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  • Britain Is Right: No Asylum for Assange

    Early on August 16, Ecuador’s foreign minister, Ricardo Patino, announced that his country is granting WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange political asylum—that is, if he can get there.

    Since the end of the London Olympics, Patino and his boss, leftist President Rafael Correa, have been in a panic, warning that their embassy in London is under imminent threat of attack by the British government for sheltering Assange since June 19, when Assange ducked into the embassy and requested asylum.

    Patino launched a fresh campaign to whip up nationalistic sentiment and foreign support by claiming that Britain is acting like a bullying, colonial power in flagrant violation of international law. The hysterical Patino says that Ecuador will carry its case to the U.N. Security Council. As threats to world peace go, this must be one of the smallest.

    In the eyes of British justice (where, unlike Ecuador, there is genuine rule of law), Assange is a fugitive with an outstanding extradition request properly issued by Sweden. Yet the British have not wavered in their intentions to carry out their “legal obligation to extradite Mr Assange to Sweden to face questioning over allegations of sexual offences.”

    Recently, the British government informed Ecuador that it will consider applying national law—the Diplomatic and Consular Premise Act of 1987, which was designed to protect the British public from flagrant abuses of diplomatic immunity. Under the act, if diplomatic premises are misused, their diplomatic or consular status may be lost, together with all concomitant rights (including inviolability). This is a step above breaking diplomatic relations, which is also an option.

    It is indeed ironic, although little noted in the press, that Ecuador—with its ever-increasing ties to (and potential U.N.-sanctions-busting deal and money laundering with) Iran—would even dare protest orderly enforcement of national law. Did Ecuador lodge a protest when its friends in Tehran, in total disregard of all diplomatic conventions, allowed a mob to overrun and loot the British embassy in November 2011?

    The Assange asylum case constitutes just a small piece of the anti-Western, pro-Iran strategy propagated by Correa, Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, Raul Castro, and others. It is both selective and hypocritical. It aims to show the West in an unfavorable light while ignoring the gaping illegalities of friends.

    The retrieval of Assange to face justice either by enforcement of the 1987 act or by the breaking of diplomatic relations will once more demonstrate British determination and prevalence of the rule of law. Such an action merits the full support of the U.S.

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    6 Responses to Britain Is Right: No Asylum for Assange

    1. Really? Well I guess if you mean by MIGHT = RIGHT then I guess they are right.

      Authority doesn't deal with morality very well it can only mitigate certain people's desires. You know just like the queen has her government there to do her wishes.

      Or is it just me?

    2. Rbc says:

      The main problem is not the extradition to Sweden, but the fear that the U.S. will try to arrest him and extradite him to the U.S. to face trial for his release of state department information.

    3. Unasur Sur says:

      To ignore the unlawful nature of the accusations on Assange, is like ignoring the lack of the Rule of Law in Great Britain or the lack of Democracy of the British Government.
      Great Britain does not have a written constitution, therefore the main legal organization or legal frame of reference is left to interpretation of uses and traditions of non democratic assemblies, like the "house of lords", therefore not only the judicial "system" of UK is based on convenience but the elite governing this kingdom violates flagrantly the Chart of Human rights accepting and supporting a governing nobility by birth.
      It is then, of utmost importance to protect the Human Rights of the person asking for political asylum, since it is clear, that nor Great Britain or even Sweden do have enough guaranties in their "legal system".
      Historically, UK has let the use of force to dictate rights and wrongs..english men have brought into submission its neighbors ..Scots, Welsh, Irish..and the myriad of colonies around the world. How does the Judicial system of UK justifies the atrocities committed by UK forces at home and abroad historically and nowadays?
      Would be impossible to justify those acts, if, in this kingdom if the rule of law prevailed.
      The best example is to accuse other countries, other peoples of wrong doing when the accuser has done worse.UK has no morals, no background to accuse no one.. even if the accusations were the truth.
      But lately UK has accused Irak of weapons of mass destruction..and were lies..sent its own people to kill and to be killed under unlawful justifications..what guaranties of Rule of Law can offer a kingdom like this internationally?
      None…in reality UK is a disgrace for the Human race since it has worked against the progress of Humans consistently, coherently lying and believing in a non existent own supremacy justifying the most inhuman acts..
      Incidentally, you are lucky..because the Liberation of The People you oppress is the Liberation of You as oppressors.


    4. Unasur Sur says:

      Declaración del Gobierno de la República del Ecuador sobre la solicitud de asilo de Julian Assange

    5. sasquach says:

      EASY PEASY just shut power,water,gas,food off and wait.

    6. Mitch A says:

      The U.S. government itself ,since the election of Obama, can not claim a sterling reputation in upholding the rule of law. Mr Obama has flouted the law with numerous quasi-legal presidential orders. It takes quite a large serving of self delusion to compliment the U.K. on their lawful diligence while navigating the entire U.S. government in very dark gray waters.

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