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  • Muslim Brotherhood Consolidates Control over Egypt

    Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi abruptly dismissed Egypt’s defense minister and other top generals over the weekend in an aggressive effort to remove a major brake on his own power.

    Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi was formerly the most powerful official in Egypt and a major pillar of the former Mubarak regime. Morsi has now put himself in position to consolidate the Muslim Brotherhood’s control over Egypt.

    In addition to sacking Tantawi, Morsi forced the resignation of the chief of staff of the army as well as the heads of the air force, navy, and air defense forces. This bold move amounts to a counter-coup against the “slow motion coup” that the military staged by stripping Egypt’s new parliament and presidency of most of their power shortly before the June presidential runoff election.

    Morsi opportunistically exploited the army’s embarrassment over last week’s terrorist attacks by Islamist militants, which killed 16 Egyptian border guards in the Sinai. The decapitation of the top ranks of the armed forces allows Morsi to place his own candidates in key slots and reduce resistance to the radical political program of Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood

    Morsi’s Islamist-dominated government has also cracked down on Egypt’s media. State prosecutors recently announced that two Egyptian journalists will be put on trial for “insults” to the president.

    As The Heritage Foundation has repeatedly warned, the Muslim Brotherhood is systematically clamping down on Egyptians’ political, social, and cultural freedoms. Yet the Obama Administration naively continues to court it as a partner.

    The big losers will be the Egyptian people, whose aspirations for freedom and democracy are likely to get lost in the shuffle. But the United States and its allies—particularly Israel—are also likely to find their national interests undermined by the anti-Western animus of Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood.

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    16 Responses to Muslim Brotherhood Consolidates Control over Egypt

    1. Stirling says:

      It's a muslim Caliphate people… thank the president for being complaicant (turning a blind eye) to the extreemism.

    2. Henry Felter says:

      I don't think the President turned a blind eye to it. He knows who and what the Muslim Brotherhood is and what they believe in. That's why he put them in positions of power in the TSA. That's why he is providing money and logistics to their counterparts in Syria. Their goals are his goals
      . We as a nation talk about illegal immigration, yet we don't discuss the massive legal immigration of Muslims into this country that we are paying for under Obama.

      • jturning says:

        I agree, as everywhere the president injects himself and our nation the Muslim Brotherhood are gaining power at the expense of the Christian and minority populations in those countries. You judge a man based on his fruit, and you would have to say "Christian" Obama bears Muslim fruit. And he's trying to do the same in Syria where we know Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood make up the rebel forces. I side with the Russians and Syrian Christians in hoping that Assad remains in power and weathers the storm.

      • Jim says:

        Surprise, Surprise, Surprise. I thought all along that the Arab Spring was not being pushed by democratic loving people. I suspected it was tyrants trying to take control from tyrants. Wonder why every day people can see this and not our president and his administration.

      • grandma53 says:

        I agree and would not be a bit surprised if we have ones in our government or that obama is a member. His actions as president have been to overtake this country. We Christians that worship God must stand strong now and not let this happen to our great country. God Bless America!

    3. AZ Bob says:

      Add another Army to overwhelm Israel

    4. Jeff says:

      Not a blind eye. It was one with eyes wide open. Islam and the left are two peas in a pod historically. They both hate the free market west. This was not an accident.

    5. Bobbie says:

      Who's protecting the people? What's the president doing to protect America? Why are they so quiet, bit blogging grumpy opinionators? Quiet in America? Why!!!!

    6. Ali Baba says:

      Victory will come quickly over you insolent westerners

      • grandma53 says:

        Pack a lunch buddy, we are a great country for a reason. We have had enough!

      • Carol, AZ says:

        When any nation sponsor terrorism anywhere in the world they also devour their young.
        Killing unarmed civilians and children is the mantra of terrorism.
        This country and others like it will never evolve beyond a goat pasture.

      • Stirling says:

        You've already taken over the media (liberal that is).. Can ya just take them and leave the rest of us…??? pretty please… lol

    7. Leith N. Wood says:

      What is happening in Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood taking over is no surprise to anyone, who has studied their history and rejected the liberal press telling us that they were a small, powerless group with no ties to radical Islam. Too many useful idiots around with blinders on. Cair is not a pro American group either.Read Jihad Watch on the computer and get the real facts.

    8. grandma53 says:

      The time has come to make a stand and we must have a president that is capable of putting our country first. We have not had that in over three years and he has sent money under the guise of aid to help build these horrible people stronger forces. He must be removed and I hate it but we are going to have to fight. Our government has let us down, betrayed us and the day has come to make them answer for being disloyal. Our Constitution shall not be broken or changed! Do your jobs or get out and let us get real Christian men who will do right by our Country and her people.

    9. rmgednnow says:

      The Nazis in the U.S. and the Communists here, in the 1930's, had their supporters in this country who favored their policies, and if one or the other had taken over our government, the quasi-Quislings who supported them would have benefited both in wealth and power.

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