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  • Latest Iranian Missile Test Seeks to Erode American Resolve

    As the debate over the size and scope of our nation’s anti-ballistic missile defense system continues, one thing remains constant: Iran continues to engage in a provocative game of military brinksmanship.

    Days ago, the Iranian Defense Ministry proclaimed that their nation had “successfully” launch tested an upgraded version of its Fateh A-110 missile. According to Iranian officials, this new version of the Fateh A-110 was capable of striking land targets up to 300 kilometers away, placing it within ever closer striking distance of forward-deployed U.S. troops and our allies in the Middle East.

    Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi stated, “The armed forces will be able to hit and destroy land and naval targets, the gathering points of enemy (forces), command posts, missile sites, munitions depots, radar systems, and other targets with pinpoint precision using fourth-generation Fateh 110 missiles.”

    The veracity of Iranian claims notwithstanding, the latest provocations by Iran should be considered unsettling.

    As the tightening grip of sanctions continues to squeeze the Iranian government, its latest rhetorical salvo only seeks to intimidate and weaken U.S. resolve to prevent Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

    Now more than ever, the U.S. should commit to deploying the missile defense arsenal necessary to protect American interests both at home and abroad.

    If Iranian declarations are true, the latest missile test represents another step in its progression into a more capable regional and geopolitical belligerent.

    More advanced than the earlier generation short-range SCUD missile system, the Fateh A-110 can carry a payload of up to 500 kilograms. While ostensibly designed to deploy high explosives, chemical, or submunitions warheads, the Fateh A-110 could be outfitted with a nuclear or biological payload.

    And given the increased range of this latest iteration of the Fateh A-110, this enhanced offensive capability places multiple strategic American targets squarely in the crosshairs of the Iranian government, including the U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet stationed in Bahrain.

    The ongoing development of the short-range Fateh A-110, coupled with the medium and longer range Ashoura and Shahab-3 missiles, rescind any doubts as to Iran’s desire to exert a more dominant role in the Middle East.

    Given Iran’s stated desire to wipe Israel off the face of the earth and its government’s loathsome attitude toward the U.S., it would be incredulous to expect that, if after having acquired the capability to deploy nuclear or biological weapons against the U.S. or its allies, it would not do so.

    Each successive Iranian provocation should serve as a reminder of this reality, and with these reminders the U.S. government should stand firm in its resolve to provide for the common defense of our nation’s citizens, allies, and national security interests.

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    18 Responses to Latest Iranian Missile Test Seeks to Erode American Resolve

    1. Mahuna2 says:

      I remain unconvinced. The A-110 is significantly less powerful than the American Pershing, which the US Army dropped more than 20 years ago because it was obsolete. And there is no suggestion that Iran could deliver anything more than a token strike.

      If Iran attacks another country, for example Bahrain, the response from the US and any number of allies would simply destroy all of Iran's military aircraft and naval vessels and every modern facility in Iran (power stations, bridges, communications facilities, military and commercial airports, etc., etc.). And of course Iran's entire petroleum pumping, refining, storage, and pipeline assets. The cost to replace this would be 100s of billions of dollars and take a decade or more to repair or replace. And the US could continue to destroy rehabilitated assets during any period of unprofitable negotiations.

      So, sabre-rattling, yes. Offensive military action, no. As with the North Koreans, I don't believe the Iranians are quite that crazy.

    2. Conor says:


    3. Masj says:

      Iran is well aware that they will not be able to defend the US force for long, however they have built capabilities to prevent US / Israel attack. This helps peace in the region when there can be no winner out of a combat. I really don't see Iran goes further than just slogans against Israel unless Iran is attacked first. Iran's biggest counter weight is its own pupullation of about 65% below the age of 30 years old and so westernized that I don't recognize it from even 15 years ago. Yes the children of the revolution dont like to follow the hard line rulling. This pupullation will only fight a war if they are united by attacking their land, so attacking Iran is a blessing in disguise for those in a political system on both sides who couldn't careless as long as they remain in power.

    4. athanasius777 says:

      Iran's offensive and defensive posturing will be of no avail if Israel and/or the US decide to launch an attack. I agree with Mahuna2's comment that any Iranian attack will be met with near total obliteration of Iran's military capability on land, sea and air, including the destruction of its nuclear facilities. Surely, the Iranians understand this, unless their extreme Islamic ideology is blinding them.

      • joao says:

        If the US is so strong why did it get a$$ kicked in Afghanistan with 3,000 troops killed and more than 10,000 wounded? maybe you think Afghanistan is more of a challenge than Iran!

        • athanasius777 says:

          It did not get "kicked out" of Afghanistan, joao. Obama gradually withdrew the troops to let the Afghan government run its own country and fend for themselves. The Afghan war was very unpopular in the US and so Obama pulled the Americans out. Sure they lost many troops, but what do you expect in a war? There are casualities on both sides, as tragic as that is. Afghanistan presented the US (and the former Soviet Union before that) a different set of challenges. I would not say that it was more of a challenge, just different.

      • Skeptic says:

        Everyone seem to view America and Israel as Gods. War is unpredictable. You may not like the outcome.
        The US military knows that Iran is not a sitting duck waiting to be obliterated. Both America and Israel will bleed and bleed severely. I hope many of you arm-chair generals are ready to join the fight.

        • athanasius777 says:

          I am not suggesting that there will be no American or Israeli casualities, or that America and Israel are gods. Did I say that in my post? No. I am simply pointing out the obvious: the US and Israeli military capabilities far out match Iran's at every level. Even Iran's leaders know this which is why they are scrambling to develop a nuclear weapon. THat would be the only deterrant to a US/Israeli attack. Iran threatened to close the Straits of Hormuz, but that rhetoric ended when the US Secretary of Defense said publicly that the US will guarantee it remains open by any means necessary. Why did Iran back down? Just to be nice? No, because they fear US military power. International relations are, by and large, all about power politics and the national interest. Iran is no different, except for its radical ideology.

    5. Shahida says:

      If I were a Jew in Israel, I would have started digging my own grave today before the unstoppable Iranians come raining hell tomorrow, for nothing on earth can stop them, if the Jews or the Muricans dare start the missile-war tomorrow!!! Not even ferrous or porous dome!!!

    6. koorosh says:

      Apparently only the US and it's allies are allowed to build missiles and if anyone else dares to attempt to defend themselves, it's considered belligerent.

    7. JoeShmo1979 says:

      regardless of Iran's true intent, they are playing a very dangerous game. We have no way of knowing what game they are playing. The most prudent response is to take them at their word. Which is that they intend harm on our friends, allies, and servicemen. Meaning? More US military assets should be deployed to the area with a high alert maintained.

    8. Bobbie says:

      Iran is going to have to prove their fit for humanity…

      But about America. These American mass murderers had psychological problems (one dismissed from the military his guns taken away, the other seeing a government psychiatrist at the time receiving government benefits that bought his weaponry,) prominent psychiatric treatment would've recognized the mental instability to prohibit their right to bare or own arms in civil society, the government gave clearance to!

      …then they insist we're safer giving up our right to defend ourselves against powerful forces? Very conflicting!!!!!!

      Everything is now a set up to remove the 2nd amendment as our right would protect us from those mass murderers the government lets roam the streets government control arms fast and furious. We have a right to defend ourselves and a right to hold accountable those that put us in danger by leaving us defenseless or even considering it!

    9. samid says:

      If all that you guys say is true, then hey what is stopping ya?! I can assure, Iranian commanders are waiting for this moment… so give it to them and lets see what will happen to Saudi Arabia and American forces and Israel… Try, and hey, you might even cause the collapse of the regime… I on the other hand will bet on Iran taking over Bahrain, destroying the Saudi and Qatari regimes, and driving the USA out of the Persian Gulf for good…. Prove me wrong!

      • athanasius777 says:

        Sadly for the region, you may not have to wait too much longer. I have no inside knowledge of what the US and/or Israel is planning to do about Iran, but you can be 100% certain that they have a number of military plans to destroy her military, infrastructure and nuclear facilities. If I were a commander in Iran's forces, I would not be waiting for this to happen. I would be preparing for it, and I would fear it too. There is no way Iran has the military capability to drive the USA out of the Persian Gulf. When they threaten to do so, the US Navy sends in more destroyers and other warships as their answer, and then Iran shuts up again.

        • Masj says:

          I'm glad to see that politations on all sides seem to be thinking it through with a lot more patience than some of the posts here. Get ready with pepsi and popcorn because the show of who kills most is about to begin ? Come on guys, what's happening with world. Why not work your communities to prevent wars and bloodshed. Isn't death of even one soldier or innocent civilian too much to bear for their loved ones on any side?

    10. guest says:

      The script was wrote a few years ago, the actors have all been chosen, the stage is being set, go grab some popcorn and a pepsi….the show will soon begin!!!!

    11. Procivic says:

      "Provocation" is when the U.S. sends flotillas to and establishes air bases along the Persian Gulf . Get the facts straight.

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