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  • The American People Want Obamacare Repealed

    After the Supreme Court ruling that upheld most of his health care law, President Obama claimed that the decision was a “victory for people all over the country.” However, public opinion polls that show that a majority of Americans don’t want Obamacare.

    RealClearPolitics has compiled polling data since the bill was passed in March 2010, and the numbers are telling. The average of all polling from March 10, 2012, to August 5, 2012, shows support for repeal of Obamacare at 49.8 percent, with 42.2 percent opposed.

    The public’s attitude toward Obamacare has remained consistent over time. A CNN/Opinion Research poll conducted in the days leading up to the bill’s signing showed that a majority of the people, 59 percent, opposed the legislation.

    Over a year later, Americans’ opinion didn’t change. A Rasmussen poll taken less than three weeks before the 2010 midterm elections showed a near-record 61 percent supporting a full repeal of Obamacare. The American people reiterated their disdain for the law in the voting booth, purging Congress of many of the Members who voted in favor of Obamacare.

    As the law faced several constitutional challenges before the Supreme Court, polling continued to show strong opposition. Respondents of a CBS News/New York Times poll taken as the Supreme Court began oral arguments in March 2012 found that 47 percent disapproved of the law.

    Even after the Court upheld most of the provisions, polls showed that Americans still believed it was wrong for the country. In the days immediately following the ruling, both a Rasmussen poll and CNN/Opinion Research poll found that 52 percent of Americans supported repeal of the law.

    The American people didn’t want Obamacare two years ago, and they certainly don’t want it now. One Gallup poll found a majority of “Americans say the law will make things worse rather than better for taxpayers, businesses, doctors, and those who currently have health insurance.”

    It’s time for Congress and the President to start listening, repeal Obamacare, and replace it with common-sense reforms. Read The Heritage Foundation’s plan here.

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    14 Responses to The American People Want Obamacare Repealed

    1. Bobbie says:

      We really do. There's nothing trustworthy about it. it's more cost than worth more penalty than benefit…

      Basic health care that every human body needs to survive can only be taken care of by ones own. When the body gets sick needing doctors attention, basic remedies apply to heal. This tax funded health care has accommodations, catering services and preferential treatment. Why would Obamacare even consider affording that even if specifically requested which it must have been? At who's request? Then he puts it into his law at the expense of peoples money who won't be favored or know what they'll be getting! Impression for some Americans and some who aren't but nothing in favor of all Americans as a whole! Government should only provide service equal to all. Any preferential treatment calls for private expense!
      Yes, we want this wrong repealed!

    2. @lwinger6 says:

      Unfortunately, the folks who really want Obamacare are already on Medicaid. Sadly mistaken in thinking their lot will improve.

    3. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Don't we get it yet. Obama and the Democrats don't give a rat's a– about what the American people want!
      They are determined to collapse our economical system into socailism and end our free, American way of life.

    4. steve h says:

      More Americans continue to support Obamacare when they get the facts. I've heard conservatives lie over and over – some even saying there is a 10% real estate tax when you sell your house or there are death panels, etc. It's amazing. Frank Luntz put out his memo on how to message against Obamacare before any proposals were introduced. Talk of death panels and bureaucrats getting in between you and your doctor and all that other nonsense. But as people are seeing more of the benefits and facts, they are starting to like it more and more. It's tough to believe with all the misinformation conservatives have put out there. It's amazing that some still want insurers to continue their abuses. Every day, more Americans see the benefits. That's why the Repubs want to repeal it so fast, because every day more Americans see the truth and conservatives can only keep up the lies for so long.

      • Fed up Doc says:

        Please, more and more PROVIDERS are seeing the "truth" day by day when they get their EOBs from Medicare and other insurance companies. The President NEVER told you the truth. Obamacare saves money by cutting fees by over 50% to providers. Its already started with non-physician providers. It kicks in for physicians AFTER the election.

        THAT is why more and more people in the medical field want this waste of a law repealed. So nice to see that another person has been duped by the media and the propaganda without taking the time to get the facts to be able to think for themselves….

      • saveamerica says:

        tell the lies you speak of. You write about all these issues publically posed yet you mention not one defense. When you assume your responsibilities to your health and livelihood and all of a sudden the government says they'll do it for you makes no reasonable sense! It's impractical to once get to go the doctor now get to get what ever the government regulates the doctor to give. We don't need the power, control and extensive costs for government forces between doctors and patients. You don't know what you're saying which indicates your a government free loader! Everyday Americans are finding the truth and fear it more and more. Who's gonna pay for all your other government programs, self victimized steve h?

      • elkirko says:

        please.. did you know that in the bill is a mandate to create a device database? This database will hold tracking information as well as payment, and location ect… actually what ever the president wants.. GO READ IT and stop spouting off stuff you don't understand.

        This is a violation of the consitution… my religion says medicine from a pharmacy is a sin, but all of Go-'s plants are our medicince… so forcing me to take your pharm medicince violates my religion PERIOD.

        Nuf Said, repeal or exclude me and my family, *grin*

    5. undunder says:

      Obamacare is already taking a great toll on America. Business have to fork over great sums of money to comply with the ill conceived underhanded act. The money business have to give to the government in the form of taxes/penalties/fees will not be absorbed by businesses. Those costs will be passed along to the consumer. Even the entitlement recipients will be forced to help pay for the "affordable" care disaster in the form of higher prices for what they purchase. Even if what they purchase is bought with "government issued debit cards", their purchasing power will be reduced by the amount of increase in the price of services or goods. So the entitlement crowd still loses. Plus, medicaid rationing has already begun in the form of limits placed on what services and how many prescriptions they can get for "free". The promise of free high quality health care was a lie and a trick to gain government control over health care and a larger portion of taxpayer money. And the extreme marriage penalty built into the act is a disgrace. Yet another liberal attack on the family. Liberals have done a great job over the past 50-60 years of destroying the family. And to what end? More child poverty. More teens in gangs, on the streets, or in trouble with the law. Moral decay. And the list of problems associated with the destruction of families goes on and on. Yet, obamacare is an all out attack on the family. And will be increasingly more so as more and more families enter the income range where the attack is most blatant. Coincidence? I don't think so. Communist leaders in the past have recognized that to take over a people, first the family must be destroyed leaving the people without strong support systems. And guess what. The American family has been under attack for years and sadly with great success. And look where America is-not in a good place…not good for our seniors, not good for our kids, not good for our businesses…not good for or schools… Who has benefited the most? Politicians. Obama claims obamacare has his great success-his signature piece of legislation. Obama is concerned with obama. Nancy Pelosi claims it as her great success even though she employed what amounts to criminal behavior to get it passed. So, folks, you see, obamcare is less about health care for everyone and more about cementing power and control in the hands of a few. When the government messed with a a health care problem when 15% or less would be better off and the overwhelming majority worse off, you have to look beneath the surface to the underlying motivations and intent. Yes, there have been a few teasers in the healthcare bill that many are happy and excited about. But, the reality really sets in around 2014 when the taxes come due, when the rationing begins because the bill is unsustainable, when doctors can't provide care because fewer doctors will have to care for more patients, when patients have to wait for extended periods like in Canada or in Great Britain for needed care, when the value of one's life will be weighed against the cost of one's care, when the truly wealthy can still buy high quality care, but average Americans will have to settle with whatever the governing elite decide to let us have.

      It's all good though. Because in a generation or two, citizens won't remember what they've lost. Just like elsewhere, mediocre heath care will seem normal.

    6. Terry Hare says:

      Do you want your Doctor to decide your medical treatment or some bureaucrat in Washington ? Or. better yet, a computer generated response telling you something is not allowed? Here a little-there a little-line upon line–precept upon precept.Then, GOTCHA!

    7. gayle says:

      Hopefully the American people who want Obamacare repealed will turn up in droves to vote Obama out.

    8. Laura Henning says:

      As much as I support the Heritage Foundation, I hate to see the authors of this article doing what the Obama Administration does all too often: leave out inconvenient information. They carefully said that "in the days immediately following the (Supreme Court) ruling," the American public was firmly opposed to the legislation. However, recently public support has ticked up for the law.

    9. Xboom says:

      Gullibility and ignorance still permeate the thought process of those who yearn for something free at the expense of other's resources. Apparently ignorance CANNOT be cured but, like stupidity, is genetic. For those who are not able to discern the obvious, take this; whatever the government givith the government can taketh away. So, if this is truly good the government will take it away when it becomes evident that it is not affordable or some other scheme comes along that the socialist deem a better way to buy the votes of the uninformed. Hey, if the facts don't support the theory, then obviously the facts must be changed. Lefty's … "THIMK" if you can.

    10. Wake-up people and see the way they have SUGARCOATED this Obamacare. It is evil! Not only will you be paying endless taxes, but you will be chipped with a Veri-chip- this is the mark of the beast!

    11. goldenrule says:

      The majority's voice, has been squelched. This should not be allowed, in a democracy.

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