it. In essence Obamacare is more "Class Warfare." defined as a "TAX." by the SCOTUS.

      • AnInquirer says:

        Right you are. The last time I looked (about 10 months ago), the tax on tanning services was running at only 25% of projected amounts. I wonder if there is an update recently?

      • Ian Ronin says:

        We are being diverted off into the weeds of taxes and loosing focus of the REAL reason for this Bill in the first place. Go to WhammIsRight.Blogspot.com and read "The Real Purpose of the Healthcare Bill".

    2. Why did they name this the Affordable Care Act? Obamacare is so much more appropriate.

      • FlameCCT says:

        Standard progressive practice of deflection. Name legislation with the opposite of its intended affect.

        ACA = Not Affordable Care Act.
        ObamaCare = Obama Doesn't Care

      • Dan says:

        Really it should be named after the person who created the original, RomneyCare

    3. Bobbie says:

      Obviously Obamacare isn't in best regard of the people. Nobody talks about the actual health care AT ALL! How does the Obama administration come up with exact amounts out of the clear blue and say it's from medicares' fraud and waste the Obama's are going to put into obamacare? Where's the evidence and what did they do to correct the problem? Where is accountability and why aren't the accountable held to jail and financial costs to pay back what their fraud and waste cost America and the services compromised and less provided? The federal government is overstepping their bounds, they prove worthless and more burdensome with outrageous, irrational costs, which proves no reason to trust. Please repeal Obamacare based on everything about it!!!!!

      • Bob says:

        Obama just makes up numbers, like reaching behind and coming up with something. His lies combined with good looks fool only the morons that depend on him for future support.

    4. Bobbie says:

      mediscare, medafraid all wrapped up in government run social insecurity! Ready to take on the full irresponsibilities of the ready for crisis, obama takeover. and we're suppose to be how dumb?

    5. joe says:

      Im not exactly sure how you consider it a class hike. Yes "Intelligent" people will try to avoid, however, there is only so many ways around a circle. The hike are totally insatiable and unnessasary. To tax an individual on whether they want to purchase benefits or limit how much one puts away for use one FDA's or limit how much can be used on supplies.

    6. Harold says:

      Taxes on the wealthy, insurance and pharmaceutical companies, and employers who don't provide benefits. Doesn't sound negative to me.

      • R. A. Mc. says:

        Harold, are you really that close and narrow minded? It is the final customer for whatever product or service that foots the bill be it either the gas for your car,the electricity to charge it, your food, the road you drive on, the school your childern attend, the teachers salary for that matter the POTUS' salary and that of all his cronies/phonies & "czars". Taxing the rich just means they either spend less and hide it better, taxing the employers means they hire less and reduce wages, your insurance policy(if you can keep it) cost more and so will your meds.
        Open your eyes man, become better informed and THINK for yourself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Government is the problem and not the answer.

      • KEVIN says:

        Taxes on EVERYONE!! You are clearly not paying attention to the facts. Largest TAX increase in U.S. History. ON EVERYONE!!

      • Stirling says:

        Your Argogance to where government run healthcare leads is appauling harold. When IPAB decides that you have outlived your "usefulness" and turns your claim for a needed operation down, then don't say you were not warned.. Really, you lemings are clueless.

      • Bobbie says:

        Why do you look for reasons to tax? Especially your target on the freedom of people who earned their way to make it rich? Where is the limit? Where are the boundaries? Why are minds so narrow not to think beyond taxing the rich when you can work for what you want without infringing on anyone?

        Why don't you find your reason to take care of your own. Once that target of taxing the rich is hit, it'll only trickle down. Taxing all areas you mention is an illusion as those areas charge more to the consumer to offset the government's corrupt taxes. You can't spread wealth. You can only unfairly take from those who earn their wealth directly eliminating the opportunity for anymore to gain wealth. We'll all be living in the new housing communes they're building while we're governed by 3rd world mentality.

        Commercials show government focus on the elderly they diagnose with Alzheimer and all people diagnosed with autism set up in their own little neighborhood communities with no reason to take part in society. Making sure their minds won't be challenged to normalcy.

        How about letting me take care of my own and you find your own personal resources to take care of your own? This is America unruled by government forces and in today's world of incivility and uncivil governance in America never before seen, we're faced to fight for the America land of the free from government authority and home of the brave that fought for our freedom from government authority. Not sure what they're trained to fight for today?

      • Greg says:

        That's because you aren 't in those groups. They'll come for you someday and then you will care. And especially when you get your care rationed!! Because that is in there too!

      • AnInquirer says:

        I see your position dominated by self-focused, short-sightedness, and envy. If insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies pay more taxes, the cost to everyone goes up –particularly the poor and middle class. Increasing taxes on the wealthy will cause them to adjust their financial positions, leading to less tax collection, less job growth, and distortion of capital allocation. Also several of these taxes will placed on middle and lower income families. We have already seen companies toss out plans for expansion and employment boots from these taxes. Plus, a health-conscious self-employed person should not be forced to buy insurance that has all the spurious government mandated coverages. That is an attack on liberty and full of moral-hazard problems.

      • Paul McFadden says:

        Harold, the insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies, the wealthy and the employers are all going to pass their expenses on to us. It will cost more for insurance, more for pharmaceuticals, employers will raise the deductions out of our pay and the wealthy who run companies or whatever business that made them wealthy will continue to make up for their losses by raising the costs. It is like throwing a rock into the lake, the impact waves move out in many circles effecting everyone. So anytime someone makes a statement that the wealthy can pay more, all they are saying is we are going to pay more for the services they provide. We are not punishing them at all, we punish ourselves.

        • AZ Border Dude says:

          It's called the ripple effect. It is economically impossible to raise a cost (whatever it may be) and not have an effect all down the financial chain associated with the final cost to the consumer.

      • Justme says:

        and just WHO do you think will pay those hikes?
        It's just plain ignorant to think that they won't be passing those right along to YOU!
        Unless of course you are one of the "moochers" to begin with!

      • FlameCCT says:

        Taxes on the insurance and pharmaceutical companies that are passed to the consumer.
        Taxes on the employers who don't provide benefits which is more cost effective for the employer.
        Taxes on the employers who do provide benefits which means the employer reduces the wages paid.
        Taxes on the disabled for their medical devices.

        BTW, only 10 Million will be added or pay the penalty from the health insurance roles thereby leaving another 30 Million people without coverage.

      • USAforever100 says:

        "Benefits" — What a company offers (voluntarily) to try to woo good employees. It should NEVER be a mandate that an employer is responsible for their employees. Individual in a society should be responsible for themselves. That is the core of all our problems. People do not take responsibility for themselves. For instance: Two people have sex, which I did not partake and was not in on the decision to have the sex, spit out a baby….. and low and behold, I have to help take care of it. They should be make to take responsibility and pay the price. And you should take responsibility for yourself and give up the Cable TV, the iPHone, the expensive cloths, the gold tooth, etc and provide your own medical insurance.

        • jill says:

          Amen! You nailed it. Such a relief to hear people who agree. It's absurd how many people don't get it.

      • Marcus Aurelius says:


        When was the last time you received a job from a poor man, Harold? I can’t help but to think how naive and ignorant you are to think that the government serves your best interest and that they are genuinely the champions of truth and justice, when to the contrary they oppress you and keep you from making any choice but their own. Nothing is free, Harold. What you fail to understand and will see soon enough is that so called ‘free’ healthcare and those tax increases on the rich will be passed onto you and only you, not the government. You can’t help it. You were schooled and conditioned to think that way. For you there is no reason or a ponderous way to talk sense into you. Keep putting those square pegs in round holes, you will get it one day.

    7. Susan McHugh says:

      Is there a 'real estate transaction tax'? Or is that considered part of the investment income if there is a profit in the sale?

      • According to the NAR and NYSAR sites this tax would be levied against
        ANY home sale, not just second homes!If that idiot gets reelected we
        wont be selling ANY
        homes! He has forestalled thousands of foreclosures until after the
        election. Eventually they have to hit the market, or as some of the
        banks have opted to do,stop paying the taxes and force the
        munincipalities to take them for back taxes. Very scary stuff…

    8. Milton Thrasher says:

      Lier in chief can't stop living!

    9. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Let's be very clear (to quote many politicians). "Obama's partners in Congress" were all Democrats, every one of them. By leaving that point out the author is again giving the real culprits of ObamaCare a pass by lumping them in with everyone else. It is the Democrats, under the leadership of Obama, that stole $716 billions from Medicare. It is Democrats that will levee 18 new taxes on the American people. It is the Democrats that will allow our healthcare system to become a socialist dream. It it vital that in November all voters must remember that it was a Democrat that told us we must pass the bill to find out what's in it.

      • tiba says:

        I already know the answer but lets really try and make this a real conversation. The statements made "stealing $716 Billion from medicare" and "put into Obamacare" is an Oxymoron of sorts. The Pentagon also "Stole" 33 Billion from the US Navy and placed it into the USMC. Ahhh see I'm so sure another word would fit there immensely better, yet I just can't seem to appropriate the right one.

        • FlameCCT says:

          Are you really that ignorant?
          First, Medicare has been paid into by the recipients through a separate deduction under different legislation.
          Second, ObamaCare has raided the funds from Medicare to the tune of ~$716 Billion when Medicare has funding issues itself thanks to past Congresses raiding it every year.
          Third, the USMC is a department of the US Navy.
          Finally, the real oxymoron is calling it the Affordable Care Act.

        • Stirling says:

          Taking the financial promise of one government program (medicare – accountable to congress), and moving it into Obamacare (which runs the Authority of it thru IPAB & non elected officals) is not the same as the Pentagon and Navy (which are both accountable to congress) Your mistake is to assume the accountablity is the same on both programs, but they are not. The $716 Billion weakens medicare financially, which is why Obama said it would take 5-10 years to get "Single payer", since they have to dismantle the existing medicare and healthcare system to achive their goal.

        • You forget the Marine Corp and Navy work hand in had together, always has been since Tripoli.

        • Lloyd Scallan says:

          We have a outright communist destroying this nation by "stealing" from the American people, including $716 billion from the elderly, but that all you're concerning with is "Oxymorons" Oh, by the
          way, the USMC is part of the U.S. Navy. How can anyone "steal from themselvies?

      • disgusted says:

        Actually, it is congress as a whole, from day one, regardless of party, who have been happily using our Medicare savings account (not charity – you;ve invested all your working life) as their personal slush fund without paying it back or paying interst on what they stole.
        We could get rid of the medicare crisis (and maybe the politcal dynasties as well) by requiring ALL politicians to put 100% of their outside income into the medicare fund, as well as anything in their current paychecks that is above what a server at a normal restaurant makes.
        Will never happen, though. Will it?

    10. Colonel A says:

      Again, taking care of the bums, taxing the working people.

    11. Bill Hegg says:

      I am amazed at how dumb highly intelligent, well educated people are. They couldn't see their hand in front of their face if they had to.

    12. Bill says:

      I am amazed at how dumb some highly intelligent, well educated people are. It seems like they couldn't see their hand in front of their face if they had to.

    13. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      The 18 new tax increases of Obamacare will be cut when Romney's elected and Obamacare's repealed.

    14. richard ahern says:

      How much more do we need to impeach President Obma-Read the onstitution

    15. gbabbitt22 says:

      Again, the Heritage Foundation seems to be a little foggy on what constitutes a tax. Oh well, that aside, what’s the impact on an individual or family at the median income level? The first tax does not apply, and it’s unlikely the second one will. OF the others, most impact employers, insurance companies, hospitals, drug manufacturers, etc. As far as I can see, the only direct impacts on individual taxpayers with median incomes are in items 5, 8, 9, 12, 13, 15 and 16.

      But I guess “$111 billion over ten years” does not make nearly as hysterical a headline as “18 taxes totalling $836 billion on AMERICANS!!!!”.

      Keep up the obfuscation, Heritage Foundation, you’re very good at it.

      • Grab bag says:

        You seem to be a whole lot foggy!

      • Ohio Joe says:

        gbabbitt22, stop being ignorant!

        Any rational person can understand that the impact of all those items will be higher costs for everyone.

        It's a matter of this administration punishing the entities they don't like.

        What are you going to do when they decide they don't like you?

        • Guest says:

          Hey gbabbitt22, this is a bit of a rehash of what Ohio Joe said, but its just ridiculous to any thinking person to hear that close to a trillion dollars of new fees/taxes/fines will be implemented within our economy and they won't be charged right down the line to the ultimate customer. What a moron to think that a corporation will have to pay something to the government and they won't pass those costs right through to the rest of the participants in the economy. Plus, there will be additional profits necessitated to make viable budgets within these entities, so the prices you and I pay will actually increase MORE than the fees/taxes/fines.

      • Bobbie says:

        …and nothing but obfuscating…

      • Ohio Joe says:

        Whenever the government causes me to pay more for something, it's a tax… regarless of what they choose to call it.

      • Stirling says:

        As one of the other members have stated earlier, if your not individually taxed by one of the 18, the others taxes wil be passed on to you in "higher prices" for the goods or services that you purchase.. It really is amazing that liberals don't get, or refuse to understand this concept that taxes (any) impact the general public even if its targeted at the business comunity (or even the wealthy).

      • Kevinator says:

        All those taxes that apply to employers/companies will be passed on to ….anyone who does bussiness with them. If you ned a medical device, the company that makes it gets taxed and they pass it on to the consumer, who can afford to pay it the least.

      • Sue says:

        Did you forget that businesses that are taxed will Pass On that extra to us Consumers!!!!

    16. Kenneth Rose says:

      What is worse than taxes? Answer: Death. Obama is Dr. Death. (for real). ADD 30 million uninsured to a Health Care System that it FULL + ADD more sick patients + crowd them together + Hospital Acquired Infections like Superbugs = more sickness + more Deaths. Take a look… http://www.goldenageofamerica.org/tea_party_golde
      Death or Taxes. Obama gave us both. What a Bummer!

    17. Kenneth Rose says:

      What is worse than taxes? Answer: Death. Obama is Dr. Death. (for real). ADD 30 million uninsured to a Health Care System that it FULL + ADD more sick patients + crowd them together + Hospital Acquired Infections like Superbugs = more sickness + more Deaths. Take a look&

      • Disgusted says:

        That's any and all politicians. They are the reason Medicare is going broke, not Obama.

        Hospital acquired superbugs are the result of the hospital automatically giving antibiotics – just in case. And something for YOU to think about – they've been found in our drinking water.

    18. Allan says:

      Just going to leave this here, make of it what you will; http://www.politifact.com/florida/statements/2012

      • Emily says:

        The problem with this writer is that he, too, does not understand the domino effect of taxes. As has been said already, businesses are not going to willingly pay that tax or fee w/o making up the difference. They're smarter than the federal government in that they actually balance their fiscal budget. They have to, or they would go bankrupt or go out of business. So how are these companies going to make up the difference in their budge? By charging the consumer more ("tax" on the middle & lower class) or by cutting paychecks or employees (higher unemployment rate). All wehave to do is look at the fluxuation of gas prices in America. Oil companies are not taxing the consumer, but the consumer is still footing the bill. This logic ought to be a common-sense argument, yet so many people (intelligent or otherwise) have been stupified. Okay, so the healthcare bill doesn't actually list any middle or lower class taxes. READ BETWEEN THE LINES, PEOPLE!

    19. Chad says:

      gbabbitt, I'll withhold any scathing comments I might make about your "as long as it doesn't affect me" attitude. However, assume for a moment that you were employed by someone who happens to earn more than $200K; assume you were employed by a business that offered an above-average health insurance plan; assume you were working for a company that couldn't afford to offer health insurance or whose employees would rather have the cash to purchase their own coverage; assume you were being treated with a drug or medical device subject to new taxes. Do you not understand that YOU will be paying for these increased taxes, regardless of your gross income? If you don't understand, please educate yourself before you again cast a ballot in the voting booth.

    20. Alaturk777 says:

      I would like to hear President Obama tell the truth, at least one time.
      He says he insists on raising the tax rate only for people making over $250,000. But..he never mentions that he plans to raise everybody else's taxes also, because he HAS TO in order to pay for Obamacare. He believes that the taxpayer's money is his, to spend as he sees fit. That money isn't his, it's OURS, and it's about time he starts accounting for what he is paying out this money for…where is it going, who is getting it, and how much money are they getting? Obama never tells us this but will raise our taxes and spend billions of our money at the drop of a hat.

      • Disgusted says:

        That's any and all politicians. They are the reason Medicare is going broke, not Obama.
        And in all honesty, the easiest way to raise the taxes on the rich while leaving the poor alone (won't happen because all the politicians will suddenly have to start paying their fair share on ALL their income) is to raise the lower cut-off to 20k – anything under that and you don't pay taxes because you are barely paying your bills,
        THEN (Wealthy, Politicians and Religionists will unite against this) … eliminate 100% of the deductibles. NO medical bills, no charitable contributions, no religious donations.
        (After all, even Jesus said to give Caesar his share, not to hide behind the church)
        Like I said, never happen because that little line just closed all the loopholes the above use to avoid paying their fair share of taxes while expecting to use 100% of the benefits.
        Now, if we could just keep the politicians out of our SS savings accounts – but they've used that as a general, non-repayable slush fund ever since FDR turned his back on what they were doing. (what, you think death is an acceptable excuse? ;))

    21. Shamus McQuade says:

      The American taxpayer……..screwed again. We have no real representation, only deal makers working behind our backs and closed doors to their advantage and long term financial gain…………the rest of us are left working to pay for it………………..

      • Disgusted says:

        and being paid by big business to make sure it stays that way. Otherwise they'd have dumped the Electoral College years ago, and we'd have seen what kind of president Dewey – the one the people rather than the politicians elected – would have made. Instead, the politicians put Truman in place. (and the spin-doctors have hidden the facts from the people – you now have to go to the OLD encyclopedias to find the facts. The new ones have the numbers switched to preserve the fiction. Just as we continue to preserve the fiction that President Washington was elected unanimously without opposition. Go hunt down the records of THAT congressional meeting and see what the truth is.)

    22. You guys getting this? Look at all the new taxes that are kicking in after New Year's this year…

      This is a big reason I supported Ron Paul, and why I am voting Mitt/Ryan this year.

    23. Bruno says:

      Universal health care is the way to go for many of our citizens. Others could join their own health programs. What should apply to all our citizens is that people are more important than money. When all of us (not some of us) are healthy and cared for when we need it, we are all healthy. You will see the effects over time whereas now you see a serious gap between the people who can afford good care and those who are forced to live without health care. The govt (not the private companies) are better suited to providing the institutions for wide service health care, just like our military does for its members. Our military has a lot of social programs in it but I don't hear people crying foul and saying our military is a socialist system. We need to take care of our citizens. They will give back in taxes because they feel valued. Think about it. Don't just think of yourself. Think about how it's difficult and even impossible for some of our own citizens to get some health care. It's immoral to leave them behind. That's the way I feel. Thank you.

    24. Disgusted with the says:

      Yes, it took a bunch of money out of medicare and caid which, by the way, you have been investing in your enitre working life. It is not welfare, it is your savings account which Congress has been making free of without interest or repayment since the first dollar was put in. The flak about letting them use OUR savings account to play the market was just the latest.

      The way Obamacare took a bunch of money out of medicare/cade was by making more of the walking wounded – to poor to afford private insurance, ineligable for a multiplicity of reasons for medicare/caide.

      We’ve long noticed that the Obamacare fight is divided into two sides (nope, not rich/poor, d/r, bl/w) – those who HAVE good insurance vs the walking wounded who know what when they finally break a leg, their option will be to find a good stout fork in a tree, set and bind it themselves – because that’s all the help they’ll get from our former insurance system.

    25. disgusted says:

      Chad – do YOU realize I always have? Nothing has changed beyond the transparencey factor, and maybe now we will be able to use cutting edge medical science rather than being consigned to the medical knowledge and practice of the 19th century

    26. disgusted says:

      Ken – hospital acquired superbugs are the result of the hospital automatically giving antibiotics – just in case. And something for YOU to think about – they've been found in our drinking water.
      The masses of new patients you are referring to are the walking wounded. If our system was not so badly messed up by the insurance companies wanting to maximize their profits by insuring that only the healthy can get insurance, when you use it, you lose it, and it is unaffordable by the majority of the workers, we would not BE having the crisis you are referring to.
      once we get over the bump of the walking wounded finally getting the care they need, you will see costs plummet because… radical thought here – we will be able to start practicing preventative rather than catastrophic medicine.
      Although we probably STILL won't find a cure for Cancer, Heart Disease, High Cholesterol or Diabetes. (Soon we will probably add High Blood Pressure to the list) because they just rake in too much profit for the system to EVER consider getting rid of them.
      A lot of that heart disease is because of the pneumonia bugs you picked up somewhere along the way digging their way into your arteries and your body attempting to fix the damage. The majority of the diabetes problems are actually hypoglycemia problems caused by insulin therapy. And any time we don't make a high enough profit, we just lower the numbers – instant new sick people with good insurance.
      The uninsured need not apply.

    27. Disgusted says:

      18 Ways Obama is Going To Raise Your Taxes Next Year:

      1) Increase Health Insurance (HI) portion of payroll taxes from ,9% to 3.8% for couples earning more than $250,000 or singles earning more than $200,000

      2) 40% excise tax on health insurance plans costing more than $10,200 for individuals, or 27.5k for families

      3) Penalty paid by employers that do not offer health coverage to their employees.
      [This one fails - it does not specify AFFORDABLE coverage]

      4) Annual fee on health insurance providers based on each company's shared total of the market.
      [will cut into insurance companies annual profit]

      5)Tax on individuals who do not purchase health insurance.
      [this one is a fail - mandatory insurance is not the same as mandatory health care]

      6) Fee on manufacturers and importers of branded drugs based on each individual company's share of the total market.
      [cuts into their annual profit margin]

      7) 2.3% excise tax on manufactures and importers of certain medical devices.
      [okay, what? Without knowing exactly what is being covered, this clause is worthless]

      8) Limit on the amount taxpayers can deposit in flexible spending accounts to $2,500 a year.
      [that's up from what it currently is, isn't it? But anything in this account is currently tax free and being used as a loophole to avoid paying their taxes]

      9) Raise 7.5% adjusted gross income floor on medical expenses deductions to 10%.
      [You can take more of your cancer, heart attack and diabetes expenses off. Most of the rest never gets high enough to make a difference anyways,]

      10) Exclusion of unprocessed fuels from the existing cellulosic biofuel producer credit.
      [sounds like yet another dodge in the current plan, doesn't it?
      You do realize that one of Sr's nephews is in the biofuels industry? Sounds like this is saying you now have to pay taxes on the ingredients you purchased to make the fuel, rather than being able to take those out of your deductions as well.]

      11) Increase corporate taxes by making it more difficult for businesses to engage in business activities that reduce their tax liabilities.
      [Such as taking a 4-wk working vacation in the Bahamas. Yes, that's actually happened, and since they had to be in the Bahamas in order to attend the meetings, it was 100% company deductible.]

      12) increase penalty for purchasing disallowed [non-medical related, hopefully] products with HSAs to 20%.
      [tax-free Health Savings accounts]

      13) Reduction in the number of medical products taxpayers can purchase using funds they put aside in HSAs and FSAs. [needs actual numbers and definitions to be anything other than gobbldy-gook]

      14) Fee on insured and self-insured health plans to fund PCORI {Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute]

      15) Elimination of the corporate deduction for prescription expenses for retirees. [Most retirees I know have already lost their company' sponsored retirement benefits anyways.]

      16) 10% excise tax on indoor tanning services.
      [accused of causing skin cancer much faster than just going out in the sun]

      17) Increase in taxes on health insurance companies by limiting the amount of compensation paid to certain employees they can deduct from their taxes.
      [decreasing insurance companies tax deductions. But need to know what "certain" means]

      18) End of special deduction for Blue Cross/Blue Shield organizations.
      [BCBS starts paying their full share of taxes]

      Now y'all have some idea what you're actually arguing about.

    28. KEVIN says:

      Since when does my government know how to spend my earned money better than I do? The government has no money to spend except when our money is taken. Stop Spending

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