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  • Morning Bell: This Threat Seems Fictional, but It's a Real Danger

    What happens to our society if we lose all electricity? A new TV show premiering next month, Revolution, will explore that question. It will be set in a world “where every single piece of technology—computers, planes, cars, phones, even lights—has mysteriously blacked out forever.”

    Eric Kripke, one of the show’s executive producers, said, “We did our homework and came up with something that’s actually plausible.” He’s right.

    Though the cause of Revolution’s blackout will be revealed in the course of the show, it certainly points to an electromagnetic pulse (EMP)—a threat that is, in fact, plausible and for which the United States is unprepared.

    On August 15, 2003, a major blackout occurred throughout the northeastern U.S. and Canada, offering more than 55 million people a glimpse of what life could be like after a large-scale EMP. In that case, most services were restored within a day, but that would not be the case after an EMP. Damage to lives and property would be immense, and the ensuing devastation would continue for years, if not decades. Unfortunately, many in the media have dismissed the idea.

    The good news is that the U.S. can do a lot to protect itself from the effects of a deliberate EMP attack by an enemy or an EMP caused by space weather, such as a large solar flare. But local, state, and federal governments have a lot of work to do. The Heritage Foundation has urged Congress to establish August 15 as National EMP Awareness Day, to educate the public and lawmakers on the threat and the need for action.

    Where Would an EMP Come From?

    An EMP affecting the U.S. could come from two sources: the detonation of a nuclear weapon at a high altitude, or a naturally occurring space weather event, such as a large solar flare.

    A rogue state would not need a long-range ballistic missile to deliver a nuclear warhead. Even short-range ballistic missiles carrying an EMP device or a nuclear warhead launched from a ship off the U.S. coast could impact millions. Today, more than 30 countries, including Iran and North Korea, possess ballistic missile capabilities.

    What Would Happen?

    Heritage’s Michaela Bendikova and Jessica Zuckerman have written about the impact of an EMP:

    A successful EMP attack – a high-intensity burst of electromagnetic energy caused by a rapid acceleration of charged particles – would fundamentally change the world. Airplanes would fall from the sky; most cars would be inoperable; electrical devices would fail. Water, sewer, and electrical networks would fail simultaneously. Systems of banking, energy, transportation, food production and delivery, water, emergency services, and even cyberspace would collapse.

    It would take years – possibly decades – to restore the U.S. electricity supply. Recovery abilities would be critically limited, and the country would be challenged to support current population levels. Millions would likely die.

    What Can We Do to Prevent It?

    Interest in the EMP threat dropped after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and today, the Department of Homeland Security does not have a national recovery plan for the event of an EMP attack. There are a number of things the U.S. military and Homeland Security could do to protect our critical infrastructure from devastation. Bendikova and Zuckerman write that America should:

    • Improve and restructure U.S. missile defense programs, including our ability to intercept ballistic missiles while in flight.
    • Demand that the Administration develop a National Recovery Plan. The first focus should be improving the infrastructure on which all other sectors are dependent, such as electrical power and telecommunications.
    • Determine which countries could attack. The U.S. should produce a national intelligence estimate on which countries are pursuing EMP weapons or are already capable of launching an EMP attack.
    • Prepare and protect the nation’s infrastructure. Cyber infrastructure, for example, is dependent on the power grid—which makes it a unique challenge in an EMP scenario.
    • Require more research. In addition to raising national awareness, more research is needed on the risk associated with an EMP attack to ensure that the nation understands the full scope of the threat and how to close critical vulnerability gaps.

    To learn more about the EMP threat and what the U.S. needs to do to prevent it, see Preventing Catastrophe: Time for a National EMP Awareness Day.

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    56 Responses to Morning Bell: This Threat Seems Fictional, but It's a Real Danger

    1. LMD says:

      Well The Mayans predicted this way before we did and quite honestly with all the corruption in the world I think an EMP would be in order.I think a complete economic collapse will be much more devastating than an EMP. Obama wants this before the election so he can have control of the most industrialized nation on earth… Why do you think a Russian nuclear sub was located in the gulf recently? Obama is in collusion with China and Russia. He's a TRAITOR who will stop at nothing to make America a Socialist State…

    2. John Wagner says:

      The importance of electricity has always been a central interest of mine. I am a teacher and have found that most people don't even know who was our final/ultimate benefactor in electrical science. See my web page for factual information and a great story told on 16 pages filled with photographs. It is a story of my third grade students and how we have influenced electrical science history. See: &lt ;http://www.ntesla.org>. If you wish to reply, please do so by e-mail from my website.

    3. Robbie says:

      Gee, it seems to me some of us have called for conservative groups to start the discussion for the impeachment of Obama. And of course the elites have again ignored the will of the majority of the people. Now things are worse and all we get is more articles, and post and blogs of just how bad things are.
      Here we are 3 and one half years later and not one thing has improved in D.C., if fact they have only gotten worse. The answer is very simple. What to improve the status of the country? Answer: Impeach Obama.
      Problem solved.

      • sdfultz says:

        So the conservatives you speak of have done nothing and you still look to them for leadership? There's a name for that!

      • Good idea Robbie, but just one minor problem…..Congress is far too cowardly to begin
        impeachment proceedings.
        The EMP issue has been on multiple websites for years. Whether created by foreign terrorists,
        the White House, HAARP or a natural sun burst, this country could easily be thrown back to
        the middle ages, but we wonder, in spite of all the Deep Underground Military Bases for the
        safety of the elites, if they are truly so evil as to 'bestow' such a horrible catastrophe on this planet.
        We wonder.

    4. toledofan says:

      Because we depend so much on technology, it is in our best interest to have a comprehensive plan not only for recovery but for defense as well. I think that it would be money well spent to develop the plan but I think all available monies are going to be put into Obamacare to try and make it work. It's sad that this kind of article has to be written to create awareness, this should already be in process and the plan should already be etched in stone. It's too bad Obama hasn't developed a comprehensive energy plan that would include upgrading the grid. I guess it's not a priority because there hasn't been a disaster yet.

      • Ken Marx says:

        Government often is reactive instead of active. Elected officials tend, with a few exceptions, to wait until some disaster hits, then come up with a hasty fix, ignoring all the ramifications that entails. And if it requires substantial planning, as opposed to just throwing money at it, the politicians in charge haven't a clue regarding what to do about it. Therefore, we will continue to live in a "day after" configuration.

    5. robbie says:

      First admendment rights? Censorship is not a right that is guarenteed in the consititution.

    6. charleslabounty says:

      Is anyone going to see "2016 the movie" this Friday?

    7. Mary......WI says:

      If no one understands or realizes how devasting and EMP attack would have on any country read the book "One Second After" by W, Forstschen. Don't think for one minute that Iran, Russia, China, Korea haven't thought about using EMP against their enemies. How would you survive and defend yourself if faced with an EMP attack. I say restore ALL missle defense units….NOW. OH….an vote Obama OUT in 2012! He should have been tried for treason years ago.

      • sdfultz says:

        So tell me, what happens when our missle hits their missle? Duh

        • Ken Marx says:

          It might break the warhead open and spread some radiation, but it wouldn't explode. It would fall as debris. While that would affect whomever is in its path, it would not produce EMP.

        • ThomNJ says:

          It would destroy their missile and prevent the EMP. Duh.

    8. sdfultz says:

      The current Congress won't address the basic infrastructure of roads, much less push the private power companies to protect themselves, I think they'll wait and let the tax payer address "THE GRID".
      What will a missile defense do after a launch over America?
      I think the Heritage foundation should ask Romney how he would address this issue.
      More fear mongering! Revolution is already in the training stage, ask any of the para military groups that already roam the country sides.

    9. Pete Houston says:

      The deterrent is that we would return the favor to the country that is sending the missile. With both countries reduced to ruins and the significant costs of rebuilding, it is the deterrent. Since nobody can protect against it, that is the deterrent. Basically, why has no nuclear attacks occurred since WWII.
      The threat of mutual destruction is a good one.

    10. Dr. Henry Sinopoli says:

      What would happen if we lost power…Oh My God! What would Heritage do without Russ Limbaugh supporting their repetitive papers on how to solve all of the U.S. problems while Heritage continues supporting all the life-long politicians.
      Hopefully true conservatives, independents and 'free-thinkers' will stop following big non-profits soliciting money to support their Washington existence. Many of the TEA Party thinking populace understand that organizations like Heritage cannot sleep every evening with the Washington insiders and wake up the next morning an disavow the people who feed them.

      Of course, the Obama's have no emergency plan…They are reactionary not pro-active…By the way, how much does Heritage pay to the daily bloveator in Florida?

      • Bobbie says:

        hopefully you'll practice what you preach and rise above your hypocrisy. BTW- who's Russ Limbaugh?

    11. brunnegd says:

      A good discussion of the effects of an EMP is available at: http://spectrum.ieee.org/energy/the-smarter-grid/…. The discussions above on protecting the infrastructure are elaborated in this article, including the most vulnerable point, the large, expensive and difficult to manufacture primary transformers.

    12. Vic Livingston says:

      Many nations possess scalar electromagnetic radio frequency directed energy weapon systems, which have been proliferated by companies such as Raytheon, Boeing and Lockheed Martin under the apparent guise of multi-intelligence fusion surveillance. The Heritage Foundation has published articles about this weapon system, which, contrary to some articles, is FULLY DEPLOYED in the U.S. on cellphone towers everywhere. A veteran journalist reports at viclivingston(dot)blogspot(dot)com, re: "U.S.Silently Tortures Americans with Cell Tower Microwave Weapon System"

    13. Suzie says:

      The devastation caused by the derecho that hit the DC. area July 29th should be a wake-up call! Thirty hours after the storm left 1.3 million people without power, PEPCO announced that they had the grid back up & were ready to start to restore power. That was a mini version of an EMP attack with a hug impact. Why is there a disconnect here?

    14. Darrell Russell says:

      I am pleased to see all of the decent and agreement on the blog posts right and left. But consider this. I would venture to say that this only represents only about 10% of the electorate. Any one disagree?
      I have been around the country asking people I meet what their opinion on the economy is and get a negative response from those that are working, but I get a positive response from those that are on government assistance. Is their any surprise their?
      When I bring up the issue of personal responsibility and freedom I get a varying degree of responses. Some think the government should be doing more, usually these people are on some form of government assistance and of course on the other end is that the government is getting to intrusive and these people are those that are working if not for some company then they work for them selves.
      If you think this country is not decided not only on cultural lines but on economic lines as well.

    15. sdfultz says:

      Darrell, I agree most people view their lot in life based on thier personal perspectives,
      That is what I call freedom.
      Now how they acheive that freedom is another debate.

    16. Curt Krehbiel says:

      "Today, more than 30 countries, including Iran and North Korea, possess ballistic missile capabilities."

      And the Mayans predicted the end would come in 2012.

    17. Durand C. Waters says:

      The 2000-2002 TV series by James Cameron starring Jessica Alba was about a post EMP world in the US NW (Washington state, but Seattle in particular).

      It had some other conspiracy theory side tones, but was probably a good presentation of the prepared and the have nots.

      Has it taken us 10 years to start thinking about this again? I truly believe the current administration wants this to come to pass (another crisis), so they can establish Marshall Law and negate the upcoming

    18. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      I saw the preview of Revolution last Wednesday when the Olympics ended early. It's scary. There's a book by
      Whitley Strieber and James M. Kunetka called Warday. It was written in 1984. It's set nine years after a limited
      nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union. The resulting EMP cut off power to everything. Including cars. These were cars with computer chips in them. That began in the late 1970s. Cars built before the late 1970s, according to the book, were unaffected. William R. Fortschen has also written a book about an EMP attack on the United States. In 1989, there was a giant solar flare that hit Earth. Fortunately, nothing happened.

    19. none says:

      Those most likely to use such weapons are the sociopaths which have wrongly been empowered with authority at the highest levels of most governments, including ours; as the objective of such a weapon is similar to that of a neutron bomb, i.e. to destroy life while preserving the utility of the otherwise inhabited land, and thereby should be considered no different; as any such attack is indefensible, it is best prevented. What we should be most fearful of, is that the threat of weapons may be used by the same sociopaths through the spreading of more fear and doubt, to further enslave their populations, as has already been done to steal our liberties, with some fools even willingly handing them over. The most effective thing we and other nations can do to preserve their future, is to try to insure the neo-cons and liberal-fascists are never able to secure positions of authority, and were already present, are removed. Nuclear EMP is nothing new, it's only now do some see the opportunity to further use its threat decisively.

    20. Dave says:

      Does anyone know if things like an emergency generator would be redered inoperable if it was not running and there was no batteries in it or electricity hooked up to it? We as individuels need to know how to protect our persanal stuff also. Are there any books out there on this type of info?

      • none says:

        An EMP is presumed to concentrate its energy within a 10MHz – 1GHz band, implying any conductor having a length of between 1ft – 100ft long will be behave as an good antenna, converting the incident radio energy into a voltage spike of potentially tens of thousands of volts, potentially exceeding the limits of whatever it may be electrically interconnected while dissipate the energy. So as most things contain and/or are interconnected with wires exceeding a foot in length, most things will be subject to potentially large damaging voltage spikes, as would occur in any nuclear explosion or lightning strike; nothing new, its been a known issue for many decades. As this is not substantially different from the potential damage from lightning strikes, much of the over-voltage protection for our power distribution system is already in place, although still remains potentially vulnerable, albeit less so. If folks start shooting missiles at us, this may likely be one of our lesser problem, IMHO.

      • Ken Marx says:

        The generator would probably work just fine, as long as it was fueled. The longer term problem would be finding the fuel.

      • fred says:

        Anything with a sensitive semiconductor (tranistor, TC, etc) is vulnerable to EMP. Newer generators are probably more susceptable since they are likely to have some type of regulator circuits. Disconnecting any external cables will help, but it all depends on the intensity of the pulse.

        I believe the damage to semiconductors is potentially as devastating as the power grid components. Cell towers, the internet backbone, and many computers will likely be damaged. Even if a device is sitting on the shelf in a store, it might get fried. There are shielded anti-static bags available you can store small electronic items in, but who knows how effective they are until an event happens.

        Most military equipment and space vehicles are EMP hardened, but it's too costly for consumer goods.

      • Southern Girl says:

        Possibly it would work as the ones I know of run on propane. Of course, you may then have electricity to your home but think of everything around you that has been made inoperable. Can't get your money in order to buy more propane, if the propane supplier can even operate. A scene I do not care to see.

    21. Pete Kleff says:

      The military has been concerned with EMP for at least three decades. An effort has been made to "harden" critical facilties and miltary hardware. Combat vehicles have received a lot of attention, but others not so much. Until an EMP attack occurs, it is difficult to gauge how successful these efforts will be. The obvious problem to older veterans is the degree of dependance on electronic gagetry the current military generation has. For example, it is wonderful to fire a computer dependent howitzer, but what happens if the computer is offline. We old retired guys worry.

    22. I'm certainly not an expert on EMPs or the things we need to do to protect ourselves but any time I look at a threat to my existence I look at the source of that threat. If I can get rid of the threat from whatever the source I will not have to develop protective measures. Has anybody considered eliminating the threat instead of building bunkers to protect ourselves. If a threat cannot be eliminated by foreign policy and diplomatic efforts or get the backing of a legitimate and powerful world organization, not our present United Nations, then we need to look at taking action before they take action. If I stand before the world and threaten to eliminate a whole people from the earth or threaten to kill every person that is not a Muslim and threaten to force the Muslim religion and sharia law on the world, I should be held responsible for those threats. Have we become absolute cowards when faced with an idiot like the President of Iran?

    23. ken k. says:

      I'm glad to see Heritage has brought up this subject. Not only EMP, but also blinding or destroying critical
      satelites, and or cyber attacks can cripple or totally destroy our infrastructure. This infrastructure supports the integrated network of human civilization in our times, i.e. water, sewer, electricity, communication, food etc.
      Government's primary function is the safety of its citizens so that they can continue to function. Safety
      implies externally (defense) and internally (rule-of-law). I hope our government is aware of this subject and
      is researching and planning responses.

    24. Fedupaj says:

      If an EMP attack occurred, who would you rather have for president Obama or Romney? Without electricity to run the teleprompters, Obama wouldn't be able speak and I don't think aaahh, aaahh, er,aaahh, er would help much with recovery.

    25. Eric Gallant says:

      You want to see something really scary? In 2010 The National Academies did a workshop for NASA to study the effects of a severe space weather event (solar flare driven EMP). From the report…"the consequences of such an event could be very high, as its effects would cascade through other, dependent systems. Collateral effects of a longer-term outage would likely include, for example, disruption of the transportation, communication, banking, and finance systems, and government services; the breakdown of the distribution of potable water owing to pump failure; and the loss of perishable foods and medications because of lack of refrigeration. The resulting loss of services for a significant period of time in even one region of the country could affect the entire nation and have international impacts as well."
      There's a link to the report in my blog at http://wp.me/p1L35n-W

    26. RichardM says:

      Things that Homeland Security can do? You're kidding right? Janet Napolitano and her mostly women agency so far have shown they are not interested in keeping Americans safe. More like, let's so how we can denigrate returning Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and militias and cars and trucks with stickers on them that support Ron Paul for president. Afterall, the all-powerful OZ (the federal govt) has deemed it necessary that these groups are a threat to the security of a safe environment.

      Geesh, these people in government are really, really bad at trying to portray these groups as dangerous. They have no clue about the American people's pulse. The people are now awake, and we see the bloated federal government as the menace to our society, not our veterans or militia groups.

    27. Suzie says:

      Most generators run on gasoline. During the power outage in the D.C. area, gas stations were unable to pump without electricity. The stations that had power had lines of cars reminiscent of the gas shortages of the '70's. Many people were also filling up their gas cans to supply their generators. Some ironies: our water company couldn't pump water during the outage & warned people in some locales to boil their water – which would be difficult without power; a local county advised parents to email their schools to find out if classes were being held which would again would only work if you had power.

    28. Ron W. Smith says:

      EMP, yet another threat. America's power grid is an antique in need of serious updating to reduce opportunities for those who have ugly resolve to do damage. Our water supplies are always vulnerable to sabotage, as are our oil storage depots, our electronic networks, and so on. The potential targets are many, the reasons for ill-doing multiplying by the year. We're in everyone's backyard around the world–more than 700 military installations large and small–and are not viewed with equanimity too often.

      Our ability to fund all our "needs" is seriously shrinking, the backlog of domestic needs growing. The national debt, which has grown larger and larger since 9/11 can be traced directly to spending on Nation Building, Foreign Aid Designed to Gain the Cooperation of Other Countries, Homeland Security, National Defense, and Veterans Affairs. We spend more than the rest of the world COMBINED on them–now more than $1 trillion a year. And then there's the more than $300 billion a year that goes to servicing the debt.

      Instead just of increasing the reasons for others to threaten the United States, it's time to reduce the reasons. It's time for a national dialogue and debate over the reasons and the foreign policy decisions behind them. Being SuperPower on Call is dangerous and very expensive in dollars and lives.

      When does that dialogue and debate begin? I'm ready.

    29. Pamela says:

      The press doesn't want to talk about it because the white house said no no but they are so stupid NOT to realize that all they are doing in protecting this administration etc that is harming all of us out here PLUS they will be in all this mess as well. They won't be excempt! Not one of the idiots in D.C will come to their rescue etc. Hey, newsmedia you are in the pile with all of us out here. WAKE UP Tell the truth. Report the truth's not lies.

    30. Southern Girl says:

      I lived through Hurricane Katrina and believe me I can tell you what it's like not to have power for two weeks. I shudder to think what it would be like to be without it for months or years. We would be thrown into the dark ages for sure. Obama and his cronies are so busy worrying about getting him re-elected that they aren't concerned about the state of this country. He has already agreed to reduce our missile defense by colluding with Russia. Washington doesn't know how to be proactive, only reactive. In a case like this they won't even be able to react.

    31. Susabella says:

      Oh for heaven's sake. The media is constantly searching for new ways to scare us all to death. I don't even pay any attention anymore, and certainly wouldn't pay good money to watch a movie designed to frighten us.
      Does anyone remember the mid 1970's when we were told the earth was running out of oil, the earth was running out of clean water, acid rain was going to kill us almost immediately and . . . an ice age was coming!!
      Now you see why I take it all with a grain of salt.

    32. Albert Maslar says:

      Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attacks will happen just as nuclear bombs happened. Eventually all dire predictions about the future will no doubt happen; political upheaval, collapse of economies, nations, cultures, wars, insurrections, and a flood of unanticipated events causing the all too common refrain, "We must take precautions and take steps to insure that something like this does not happen again." But there is no end of "one more thing" to upset the applecart. In the case of preparing for EMP attack, natural or man-made, the populace depending upon technology and especially the ubiquitous cell phone, will not know how to function. Seems that present generations reaching down to the very young seem naked without the cell phone in hand for pictures, texting, GPS; even locking and unlocking cars plus the computers that make them operable. Satellites may be disabled and there might be a mandatory return to the dark ages. There is no real preparation except to learn how to function in the absence of modern conveniences that are part of the digital world and totally dependent upon technology. The only question is how broad and damaging will EMP attacks be. The most backward and least advanced technological peoples may have more of a chance to survive an EMP catastrophe since they have adapted to living with limited natural resources and almost no modern conveniences and technology.

    33. Dave, There are several options for "emergency generator" units available on the market. The ones I have provide on-generator outlets for 120 & 220. The best way to protect your emergency generator from an EMP is simple and sound ridiculous but it works. BTW, this method is also effective for ALL electrically powered items that have solid state components to them.
      Measure the item you want protected. Build a box that will fit over the unit and cover it completely. For a generator I suggest having a "base plate/board" also that the box will surround in addition to the generator. Once the box and base are built cover the interior of the box with aluminum foil. The heavy "commercial" brand works best because it is thicker that the aluminum you purchase at your local grocers. As I am a firm believer in more is better, I line mine with two layers. Make certain your wrap the base plate also.
      Once everything is lined and wrapped, place your emergency generator onto the base plate and cover the whole thing with the box you built. If you want to take it one step further, install a couple of lockable latches on the box/base plate prior to covering everything.
      More than likely, there will only be one EMP "blast" so you should be safe to uncover and use your generator. One note of caution. IF such an occurrence were to take place, there will be "rovers" looking for people that have what they were not smart enough to prepare for their own survival. So, if you opt to run your generator make certain the sound of a running generator is not an invitation to unwanted "guests". So, you may want to take an additional step and build a small sound proof enclosure you can use when running your generator.
      I hope this helps.

    34. Jim says:

      From a technical point of view the impact of an EMP attack is grossly overstated. Measures have been taken for many years to counter exactly this sort of event, both with military electronics and commercial systems. Airplanes will not fall out of the sky and power plants will not cease to operate. Yes problems will occur but the country will not grind to a stop.

    35. @EMPCover says:

      he debate over the EMP attack threat makes better sense if you see graphics. When we started researching this, we we frustrated by the extreme language used by both sides. It took a lot of research, but we found out important facts and converted them to graphics.

      Please take a look at our EMP simulator on EMPCover.com. Some things you'll see:
      1) A coast-to-coast EMP attack requires a multi-megaton bomb. Only the major powers have those, so that kind of attack would be most likely as part of a global thermonuclear war.
      2) The more likely scenario is some sort of regional attack. You can see the EMP range of small nuclear bombs by looking at our EMP simulator.
      3) The EMP energy pattern is not that of a radio signal. Instead of an even pattern that diminishes evenly away from the central point, the peak fields in an EMP have a horseshoe like shape. That dramatically increases the threat for some areas.
      4) There is also the possibility of local attacks using non-nuclear EMPs, which are a growing threat.

      It is also helpful to know the odds. We estimate:

      –The chance of a solar super-storm is about double the risk of a house fire.
      –The chance of a nuclear EMP is about the same as the risk of a fire at your house.
      –The chance of terrorists using a non-nuclear EMP for a local EMP attack is about the same as the house fire risk, but the odds are growing as the devices become easier to build and smaller.

      The pictures and and graphics on our site really help explain the threat. For example, we have pictures of EMP devices built into the back of truck trailers. The US Military uses these for testing. (Real stuff, not some crazy ranting. Click on the link and you can read the US military brochure that explains the test systems.)

      Finally, let me say that we feel the country can survive an EMP attack. There are things people can do to protect their families and businesses.

      Even if someone was able to hit us with a single multi-megaton EMP blast, power systems would slowly come back. It might be days or even weeks, but the United States would come back.

    36. gaganvirk says:

      health care law was unconstitutional and should have been invalidated,
      "physician, recruiting, healthcare, jobs, medical, staffing"

    37. Suzie says:

      That's a great description on how to protect your generators. It seems that you have two. What powers your generators – gasoline? – batteries? How do you determine an adequate amount of the power-source to see you through the crisis?
      Southern Girl,
      You make my point. These very damaging storms should be enough evidence that we are woefully unprepared for natural phenomena.This should not be a political discussion or considered a conspiracy theory. These are present day crises! When electricity is gone so is the entire infrastructure our lives depend on. Years ago my cousin was living in Florida during the aftermath of a hurricane. She died because the generator in her home wasn't adequate to maintain her oxygen flow. I'm sure there have been many such deaths that we will never hear about.

    38. ron hansing says:

      If an emp strikes directly from the sun, how large of an area would be affected? what about an emp bomb.

      I do have fifty pounds of wheat stored in my house… but water would be a problem.

    39. Don White says:

      The impact of an EMP burst on a family, on a group, a villiage, and town are very ifferent. If one is merely a survivalist, the results are devistating since there is no dialisis machine or funeral home etc to help. The impact on an EMP prepared villiage, EMP protected, are enormouly different and lesss, because the home and buildings are shielded, bonded, grounded, surge suppressed and filtered.

      Forget, Hollywood version of EMP called Revolution. IT is just a hollywood story and replete with errors. If you want to get the facts and how to prepare, read my book. you can get it on "www.emp-safeguard.com

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