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  • Morning Bell: Obama Edits Official State Department Documents to Tout Himself

    Inserting himself into the biographies of past presidents on the White House website apparently wasn’t enough for President Obama. His State Department is now editing its descriptions of foreign countries into yet another taxpayer-subsidized campaign commercial for the Obama Administration.

    The State Department has recently ended its long-running series of Background Notes, which were analytical, objective histories of other countries. In their place, new “Fact Sheets” now tout Obama’s policies and actions toward each nation. No more historical context, no recounting of complex and long-standing issues in the country. Just cut to the chase—that is, the time when the current Administration came to power.

    Heritage’s Jim Roberts, one of the editors of Heritage’s Index of Economic Freedom, was struck by the disproportionate change in emphasis while doing some research recently.  Roberts, who worked at the State Department from 1982 to 2007 and used to write these country profiles, said he had never seen edits like these under either previous Republican or Democratic Administrations.

    Roberts noted that “They seem to be not ‘fact sheets’ but brag sheets,” adding that the edits appear to treat countries more favorably when the Obama Administration agrees with their leaders.

    Roberts is in the process of examining the differences between the historical Background Notes and the new, Obama-centric Fact Sheets. He reveals:

    Compare the nearly 1,200-word “Fact Sheet” published this week by the U.S. embassy in Brazil with the last Background Note on Brazil written during the George W. Bush Administration.

    The 4,100-word Bush document, chock full of facts and figures helpful in analyzing the country and its importance to the U.S., never once mentions the name of any U.S. President. The 300-word section on U.S.–Brazil relations takes up about 7 percent of the document.

    Conversely, fully 70 percent (830 words) of the Brazil Fact Sheet, which is focused exclusively on U.S. relations with Brazil, discusses President Obama either directly by name (twice!) or in the context of the plethora of programs his Administration has launched with Brazil, including a shared “commitment to combat discrimination based on race, gender, ethnicity, or lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) status; to advance gender equality; a bilateral instrument that targets racism; support for HIV/AIDS prevention, promotion of clean energy technologies in Brazil, and mitigation of climate change.”

    Thus far, Roberts has not found a comprehensive explanation for the debut of the Fact Sheets. The State Department’s website simply says, “As of May 2012, Background Notes are no longer being updated or produced. They are in the process of being replaced by Fact Sheets that focus on U.S. relations with each country.”

    Since President Obama took office, the budget of the State Department has increased from $38.7 billion to $50.2 billion, and thousands have been added to the payroll. Finding that these taxpayer-funded resources are being used to eliminate neutral publications that were highly useful to researchers—only to replace them with lopsided “facts” akin to a campaign commercial—is something the American people deserve to know.

    This follows an Administration trend that goes back to 2009. In March of that year, the Administration was caught editing President George W. Bush’s biography to soften his listed accomplishments, and it quickly reversed course. Just a few months ago, it was discovered that White House staff had edited the biographies of many past presidents on whitehouse.gov to include a bullet point or two inserting President Obama into each historical narrative. These remain on the site, including a fabrication they inserted about President Ronald Reagan’s tax policy to make it seem similar to Obama’s.

    American officeholders are supposed to take great pains to separate their campaigns from their official duties. Using taxpayer resources to blatantly promote the president’s positions on foreign policy—and even editing the historical record—is an egregious abuse of power.

    Quick Hits:

    • “A group of former U.S. intelligence and Special Forces operatives is launching a media campaign to scold the president for taking credit for killing Osama bin Laden and endangering lives with self-serving leaks,” reports Investor’s Business Daily.
    • In The Wall Street Journal, Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) writes about the “regulatory cliff”—all the punishing rules created by the Obama Administration that are scheduled to hit after the election.
    • Members of a band who protested in a Russian cathedral against President Vladimir Putin will be sentenced for “hooliganism” today. They face a maximum sentence of seven years in prison.
    • Attacks in Iraq killed more than 90 people yesterday and are suspected to be linked to the al-Qaeda affiliate in Iraq.
    • The shooting at the Family Research Council this week emphasizes the need for civil disagreement on issues like same-sex marriage, writes Heritage’s Jennifer Marshall.
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    115 Responses to Morning Bell: Obama Edits Official State Department Documents to Tout Himself

    1. YourDaddy says:

      The Arrogance of a despot. This man that calls himself Obama is DANGEROUS!

    2. hardwurkindaddy says:

      Revisionist history strikes again. It's an Obamanation…

    3. Phil says:

      Did I just read that Obama is using tax dollars to promote homosexuality in Brazil? This is something the American people need to know…along with understanding Hillary's role?

    4. Bassboat says:

      One step closer to a dictaorship.

    5. ActinUpinTexas says:

      Rewriting history and the narrative with propaganda IS to be expected by a despot petulant manboy.

      Treating official documents into self serving WikiMeObama fact(or)fiction sheets by Obamabots, insidious unabashed rude behavior by a younger generation that use tradition and history as though there was no rules that apply to them, this President knows what he is having them do.. And he also knows it is wrong. What do you expect from a composite man that had already written three biographies about himself before even be voted President?

    6. toledofan says:

      Unbelieveable but expected. This administration, no matter how you frame it, is the most corrupt in my lifetime and it makes what Nixon did look like no buig deal. I guess, at the end of the day, the liberals, progressives, or communists, whatever you want to call them, just can't help themselves because they just think the world revolves around them and Obama is the one who deserve all the credit. Just ask the Seal team that took out Bin Laden.

    7. Beth Sidel says:

      Each time I go on the whitehouse.gov site it gives the impression of Obama's own campaign website .
      The is the people's site paid by our tax dollars if I am correct. Thanks for bringing this too light.As a grandmother we get ignored most times with our own observations and opinions.That is okay, I will continue to fight for the future of our next generation.This administration is so arrogant and greedy it is shameful.One agenda, Obama Health transformation…everything else did not matter.
      Thanks for all you do Heritage.Bring the facts and sources to us.

    8. woolfarmgal says:

      I have never concieved of such arrogance and perhaps fear- that history will not percieve the Obama administration favorably. They have a lot to worry about.

    9. Dan Miller says:

      Is there no end to President Obama's self-aggrandizement?

    10. Richard Becker says:

      Since Obama has started the egregious process who in the hell in going tostart fixing it??

    11. sdfultz says:

      Is it bad to have a different style than previous Presidents, wow you guys are so critical, now to mention that 1,200 words of saying nothing is an impressive thing to do.

    12. Roy S. Mallmann II says:

      Why has President Obama not been impeached? Is he really above the law. This "Operation Fast & Furious" is the crime of the century and Obama's and Holder's fingerprints are all over it. We might as well quit teaching Civics in high school because it just does not work.

    13. Michael Drake says:

      If President Obama is found guilty of rewriting official historical US documents , he should be impeached , if not worse.

    14. democRATS says:

      Is it really such a surprise that this loser would insert himself into everything? "If I had a son he would look like Trevon", or "What if my daughters were at that theatre".

    15. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Some in the media are finally starting to realize what many of us knew and said 3 years ago. Obama has and will do or say anything, use and destroy anyone, and distort any fact, to complete his socialist agenda. Amy's piece this morning is certainly not news to those of us that knew what Obama was in 2008 and now facing reelection, has become even more desperate. It was the Demoocrat Party and the left wing main stream media that refused to report what they knew or suspected. Now, more in the media are forced to admit Obama's true nature. Thank God!

    16. Miguel Levy says:

      I'm glad to see that the Heritage Foundation is pointing this out. It's called a "Personality Cult". It worked great for Stalin, but not so great for the Russian people! Also, just about every banana republic dictator has similar praise disseminated about himself. That really tells us in which direction the Obama administration would like to go, and why the American people have to learn that the Obama administration has to go!

    17. Kathy says:

      It is both disgusting and despicable, however, not at all surprising when you consider there is no integrity that they have to draw upon.

    18. annmarie says:

      Did or does anyone else think he wouldn't do this? Look of what he has done so far, by passing congress on just about everything, going over the voters heads, lies to the TV watchers and Internet watchers. People like Liars as the truth is never what today's youth want to hear. Heck, truth has been put on the bottom burner for some time now. Liars has taken over our government, unions are second, entitlements third, and truth has become blind.

    19. Just me says:

      Well what else would you expect of him? If this does not turn folks off I don't know what else will. All of this at tax-payers expense. WAKE UP AMERICA !!!!!J

    20. David Weaver says:

      Self-serving Prez bucks insightful protocol for State Dept. documents.

    21. "Using taxpayer resources to blatantly promote the president’s positions on foreign policy—and even editing the historical record—is an egregious abuse of power."

      And this, from someone of whom we know only what he says is so and not what is documented in any verifiable way as so, is a surprise how?

    22. David Weaver says:

      Self-serving Prez bucks important protocol for State Dept. docs.

    23. Smitty says:

      "I don' gotta show you no stinkin' facts….." So, wasn't this to be expected in the scheme of things? Nothing like a new spin on history. The problem is that those Americans who are uneducated and/or ignorant don't know history to begin with, and Obama's spin-doctors can make up anything they wish without risking the wrath of voters that would affect their boss.

      It was the opinion of one of the conservative radio talk-show hosts yesterday that Obama was the WORST president in American history. I'll go along with that assessment. I never thought he would take that title from Jimmy Carter, but any previous doubts in my mind have been completely erased.

    24. Not at all surprising. The hagiologies of Stalin, Mao and others are central to the cults of personality established in Communist countries around the world.

    25. chyatt says:

      The circus with this guy just never stops. He is trying to write history as if he will be the most outstanding President this country has ever had. Write, edit all you want……it just will not be so.

    26. Ben C. says:

      Thats right Dorothy, we are not in Kansas anymore, we are in Panem.

    27. Is there really any surprise that it is all about "self"? In a town of monumental egos Obama is the most narcissistic president in history. Guess he subscribes to the idea that if you tell lies often enough they become fact and he will then have a great legacy.

    28. albertmaslar says:

      Poetic license is often followed by poetic justice and a day of reckoning. As Lincoln said, " You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time." The day of reckoning seems never to befall some individuals but it will eventually come, though often not in this lifetime. Note the case of Penn State coach Joe Paterno, Joe PA who had glory and adulation all his record-breaking coaching days only to infamously fall in total disgrace and a life he himself said was wasted. Mr. Paterno is quoted by AP, "MY name; I have spent my whole life trying to make that name mean something…And now it's gone." Joe Paterno died quietly and in disgrace, leaving his fame in tatters and his statue taken down much like the statue of Saddam Hussein that was taken down. Paterno may certainly had been better off as a human being without the fleeting fame and glory that soured, turning to ashes and shame in his old age. Proving once again that as Shakespeare wrote, "The truth will out," and when it finally does, it is often uglier and deadlier than admitting to the fault or transgression in the first place, taking the bitter castor oil and being done with it, rather than allowing it to fester and become cancerous. The lessons not learned from the probable impeachment of President Richard Nixon and his forced resignation is that "The cover-up is worse than the crime." Those not learning from history are doomed to repeat it. The Catholic Church is still reeling from its own cover-ups of sexual predator priests, resulting in the loss of at least a third of its U.S. membership and decline in related contributions Joe Paterno's reputation bit the dust as will all other reputations that covered up what should have been confessed and admitted to along with a true repentance. True repentance begets forgiveness but denial multiplies the consequences. And so it may be with President Barack Obama and his 24/7 abortion agenda, fed by Executive Orders that trash the Constitution by legislating that is the function of the Congress. President Obama's calculated deceit and cover-ups that the light of day will surely and eventually expose, showing who was in fact the real Obama. Often in this lifetime, the innocent will be punished, but there will come a day when every tear will be wiped away. “To err is human, to forgive divine,” a platitude made famous by 17th-century poet Alexander Pope, omits one critical point that without admission of guilt and repentance, there can be no real forgiveness. Politicians are particularly vulnerable to the denial of guilt.

      Albert Maslar

    29. Carol, AZ says:

      Correct again Amy;
      ….And So, you're adding another hit on the sleaze meters under, "(O) abomination ;"
      Unethical acts, concealing the truth, controlled fabrication, fibs and fairy tales, lies and cover up; express this American tragedy that our press continues to, protect.
      The Democratic Party has splintered because of it, but continues to, cover up
      The Judicial systems knows it and continues to, cover-up.
      This fabrication for leadership was "edited all of his life" and is still being protected and the truth covered-up.

    30. Not Chicken Little says:

      Well I for one don't know why conservatives aren't applauding Obama, after all he is following the advice of one of our icons, George Orwell, and implementing it as fast as he can:

      "War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength." and
      "Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past."

      Not to mix things up too much, but it is clear Obama wants to usher in a Brave New World! Hurray!

    31. Obama takes "It's all about me" to a whole new level. Who does he think he is? No president should be allowed to change State Department documents to flatter himself, but apparently Obama believes he is above the law.

    32. Ill Duce says:

      I'll wager that before the end of his term, Obama will give the US Park Service an executive order to squeeze his face in between Roosevelt and Lincoln on Mt. Rushmore.

    33. Pamela LeGrand says:

      It doesn't sound like anyone in this administration has a conscience.

    34. Ron says:

      If all of the above is un-biased and true, Americans are at the precipice of a serious fall with no bounces. Apathy is increasing in direct proportion to continuing deliberate mis-quotes and slanted releases by those with their own idea of "win at all costs" as long as it benefits them and their cohorts. When the average American is presented with these current problems, their dis-interest is manifested by "what's for dinner" type comments.

      Americans have been saying "what is happening to this country?" for many generations. Most comments are to be expected as aging people usually do not like change of any kind.
      Unfortunately, I believe, these current events are indeed a clearing of the path to downfall. Some famous thinkers have said, "history shows that no democracy or democratic republic has ever continued beyond 200 years. Ultimate demise occurs when the citizens realize that the government will provide for all of their needs."

      It appears that America, as we know it, is on the verge of cataclysmic failure. I am truly concerned and fearful for future generations.

    35. The whole Obama administration ha to frabricate their accomplishments, for the facts prove otherwise.

    36. Joanne says:

      Not a piece of proof that can be seen. Lets see what I can make up! Please give facts by using available information printed with open records to this nonsense. I have great difficulty seeing how people can believe things that have no facts to support it. People like the ones writing this article depend on the laziness of the reader to believe them without checking things out and make certain words blue to make it look like they have furnished some kind of proof. Wake up readers if it were proof it would have references at the bottom of the article .

    37. Why is he allowed to get away with this? Where are those Conservatives we sent to the House in 2010? Get off of your arse's and do what we sent you there to do!!

    38. Mike says:

      Obama is trying to write himslef into history by rasing his value…….

    39. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      If Bush had done this, you wouldn't be hearing crickets.

    40. J. Hubenthal says:

      Of equal concern, is the concerted and consistent move to re-write history. History has proven that when historical facts are deleted and/or obviscated, you can get folks believing whatever you tell them.

    41. Ken says:

      Barry said he would "fundamentaly change" this country, and we are standing idley by and watching it happen! It is my view that patriots will let the "system"-the coming election- take it's course, and if that doesn't "right the ship" so to speak, then I believe all bets are off, and we will see more overt actions taken to resist this cancer in our midst!

    42. Mike says:

      Another reason to vote him out.

    43. Clearhead says:

      Thank you, Amy. We'd like to point out something in your statement, "…..American officeholders are supposed to take great pains to separate their campaigns from their official duties…..". As far as most of us can tell, there has been no merging of mr. obama's 'campaigns' and 'official duties' whatsoever, as it seems that his entire occupation of the office of President Of The United States has been devoted exclusively to 'campaign'.

    44. Glen says:

      Why is Congress not doing anything about the Obama power grab, that will effect every American? Can't they see thru his ambitions. Every one in the Democratic party can't be in step with every sneaky thing he does. As the MSM will not report on what is really going on, somehow, someway the American people must be woke up to the changes that are overcoming our country. WAKE UP CONGRESS. WAKE UP AMERICA.

    45. just the facts says:

      Thanks for this article. History is being dismissed or rewritten. Scary. I have been receiving a homeland security newsletter for years (now called Homeland Security Forum ). Before this administration took over it had useful and factual articles. Now it is an advertisement for the department of Homeland Security and the administration. This type rewriting and whitewashing of history is dishonest, non factual and flows from a believe that truth doesn't matter – just ideology.

    46. Lanny Astaslem says:


      By removing all the pertinent historical background information and replacing it with this tripe, if a country dares to cross us the Ministry of Truth can easily update the new "fact" sheet with the phrase, "The U.S.S.A has always been at war with EastAsia."

      Welcome to AmSoc (American Socialism).

    47. Bill says:

      November cannot get here quick enough……

    48. Sandra Hopes says:

      After the car fiasco where they indicated visiting the site for information on the cash for clunkers gave them access to everything on your computer, I never, and I mean never click a link .gov on it, so if there are more like me all the editing in his favor in the world won't work.

    49. gary says:

      Obama has to do this. He has no real record to run on except failure. He has such low self esteem that he has to build himself up to make him feel better and to fool others who worship him. He is such a looser I don't know why others can't see it. It makes me sick the way the media falls all over him.

    50. lisa groves says:

      Preparing for his reign as dictator of America

    51. Greg Hauenstein says:

      Maybe this editing process will be part of the historical footnote about this president, he was willing to use tactics used by communist countries that attempt to change historical records to support their concept of the "class struggle. This president has been the most divisive and immoral of all the presidents, including Carter.

    52. RennyG says:

      You people do not see what he is doing. He is setting it all up for his next 4 years when he becomes "King!" Everyone is using "political" dialog and he is using "take over" dialog, the "Alinsky" way!!!! How can you win an election when he has bought, with our money, the unions, minorities, illegals and the democrats, and is ready to take it to "HIS" courts if he doesn't get the winning vote? Can the "tea party" do it?? I KNOW OUR LORD CAN!!!

    53. Ian of Brisbane says:

      1984 has arrived, history is being rewritten to suit Big Brother

    54. Bobbie says:

      This man and his followers desperation consuming their arrogance isn't serving people! Or the world! Unfit for any leadership role of significance. A trapper! If a follower of the "apple dumpling gang" he would have grown to be a better man. Trillions of money stolen and wasted on his lies and bigotry, incompetence and ill will putting America and her people in grave danger! His hidden background proves it!

    55. Mike says:

      Don't forget the State Dept. bought $60,000 of his worthless book to pass around to embassies.

    56. Jim Stolfi says:

      Referring to enhancing his poor image, there is an old adage Obama should keep in mind; "What goes around, come around"!!

    57. This Liberal needs to be stopped. He has to change history to better his position, it will never work.

    58. It is beyond understanding that the Obama administration first edited presidential profiles on whitehouse.gov to include himself, now they're editing the profiles of countries to inject Obama into them. Seriously, WTF? This goes beyond normal, this is like some sick form of worship…

    59. Boxerbuddy4 says:

      One of the things Romney should do when he is elected is have these Obama's so great Documents edited and put them back to the way they should be! What an egotistical wacko Obama is!

    60. Concerned Citizen says:

      It's called propaganda. It's not about serving the public interest, but rather furthering the personal interests of Barak Obama.

    61. alexander Ilnyckyj says:

      I would like to post.However, it's imposible with heritage.

    62. Joe G. Jones says:

      This is an outrage.

    63. This doesn't surprise me at all…Obama is a self-centered egomaniac..What does kinda surprise me is that this sort of thing only gets printed out here in the fringes of the news…Could you imagine for just one second, the field day the mainstream media would have had had it heard that George W. Bush had done somthing like this?? It would be on every headline!!! But what do we get from every newsite?? Crickets..But God bless "The Foundry"….Whoever you are…

    64. AD-RtR/OS! says:

      I have a hard time believing any facts originating within this administration, including "the" and "and".

    65. Wida Egan says:

      This is incredible and so blatant! This should be reported all over the place and the world. He's truly become a dictator if he and his administration are doing these things. This is more than enough to impeach him! Our military should protect the citizens and arrest the Commander In Chief for treasonous acts against this country which he swore to uphold!!!

      • momshos says:

        What is wrong with this nation? We just sit back and let this happen! What else are we going to tolerate????

    66. I can't take it anymore, we must get this narcissus out of the white house.

    67. carlton says:

      O myGOD and i dont mean obama.

    68. Are We Witnessing Narcissism At Work?

      “Food For Thought”

      Semper Fi!


    69. Retsof says:

      Narcissist in chief!

    70. Daniel S. Farkas says:

      It was reported this morning that President Barack Hussein Obama walked on water on his way to the Presidential helicopter. In other news, it rained heavily in Washington, DC last night.

    71. Steve says:

      Narrcicism….If you looked it up in the dictionary it should have Barack Obama as the definition.

    72. Why in the world is this little revelation a surprise to anyone, when we all know that this current
      president, Barack Hussein Obama is the most conceited, arrogant man to ever reside in the
      White House. And of course in an election year, Obama, his minions and the MSM will employ any
      level of gutter politics in their effort to keep him in office.
      On Nov. 6th, as voters we have a critical choice to make for the fate and destiny of this once
      great nation: You can vote for the United States of America or Barack Hussein Obama,
      but you cannot have both.
      Good luck, America.

    73. Why in the world is this little revelation a surprise to anyone, when we all know that this current
      president, Barack Hussein Obama is the most conceited, arrogant man to ever reside in the
      White House. And of course in an election year, Obama, his shills and minions will employ any
      level of gutter politics in their effort to keep him in office.
      On Nov. 6th, as voters we have a critical choice to make for the fate and destiny of this once
      great nation: You can vote for the United States of America or Barack Hussein Obama,
      but you cannot have both.Good luck, America.

    74. Dr. Henry Sinopoli says:

      Barry Obama has no shame. When reared by communists, supported by socialists and encouraged by welfare recipients…being a 'bottom feeder' is expected. To Barry, the Constitution is a transitory document created to support whatever he believes. the Congress is a group of cheerleaders expected to wave pompoms at his every utterance and the courts are a playground to substitute experiment for the rule of law…

    75. LogicalUS says:

      It is actually more insidious that a cult…it is path of tyrants to supercede the country with the "dear leader".

      • CitizenPatriot says:

        We know this by his actions. It's always someone elses fault. The liberal left (Dem's) and the MSM believe that this country should be controlled by the Central Government and not individual rights granted under our Constitution. If they cared about the American People, Princes Nancy could not have come out to tell us they have to pass it for us to know what's in it. Hoyer said at a Townhall Meeting that they, the government knows what's best for us. Totally contrary to anything in the Constitution. Remember during the 1st two years when the Dem's controlled both houses of Congress, they deferred any and all responsibility they are granted under the Contitution to the Executive Branch and now we have law written by unelected Agency officials that impact our every move.
        At some point, and I hope before and not after it's too late, the American People will wake up to a different Country. It will be then, at least, that our 2nd Amendment Rights will be in play because of a Tyrannical Central Government. This Country was founded on "We, The People" and not the government.

    76. LindaRivera says:

      Analytical, objective histories of other countries. In their place, new “Fact Sheets” now tout Obama’s policies and actions toward each nation. No more historical context, no recounting of complex and long-standing issues in the country. End of article quote.

      The Obama administration is wasting many billions of extra dollars to cut out this valuable and very important information in order to exalt emperor Obama, and use as a commercial to promote his election.

      How very sad when America's economic situation is extremely dire and experts are predicting a great Depression worse than the Great Depression.

      All of those billions of extra dollars should have been used to plant non-GMO, organic fruit, nut and avocado trees and berries in all of our nation's parks in order to help the hungry, jobless and homeless whose numbers are going to increase enormously because of the unethical, highly destructive financial policies of this government.


    77. Silverkait says:

      It just doesn't seem to be enough recognition for Barack that he has been given the extreme privilege of election to the highest office in the US … the world in fact. Noooo… it seems as if he needs still more. So needy that he he continues to insinuate himself into areas in which he has no real place except as braggart in chief. –Silverkait

    78. June E says:

      It is like a computer virus went through our National Archives and ate them. Can they ever be recovered? Surely there will be a way. We wont know for decades all the destruction that was done to our country.

    79. Jane says:


    80. silverkait says:

      It just doesn't seem to be enough recognition for Barack that he has been given the extreme privilege of election to the highest office in the US … the world in fact. Noooo… it seems as if he needs still more. So needy that he he continues to insinuate himself into areas in which he has no real place except as braggart in chief.

    81. George says:

      Obama is just puffing himself up like any pathetic Banana Rebublic "Dear Leader"…..


    82. Geo says:

      This man is a complete narsistic unqualified mistake put in offfice for the wrong reasons and the country will shoulder his blunders for years to come

    83. Sorrow01 says:

      That is pretty bad. It looks like the work of Devid Axelrod.

    84. This POS we call a president so much wants to be important that he will do anything to look and sound good. It is just a black thang.If he were white impeachment would have already happened.

    85. Paul says:

      Can't anyone stop this or change it back?

    86. Mary Lucas says:

      I hope there is an honest department in the government that is keeping record of all the illegal things Obama is doing against our great Nation. I am hoping and praying that he doesn't get away with such despicable things.

    87. robert says:

      we the people,who are the real government,the treasonous communist,trade can insert himself,were ever the pile of camel dung wants to,we the people,know the ineligible upsurp,isn,t a president,he is a ineligible communit musmutt,and ovomit means absolutly nothing to we the people,we don,t have a president,we have tyranny,we the people,charge ovomit,and the hehad racist trader a/g holdup,with the wrongful murder of border guard brian terry,under ovomits and holdup watch,guns from fast and furious,were the wants which were found at the murder site of border guard brian terry,we deamand ovomit and holdup be immediately arrested and indicted for this horrible crime,for which lots of guns went into the habs of the mexican drug cartel,and one of the guns murdered brian terry,we want holdup and ovomit indicted and imprisoned immediately,we the people,who are the real government,await your deeds in said crime,will be watching your every deeds,not your words,but your deeds,god bless ron paul,sheriff joe and cold case posse,brian terry and family,and chuck norris,frank serpico,and all american vetrans/citizens.one nation under god

    88. we the people,who are the real government,demand ovomit and a/g holdup be immediately arrested and indicted for the wrongful murder of border guard brian terry,for under a/g holdup and ovomit watch,guns from fast and furious,one of these guns was found at the murder scene of brian terry,we demand immediate action on said horrible crime,we the people await your response on said horrible crime.god bless ron paul,sheriff joe and cold cass posse,brian terry and family and chuck norris,frank serpico,and all american veterans/citizens.one nation under god

    89. Bennie ray Stephens says:

      This is just another of Obama's big promises that the Budjet would not increase but sence Obams been in office this is just one dept. and one example as to how he has lied to the people about such things sence he took office the Budget has went from38.7 billion to 50.2 billion in 4 years it has risen 12 billion buck plus. so how is this president helping to cut the expendetures of the government and this is just in one dept. if we had the reports of how much it has risen sence he took office in the otheter dept. we would probably find this guy doesn't have the slightest idean how to stop government spending and how to balance a budget he's a Quack and an illerate one at that.

    90. Lawrence says:

      When will the Republican’s comments of the previous weeks be called for what they are…Lies?
      •President Obama cutting Medicare when He is cutting the “fat” the insurance industry was getting as a “subsidy.”
      •Removal of work requirement from Welfare is not what the President is advocating.
      •TARP did work and Congressional Republican constituencies benefited.
      •If TARP funding went off-shore wasn’t it done by the Bush Administration?
      All in one week the truth was misrepresented. Can America trust a Romany administration?

      • Bobbie says:

        where's evidence to anything you defend Obama on? He's got the cover you and unfortunate ones take for truth without consideration to anything else. Closed minds!

        It's his job to cut his own crap and stay out of our face! The highest office of the world is nothing to look up to anymore when the man holding it hides in fear behind his outrageous number of czars without respect to his position so he protects himself with every source of security he can make work out of at America's expense.

        If Americans' can't trust a man who's record promotes the opportunities of America he and many others took on as Americans, who solves problems in a responsible, intelligent, respectful timely matter compared to a man that admits his distaste for America and white people he took full advantage of getting him where he allows himself to destroy both, they're suffering from the government inflicted, low self esteem syndrome by intentional misleadings and wrongful influences within the control of government. We need people that hold their positions with integrity and personal strength without reflecting personal insecurities that derives Obama's unconstitutional government nurturing dependency.

    91. Richard H. Irish says:

      What else would one expect from this narcissistic Marxist, fraudulently posing as president while he destroys our Country, with the help of the sleeping RINOs. While our tax dollars pay for the printing of countless copies of our Constitution, I guess no one in Congress read them. Therefore they don't worry about honoring their oath to SUPPORT AND DEFEND it!

    92. Citizen says:

      And there is nothing we can do about it.

    93. mark james says:

      A lesson in civics’ is coming to Barack Obama’s hope and change of a socialistic America.
      “We the people” and our “inalienable right” on November 6th 2012, will end the biggest
      Governmental encroachment against the people in our history
      This vote will end the lying and stop the brutalization of a 236 year old republic,
      “Ruled by the people”

    94. miguel says:

      This is all part of the Marxist playbook. Marxists learned the importance of altering the historical record from Goebels in Nazi Germany.

    95. Sharon says:

      i would think it was illegal to edit pages that are inheriantly true based on historical facts. this sounds outrageous!

    96. 52pioneer says:

      Your post is so amazing & Perfect! We supply vet medicine. Look forward to your return visit.

    97. Jeanne Stotler says:

      What else would you expect from "Liar in chief" he lied about his mother's insurance, and according to some others his whole life seems to be a lie, In 2008 he said he would be "The most transparent" president ever, well lets see all the records from a "certified" BC, school records on down and let us "WE THE PEOPLE" be te judge.

    98. CforUS says:

      Do these people think they will be in power forever? Thank god the Background Notes were produced up until May 2012. In January 2013 they can be continued, and the "Fact" Sheets can be expunged as an administration specific document. Regrettably, the one thing the new administration can't do (or shouldn't attempt as the Clinton wonks are doing now), is change history continuing to anoint a huge error in judgement. It would be much better to just expunge the campaign fodder, leaving a black hole legacy that is the Obama years.

    99. jimbuch says:

      What do you expect from Obama (the snake)? He has been a horrible change to our country. An Administration full of lies and destruction of America's values. Hope they change everything after he is gone and print the truth about Obama's actions and beliefs. We owe it to America to tell how he tried to devide our nation and bring down our lifestyle.

    100. profitup10 says:

      He and his staff have been doing this form day one – all documents have been modified . .

    101. Harbinger_of_DOOM says:

      He can edit facts, figures histories and biographies all he wants, but the TRUTH will NEVER change…. his (and his parties/supporters) sins will find them out, and when they do….. there will be HELL to pay….. They will be weighed and measured and found wanting……

    102. Dale Loper says:

      I have over 200 state dept. background notes from 2003-2004. in emails, I can pdf them. if anyone needs copies.

    103. allen b says:

      To me, this sounds like the government in George Orwell's "1984"

    104. 1-Eddie-1 says:

      His head is swelling. His ego won't let him continue in history's footsteps, he is compelled to differentiate himself from all others. I think he is a loose cannon. What happens when he does not get his way? He writes executive orders. He circumvents the checks and balances. How long will it be before he can no longer keep himself in check? What will he do if he loses the election? May the Lord have mercy on us if he wins another term.

    105. judyavelsor says:

      Fix the part about Social Security numbers/ Foreign Student Id's. . . Birth Certificates. . . Include a diary of all friends , ex. Rezko/ Wright, Ayers. etc. . list all Energy Fiasco's like Solyndra/Sunpower/ etc. Just the facts sir, just the facts. Of your and joe's "HOPE AND CHAINS" campaign.Include the part where you cannot practice law due to : ? . Thank you .

    106. judyavelsor says:

      you are checking my post ? seems they should be checking the President . Might have been beneficial to our country. Ya' think ?

    107. Charles says:

      No circus here, the president is all about facts. He is indeed a loyal, caring mundane leadership who not only cares about the USA, but also the world, and that is why the world loves him more than any other modern , especially, right wing american leader. As far as American history is concerned, it definitely needs to be rewritten in an effort to tell the truth to the American people. President Obama is the greatest president to date, considering all of his achievements.

    108. Ortrud says:

      Anyone read 1984 by George Orwell recently? Maybe you should.

    109. Saundra says:

      Democrats, wake up and smell the coffee. Vote your conscience, not a party. This country needs a statesman with the values the foundations on which this country was founded not a politician who is bankrupting our country financially, culturally, and spiritually………regardless if he is democrat, republican, or independent. We voters MUST make our voice heard with our vote this November while there is still a ghost of a chance of turning this country around.

    110. NeoSophia says:

      Those who can, Do; those who can't, Insert

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