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  • VIDEO: The Bloggers Briefing With John Fund, Hans von Spakovsky

    Voter ID laws have emerged as a major dispute in the months before the 2012 election, pitting the Obama administration against a growing number of states seeking to ensure the integrity of their elections.

    Two states, South Carolina and Texas, are already engaged in lawsuits with the Justice Department to halt their voter ID laws. Attorney General Eric Holder is probing Pennsylvania as well. Pennsylvania recently became the 11th state to enact a law since 2010.

    All of these efforts seek to crack down on voter fraud by requiring a photo ID to vote. It’s as simple as that. Yet liberals have concocted a conspiracy that these laws disenfranchise minorities — an argument the Justice Department is now using in its lawsuits.

    John Fund and Hans von Spakovsky debunk the liberal myths about voter fraud in a new book in stores next week, “Who’s Counting? How Fraudsters and Bureaucrats Put Your Vote at Risk.” They’ll talk about it at today’s Bloggers Briefing, hosted by The Heritage Foundation, at noon ET. Breitbart TV will also carry it live.

    Fund, a columnist for National Review, previously wrote “Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy.” He’s now teamed up with von Spakovsky, a former member of the Federal Election Commission who now works at The Heritage Foundation.

    Their book includes specific examples of voter fraud, which liberals often claim doesn’t exist. They write:

    But voter fraud is a well-documented reality in American elections. Just this year, a sheriff and county clerk in West Virginia pleaded guilty to stuffing ballot boxes with fraudulent absentee ballots that changed the outcome of an election. In 2005, a state senate election in Tennessee was overturned because of voter fraud. The margin of victory? 13 votes. In 2008, the Minnesota senate race that provided the 60th vote needed to pass Obamacare was decided by a little over 300 votes. Almost 200 felons have already been convicted of voting illegally in that election and dozens of other prosecutions are still pending.

    The issue is also resonating with voters. A poll conducted in April by Rasmussen found that 64% of likely voters think fraud at least a somewhat serious problem in America.

    The Bloggers Briefing will also feature a sequestration update from Frank Gaffney, a member of the Coalition for a Common Defense. When lawmakers return from their August recess, they’ll have just four months to figure out a way to avoid the automatic, across-the-board spending cuts agreed to in last year’s debt-limit deal. Those cuts disproportionately target defense, prompting concerns from across the political spectrum.

    Unless Congress acts, the U.S. military is facing $492 billion of mandatory defense cuts from sequestration agreed to in the Budget Control Act. An analysis of sequestration reveals that defense spending makes up nearly 43 percent of the cuts, a larger share than either entitlements or discretionary spending.

    These cuts have real-life consequences. The Heritage Foundation recently in a three-part video series highlighted how previous military drawdowns impacted readiness and put American lives at risk.

    The Bloggers Briefing was founded in May 2006 as a weekly policy discussion for conservative bloggers and journalists. Follow the action or ask a question on Twitter using the hashtag #BloggersBriefing.

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    6 Responses to VIDEO: The Bloggers Briefing With John Fund, Hans von Spakovsky

    1. @DeucePrez says:

      Voter I.D. changes have not pitted the Obama administration against anyone! These changes come at a time and the sole purpose is to disenfranchise American citizens who don't have the particular I.D. from having the right to vote. This primarily hurts minorities, but it also hurts senior citizens and those who lack transportation (to go to the offices where such I.D. may be acquired).

      The Obama administration is right and just in investigating these last-minute changes to voter identification changes in these mostly-conservative states.

      Ironically, everyone with common sense knows this as it is as transparent as clear window glass.

      • Bobbie says:

        in response to your last line: no, not everyone. just those with the mental illness they call common sense…

        This baby rule hurts no one that wants to vote. Accountability helps the process and shows integrity. Why are you so against that? Voter ID means all excuses go unmentioned. This proposal has been around for years where voter fraud has been around longer. It isn't asking too much to have honor in voting people in high offices especially in today's world of evil. Voter ID eliminates voter cheats that have been disenfranchising the honest votes! The election process should be protected with dignity and respect not with corruption. What does that say about people in high places running in elections that would rather not recognize the problem as a problem? It says they want the opportunity open to cheat! To vote in this country is a privilege that shouldn't be undermined. If you call voting a "right" it's the individuals responsibility to access that right, not the country's responsibility to accommodate by making exceptions. Voter ID will eliminate all the costs of all those notebook exceptions government caters to make so people vote. It's becoming a force to vote!

    2. Joe Stickney says:

      disenfranchising us citizen under obama illegals have unlimited right citizens are limited especially voting right by overwhlming the system medical overwhelm with costs of illigals

    3. Leon Lundquist says:

      I want the Right for my Vote to Count! And not be nullified by Liberal Progressive cheaters! Al Franken winning his election is one thing. What about Madison Wisconsin, where 119% more votes were cast than Registered Voters? That is criminal, and Obama's Justice Department is Aiding And Abetting! That's a Crime. Refraining Prosecution is the common crime perped by Eric Holder, over and over again. This is RICO territory, the utmost corruption. The Demo-crats say Romney is a crook! These Voter Frauds must be prosecuted! Thanks for shining the light! Can you shine some on the people who are Refraining Prosecution in favor of Obama's gang?

    4. Julie says:

      I don't understand why it is too hard to get an ID.
      People still have 2 1/2 months to get an ID.
      I listen to left radio and they continually harp on the law's illegality. Not once have I heard them suggest to their listeners how to get an ID or even help on how to get one. I often wonder if the radio hosts don't think their listeners are capable of obtaining ID's.

      Off topic, but I also wonder whose being president while Obama is running all over the country campaigning. I even wonder who has been running the country while he is anywhere but the white house., which is very often.

    5. AdamJ says:

      This article is idiotic- his proof for voter fraud occuring are two examples of fraud being committed with absentee ballots yet the "reform" isn't being proposed for absentee ballots because absentee ballots have a higher frequency of republican votes (and military votes- which obviously neither democrats nor republicans are willing to risk disenfranchising). There's no evidence whatsover of in-person voter fraud being committed anywhere.

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