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  • National EMP Awareness Day

    Ever hear of National EMP Awareness Day? Most of your leaders in Washington haven’t either, and that’s why all of us may be in grave danger.

    An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack constitutes one of the single greatest threats to modern national security. Typically triggered by a high-altitude nuclear warhead, an EMP can damage unprotected electronic devices, disrupt communications, and permanently destroy American infrastructure. The 2008 Graham Commission lists a host of likely outcomes to a successful strike: planes falling from the sky, cars stalling on the roadways, electrical networks failing, food rotting—the list continues for pages.

    Yet very little has been done in recent years to prepare the U.S. for an EMP attack, even as the likelihood of that attack from rogue regimes and terrorist organizations has increased. Since 2008, five separate bills have aimed at bolstering American preparedness for an EMP attack, but none have made it out of committee. Even military installations, most of which had been EMP-hardened during the Cold War, remain vulnerable because of their reliance on unprotected commercial technology, such as GPS satellites.

    All Americans need to know the risks of continued inaction regarding the growing threat of EMP attacks. Therefore, The Heritage Foundation proposes August 15 be named National EMP Awareness Day.

    On August 15, 2003, an unexpected power surge caused a major blackout throughout the northeastern U.S. and Canada, affecting an estimated 45 million people in eight U.S. states. Although power was mostly restored the next day—an impossibility in a real EMP attack—economic costs approached an estimated $7 billion to $10 billion.

    Imagine, for a moment, the impact of a successful EMP strike upon the U.S. People couldn’t use their phones or the Internet to contact loved ones, public and private transportation would be unusable, and food would quickly become scarce. Thousands if not millions of Americans would lose their lives in the aftermath of the attack, and there wouldn’t be much the government could do. The U.S. needs to build up its missile defense system, develop a national recovery plan, and further research on EMP.

    The threat of an EMP attack is real, and it must be taken seriously if the U.S. is to be fully prepared for the future. Recognizing EMP Awareness Day would be a step in the right direction toward a safer, more secure tomorrow.

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    13 Responses to National EMP Awareness Day

    1. KJinAZ says:

      About the only things you can do to protect your equipment from an EMP blasts are to keep your equipment unpluged, or at least off. Then you must have your own power source after that since the grid will be dead.

      Can you say chaos! Your money would all be gone since all banks would loose their data. Life as we know it would stop.

    2. Bobbie says:

      How can you trust the government alone when they mandate electronic meter hook ups on our water and electric? Even though we responsibly pay our bills they threatened "shut off" if we didn't comply. Force made us comply! These dangerous crooks left a "thank you for participating!" Talk about sarcastic! Oh and they said it was free but by golly if our water bill didn't go up $20.00 on our next bill with absolutely no excuse of a water leak! We're trapped! America needs the honorable leadership who respects the freedom and independence of the people and respect's their oath to protect and defend the people, not government abuses and corruption on the people! Romney/Ryan 2012!

    3. tim tessier says:

      There is an excellent novel, "One Second After" ny William Forschten that discusses the afteath of an EMP attack.

    4. 1-Eddie-1 says:

      And people say that Prepper's are crazy. At the very least people should learn food preservation techniques that does not involve refrigeration.

    5. humble human says:

      We are going to have an EMP disaster, if not from mortals, then from planetary alignment on the winter solstice. Every year we have a winter solstice, but after thousands of them we are going to have finally gotten to the dubious honor of alignment of multiple planets. Even the black hole at the center of us (the Milky Way) will be beaming cosmic rays at us (Earth) in addition to gravitational forces and the forces due to gyration (angular velocity cross linear velocity) which bring into question what the U S government has been doing with HARP and have they done enough to prevent the drift of the magnetic North pole. (?)
      If the poles change positions (on Earth) that would be more drastic than Barry Soetoro's destruction of the economy! I can't stop the Sun from developing 4 poles and neither can I stop the Earth's poles from relocating on Dec. 21 of this year. (Give or take a week.)

    6. BayouCoyote says:

      Remember who is responsible for our present predicament:

      Murkowski Blocks Effort to Protect US Power Grid
      "In a surprising election-year gambit, Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski has gutted legislation with strong bipartisan support that would protect the U.S. power grid from solar flares and Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) weapons, to benefit a “clean” energy bill backed by Senate Democrats."

    7. Jeff Harper says:

      I would suggest that everyone interested in preparing for an EMP attack or a G5 Solar storm, read about it at http://www.futurescience.com/emp/emp-protection.html.

    8. @EMPCover says:

      The debate over the EMP attack threat makes better sense if you see graphics. When we started researching this, we we frustrated by the extreme language used by both sides. It took a lot of research, but we found out important facts and converted them to graphics.

      Please take a look at our EMP simulator on EMPCover.com. Some things you'll see:
      1) A coast-to-coast EMP attack requires a multi-megaton bomb. Only the major powers have those, so that kind of attack would be most likely as part of a global thermonuclear war.
      2) The more likely scenario is some sort of regional attack. You can see the EMP range of small nuclear bombs by looking at our EMP simulator.
      3) The EMP energy pattern is not that of a radio signal. Instead of an even pattern that diminishes evenly away from the central point, the peak fields in an EMP have a horseshoe like shape. That dramatically increases the threat for some areas.
      4) There is also the possibility of local attacks using non-nuclear EMPs, which are a growing threat.

      It is also helpful to know the odds. We estimate:

      –The chance of a solar super-storm is about double the risk of a house fire.
      –The chance of a nuclear EMP is about the same as the risk of a fire at your house.
      –The chance of terrorists using a non-nuclear EMP for a local EMP attack is about the same as the house fire risk, but the odds are growing as the devices become easier to build and smaller.

      The pictures and graphics on our site really help explain the threat. For example, we have pictures of EMP devices built into the back of truck trailers. The US Military uses these for testing. (Real stuff, not some crazy ranting. Click on the link and you can read the US military brochure that explains the test systems.)

      Finally, let me say that we feel the country can survive an EMP attack. There are things people can do to protect their families and businesses.

      Even if someone was able to hit us with a single multi-megaton EMP blast, power systems would slowly come back. It might be days, weeks or even months for some state-size locations…but the United States would come back.

      • Blork says:

        The chance of a nuclar EMP attack is the same as the risk of your house burning down? Good research :o) Why didn't it happen already?

      • mike B. says:

        I would have to disagree with your "facts". Iran may have enough enriched urainium for several nuclear bombs and has reserched EMP tecnology. Not only that, but Iran has openly said they want to destroy America, so logically, if Iran gets several bombs it may fire one or more at us, and since they may have enough enriched uraniam for SEVERAL NUCLEAR BOMBS, we have an extremely high chance of an EMP attack. The power grid would not come back completely for at least a year; EMPs permanently damage electronics. The only way to get power again would be to replace the equipment/transformers. These tranformers take at least a year for them to manufacture one. For more information visit EMPACT America

    9. Suzie says:

      Perhaps the reason that proposed legislation to protect against EMP attacks – whether from our enemies or from a natural phenomenon – has never made it out of a committee is because our legislators don't believe they could sell it to the American people. It's just too much "Star Wars" fiction. I suggest that the place to start is to protect our infrastructure from catastrophic storms. Washington was greatly impacted by the derecho that hit July 29th which completely knocked our electric grid! And yes, food rotted – in stores, restaurants, & homes; phones were out & the internet went down; gas lines at the few stations that had power were remenescent of the gas shortages in the '70's; banks were closed & ATM machines were inoperable. Travel through heavily populated areas was risky because traffice lights were out. (Picture six lanes of traffic stopping to allow a single car to pull out from a side street.) And yes, the Federal Government was impeded! Why isn't anyone addressing this? With so many natural disasters striking every area of our country, legislation dealing with this issue should be an easy sell. Then the threat of EMP's might be more believeable to the public.

    10. Chuck Manto says:

      A New Bill with a Fresh Approach to EMP: Manmade or natural EMP can indeed, in worst case scenarios, cripple the country and endanger its sovereignty if we are not prepared. Even a small regional impact could reach trillion dollar impacts as shown by a prior EMP economic impact assessment I helped produce. However, too often people think this is an issue for a few technical or political experts and not something that they can do much about. I believe that is a reason why the other bills such as the Grid Act or Shield Act have not gone farther than they have, namely, that the issue does not seem to have broad-based interest.

      However, a new bipartisan — House Resolution 762 — authored by Congressman Roscoe Bartlett places the class of high-impact threats (that includes EMP, extreme space weather, cyber attack, coordinated physical attack and even pandemics) in the public eye by asking each community to be prepared for a relatively imminent collapse of the power grids and begin preparing now by making roughly 20% of whatever they need including power and food. If the congressman succeeds and this bill becomes well-known and adopted, there may be hope for the other EMP related bills, also.

    11. sandiwhite says:

      My humble garden and food canners may be the biggest life raft I have.

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