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  • Morning Bell: 'Pizza Tax' Only a Hint of Obamacare's Costs

    Papa John’s Pizza founder John Schnatter spurred new outrage over Obamacare when he said recently that the law will hike pizza prices. But his business isn’t the only one that will have to pass its new costs on to consumers—or cut back, which will mean even fewer jobs.

    At least 60 percent of firms are estimating Obamacare will raise their health care costs, according to a new study released Wednesday by Mercer, a human resources consulting firm. One-third of those expect a cost increase of 5 percent or more. The study reports:

    The employers that will be hit hardest are those with large part-time populations—employers in retail and hospitality services. Nearly half of these employers (46%) expect PPACA will push up cost by at least 3% in 2014—and another third don’t yet know what the impact will be.

    A full third of the businesses can’t even estimate Obamacare’s impact yet—because so many of the law’s rules have yet to be written by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). And a number of its main provisions don’t go into effect until 2014. (continued below chart)

    The impact of this outlook—staring down cost increases mixed with the uncertainty of more government mandates and costly regulations to come—falls heavily on the economy.

    Obamacare requires all businesses with 50 or more full-time employees to provide health coverage for their workers or pay a $2,000 penalty for each employee after the first 30 workers. Some businesses have expressed that they are likely to avoid hiring so they don’t go over the 50-worker threshold for mandated coverage; also, they are likely to cut workers’ hours so that they don’t qualify as full-time to avoid the penalty.

    This is especially tough for restaurants, which provide lots of jobs for low-income workers. The Wall Street Journal reported that “McDonald’s Corp. Chief Financial Officer Peter Bensen said in an earnings call two weeks ago that each restaurant will incur between $10,000 and $30,000 in added annual costs because of provisions in the law.”

    The restaurant group that owns Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr., CKE Restaurants, will face the choice between expansion—creating new jobs—and tightening its belt to deal with Obamacare, its CEO lamented. Andy Puzder, CEO of CKE Restaurants, said:

    The money to comply with the [Affordable Care Act] must come from somewhere. We use our revenue to pay our bills and expenses, to pay down our debt, and we reinvest what’s left in our business. That’s how we create jobs. There’s no corporate pot of gold we can go to, to cover increased health care costs. New unit construction will cease if we have to allocate moneys for that construction to the ACA. And building new restaurants is how we create jobs.

    Of course, as costs increase on businesses, more will likely decide to drop health coverage for their workers altogether. Surveys have indicated that anywhere from 11 million to 35 million Americans will lose the health insurance they have through their jobs.

    Yet this is part of Obamacare’s design. House minority leader and Obamacare advocate Nancy Pelosi (D–CA) said that “the way we see it is an innovative prevention-oriented way for businesses to be emancipated from health care costs because they have a way out or whatever works for them.”

    Once businesses are “emancipated from health care costs,” their employees will be going to government to get coverage. As more people are dependent on government for their health care, the cost burden simply shifts to taxpayers.

    Pelosi describes this as businesses’ “way out.” But the effects are harmful to job creators, workers, taxpayers, and consumers. There is no way out except repeal of Obamacare.

    Quick Hits:

    • An attacker wearing the uniform of Afghan security forces has killed three members of U.S. Special Operations Forces in Afghanistan.
    • A Hezbollah leader told Lebanese TV that “should Iran acquire a nuclear weapon it would serve Syrian as well as Iranian interests, namely the eradication of the Jewish state,” reports The Times of Israel.
    • Unemployment in Greece has hit a new record of 23.1 percent. Spain’s jobless rate stands at 24.6 percent.
    • Google is testing a new search feature that shows your relevant Gmail messages as part of your Google search.
    • Heritage’s Thomas Messner reports that this week, “the federal district court in Hawaii ruled that Hawaii’s definition of marriage as one man and one woman does not violate the U.S. Constitution.”
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    92 Responses to Morning Bell: 'Pizza Tax' Only a Hint of Obamacare's Costs

    1. Don says:

      Obimbo knows exactly what he is doing…he is perfectly aware that his so called health care bill will in fact directly affect small to medium size buisness owners its part of his socialist agenda to destroy the Amercian econony and make us all government dependant….he knows also 250k tax limit directly again effects small to medium size buisness owners limiting there ability to hire or invest there capital…..dont forget this man has been schooled by many seasoned leftists….G.Soros being the main one..Bill Ayers,this mans past is very dangerous to America…Valerie Jarret…you cant get any more left than that…he must be stopped in november…or its over baby…we become a welfare nation look at Euorpe

      • sue says:

        Any incentive to be a viable, legal part of society, is all but lost, as they chip away at us, piece by piece…

    2. toledofan says:

      It's hard to believe that we could dart so far to the left so fast and I just have a very hard time putting my arms around the ease that it took for the Democrats to get us into so much trouble. What is bewildering to me is how easily it has been for Obama and his Administration to lie, cheat, steal and bambozzel the American people. I know the main stream media has a lot to do with this but with all the other information available how can anyone really think that Obamacare isn't going to raise the cost of everything. I just don't understand how anyone can with a straight face say this is good for America?

      • mcns says:

        Follow the trail…just start at the beginning, with government public schools…the past 20+ years the curriculum/agenda has been directly aimed at the leftist agenda, which has been shoved down the throats of our children — who are now reaching voting age…what did you think was happening? Just look at how the past one or two generations have been completely inundated with this garbage — they believe it, hook, line and sinker — it was just a matter of time — when people simply sent their kids to the schools to be raised…sad, but true — you reap what you sow!

        • Bobbie says:

          You are absolutely right, mcns!

          Some parents caught on but without the means of homeschooling have to tutor their children after school. It was an honor to see the light turn on. Now we have intelligent conversation with common sense and logic and learn from each other!!! It isn't easy because of the unjust contrast taught in America's public education with America's truth, strong values and principles. Kids that learn it, like America's truth but instinctively build resentment for their public ill education which teaches the youth the dispositions of all that is in government control can cause as they don't like the present or look to their future of obligated government thieving unconstitutional costs. We're just some parents but voices of children do carry and so is America's truth…

    3. MN J says:

      Downward spiral – increased costs to run business results in cutting employees so fewer people have money to spend which means business income decreases which in turn cuts jobs, etc., etc., etc.

      They want control – we must focus on this – yes, it's jobs, jobs, jobs but the real issue is the left wants control. It started with FDR who wanted a "brain trust" to run everything and that elitist mindset has never left the left (:):)) Today's crowd thinks they know everything – and they want control. We better keep this in mind.

      • LadyBlue says:

        I have a friend who is a die-hard liberal and he recently told me it would be such a blessing if Obama could serve 4 terms like FDR! My reply – you just can't fix stupid.

    4. brunnegd says:

      I have seen several comments from OCare supporters stating that they will happily pay an extra 15 cents per pizza to support OCare. They fail to grasp the larger picture. All of these costs will be passed on to consumers. Can they spell inflation? Inflation is like a slowly progressing disease. You don't realize the effects until one day you wake up in the hospital, or in this case, broke.

    5. Brian says:

      You linked to the second page of a two-page article on ABC. If you go back to the 1st page, you'll find that the cost of a Pizza will go up 14 cents. Oh boy…I think I'll have to cut back on my pizza consumption!

      • curt says:

        Add the same percentage to everything you consume. Electricity,gas, oil, food,cable, everything and tell me truthfully this won't impact your life negatively. Pizza that's nothing. Wait until this all really starts rolling. I wish I could see which direction your sarcasm takes then. Start using your brain.

      • Mary Larsen says:

        Sure 14 cents is nothing, but multiply that by a million businesses. However, its way more than that and you no it, don't be stupid!! This is about control plain and simple once you control people's very lives you have won. No one will step out of line for fear they will get denied healthcare, but by the time that sinks in to the thick skulled people it will be too late. I have been in healthcare for over 20 years, this bill will be horrible for everyone, the old will be denied care, the 16 million people pushed into medicaid will not be able to find care because no provider can afford to take it because it pays so little, and the young will be saddled twiced by skyrocketing premiums and sky high taxes!! Please educate yourself before you run out there supporting this POS bill. THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH!!!

      • O2BMe says:

        Pizza is just an example, everyone could live without pizza. But, I just received a letter from my insurance company that my rate is going up the first of the year. I guess I have to help pay for Fluke's birth control.

    6. Lloyd Scallan says:

      When Pelosi made her now famous "we have to pass it first" comment, many of us knew she knew "what was in it". When Obama said "you can keep you present health care" many of us knew he lying through his teeth? When we have gutless Republicans such as Rudy Giuliani making a statement that "we must be very careful not to say the president lying", can we expect the GOP will stand up and repeal ObamaCare? Face facts, the GOP shoved Romney down our throats, knowing full well he was the weakist of the bunch.
      Now the entire nation will suffer.

    7. Palrak says:

      We were told that PPACA was going to add 30,000,000 to the healthcare rolls (which you and I will pay for.) Now we're reading that just about that same number will lose their health coverage, hurting working folks and businesses. Both scenarios are bad. I agree that Obamacare must be repealed.

    8. Mary......WI says:

      I read and understand all these "silent" costs/taxes/mandates Obama continues to slap on America's businesses AND the American taxpayer and am COMPLETELY BAFFLED why Obama is ahead in the polls!! My conclusion is Obama's transformation of America is almost complete. Majority of Americans want to be beholding to the government for their every need. Where is the RNC?!! Where is Boehner and the Republican members of Congress?!! Why isn't Romney fighting back on all these horrible accusations against him?!?? Why don't the American people understand that taxing businesses will only increase the cost of products and food down the line? What happened to my country?! Why aren't the Republican leaders fighting back?! Conservative radio and TV talk hosts, and organizations such as Heritage Foundation can only do so much. The message is NOT being comprehended. Is there really a majority of folks that want to become a socialized country or is it only that they want FREE STUFF and don't realize what they're giving up for the free stuff?! It's all wrong! It IS very sad indeed :o(

      • Larry Okorie says:

        Is it that the "message is not being comprehended" or that the said message is untrue? If this message ever gets posted, take my dare and take a day off echo chambers; read news and opinion sites you don't agree with; and ask yourself if the opinions you have previously held make sense.

        • GDRN says:

          Been there, done that Larry. Do you really think that everyone on the Conservative side of things is that stupid? Have you actually read and listened to news and opinion that you don't agree with? Do you look around you and observe what is actually happening in your presence or are you another one of those liberal "don't try to confuse things by adding facts to the equation" types? It appears that Obama's lies are good enough for you so long as those lies fit your "self" motivated agenda.

      • Stirling says:

        The "Polls" are being manipulated plain and simple.. They oversample democrats by 5-10% over republicans, and tend to not sample actual voters, but only adults (which may or may not vote). It's really a propaganda campaign to discorage anti-obama voters. Don't belive the polls and just vote your concience.

    9. Amy says:

      And, because few have COMPLETELY read the Obamacare bill, and because some of the "details" have kind of been left out, to be filled in @ a later date (meaning Obama, Sebelius, Palosi, whomever) can make things up as the go along, the general public does NOT have the full picture. I hear people saying what wonderful coverage they will have. Probably not. The private sector doctors are still only going to accept a percentage of their practice in stingy reimbursements that will be provided by national insurance, and eventually, they will find something else to do. That leaves doctors who really aren't going to have an investment in people's health, because the practice of insurance (whether BlueCross or Medicade) determining WHAT tests can be done, and WHAT treatment can be provided, and WHEN such treatment (esp surgery) will commence will only increase 10 fold. After all, there is only going to be so many tax dollars available, and if anyone thinks that is going to provide excellent, or even mediocre, healthcare to all US citizens (and don't forget the illegals that get free care) they have another think coming and it's going to be a rude awakening.

      • timpclimber says:

        I know a lot of MDs who are going to retire in 2013 to avoid having to deal with Obamacare. Sad but true.

      • sue says:

        I just cannot fathom why illegals would get FREE healthcare, while taxpaying citizens have to pay? What's worse, is that I can't understand why ANYONE would think this is okay. What little incentive illegals had to become part of the US, is gone.

    10. Bill in Ala says:

      If they are in office whether Republican Democrat or other, liberal or conservative, vote them out and start over. They are all to a person in it for their own benefit, not ours. If it considers itself a politician, it lies and can't be trusted. We should limit terms on each and every one of them especially Supreme Court judges.

    11. Ray W. Hinkle says:

      I am terribly distressed by this administrations efforts to destroy our country. I think that there is a fundamental flaw with this President and the lack of scrutiny on his background during the last election, now has created an understanding that this President really does not understand (Or even Care) 'How this country works'. It is clear to me that he is driven by an ideology that is detrimental to our society.
      I appreciate Heritage's continued effort to expose the details of this law.

      • Larry Okorie says:

        The problem with most of you who post on this website is that you shut yourselves off from diverse opinions and keep on living in a fool's world of sameness. Your use of "our country" and "our society" and your reference to "the lack of scrutiny on his (Obama's) background" are codes for your racist them/us thinking and life. You can go on and ignore real public opinion and outrage about John Schnatter's comments, but does that change the truth?

        • Bobbie says:

          Lefty Larry, eh? New to Heritage, or a name change? Your limited thinking doesn't allow truth to comprehend an understanding. Using the words "our country" are words that include everyone under common law. This country has been abused and manipulated by government policies overriding the American concept. "our society" can only commence under common law that the democratic government party is destroying by legislating laws that reflect peoples skin color, cultures and religious beliefs and penalties to those that may unintentionally effect the overly sensitive, insecurities of others. It's why everyone proud to show their frail intolerances (supporting the acts of government) go out of their way looking for anything to be offended by. All of which are personal matters that left alone builds endurance but this government is driving the law to discriminate people equally accountable according to government skin color, culture and religious preference. Totally unreflective of freedom, dignity and America.

          There was absolutely no background VETTING on the President of America who was the only president who took foreign studies in a foreign country where beliefs conflict civility. Nobody questions this extraordinary feat of a man's upbringing? Every other president had nothing to hide. What's the difference? So your racist allegations only reflect you being the racist as you hold this man unaccountable to all he's done yet place that accountability on men and women who protect the integrity and dignity of the core principles everyone becomes accustom to, until NOW! Those men AND women unfairly held accountable to the acts of the (democratic party whose acts, history, records shows their superiority over men who aren't white,) come in all skin colors under human decency. Get a life, Larry. Open your mind! And take time to understand what America stands for. HINT: it's NOT GOVERNMENT CONTROL OVER ANYONE!! The problem with ALL OF YOU is that you hold a man less accountable with the only difference in skin color. Now look in the mirror and repeat "you are racist" everyday and you will begin to understand what a racist you are!

    12. Jeanne Stotler says:

      What most people DO NOT UNDERSTAND is that the more you want someone else to pay for,ie: Insurance companies, the more you have to pay in premiums or taxes. In the 1920's my great grandfathers both practiced medicine with in home offices,grandmas were the nurses, later the son of one moved to an office in a building and had to hire a nurse his in office fees in the 30's were $5.00, through the 60's if you went to a doctor for routine care like a sore throat, ear infection, you paid cash for the care, and the doctor had a nurse and a receptionist fees were $10.00, a house call would be $15.00 or $20.00. You could get a routine shot for $5.-00 not seeing the doctor, by the way these dedicated men saw you into the world and delivered your children and closed the eyes of your parents, they were called "The family doctor" As we expect Insurance companies to pay for more , the cost goes up as more paper work means Doc's are hiring more to cover the load so must charge more in order to make ends meet. Common reasoning.Paper work caused met leave hospital nursing.

      • Bobbie says:

        The government creates make work off all industries which causes great inefficiencies and complicates all processes, even closes the minds that used to handle more than one thing at a time. If you notice everything with this "administration" has to do with "job creation" when the intervention of government implements caused the crisis in the first place taking more "government cuts off the tax payers" He talks about jobs but not the pay? That's where tax payers are at his beckon call. Make work jobs are government gain drawing inefficiency and waste causing loss to the industries, service and patient. When doctors aren't under the control of the forceful entity of government, health care is sincere when matters are governed by the doctor/staff and patient. Now doctors have to look to government to tell them what to do and how to handle health care per race, creed and culture AND at outrageous costs! If someone wants "special care" that makes it a "private expense!" That pisses me off. I've been inquiring what ASSET immigrants/people reflect today as they are unwilling to live according to their own without expensing everyone else which had no right coming to be through unconstitutional government force. I just can't find where it says Americans are responsible for the cost of government to provide to ANYONE! Or where it says anyone has the right to infringe their costs of living on ANYONE ELSE??? But especially people who choose to come here or taken refuge for the last 30 years!! We are being set up by some demoralizing, dangerous, weak minded people who have blood on their hands as it is.

        America isn't here for people to violate her laws or line up to get their infringing benefits off honest, hard working people. I know you know that, Jeanne. I vent. And thank you and your family for your honorable contributions and inherent good will to this beautiful country!

    13. Jason says:

      Someone in the comments here asked, "Where are the Republicans?"

      I am becoming more and more convinced that the Republican leadership is pretty much OK with the government takeover of everything in America, as long as they can blame it on those "nasty" Democrats. They scream and holler once in a while but just stay out of the Democrats' way when it matters.

      • Stirling says:

        The republicans do realize whats going on, but are being "advised" that they can't get "nasty" in reponding because it will turn off the Independents.. (which is a bunch of BS.) This is really why the GOP needs more conservatives rather then RINO's to tell the American people the TRUTH. The current Democratic party is not what your parrents/grandparents voted for. (they are far left socialist and communists now). You could say current GOP is what the democrats used to be in the 80's. The conservatives are now what the GOP used to be under Ronald Reagan..

      • timpclimber says:

        Then you haven't been paying attention to the House Republicans, They have sent 131 bills to the Senate to dismantle Obamacare piece by piece or as a whole. Not one of these bills has seen the light of day in the Senate controlled by the Demos.

    14. Irving says:

      My step-son recently graduated from high school and he was fed a continuous diet of pro-big government propaganda. In trying to keep peace in the family I never contradicted his father, and consequently I was able to see the results of his upbringing. He will *never*, ever vote anything but democrat.

      If there is to be any hope of changing the course we are on, it's going to have to be largely wrought in the public schools. Of course, if we don't change course we are headed towards a dissolution of our country – maybe the next iteration of the USA may do it better…

      • Face the truth says:

        The liberalist/socialist propoganda which is being taught in our schools must be stopped, this is true. But the real change needs to come at home. You admitted yourself that you bit your tongue at home, knowing that something should be done. The art of parenting in our society has been all but lost. Parents are so worried about what their kids think about them, that they are unwilling to do the hard part of parenting by teaching reality and responsibility. Doing what is easiest, most popular, or makes the kids happiest is usually not good parenting. The truth of being a responsible part of society comes with knowing that we don't always get our way, life is not easy, and it will never be fair. These are the things that a child needs to be prepared to deal with when they step out on their own, Otherwise they will do what so many now do, turn to the government looking for the easy handout/entitlement life that they recieved from their providers who where supposed to be their parents.

      • Guest says:

        Homeschooling is a great alternative. Teach kids to think for themselves, figure things out. At the same time you are avoiding all the brainwashing.

    15. Rev Stubblefield says:

      Why waith for the election –I think impeachment procedure should be started immediately this president has broken many of God,s law and violated our constitution–

      • Eunice says:


      • anonymiss says:

        I'm sorry but "God's laws"? Really? Since when do "God's laws" need to be followed by a US President? And since when is breaking "God's laws" grounds for impeachment?

    16. Andrew says:

      Given our country's frightening obesity rates, is making pizza more expensive a bad thing?

      • Stirling says:

        yes it is a bad thing to make anything more expensive.. When the government can pick and choose who to punish thru policy (by agenda) then they are taking away your freedom as an American to choose how to live your life.. See communism, and socialism for examples of how they eventually have complete control over the people by taking away choices.. More choices = More Freedom.. Less choices = Less Freedom.

    17. Jim says:

      What does this do to the larger corporations? The Home Depots, the Lowes, the GEs? Lockheed Martin, They all have well over 25000 to 70,000 employees! Surely even the big ones cannot absorb the expense of this. I trying to understand it.

    18. Good Grief says:

      Could businesses make every "employee" an independent contractor and thereby have no employees.

      • Ben C. says:

        No. I am an employer and the criteria for independent contractor is very well defined. The penalities are huge if you are caught and not worth the risk.

    19. curt says:

      I believe the Gov. wants this to happen to most business's. They want them to drop present coverage so Ocare can step in and fill the gaps. The first step to single payer and power beyond belief over the people of this nation.

    20. steve h says:

      Why would any company care abotu 5% increase in health care costs when the costs have been shooting up at a far greater rate in the past. When premiums went up more than 170% in the last 10 years, 5% looks pretty good to me.

      • Stirling says:

        Healthcare costs are similar to Education Tuition costs which have skyrocketed more. When the government subsidizes anything the industry affected automatically will increase its costs. As a citizen you should realize that government intervention causes costs to be passed on to you, and that government can NOT reduce costs to anyone. (only the free market system without government can).

        • steve h says:

          Why has the freemarket done nothing to reduce health care costs (or slow it for that matter)? 170% increase over 10 years – 5% sounds like a decrease to me.

          • Stirling says:

            Any industry that has government in it becomes a perversion of the free market system. Bettween the politics (say AARP) and yes other insurance companies which Lobby they have rigged the system with increased costs.. your 5% is a "Teaser Rate" like a credit card which will go up expoentally over time (like all other entitlements our government estimates).. Get the facts on how wrong the government is when it claims to be able to fix, and it doesn't.

          • timpclimber says:

            that's just the tip of the iceberg, the true costs will be much more. Wait and see, Obamacare will not bring down costs and health care will end up being rationed especaiyl to the older folks

          • saveamerica says:

            because of government intervention.

          • Pragmatic says:

            Because healthcare doesn't act like a normal market because you can't allocate goods via willingness to pay (a classic efficiency versus equality problem). The US system does a terrible job of mitigating this failure – just look at the cost of our healthcare versus those of other developed countries. We're way more expensive and have the closest thing to a "free market" for healthcare.

            • As previously pointed out, we don't have a free market medical system, now orbefore Obamacare. We have a fascist system of private ownership with effective control by the State and regulatory agencies. Medicare and Medicaid create price floors, regulation prevents effective competition, and we are calling a third party payor system insurance instead of a ridiculous fascist/socialist experiment that it is. Costs will continue to rise as more regulation is implemented to try and correct the deficiencies of earlier misguided regulations, and no one is held accountable for the failures, and then we get uninformed people mistaking a symptom for a cause compounding the problem.

      • Ben C. says:

        You must look at the big picture. The reason we have had such huge increases in health care is BECAUSE of government policy. If hospitals became tax paying rather than tax exempt you would witness a huge change in fee structure and policy. For one thing, the ER's would no longer be used as a "primary medical service."

    21. LadyBlue says:

      I work as a part-time employee of a major retailer, and we've been doing price increases on many products lately. We've heard that it's because of Obamacare, and that if it gets repealed, the prices will go back down. Obamacare is going to increase costs on many, many things – not just healthcare. I'm on a very limited budget, and these rising costs are really hurting me.

      • steve h says:

        You're kidding yourself of you think prices will go back down. Plus, Obamacare employer mandates don't kick in until 2014, so these prioce increases likley have more to do with gas prices, economic slow downs, and inflation than anything else. Obamacare is going to try and slow the growth of heath care costs. If we don't slow them, we're all screwed.

    22. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      "so many of the law's rules have yet to be written by the Department of Health and Human Services"

      So the executive branch has yet to write the rules? I thought only Congress had the power to make the rules because only they are held to account by us on a regular basis. I must have the abridged version of the Constitution.

      I believe it is unconstitutional for Congress to even make a law deferring rule-making to the executive branch, but it's been done so much for so long that no one even bats an eye.

    23. It this was just a $0.14 increase in PaPa Johns that would be ok. However, their average pizza is $10.00 so this mis a 1.4% increase. I would assume that this increase would apply to all goods and services provided by all businesses. Assuming a family of 4 at the poverty level, this increase would be $294 per year. This is a lot additional cost. If we consider the GDP at $15.3 trillion then the additional cost is $214.2 billion. This is money going to the government that could be spent to grow the economy if it was spent in the private sector.

      • Pragmatic says:

        That money isn't going to the government. It is going to the corporations to cover the additional costs of healthcare coverage which is going to the insurance companies. At no point is this going to the government. This is simply money being redistributed to different entities in the private sector, not a private to public transfer.

    24. steve h says:

      Heritage blows it out of proportion again: "[O]ur business model and unit economics are about as ideal as you can get for a food company to absorb Obamacare," he said in a conference call last week, portions of which went viral as a result of his Romney ties. Although he warned last week that the law would force him to raise the price of pizza by 11 to 14 cents per pie, he went on to say that the increase is relatively slim, particularly when compared to other volatile business expenses like fuel costs."

      • Jeanne Stotler says:

        Do you shop for food, in the past year food has gone up 57% and it's now going even higher, increase in Gas, draught in mid west. I shop for my family, 2 grown sons and 2 grown grandsons, last year I could shop for $150.00 to $200 a week and not really watch what I bought, if someone asked for a product, I bbought it. Today my bill is from $300 to $400, I've seen increases of .25 in one week on items. I am retired on a fixed income, now you tell me it's nothing?? What planet are you on, orare you just wealthy enough you don't care.

      • KJ Green says:

        OK, so the effect of the healthcare law is small compared to the impact of other costs. However, if you are trying to support your man Obama, you might not want to cite fuel costs as a comparable — it is Obama who said that under his plan energy costs would necessarily skyrocket. Either way it is the same person's insane policies that cause similar negative impact.

    25. BERNARD P. GIROUX says:

      A very good doctor told me the other day that there is no way to add 40 million people to the health care rolls and not expect the cost of health care to rise. It will bankrupt private health care providers. Massachusetts, where I live, just passed a bill, signed by the governor, to limit health care, in other words, ration the services, because the costs are so high, the government cannot afford to keep up the pace of increases.
      The real issue, in my opinion, is not that this [Obamacare] will eventually end up as a universal health care law, at great cost to the economic well-being of this country, but that this law [Obamacare] was written by idiots who did not know how to measure or predict the consequences of their actions, but blindly follow the ideological mandates of a president who does not give a farthing for the Constitutional rights of the people whom he is governing. Obama must be defeated on November 6th and this octopus of a healthcare abortion must be repealed in its entirety. The fact that a Supreme Court Chief Justice could actually re-write a congressional law, rather than protect the Constitution, is also an outrageous example of what this country is becoming. God help us.

    26. Ross says:

      Hmm. Give people health insurance now so they can get preventative care or just let them get sick and cost taxpayers millions when they incur future health care costs.

      The Republican's have the dumb white people in the back of their pockets. Literally. Wake up dumb white people.

      • Jeanne Stotler says:

        Hi Ross, I am one of those "Dumb White People", I am nurse, grew up during a war after being born into a depression, YOU are wrong, the goverment is NOT resposible to keep you healthy, the means are there and because you were born with a free will, it's up to you to use them. Routine vistits with a new born and though school, Should be paid for by parents, this is what we did. My kids had their shots and check-ups, dental visits etc and we, their parents paid for them. When you bring in a 3rd party cost go up. 1972, my husband had a health ememgency, was admitted through the ER and in the hospital for 7 days, total bill was $834.25, we paid $5.25 for telephone, 1979 I had a break job done, cost $109.41, at my local Texaco station. Lesson, I do not rn to a Dr. or ER for every bumb or bruise, I eat healthy, drink moderately, do not smoke and do not sit on my A–, at 80 I am still working. My kids are healthy as well.

    27. voteright2012 says:

      The American public is either stupid or put into a stupor by the LIES & RHETORIC

    28. Daver says:

      I'd like to see every bill we get–from Papa John's, Chick Fil A, etc.. to individually list out the cost of Obummacare like you get with taxes–cause that's what it is, right?

      Let's rub it in everyone's face what this law is costing every time a food or service is provided.

    29. Fedupaj says:

      Fire Obama, stop whining about Romney's imperfections, and install a Republican majority in both houses. The solution to Obama's runaway government and taxes can all happen in November if we unite to throw these idiot dumocrats out.

    30. Bogie, Marlow says:

      Why can't employers change the status of their workers from Emplyee to Independent Contractor. Make them individually responsible for all witholding requirements. Raise their pay to cover all the costs and issue 1099's insteaad of W-2's. Offer them training in how to complete all forms requiredand assistance in doing so?

      • Frustrated says:

        The IRS says NO.

        Per http://www.irs.gov: "You are not an independent contractor if you perform services that can be controlled by an employer (what will be done and how it will be done). This applies even if you are given freedom of action. What matters is that the employer has the legal right to control the details of how the services are performed…Consequences of Treating an Employee as an Independent Contractor: If you classify an employee as an independent contractor and you have no reasonable basis for doing so, you may be held liable for employment taxes for that worker."

      • Dog Lover says:

        Also, if everyone were independent contractors, then everyone would be paying self-employment tax–meaning the social security and medicare match that your employer pays. So everyone would in essence be getting a pay cut!

    31. Bobbie says:

      How can anyone trust a man that goes out of his unconstitutional way, creates job crisis by his own needless unconstitutional governing acts to increase taxes for punishment only, covering the neglect of government (no reason), costly regulations just because he can and impractical mandates that shows a clear intent that honorable businesses isn't in the presidents market to sustain? Nobody's money should be going to obamacare. IT DOESN'T EXIST! obamacare is unsustainable and against the will of the people! Cut the costs!

    32. Would it be fair to say this is just one small example of how Obamacare adversely affects those of low and middle income? What will it take for Americans to understand that this directly affects their wallet? All expenses charged to a business MUST be passed on to the public! Pizza is the smallest tip of the iceberg. It will affect everything that we buy.

    33. Ross says:

      Hmm. Give people health insurance now so they can get preventative care or just let them get sick and cost taxpayers millions when they incur future health care costs.

      • Bobbie says:

        Why do people have to pay insurance for preventive care? That is a stupid cost and a manipulating excuse!! Preventive care is what you make it with plenty of public resources that advocate. It's not going to stop whatever you're predetermined to get. Why aren't people in control of their own health, paying their own health costs? If people in government think it's the duty of government then the expense should come out of their pockets because we know what government pays for with our money government controls and we know it's not trustworthy to spend our money to make it government duty to take control of our health or their business to interfere with us and our doctors and without common decency to complicate our livelihoods anymore than the peoples' constitution gives government reason.
        When is it time for milk and cookies? oh that's right, government says "no milk and cookies! You might burp which will emit man made global gases causing great heat amongst the planet" man thinks he can control mother nature when he can't control his own rationale…

        • Jeanne Stotler says:

          Bobbie, I agree, when we paid out of pocket for routine care MD's didn't need as many employees, most ha a nurse, some had both a receptionist and nurse, but YOU paid for the Office visit or shot, also for house calls, Insurance was for emergencies like having an appendectomy, or your kiddo to have a T&A . ER visits were motly to get a wound stitched, or admitted due to a heart attack, breathing problems or strokes. Then most mom's knew how to treat an earache, warm oil drops, sorethroat, I gargled lot of salt water growing up, and vick's was a standard OTC in most homes. If this continues the shortageof MD's during WWII will pale against the shortage coming up.

    34. Richard F says:

      What if employers paid their employees more and not offer employee health care but the extra pay to cover the employees cost for what the employer is paying now through employer based coverage. In other words the employee would be able to choose the type they need at different stages for their family and if they choose not purchase health insurance with the extra money it is their risk not the governments or the employers. I was stuck in the trap of employers paying for my families health insurance coverage. But now if at the day I stared working I had bought my insurance for my family I could always leave the job and nothing would change. Thanks to wage and price controls etc. from FDR to Nixon employers could not increase wages so to hire and keep workers they did the" we will provide you with health insurance coverage" as a way to pay you or to entice to hire you. That is another problem liberals come with instead of free markets. The best way to beat Obamacare is for all young people under 35 to buy their own now and those above shop and do the same while at same time talk to employer about wage to cover, also Congress to either let health insurance cost be 100% deductible on taxes even if they can't itemize.

      • Dissgussted says:

        Your idea has some merit. One drawback is that when the employee gets a raise it may put them in a higher tax bracket so they actually earn less. Also many people are not disciplined enough to shop for the best health insurance and save to pay for it when they have been getting it from their employer at little cost to themselves. You are also right that the third-party insurance (medical) is a good part of what has driven premiums up in the past decades. People don't have to pay directly up-front so go to the doctor more often. Also we are such a litigous country that malpractice insurance for the doctor is astronomical.
        The price increase in the cost of pizza may be nominal but as another replier said it is symptomatic of the hidden tax this monstrous bill "ObamaCare"/ PPACA costs every consumer.

    35. I have a whole chapter in my book about this!! go to NOBAMAnovember.com to see it. Obama has to go!!

    36. w. wallace says:

      Pray America, pray daily, hourly and by the minute. The destructive choices that are before us are due to our own weakness in believing that one person will make the change to please everyone. It takes a village to raise…and we have. We must come together to overcome all of the "change" our President promised. Our rights as good people are being tested every single day. Do not let your guard up for one second. We must be strong and rest our good faith outside of the political arena.

    37. John says:

      "Papa John’s Pizza founder John Schnatter spurred new outrage over Obamacare when he said recently that the law will hike pizza prices…"

      This is a joke right?

      Papa John charges $18.00 for a pizza that costs about $2.00 to make. He actually has the nerve to claim Obama policy will 'force' him to charge people even more???

      A flushing out of head gear is in order.

    38. John says:

      "Papa John’s Pizza founder John Schnatter spurred new outrage over Obamacare when he said recently that the law will hike pizza prices."

      Is this a joke?? “of course (Papa John's is going to) … pass that cost on to the consumer in order to protect our shareholders’ best interest,” The words of Papa himself.

      So what's the beef Papa? You charge $13.00 for a pie it costs you $1.40 to make, and then have the nerve to decry presidential policy as the reason why you are doing that which you are already predisposed to do???? You should be thanking el Presidente for increasing your bottom line. Because you know you will pad some profit margin into that pizza price hike.

      Stick to making mediocre pizzas…….Hypocrite.

      • Bobbie says:

        just toss any amount out there. How do you know? Cheese alone costs more than $2.00 on one pizza. Tax increase puts higher costs on customers and like an honorable business man he's been making cuts as it is. Nobody needs government costs of burden! Why have it?

      • Jeanne Stotler says:

        I don't knnow where you shop, but I shop Walmart and could not make a Pepperoni pizza for $13.00, nor for the $7.00 I pay for a full loaded frozen pizza, and they are intitled to make a profit, that's "FREE INTERPRISE"

      • Stirling says:

        At some point (yes due to the DEFICIT this president has given us – 5.2 TRILLION in 3+ years), prices will rise, but the value of your money will be worth less John.. Nobody wins when the presidents fiscal policy makes everyone poorer. Economics 101, deficit spending causes inflation. and this administration doesn't understand economics at all.. at least Papa Johns does.

      • Anja says:

        He's not a hypocrite. That $13.00 you paid doesn't just end up in Papa's pocket! He's got to pay the workers, the utilities, the supplies etc. When you start talking about increasing the overhead (the cost to run) for a business, most of the time, the owners have to make adjustments tot he profit margin to make sure everything gets covered (like utilities, workers saleries, etc).

        You've given a prime example of the real problem in this country: the majority of the people DO NOT understand economics.

    39. Ryan says:

      He's just upset because he knows consumption of his pizza will force people into the hated Obama (or is that Robama/Obamney) Care system.

    40. GRACE E. PRATTI says:


    41. Ben C. says:

      For those who enjoy government control please read the triology Hunger Games. Panem is not that far off. Ask yourself "how is government now controlling us?" and you will understand my concern. Tryanny is always followed by anarchy.

    42. Casey Carlton says:

      O-bomb-aCare just gets worse every time we look at it, doesn't it?

    43. We can sit around and listen to all the experts spout their opinions until the election. The people can sit around watching TV and their I-pads to be entertained by all the attack ads waiting for one candidate of the other to be blamed for the mess we are in. Nothing is going to happen that means anything until we decide that Obama, if given another four years, will destroy this country. It doesn't matter whether he is black or white or green or blue, his policies, his background and his total incompetence to be the President of the United States of America has to be ended. If we wait four more years it will be too late.

    44. livefreeordie says:

      Actually, this is a blessing in disguise. Many that might have voted for "that thing" will learn why their hours or cut, or why they can't get hired on and vote against him. Let's be thankful it came out now!

    45. Anja says:

      Just wait.

      Right now, the people are crying out for free healthcare and some are praising Obama because they think he will give it to them. But in a few years, when the economy takes a turn for the worst (which it will if ObamaCare actually gets off the ground). the people will be cursing him.

      You cannot give anything away for free; it ALWAYS costs someone something.

      Policies like this will destroy the economy.

    46. Rhonda W. says:

      Another thing to consider is that most healthcare workers are worried about their jobs. I am an occupational therapist and most of the therapists in this country have to deal with the decreasing reimbursements of Medicare, in one way or another. The increase in pay work, as well as worrying about if you will have a job, sends most healthcare workers to think about getting into something else (outside of healthcare). I already know MDs and nurses that are no longer practicing (these are people with 20+ years experience). So how is Obama going to take care of people when we won’t have the workers to do it? Please remember we have some of the best medically trained people in the world in the US, so how is everybody going to get care when they are sick?

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