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  • Morning Bell: Has Any Administration Policy NOT Killed Jobs Lately?

    Congress has headed off for its long vacation-and-campaign season, fleeing Washington as the unemployment rate rises. According to the Labor Department’s July jobs report, the unemployment rate ticked up to 8.3 percent, 12.8 million Americans are out of work, and 5.2 million have been out of work for at least a half a year.

    According to one survey, the country added a surprising 163,000 jobs in July, while according to a second Labor Department survey, employment fell by 195,000—raising questions about whether the more positive figure is all that reliable, given that the economy slowed significantly to a 1.5 percent annualized growth rate in the second quarter and appears to be slowing further.

    The question isn’t what has slowed the economy—it’s really what Obama Administration policy hasn’t slowed the economy? The policies of the last few years have been unequivocal job killers.

    The Administration’s foot-dragging on free trade agreements has killed job creation. The extended moratorium on oil drilling, followed by new regulations, killed job creation. President Obama’s refusal to build the Keystone XL pipeline killed jobs. Ever-expanding Environmental Protection Agency regulations kill jobs. Extending unemployment insurance—part of the failed “stimulus”—was a humanitarian gesture, but it killed jobs. Even increasing deficit spending has a job-killing effect, the opposite of what Obama espouses.

    And then there’s Obamacare, which if it goes into full effect will be one of the biggest job killers of modern times.

    To all of this, President Obama said, “We tried our plan—and it worked.”

    And they’re not done yet. The Democrat-led Senate just tried again last week to raise taxes on small businesses. The Republican-led House stopped that plan and passed a bill to extend the 2001 and 2003 tax policies for next year and thus defer part of Taxmageddon, the biggest job killer we now face. But will Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D–NV) even allow a vote on it?

    Reid is a major driver of these tax increases and job-killing policies. He has abused his authority as majority leader to block the minority party from the opportunity to offer amendments more than 60 times, more than all of his predecessors combined.

    And Reid denies the connection between the Administration’s policies and a lack of jobs. He has claimed that “only a tiny fraction of layoffs have anything at all to do with tighter regulation.” But he again misses the point by assuming that job losses are the problem, rather than a lack of job creation.

    Having fiddled since January, Congressional liberals have now left town without doing anything to help Americans looking for work. Meanwhile, the largest tax increase in American history is looming for January 1, set to further devastate the economy by hitting families with an average tax hike of more than $4,100 each.

    Heritage’s J.D. Foster warns:

    While these tax hikes will not take effect until January of next year, they are already sapping the economy because businesses are forward-looking. Not knowing what their own tax burdens will be, businesses are highly reluctant to hire workers or invest for the future. And with waning faith Congress will prevent Taxmageddon, warnings and fears of a sharp recession are rising rapidly—fears that further discourage any thoughts of hiring or investing.

    The regulatory and legal mess created by years of policies cannot be undone overnight. The growing threats from Europe’s travails cannot be ignored, nor can the developing recessions throughout Asia. There is nothing the United States can do to defuse these threats, but we can prepare for them. Preventing Taxmageddon is something Congress should do immediately. It is not enough to pass bills and vamoose to campaign while the economy slides even further. The President must lead, and Congress must act now, to prevent Taxmageddon now.

    The unemployment rate has now been at or above 8 percent for 42 months. It threatens to rise higher as the economy slows further. President Obama and his congressional allies should set aside their ideological fencing for the good of the economy: Extend the 2001 and 2003 tax policies for at least a year to strengthen the nation’s economic security. Prevent the jump in the payroll tax rate. Prevent the implementation of the new Obamacare tax hikes. Prevent the mandated budget cuts known as “sequestration” that threaten national security.

    The “plan” has not worked. It’s time for a new plan based on the basics, not gimmicks.

    Quick Hits:

    • Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said again on Thursday that Islamic forces should annihilate Israel.
    • A new report from the inspector general of the IRS reveals that the agency has paid out billions in tax refunds to people who used identity theft to claim fraudulent refunds.
    • North Korea motivates its Olympic athletes by offering cars and refrigerators to medal winners and threatening losers with labor camps, according to athletes who have defected.
    • In the continuing fallout from the Fast and Furious scandal, the No. 2 at the BATF has left the agency.
    • Yesterday, the Obama Administration signed the first collective bargaining agreement with unionized TSA workers. This presents the danger of TSA strikes, which could endanger travelers, explains Heritage’s James Sherk.
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    65 Responses to Morning Bell: Has Any Administration Policy NOT Killed Jobs Lately?

    1. jinaeve says:

      What I'm concerned about is while Congress is off on vacation, who is guarding the hen house? How many times have we seen it with this administration, things get pushed through under special order yet no one questions it. Given the circumstances of the key issues of today, i.e. UN Small Arms treaty, Healthcare, other significant policy matters, who is keeping watch on things so this administration doesn't continue to play shenanigans?

      • Palrak says:

        Those was exactly my thoughts, plus "recess appointments" Obama may make.

      • tocelp says:

        The Dems are the ones who did not want to recess the House and it will come back to haunt them when it comes to recess appointments. They were in session today for 4 min, 4 sec. We got as much done today as 95% of the days when they are all there.

      • CapeEsperance says:

        it doesn't matter if congress is in or out of session…no one, nothing but a landslide election can stop the radical fascist in the white house and his like minded zealots in the government bureaucracy from accelerating slog towards centrally managed utopia…It is not clear that Romney understands a light hand of government is the solution to our economic woes. There is nothing the government can do to create jobs – unless they reduce regulation and get out of the way of commerce. All government does is steal wealth.

      • Guest says:

        I would also agree with your concern of a vacationing Congress and the possibility of shenanigans. I would also be concerned on another matter that the Congress is supposed to be addressing but they rushed off to vacation, not that I don't enjoy a good vacation also. The matter before the Congress of the U.S. Postal Service and the dire condition that is befalling us, at the expense of a Congress that perhaps was not vacationing in 2006 when it came up with a less than brilliant bill that requires the USPS to pay for health care for persons not even born yet–75 years at a cost of 5.5 BILLION for 10 years.This burdon has of course brought us to the brink of destruction, with many good middle class workers bearing effects of losing positions and possible relocation at our expense. Not world peace but sure does affect our day to day lives and our families futures….and o'yeah- your mail service suffering!

    2. mdb749 says:

      Until the American people begin to understand that the policies of this administration and the political left are INTENDED to destroy this economy and this country, nothing substantial will be done to stop it. The media refuses to identify the elephant in the room and the political left is feeding the elephant. If Barry is re-elected, we will be Greece in about 5 minutes.

      • Gary Gognat says:

        You mean, barry …

      • Lex says:

        Is it possible that these policies are more than blind faith in a statist economic model? Could they really be designed to create an economic collapse?

        If the Great Depression ushered in the New Deal, might they be willing to endure a New Great Depression in order to usher in the New New Deal?

    3. roginski says:

      Are the dems liars or plain stupid?

    4. Lex McCusker says:

      Amy Payne's listing of the administration's job-killing policies would seem to document a systematic "War on Prosperity." It would be hard to design by intention a set of policies that would do more damage to the economy.

    5. Judy says:

      Their plan IS WORKNG. THEIR plan is NOT America's plan. THEIR plan is to destroy our nation and bring it to it's knees. They want a one world government. They want for our nation to be willing to give up our soveignty. So remember when they talk, they are looking at it from a totally different view point than most Americans. THEIR PLAN IS WORKING.

      • tocelp says:

        We will see on Nov 6 (hopefully their plan is to vote on Nov 7)

      • Gary Gognat says:

        I think about that and what the Bible says about Endtimes. And things that will happen; no matter what we dimocrats or republicans do or say. We are in the endtimes and heading towards one world government. what is happinging in the US is just a sign of the times, prophisighed in the Bible, furthered by our politicla systme… God help us all ………

      • jetstream says:

        It's Cloven-Pivens strategy in action: hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the system with people dependent on welfare, then as the people become angry, replace capitalism with socialism. We're almost there.

      • You're absolutely right!! Their plan all along was to destroy America!! I knew the moment Obama was elected this country was in a world of hurt. When elected, he proudly claimed that he was a Muslim. Now of course, he is a Christian. We all know that the Muslim community believes that we (Americans) are devils and must be killed. Obama is doing it his way. Yes, THEIR plan is working!!!

    6. It boggles the mind that so many people still support President Obama and his policies. All one has to do, is do the math. I guess they are using the old adage that if you throw enough crap on a wall eventually some of it will stick. Look at all the millions his campaign has spent on lies and distortions. How can the economy grow 163,000 jobs but the unemployment rate grew to 8.3 percent. This 8.3 is a distortion since the Obama administration decreased the size of the workforce to make the figures look better. They should use the real figures which is the U6 figures.

      • Elizabeth says:

        amazing isn't it from all the reports we have gotten about him being illegible to be a president in the first place, I sure hope Mitt wins this election, actually anyone would be better then what we have sitting in the WH now.

    7. Jim Uberti says:

      I say this reluctantly:
      Despite mounting evidence that the President has totally bungled the economy with failed leftist "remedies", the electorate just might return him to office.
      What does that say about the , yes, intelligence of our fellow Americans?
      Have we gotten so deeply immersed in our distractions that we just don't make a connection between what happens in Washington and our daily lives?
      Obama is blatantly attacking Governor Romney with despicable attacks while brazely ignoring the record that he's SUPPOSED to be running on.
      With a very compliant media he's actually brain-washing the voters and, for now, getting away with it. (The media should be embarassed about their bold partisanship, but aren't.)
      Romney will have to overcome tons of obstacles, not the least of whish, is the dumbing-down of his fellow citizens.

    8. Mike says:

      Don't forget about Dodd Frank and the massive regulations the President is ignoring Congress to govern with. Speaking with many first hand experiences here. Reality is awful and owning a small business is becoming more and more difficult. Forget about it even being fun to get up and go try to be productive any more. Not sure if the President is intentional in his ideological agenda or just does not understand true commerce and how it works. We as a country have forgotten what got us here and what made us successful and now seem to want to toss all that and become a nanny state of a bunch of entitled "takers" like Greece. I really believe that every citizen should have to run a business of their own for one year just to understand what those of us who produce have to go through in order to survive AND pay taxes so the government can too. God Bless.

    9. So true…and juxtaposed with a company vilified by liberals and their ignorant, parochial press — Bain Capital — it's even more ridiculous, if not downright insulting.

      Companies such as Bain save companies and jobs, create companies and jobs and soften the landing of a company that's going down anyway. In the process, it also saves capital, a scarce and precious commodity, putting it to higher and more efficient uses in our economy. The government, on the other hand, can never "create" productive employment under the best of circumstances. Applied as it has been by this president and his administration, it's a wholesale dump of our dollars down a drain. It's like giving a wino a check for $1,000: it's gone with nothing to show for it by the end of the week.

    10. toledofan says:

      The sad part of all this is that whether the Congress is in session or not, it doesn't matter. Lets face it for the past almost three solid years nothing has been done to shore up the economy, stabilize the momnetary system, develop a comprehensive energy policy, or prop up America on the interantional stage. It's been doom and gloom, purposefull devastion to the economy, the strangling of the middle class and it's existance, and the outright assult on the Constitution. The main culprit in allowing this stuff to go almost unabated has been the main stream media and their cover for Obama . I think Heritage should buy CNN and make it the Foundation of America Channel.

    11. glynnda says:

      In answer to the question: NO!!!!

      I'm thinking the best thing that can happen is the Congress pack up and go home for about 3 months and the White House stop signing stuff and keep politicking……the less stuff they touch…..the better!!!!!

      …….man!!!! can we say "inept" "destructive" and "ineffective"……… yes!!!! to the Senate, Congress and White House……. just pack up and go home!!!!

    12. Curt Krehbiel says:

      "Reid is a major driver of these tax increases and job-killing policies."

      He is only following his bosses orders to get more people on hand outs to buy votes.

      • alexander Ilnyckyj says:

        I agree with most of your statement. However, because of the high prices for food, gas and other necessity to be able to sustain themselves. They would need to work two jobs in order to have a good living. So therefore it's hard for them to think out of the box. I worked two jobs inorder to meet my obligatios and the new generation does not feel the same today.

      • Elizabeth says:

        we need to replace him, hopefully with a republican tea party memeber

    13. Bullswin says:

      in my neck of the woods there are lots of unfilled jobs albeit entry level and minimum wage or slightly better. Managers tell me young people don’t want to work for these wages if they don’t have to, have a hard time passing a drug test, or if they are hired they work for a while and quit. Until we change these attitudes un-employement will remain high. Its time to get these young people going and say no workee then no food and yes no mobil phone. Tough love works most every time

      • glynnda says:

        Bullswin, you're right on the money, sometimes you have to go hungry or go through a little financial pain before you get it!!!!

    14. Big Shirl says:

      Can Heritage start a new website: GOVERNMENT HURTS BUSINESS? Sort it by State, County, Town, Industry, Company, Jobs lost, Business Closed, Bureaucratic agency. As more and more people fill in their said story, a pattern will develop and citizens and taxpayers will demand that government close down, not businesses.

      For example: Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Restaurant,
      A restaurant in the Milwaukee area used to sell chicken wings on Wednesday nights–very popular. Then the EPA said they had to update new vents costing $100,000. The restaurant doesn't even sell $100,000 of chicken wings in one year, so they stopped selling chicken wings. Business for the restaurant is definitely affected, as well as the wait staff–no more tips because business is no longer booming because of government bureaucracy.

      As Hyack mentioned in the Road to Serfdom, all citizens are under the blind control of the smallest bureaucrat of government.

      Americans are tired of small-mined bureaucrats controlling every aspect of their livelihoods.

      • Elizabeth says:

        guess we are more awake now then ever before, hopefully we will change our standing political to one that follows the peoples agenda more

    15. J E Houser says:

      I have the solution but I do not know how to implement it. Have the president in the White House, the Congress in full session, all the government employees in their work stations, then lift the District of Columbia up, move it 300 miles east and wash it off.

    16. Lloyd Scallan says:

      How much more before the American people realize this is no accident, not incompetence, not bad luck. It's deliberate and calculated by Obama and the Democrats to collapse our economical system. We must wake up and understand nothing Obama does in by chance. It's designed to drive this nation into the arms of socialism.

      • glynnda says:

        Very true Lloyd however too many republicans have sat back and allowed it or horribly enough have been a party to it……

        part of this is our fault for letting it happen. ……the frogs in the pot scenario

    17. Pete Houston says:

      When congress is gone we need to change the locks and then break off the keys in the locks. Time for the bummer and the family to go on vacation with their staffs. When the last one clears the gate, change out the locks and put on the chains. I don't know where they are keeping all the czars and staff, but if we can figure that out, another lockout is in order.

    18. Paul Terry Stone says:

      An enemy couldn't do more other than kill people and many times I wonder whether that's what we've got in our own government. Anybody with the sense that they were born with wouldn't think that the policies discussed were beneficial in any way unless they were purposefully trying to destroy this country.

    19. Double "D" says:

      Given the un-employment rate and a DO NOTHING govt. I really believe we need to add 500 to 1000 more useless turds to the unemployed ranks. I'm talking about all of congress and everyone associated with the current administration from the top down. They are nothing but BLOOD SUCKERS killing the AMERICAN way of life and the dreams of all of those of us that want to believe in the USofA's exceptionalism, and I do not mean open handed moochers that fed a great line and got elected on promises they never intended to forefill.

    20. Dan McClean says:

      According to my understanding of the Constitution, all revenue and spending bills must originate in the House of Representatives. What is Harry Reid doing passing a tax bill anyway and sending it to the House. It is truly an UNCONSTITUTIONAL ACT. Of coure we all know that Harry Reid couldn't care less about the 'Constitution and he will do what ever he can get away with to circumvernt the various restrictions that are placed upon government like he did with ObamaCare. I don't think that completely stripping the contents of a House bill and adding completely new language and changing th title of the bill is truly an act which would comply with constitutional requirements. ObamaCare should have been declared unconstitutional on those grounds alone.

    21. Bobbie says:

      Lets not forget who the sinners in the bible are. Tax collectors. For any government member to use the bible to mislead people into thinking the bible is for centralized government are greater sinners, mockers, blasphemers, hypocrites. The bible is for the individual not government people in control over the individual who's government acts are clearly unchristian and distorted into the beliefs of government!

      Obama shows a precise intent that job growth is not his concern! Sometimes it might sound good from his simple words but everything is set up for more burden and sacrifice!

      The democratic party uses an awful lot of time putting down fellow Americans as the democratic job record reflects! Start treating them like children and ask what they've done productive for America as a whole on a daily basis!

    22. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      No, there hasn't.

    23. victorbarney says:

      Let me "quote" from the only LEADER of the REAL Israel by the seed of Joseph, proven in history by brother & marxist in ideology England for over the last 100 years then presidential candidate B. H. Obama & prophetized "forbidden foreigner" of Deuteronomy 17:15, who promised as a Presidential candidate to our more, on average, "verbally erudite" female sex: "I promise YOU to have a "fundamental transformation of government into MARXISM("ANTI-CHRIST" BY DEFINITION) & "ONLY" OUR SINGLE LARGEST MAJORITY VOTER ALONE

    24. Carm Colo says:

      I greatly appreciate Heritage's detailed analyses. In 2008, Obama was elected through a campaign of platitudes, propaganda, and lies unchallenged by the mainstream media democratic wing. BHO stated thousands of times that he would not raise taxes on those making less than $250K/year. Please document for us how the cost living (all costs) for the average American family have gone up–and will go up– with all of Obama's (plus Reid & Pelosi's) policies e.g., Obamacare (tax!) regulations (shutting down coal plants, Keystone, and energy sources), hidden fees, home depreciation, etc. This would be a very powerful story for Romney, Republican party, or PACs to incorporate into campaign commercials, now.

    25. Tom Sullivan says:

      As in Europe, the intent of the liberals/progressives/socialists is not to save their nation from financial ruin created by bloated government. Their goal is to expand government and its power over a formerly free and prosperous people. They are successfully still growing government power through law and regulation, even as their government finances and national economies are in shambles.

      It is the job of every generation to protect the freedom our ancestors granted us. We could lose that long struggle with tyranny. It is time to man up and vote out all liberals/progressives/socialists.

    26. Richard says:

      No one will say it but we are heading for a permanent Depression. IF Ovomit is reelected, heaven forbid, it will only go further down hill. These times will be seen as the "good" times in the future.
      I am offended when people say this is the new normal. We will fight back for our prosperity, we are Americans.

    27. Tatersalad says:

      The President's economic policy, still after 4 years is NOT working. He can't blame George Bush anymore and it is all on his shoulders.

      1. http://sweetness-light.com/archive/the-real-joble
      2. http://sweetness-light.com/archive/195000-more-am

      Mitt Romney's economic plan can and will put Americans back to work and here is how it can be done.


    28. Tom Sullivan says:

      As in Europe, the intent of the liberals/progressives/socialists is not to save their nation from financial ruin created by bloated government. Their goal is to expand government and its power over a formerly free and prosperous people. They are successfully still growing government power through law and regulation, even as their government finances and national economies are in shambles.

    29. Dr. Henry Sinopoli says:

      Does your censor prohibit publishing any comment that reflects negatively against the life-long politicians supported by Heritage? It seems the only comments that are deemed acceptable for publication in the comment section are heavily in favor of maintaining the status quo of the political philosophy of the life-long politicians supported by Heritage or complement Heritage for publishing another 'world-changing' paper…Still waiting for the change…Or is that 'hope & change'?

    30. Leon Lundquist says:

      Evidence is in the public domain, the Obama Administration is a Racketeering, Influenced and Corrupt Organization. Federal Bureau Of Investigation should take them down with RICO Statutes and Treason charges because they actually are Communists and Fascists, known and traditional Enemies Of The State who have Lied to usurp Representation. Barack Obama has no mandate! He falsified that! This litany of Damages Morning Bell has listed are actionable under the Treason portion of the Constitution. They are not Loyal Opposition, they are usurpers of Representation. Then. If we don't act, we are Complicit with Treason!

    31. INTJ says:

      The drone strikes killing terrorists overseas is the only one really coming to mind, but then, I believe that was some of the "mess" he inherited from Bush.

    32. Leon Lundquist says:

      Heritage Foundation ought to send this Article to the NSA for their Cold War Damage Report. Hey! Wait a minute! There never was a Cold War Damage Report! Does that seem suspicious to anybody else? I want to see the Damage Report from the Cold War. Add this indictment of "Job Destruction" to Obama's long list of how he has served the Enemies of the United States and harmed the People!

    33. Ron H. says:

      How can we-the Conservatives and responsible citizens convince the majority of the American public that the Liberal-Communist Democrats hate America because they continue to vote into laws that will harm this country. Romney isn't going to raise the loud noise needed and Rush Limbaugh can only talk just so much. So, how do we convince the moderates, the Republicans, and the lost-US loving Democrats-that Conservatism are the only ways of thinking and voting.UHUHUHUH???? It seems that FOX has lost its way also. If only the owner would bring the set-up Presidential debates to show Obama's atrosities.

    34. Tom says:

      I think none of them should go on recess, theyv'e spent plenty of our money on their so called "business trips". Let them stay and get these serious problems solved, that's why we are paying them big salaries!!This administraction must be living in another world, la la land to them!!

    35. Al Connellyl says:

      Why is it we continue to tell ourselves about how poorly Obama and his cronies have hurt and continue to hurt our country and our economy and yet fail to educate the voting public on the issues. We, GOP, seem content to tell ourselves about the issues and the dismal results but fail to go after the independents, fence sitters, etc. What are we waiting for? Romney needs go get off his duff and go to work on using the facts against the Obama administration and give the public places to go to confirm the issues. He also needs to quickly address the issues of economy, national defense, medicare, etc. with his plan for solving the problems and if he continues to call Medicare an entitlement and hint that he will solve the problem by cutting benefits for those who have paid into it for their working careers, he will lose the vote of seniors. This is probably the most critical election in the history of our country and we are failing to convince voters that continuation of the current trends will cripple our country and place all working people in servitude forever. Al

    36. Once was the campaign treasurer for a mayoral candidate. I supported him because I knew he would do nothing. Doing nothing in most cases costs the taxpayer nothing except their salaries and expenses. Once they pass legislation, it always costs something. Heard that the only thing passed by the Senate this year relating to the Post Office that is going bankrupt, was quite a few bill naming post offices. How many of the taxpayers' dimes go into the printing and the signs and the ceremonies for these signs? How much for all the state highway welcoming signs when a new governor is elected. Here in SC, many roads are dedicated to individuals that almost no one knows, but the signs are still there. What a waste of good funds for all this nonsense.

    37. Doc Hilliard says:

      Here's what numbersusa had to say concerning a WSJ pillow-hit piece:

      "The Wall Street Journal's coverage of the latest jobs report noted that it takes "roughly 100,000 to 120,000 new jobs a month just to keep unemployment from rising." But it did not report the reason for that: population growth. U.S. immigration policy is responsible for three-quarters of the population growth the economy struggles to keep pace with. Part of that policy includes giving an average of 75,000 permanent work permits to foreign workers every month."

    38. Petra Huf says:

      While every administration will kill some jobs with their penchent for rules and regulations, most will create as many or more jobs by instilling new freedom and opportunity. This is the first administration in the history of our country that has not, and it has failed on that point intentionally. The more people government supports, the more votes it can depend on.

      I'm not as concerned about what our government can to FOR us as I am about what it can do TO us. If it's big enough for the one, it's more than big enough for the other.

    39. mike swann says:

      Many in America are too blind or busy watchng "Dancing with the Stars" to listen to world news. CNN andthe liberal stations won't tell the truth as Soros runs the media. The EPA is a communist and/or anti-American group, wanting to tear this country down. All of O's czars are anti-American, pro abortion, anti-gun foropen borders, gay marriage, unions, People don't realize just howmany are socialists and/or Marxissts in Demo Senate and Congress. I didn't either until Glenn Beck let the cat out of the bag. Well, everone said Glenn was nuts. Well, I checked it all out and he is /was trying top wake tis country up to the truth and they did't appreciate it. Too lazy or stupid to check out Glenn's info before accusing him of being abigot, racist, etc.

    40. ChuckL says:

      What is so hard about firing 195 employees and replacing them with only 163 new employees.

      Do it 1000 times and you have matched the July statistics.

    41. legrand joy says:

      en europe MR Tom SULLIVAN LES GOUVERNEMENTS SOCIALISTES nous amènent tous à la ruine avec leurs idées extravagantes :je réduis les dépenses gouvernementales d'un côté pour faire bien et j'augmente deux fois plus de l'autre côté :tout ce qui est social et nécéssaire au bien être des personnes , pour la vie courante.Lisez la presse européenne et vous verrez :la GRECE . L'ESPAGNE etc…….. et peut-être la FRANCE à brève échéance. Le niveau de vie des américains ,n'est pas le même niveau de vie que les européens, et les idées américaines ne sont en rien équivalentes aux idées FRANCAISES et EUROPEENNES.Venez en FRANCE ET VOUS LE CONSTATEREZ .

    42. Bobbie says:

      Why have democrats been thoroughly investigating a man for the last 4 years only to come up with speculation of a private matter who effected America in a positive way and brings to light, Harry Reid didn't do his job then and now he wants to make up for it even while Reid's Pelosi's, Axelrod's and waserman's jobs report reflects their derelictions and "do nothing" work ethic? Then the cowardly Reid protects himself from his childish imp behavior of slander and defamation from being sued by taking advantage of America where he can. Axel rod has nothing better to do? another coward of the country trying to put a man down who's faults aren't effecting the economy, who's background is commendable and who's work ethic is impeccable who's work results in productivity for Americans, compared to the unaccountable accountable destroying this country with hypocrites like debbie washerman schultz going anywhere she can to get attention to exploit her "under the influence of ignorance" illness she's fully aware she can only remedy her own illness. Some guy says what takes another man 10 seconds to do, the other guy has been spending years and money to find significance! What strange and unusual people wanting everyone to be submissive to their fabrications, half truths and confusions. Democrats sure do think little of people selected by democrats.

      No thorough thought comes from anyone who has agendas at hand which by all observation is the democratic party whom converse with no thorough thought! Sure like to spend a lot of money on making up tattle tails which isn't helping any part of this country or make a difference but they do show who
      they are. Problem causers, excuse makers, money takers and the only ones holding America back. Government licensing, government banking, government permits, government costs, government bureaucracies. Everything that has nothing to do with private business or the constitution but in the control of government and out of our reach and HOLDING US BACK!…

    43. J.L. Davidson says:

      H'mmm. Want do you conservatives want? No enviromental regulations, no safety rules, no unions, etc etc. I'll bet not one of you would want a 24" gas line running through your back yard! It's Ok as long as it's someone elses yard. Right? I agree, the spotted owl fiasco has all but killed the logging industry here in the NW. Along with wind generators and a lot of other jobs like the coal terminal issues going on now. Too much regulation kills jobs! I get the point. But on the other hand, shipping all our jobs overseas does nothing for the middle class working people nor does it do anything for the middle class people of those third world countries. Take Mexico for instance, all our jobs went south after NAFTA . Corporate america got richer, americans lost jobs, the mexicans are still poor and now living in an enviromental wasteland. If it was so great for them, why are millions of them here in america illegally? It's because our liberals give them free handouts because they want the hispanic vote and the problem never gets solved. Bush era economics did nothing for the middle class.

      • J.L. Davidson says:

        To continue, Bush got us into two very expensive wars. Gave his buddy Chenys company (Haliburton a no bid contract to rebuild Iraq and billions in tax payers dollars have gone unaccounted for. So you tell me the answers. Both the liberals and the conservatives need to find some middle ground or america is going down the tube! Makes me want to vote for Roseanne Barr. She couldn’t do any worse!

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