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  • Family Business Sticks to Principles, Challenges Obamacare Mandate

    The Obama administration’s anti-conscience mandate went into effect at the beginning of this month, and private business owners are now required to cover contraceptive care in employee health plans thanks to Obamacare.

    Weingartz, a family owned lawn supply store in Michigan, is one of several businesses challenging that mandate in court, saying it requires business owners to violate their religious beliefs.

    “As people of faith … we’ve looked at our business as an extension of that faith and we’ve always tried to run it in a way that’s compatible with our faith,” Daniel Weingartz, the company president, said. “We’ve never had to go against something that was against our religious principles in order to run our business. In 67 years, we’ve held true to that.”

    Weingartz is not complying with the anti-conscience mandate, but will not face penalties until its health insurance plan renews in January. At that time, the company could be fined up to $100 per employee per day for not including the mandated services in its plan. Ironically, the fine for offering a plan that doesn’t comply with the mandate could exceed the fine for not offering health insurance at all. Under Obamacare, the fine for not offering employees health insurance is $2,000 a year per employee.

    “Either we’re going to have to drop health insurance, we’re going to have to violate our religious principles, or we’re going to have to pay the fine associated with having a non compliant plan,” Weingartz said. “I guess ultimately we’re hopeful that our case is settled with a positive disposition for us so that we don’t have to make those decisions, but those are the three options that we have.”

    Weingartz is seeking an injunction so that its current plan can stay in place until the court case is decided.

    “We don’t want to put our employees’ health at risk,” Weingartz said. “It’s an important part of our business to offer health insurance to our employees so we’re hoping that this doesn’t change that.”

    He said the lack of coverage for contraceptives in the company’s health plan had never been an issue.

    “We’re not trying to say there’s anything wrong with people using birth control,” he said. “We feel that personally its wrong and its wrong for us to pay for it.”

    The administration’s mandate has put many other employers across the country in a similarly tough spot, having to decide between their religious faith and their desire to continue to provide their workers with health insurance. Just last month, Hercules Industries won an injunction in a similar case in Colorado. Other cases have been filed by religious-based non-profits across the country, including several cases from religiously affiliated universities like Notre Dame.

    Weingartz said that as a business, his company tries to avoid litigation at all costs, finding it a huge waste of resources and energy.

    “As much as we really didn’t like taking the legal route, we just felt like that was the only option we were left with,” he said. He added that he has received support from people across the political spectrum.

    “We’re getting support from all kinds of different people,” he said. “It just resonates with people, something doesn’t feel right about this. There is just something that … seems kind of un-American about making somebody buy something that’s against their religious principles.”

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    11 Responses to Family Business Sticks to Principles, Challenges Obamacare Mandate

    1. Allegro says:

      All the more reason to vote this immoral, deceptive, America-hating, dictatorial president out of office.

    2. Lloyd Scallan says:

      How long before the men in black suits and dark sunglasses pay a visit to Weingartz's door? You don't think Obama will let this pass without major retaliation?

    3. connie says:

      Contraceptives should be the individuals responsibility.

      • rockncoal says:

        Yep, that is a personal choice, not an employer responsibility. That's why they put the condom machines in gas station bathrooms!

    4. Jeanne Stotler says:

      In 1945 I was in 8th grade, my teacher, a dedicated Nun, told us that we would end up fighting for our religion as the Martyrs of past years did. I am sure we all thought this could never be, but Lo and behold here weare in 2012 and fighting to preservethe creeds and tenets of the Catholic church against a President who does not acknowledge his own religous belief, ut denies us ours.

    5. vicki says:

      I have shopped at this store – now I will shop there more often – way to go !!!

    6. Bobbie says:

      Mr. Weingartz along with everyone but the President knows that peoples decision making comes out of their pockets. Hey, even literally eh? sorry… and with respect, personal matters of that magnitude is not the business of the business handled outside the work place. The President is too invasive. Put the responsibility of cost where it belongs and responsible choices will reflect in the population. You can buy contraceptives anywhere. The President of the United States concerned about contraception, a privilege, not a right! More focused on protecting peoples' personal responsibilities than fulfilling his responsibility respectfully to his oath of office as President.

    7. Charles says:

      I guess a Christian President is out of the question?

    8. Loretta Bates says:

      Religious beliefs or not, I think it is wrong to make employers pay for contraceptives. Why do employers have to pay for their employees misconduct? If they want to stay healthy, it is the employees concern.

    9. Wwesinthemidwest says:

      No doubt about it, if this bird is re-elected we will realize that what we have already seen from
      this administration is small potatoes. The next 4 years will produce the most oppressive
      government we have ever seen. The EPA, the IRS, even Homeland security will punish us every way we turn. Obamacare is intentionally structured to force everyone on to the government program.
      Government dependency will be the only thing available.

    10. Bobbie says:

      How did insurance come to privilege personal matters within ones control? That should be up to the insurance business by choice to provide, not a government unconstitutional mandate! Where in the constitution and why is this even brought up under contentions from the government that is paid to protect the peoples' constitution, not manipulate it!! America has to get these matters and their makers taken care of!

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