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  • Morning Bell: Can Conservatives Be Environmentalists?

    Efforts to protect the environment in America have ignored the most powerful force for improving the environment: free people. The results of these misguided policies have been higher energy prices, lower incomes, less access to resources, and technological stagnation—often failing to produce tangible environmental benefits.

    It doesn’t have to be this way.

    The Heritage Foundation, in collaboration with fellow experts on the environment, has published a new benchmark for progress: the American Conservation Ethic.

    The Ethic reflects every American’s aspiration to make the environment cleaner, healthier, and safer for future generations. It is based on eight basic principles that were first published in 1996 and provides a roadmap to environmentally sound prosperity.

    Much of the policy that has come to guide American actions on the environment is not based on scientific integrity. Heritage’s Dr. David Kreutzer and Dr. Roy Spencer, a climatologist formerly with NASA who is a research scientist at the University of Alabama-Huntsville, examine this in a chapter on carbon dioxide:

    Any discussion of carbon dioxide regulation must begin by noting two facts: CO2 is a greenhouse gas, and anthropogenic (man-made) CO2 emissions have likely contributed to the observed warming of the past 50 years. The calls for CO2 regulation, however, are not based on these facts; rather, the current regulatory hysteria is the result of misinformation regarding the projected future levels of warming, as well as exaggerations over how much any future warming could be attributed to anthropogenic CO2. In addition, extreme weather events are increasingly attributed to anthropogenic CO2 emissions, despite a lack of evidence for any long-term change in these events.

    Each chapter analyzes the effectiveness of the policies the U.S. has been pursuing and makes recommendations for moving forward with smart solutions that fix the problems of years past, protect and bolster individual property rights, and provide real benefits. The American Conservation Ethic addresses these major issues:

    • Expansion of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The current EPA is on an unprecedented regulatory spree that jeopardizes electric reliability, jobs, U.S. competitiveness, and state economies. How can we reform it?
    • Regulating carbon dioxide. Though it is colorless, odorless, non-toxic, and critical to photosynthesis, carbon dioxide (CO2) has been rebranded as a pollutant harmful to human health. This transformation—based on exaggeration and misinformation—is now fueling misguided calls for CO2 regulation.
    • Property ownership and land management. The federal government owns nearly one-third of the United States, and it continues to take more through regulatory takings of private property. There is no way the government can manage that amount of land with good stewardship. Recent Supreme Court decisions have undermined individual property rights, pointing to a need for Congress to act to protect what the Framers of the Constitution called “the guardian of every other right.”
    • Effectiveness of environmental legislation. The Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, National Environmental Policy Act, and Endangered Species Act have been governing much of environmental policy for the last few decades. This has given experts time to assess the consequences—both intended and unintended—of these laws. The authors address ways that these laws are now out of sync with the environmental, political, social, and economic realities of today, and what should be done about it.
    • Thinking globally, acting locally. How does the United Nations affect environmental policy here in America? The authors address the need for local and regional management of environmental issues so that those closest to the resources are responsible for managing them.

    What is the point of environmental policy? The Ethic states that:

    Environmental policies should inspire people to be good stewards. Through human creativity, we develop new sources of needed materials, more efficient means of collecting them, or substitutes for them—as well as the technology necessary to do so.

    Economic growth is positively correlated with life expectancy, which is one of the most critical measurements of environmental policies—are people better off? There is a direct and positive relationship between free-market economies and a clean, healthy, and safe environment. Ownership inspires stewardship. To put this to work for our Earth and our people, we must work to decouple conservation policies from government regulation.

    Go to the American Conservation Ethic

    Quick Hits:

    • Reuters is reporting that “President Barack Obama has signed a secret order authorizing U.S. support for rebels” in Syria.
    • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta that sanctions and diplomacy are not deterring Iran’s nuclear program.
    • Half of America’s counties are now considered disaster areas due to drought, AP reports.
    • Lines at Chick-fil-A restaurants reached around blocks and down streets yesterday as supporters of free speech and traditional marriage alike stopped in for “Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day.”
    • “A new Government Accountability Office report reveals that in more than 40 states a growing number of households are able to collect food-stamp benefits simply by receiving a government-issued brochure or accessing a toll-free number,” reports Heritage’s Michael Sandoval.
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    57 Responses to Morning Bell: Can Conservatives Be Environmentalists?

    1. Don says:

      the EPA is a slush fund…for the liberals… dont think any further….we kill human babies in the womb…but we save precious land and exotic wildlife…give me a break….

    2. Samuel af Ugglas says:

      Conservatives are the only ones that practice and understand the enviroment. Enviromentalists are parasites
      and has never generated anything.

    3. Brian Dodds says:

      Conservatives were the original conservationists!

    4. Tom says:

      Don't overlook the fact that The United States Federal Government is by far the largest user of energy of all kinds that exists on the planet. As such, Uncle Sam is the largest contributor of CO2 emissions–and largest contributor of atmosphere, water and land pollution in aggregate–that exists on the planet. That doesn't include all of the hot air and nebulous esoterica that is generated by the aggressively parasitic pathocrats who inhabit Washington, DC.

      Heal thyself.

      • Jeanne Stotler says:

        2 of the largest polluters are Obama and Gore, AF1 is not what you call cost effecient, and Gore has his private jet and SUV's

      • brs02 says:

        The Chinese military is the largest employer on the planet. Are you sure about your claims?

    5. NancyE says:

      Oh, please! Don't sully the conservative movement wit this stuff. There's another name for 'climate change'. It's called WEATHER!

    6. Lloyd Scallan says:

      "It doesn't have to be this way". That statement is so wrong! From the left's standpoint. environmentism is a religion that radicals are using as a major tool to drive Obama's grand plan for wealth redistribution, by way of the EPA. It's about the "carbon tax" Obama is intented to use to force "have" nations to give more to the "have-not nations. It's not about "saving the planet". It's about Obama taxing America so he can give away more of our tax dollars to third world countries, to bring about a faster collapse of our economical system.

    7. EdP says:

      Conservatives are the REAL Environmentalists, they believe in Conservation, ELF and other Environmental groups are NOT about Conservation NOR Saving the Environment, they are ONLY interested in the Politics of it. Conservatives are the ones who are FOR saving the environment

    8. Larry White says:

      The EPA has become The Liberal's SS. It is as damaging to American Capitalism, Property Rights, The Rule of Law and Free Markets as The Department of Education is to Our Liberty!
      A common sense plan , The American Conservation Ethic, is commendable. But it is much like the rhetorical question; "When did you stop beating your wife?" I do not buy the Liberal Premise!

      Conservatives Conserve! That's enough for me.

    9. Curt Krehbiel says:

      "The current EPA is on an unprecedented regulatory spree that jeopardizes electric reliability, jobs, U.S. competitiveness, and state economies. How can we reform it?"

      Get rid of the current administration that is determined to destroy our economy and political system.

    10. Dr. Pete Kleff says:

      The modern "environmental" movement began in 1962 with the book SILENT SPRING written by the "naturalist" Rachel Carson. In her book she lied about the results of a scientific study by Dr. DeWitt, an expert in his field, and claimed that DDT was deleterious to wiidlife. Although her conclusions were proved demonstrably false, she became a folk hero and the birth mother of the modern "environmental" movement. It was born a lie and continues to be a lie. And in the process, if not actively opposed by Americans, it may prove the ruin of our Republic.

      • 2Dokie says:

        BRAVO AND GIGADITTOS Dr. Kleff ! Your grasp of the history of the corrupt ENVIRONMENTAL movement, so-called. is unerring.

    11. Karen Marsack says:

      I think that I am an environmentalist…a conservative one…but when I hear people say that voting for a Democrat is the only way to go to save the environment , I see red. That is pure stupidity. We need to get the word out that we care as much or more, but we think before we act.

    12. Many conservatives root their conservative in Biblical Christianity. Mine is simply bolstered by my Christianity; I was a conservative first.

      Biblically, we are to be responsible steward of what God has given us. this doesn't mean to be an environmentalist but it does mean to take care of the planet.

      I despise the notion of doing something simply because it is called "green". And I will not. the flip side of the coin of responsible stewardship is use of what God has given us. Environmentalists, essentially, equate use with abuse and that is wrong.

    13. Dan Bentley says:

      Until you understand where this began back in the 50's & 60's you are all right in a fashion BUT we must not stop w/ the over regulation foisted on us by the UN & shackled to us by congress and the environmentalists. We must attack the root of the problems and that my Fellow Americans is to attack the Saul practising PETA styled socialists and communists that moved from outside the political realm and into the environmental realm and now promulgate such atrocities. WAY back machine time: The Communists in the 50's are the seed that fosters today's environmental NAZI's of today. Simply trace the evolution of communism in American starting in the 50's through the birth of the supposed environmental groups in the 60's- you will see from several different source materials. The Communists realised that they COULD NOT work within the government. Instead they chose the tactic of using environmental (and unfortunately educational) groups to bankrupt American into socialism. read the "falling apart" of the communist movement in the 50's and you will find their manifesto's that outline EXACTLY what has happened since. The communist "Leaders" dismantled their political apparatuses and moved to environmental groups to attain their avowed goals of bringing America to its socialist current path. Think I'm full of crap? go read the histories back in the 0's and the 60's. Read the manifesto's. then follow their paper trail to the environmental groups- they became their "leaders". It's there in black and white all YOU have to do is read. unfortunately the American bread basket folks were the target- as in the movie wall street portrayal: they used "Greed" to suckle American farmers to become reliant on governmental subsidies to counter the governmental regulations foisted on them by te environmental socialist minded groups. That in turn fueled the largess of the government and led to the formation of mega farms vs the millions of small farms we once enjoyed. (by the way anyone noticing the way the EPA and FDA are going after the small guy's to stomp out the last vestiges of small independent American Farm life?). I am not one given to Black Op's helicopters hovering around but the facts are there staring us in the face. Will we really allow our small farmer to be deregulated out of business while allowing the governmental largesse to fuel the fewer MEGA FARMS? Contrary to common sense- they can control these MEGA guys easier because there is less individualism and individuals to question them and they have grown SOOOOO dependants on the governments teet that they HAVE to abide by their governing… We must dismantle the EPA completely, we MUST stop BHO's and Hillary's acquiescence to UN money laundering- current tab 1 billion US dollars being funnelled through the UN to countries of their choice, for environmental reimbursement from the US_- OH BTW- china, India, Russia Venezuela? they aren't covered only non socialists pay the fee- aka you and I ! theres more to come- LOST, anti gun, Obamacare, the judiciary- they are all in the progressive corner- we MUST as Americans independent and GREAT as individuals and collectively as the greatest country for freedoms this world has EVER seen- we must take back our educational society, our regulation society, our American environmental interests (tempered with protecting it still) PROTECT our small farmers and associated business and leave them and their big box sore government form to the dustbins of history. let us start on the 6th of November and keeping the pressure on Romney once he's in there to reduce our governmental burdens and while helping the truly needy we reduce the governmental influence over our daily lives. Audit the Fed, reduce regulations and vote the 577 OUT !!- on Nov. 6th- also your local school boards replacing them with family centred American value liking and fiscally responsible non union loving board members and while keeping the rest on a VERY short leash- we vote the rest out the next cycle.

    14. Terrence Pohl says:

      Man made Global Warming is total BS! Global Warming has been going on for the last 10000 years
      since the last ice age ended and the glaciers receded and are still receding! CO2 is a good thing,
      the trees and plants love it, without them we would not have oxygen……

      • 2Dokie says:

        Hey man! you, like me, paid attention in gradeschool science. I wonder if the facts are even presented in basic science classes nowadays.

    15. Leon Lundquist says:

      Yeah! Defund the EPA! It takes a powerful economy to handle every kind of Environmental Issue. We saw Industry solve the Clean Water problem. We saw Industry solve the problem of Acid Rain. We saw Industry solve the problem of the Brown Cloud! Who is EPA? They didn't solve anything! Industry! Free Enterprise! That is what actually did the work! The EPA is a Political Tool of the Left (Demolition Plutocrats)! EPA is Fascist!

      • cadienne says:

        Epa is communist. Communism is the extreme left and fascism is on the extreme right. Don't let the commies pollute the word fascism for you. Here is the definition from the section on "Fasces" from Webster's Collegiate Dictionary (Fifth Edition) page 363:

        It shows a picture of a bundle of sticks bound together to make an AX-representing AUTHORITY. fas'ces (fäs'ëz), n.pl. [L., pl. of fascis bundle.) Rom. Antiq. A bundle of rods having among them an ax with the blade projecting, borne before Roman magistrates as a badge of authonty. -

        The same "Fasces" is carved on the front walls of the U.S. Congress. In fact, the fasces is found all over National and State Government buildings, money, etc. The same symbol is on our U.S. dime [The old pre-Roosevelt "Mercury Head" dimes-ed.]

        Do you recognize anything familiar in that name, "Fasces"?

        You should. It is the origin of the word "fascist"-

    16. Amy,

      Great post. You’re right – it is possible to develop energy, stimulate the economy and protect the environment. It requires a positive collaboration between government and industry. By working together, we can see what’s possible – in terms of jobs, generating tax revenues and associated economic growth. It's just a fact that prosperous nations are cleaner, healthier. Developing our energy resources creates prosperity. With the right policies, the oil and natural gas industry could add 1 million new jobs before the end of the decade while securing 100 percent of our liquid fuels from North America by 2026.

      Mark Green, EnergyTomorrow.org

    17. Earl, QUEENS, NY says:

      A better wording of the question would be something like: “Can a conservative ‘go green’??”. And to that we can say yes. One day out of the year, if you’re Irish or part Irish, you can dress in green, etc. on March 17th. But as for every other day of the year, the smart thing to do is to just say “NO” to the flat-earth no-growth environmentalist wacko Marxists. Enough said!!

    18. David R. Young says:

      Mars' atmosphere is mainly made of of CO2. This planet does not hold its heat despite being mostly made up of this "green house gas".
      It has been stated by a NASA Scientist that pollutants would have to be added to Mars' atmosphere to allow it to retain heat.
      These seem like odd contrary facts. The whole premise of CO2 causing global warming on earth is very questionable.

    19. Jeanne Stotler says:

      During WWII we called it "Being Patriotic" For those too young to know, during WWII we baled and tied our papers, took both endsoff "TIN" cans ansmashed them, put in a huge burlap bag. When frying bacon, you strained the fat into a old coffee can, most had veggie gardens, corn husks, chicken droppings, and any degradble item, was put on a compost pile, we sewed our own clothing, sometimes using feed bags. We didn't have AC so it was fans rotating to move te hot air around, all motor oil was recycled, heat was turned down when we went out or to bed. We pealed the tinfoil grom gum wrappers and put into a large ball, saved string, rubberbands, ironed Wrapping paper and reused it along with he bows and ribbons, taught from the cradle it was sinful to waste. Aluminum foil and plastics were not around, Milk came in glass bottles as did Coke and Pepsi, botles wereretuned to store for deosit return. Yes W were conservative and eviomentalist in the '40's.

      • Joseph McKennan says:

        Right on. I was raised the same way. I hope you will read my post when it comes on.

      • Clearhead says:

        Kudos, Jeanne! You sound as if you might have been the girl next door when I was growing up, It's strange how our old habits die hard,, but besides being strange, it's also exhilarating and very satisfying that these old habits stayed with us even until this day. And talk about recycling — do you remember the 'scrap drives' during WW II? Let's just keep "Being Patriotic" Jeanne. America isn't hopelessly down the tubes yet. And as an old WW II song went, that you may remember…"WE DID IT BEFORE, AND, WE CAN DO IT AGAIN !!" God bless, and Semper Fi !!

      • Guest says:

        I'll bet there was no such thing as "disposable diapers" either! Hung on the line to dry no doubt. The "environmentalists" of today are a big fat joke.

    20. Mark says:

      Excuse me Heritage but I have yet to see any scientific evidence that proves the premise that CO2 is the precursor to increased heat in the atmosphere. There is considerable debate that the increased warming of the earth by the cycles of the sun causes the increase in the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

    21. boberic says:

      Here are the facts about CO2. First of all without it the only process that allows for life on the surface of this plenet is photosynthesis. No CO2 everything dies! The greatest greenhouse gas is water vapor ( clouds ). Have humans added to the co2 in the air? Possibly in a minor way. The percentage of co2 in the atmosphere is about .038% or 380 parts per million. 50 yuears ago it was about 320 parts per million. In other words we have added about 60 parts per million since 1960. That means that if you were to fdill up the Rose Bowl with 100,000 people 6 of them would represent the increase in the last 50 years. According to the EPA crazies this is a planetwise crisis. Seems absurd to me.

      • Jeanne Stotler says:

        They used to teach in school about inhaing O2 and exhaling Co2, trees and plants need Co2 to grow and they put out O2, the first true recycling. I laugh when I hear about CO2 I guess they want us all to stop exhaling.

    22. @anim8us says:

      No. Conservatives can be conservationist, stewards, and 'part of the solution'. The term 'environmentalist' has been destroyed by leftists action over the last 100+ years. Fixing things requires ridding the earth of poor misguided rules built up by decades of anti-enterprise communists and leftists.

    23. El MAdster says:

      Ha! http://conservativesforacarbontax.com/ is doing more to fight global warming than anything the left is coming up with.

      Conservatives-For-A-Carbon-Tax starts with the premise that the eco-left done nothing but bungled the sales job for a meaningful carbon tax by relying on shyster salesmen such as algore, Obama’s crony capitalism and ill-fated CAP and Trade and East Anglia University as well as conflating climate change with “social justice” and global income redistribution.

      Conservatives-For-A-Carbon-Tax supports a robust carbon tax as long as the eco-left supports the FairTax national retail sales tax that replaces the income tax.

      The Conservatives-For-A-Carbon-Tax slogan: Saving the Planet = Saving the Country

    24. Tiberius says:

      I don’t share your confidence, or your optimistic appraisal of the situation, when it comes to people governing themselves. Sheep always need a Sheppard. I agree that Conservatives can be environmentally aware and friendly, as I am one; however, there are factors that currently exist within the political arena that make it difficult to implement policy towards environmental reform. Factors such as misinformation, a struggling economy, an outdated legal/court system, and the existence of a severe intellectual divide amongst the community, as to which plan of action should take precedence.

    25. jntte says:

      For a common sense contribution, CO2 is necessary for photosynthesis, already mentioned above. Without it plants die and then there is no oxygen and we die. Ranchers in the West have used federal lands for grazing, the object is to utilize the grasses to fatten their cattle, now for those ranchers to utilize that property to the fullest they must take care of it or it will be a one time use, while those ranchers held federal/state grazing rights for years, handed down from generation to generation. If they are not good stewards of the land their cattle will not gain, they will lose their businesses and have no money to live on. Seems to me EPA, tree huggers like the Sierra club, and others forgot that little bit of information, but of course it's not about stewardship it is about control over everything. Ranchers clear brush, which by the way helps curtail wildfires because there isn't all that dead tinder to burn. There is no logic left, just agendas of control. We should all be good stewards of this earth and respect ourselves enough to take care of it.

    26. RennyG says:

      I think we all are looking in the wrong direction, the "election!" This guy is not, he has his eyes focused on bigger things, taking over this country, whereas he is the only one that can make decisions!
      This guy is holding the "Ace Of Spades!!!" He is going to "play it" with no question!
      Everyone knows there is turblance in the east, Iran, Iseral and others. All this guy has to do is "DECLAIR WAR,' and he cannot be elected out!!! (2years??) This guy is playing the "game"card"we are playing simplepolitics! We better start looking at what a "theif" wants to do!!!

    27. Joseph McKennan says:

      As a teenager the crowd I ran with DID NOT LITTER- a catch phrase we used was Keep America Beautiful.
      We did not even throw cigarette butts out the window Before I quit smoking I used filterless cigarettes or rolled my own just like a real cowboy.
      Animals -wild and domestic are very adaptable. I remember raking hay on my grandfather's ranch when I was 16 watching a coyote try to lure our "citified" dog out of sight. I went round and round the coyote for an hour at least and it paid no attention whatsoever to the tractor. I saw a white tailed doe and fawn on the campus at NIH where I work JUST THIS MORNING at a four way stop. They seemed to be waiting for the opportunity to cross the street. It was 05:30 and still dark.

    28. Joseph McKennan says:

      continued from previous post.
      There is also a substantial flock of Canadian geese that are almost a nuisance there. When I see a 'save the animals commerc ial' complete with dramatic music and a helicopter swooping down on a herd of antelope or African animals It makes me want to through a shoe at the tv. Apparently it is ok to scare the daylights out of the animals if you are spreading propaganda but it is shameful to put an oil pipeline through tundra so that caribou will have something to rub on in the spring when they shed. I believe that GOD made humans to be the stewards of the earth and to use its rewards and nuture it- what I have done for 59 years. I love nature and do my best to keep it healthy. I have been known to move an earthworm from a hot sidewalk to the shelter of grass.
      I AM NOT AN ENVIRONMENTALIST. I have too much respect for the earth that GOD provided- to ally myself with a godless mob like that. Call me Right.

    29. Jeanne Stotler says:

      Most of the BS put out by the EPA is false, and there will always be those who believe everthing they hear and read w/o researching it on their own. My Grandson was telling me this is the hottest the country has been here. I remeind him that it's been in cycle, and I've seen hot summers, copol summers as well as winters with lots of snow and some with no snow, in my 80 years.

    30. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Yes, we can. We can be environmentalists. We hunt, fish, (horrors!), speculate in real estate if we have the money, (and yes), we even build our businesses! Some businesses, like Clean Harbors, do HAZMAT, (hazardous
      materials), clean up. Others have their own specialties. Can conservatives be good stewards of the environment? Yes, we can. We just don't believe in the global cooling hype of '70s, which became the global warming hype, of today.

    31. Kelly says:

      This amounts to nothing more than working alongside the statists. Pay attention to the details. John McCain wanted to "work across the isle" with the overt statists. What did that amount to? Please consider his effectiveness as a preserver of the American experiment. Is he doing a good job? I think we all know he isn't. He is a RINO which means he is a statist just as much as the liberals are but he does it while feigning some interest in preserving American founding principles. And even that is a stretch for John.

      Do you want real change or do you want to slide down the slope a bit slower? Lip service to property ownership makes us all warm and fuzzy inside but look at the rest of the ideas they want you to support.

      Go to the link "American Conservation Ethic" on this page that Heritage is promoting. All of it focuses on playing around the edges of existing law. If you're being raped do you ask for a more comfortable bed? We have to demand fundamental change not just adjustments to existing law. Toying with the minutia of policy is great fun for think tank wannabes but it makes no difference in the end to the _trend_ of the expansion of the state. Small changes today to this trend is like re-painting the dining room when there's a grease fire in the kitchen.

    32. timpclimber says:

      Been both a conservative and a conservationist for over 50 years. I've seen the good, bad and ugly, like Earth Day 1971 on Oregon State campus where they buried a car, left tons of garbage, tore up the landscaping all in the name of the environment (and left it all for the campus employees to clean it up). Worked with a steel plant and reduced emissions 50% below required level but rejected by EPA, not one of their approved standards, so Plant went out of business, saw children bring injunction against parents will and turn a marsh ecosystem into a parking lot. To be a true conservationist you have to believe you are a steward of the earth. Everything will flow from that principle. All else is man made piffle.

    33. Linda says:

      We have 100+ acres in TN. We improve our land for wildllife, and we keep it as green as drought will allow it. We live here, we love the land, we protect it. We do not foul our nest. Those who live on the land will always protect it. We are better at that than the EPA. Linda, Coldwater, TN

    34. Bassboat says:

      We have all seen the EPA going over the top with their regulations. It is simply time to defund them and not be nice to them. They have hit every family in the pocketbook and it is the way it will be until this rogue agency is abolished. The environmental movement came out of the communists of the 1950's. Their sales pitch about clean air has sold a lot of people on their purity of purpose. Expose them for what it is, a radical organization bent on destroying the capitalistic system that we have.

    35. 2Dokie says:

      I AM AN ARCH-ENVIRONMENTALIST!!! An avid sportsman from early childhood and CONSERVATIVE from my mother's womb. I also recognise false causes at long range, and Sierra Club, Nature Conservancy and several other organizations wreak with false objectives.

    36. beingjohnadams says:

      It is possible to be pro-environment without being anti-Capitalism. The problem with the left is that their environmental movement has less to do with the environment than it has to with forwarding a Socialist ideology.

      Environmental causes are but a vehicle that is used to reform this world into the Socialist Utopia that the left has dreamed of for over a century. It is a false vision which can never be. History has proved that the ideology of the left fails wherever tried, but the left always believes that this time it will work.

      Progressives cannot come out and say we want to turn this into a European Socialist nation so they must do this covertly and under the guise of other issues. Climate Change, Healthcare, Welfare and etc.

    37. Max Kummerow says:

      Your panel pontificating on conservation included several energy industry folks and politicians but no environmental scientists. So you don't know what you are talking about. It takes chutzpah to say air has gotten cleaner and then complain about the Clean Air Act. Do you think companies without regulations can spend more than their competitors on scrubbers? Regulation makes for a level playing field so dirty companies don't have an advantage. If we continue on the free market route without recognizing ecological limits our society will collapse. Climate change might even (if the science is uncertain that cuts both ways) push temperatures up to where humans find it hard to survive. And, free market or not, there is no place to shop for another planet. The physics of climate change is so obvious you have to stick your head in the sand to deny the problem needs fixing. Reducing carbon emissions is going to cost a little money, but way less than climate change will cost if the worst case scenarios are allowed ot continue.

      • Joseph McKennan says:

        I do not know how old you are but I do know that climate change is as normal as the sun coming up. It has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years. DId you know that there are whale skeleton fossil in the middle of the Sahara desert? Now that is what I call a climate change

    38. Max Kummerow says:

      3,800 temperature records broken in the first week of July alone.

      Destructive wildfires in Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and Nebraska.

      Over 50% of the country experiencing serious drought.

      Rephrase your question: Can conservatives not go green? The essence of conservatism is, or should be, that if things are pretty good, we shouldn't be quick to change them. Applies to climate too.

    39. southc0ast says:

      The term conservationist needs to be re-defined. The word conserve denotes use of resources while not being wasteful. The conservationist movement has morphed into an anti-capitalist preservationist movement bordering on cult status. The term conservationist has been eroded into the pejorative "watermelon" label. Green on the Outside. The label conservationist needs to be reclaimed and restored some respect rather than the identity of a wild-eyed dropout bent on burning down anything which replaced a tree.

    40. cadienne says:

      Conservatives are conservationists.

    41. Mike Sheahen says:

      Like Thomas Jefferson said “Present a problem to a plowman and a professor; the former will solve it often better than the latter because he has not been led astray by artificial rules”. We are witnessing how ever more true that is about “led astray by artificial rules” such as: "Any discussion of carbon dioxide regulation must begin by noting…CO2 is a greenhouse gas, and anthropogenic (man-made) CO2 emissions have likely contributed to the observed warming of the past 50 years". That one is straight out of the Statist Marxist "Progressive" Left's evidently and verifiably misleading chants and rules, in this case based on what is already exposed as deliberately orchestrated "quack" science which, among other things, presents "consensus" as if it is purely scientifically established fact beyond any reasonable or purely scientific question and doubt, which it is not. Fortunately some of the article at hand and the proposed “ethic” go on to expose error and present remedy.

    42. Mike Sheahen says:

      Now here are two more things to realize and think about in support of some of the article at hand and the proposed ethic: 1. The #1. "greenhouse gas" is water vapor. 2. Life on earth is dependent upon CO2, among other things, especially plant and crop life (including "rain forests", etc.), upon which other life depends, including human. In fact, earth and life on it is virtually based on, possesses, and generates incomparably more carbon and gasses in all forms, than man, and does and handles things in ways that make man a comparatively powerless infinitesimal gnat, despite his gigantic ego.

    43. Firebird says:

      Conservative can do a better job and protecting the enviroment much better then the granola munchers and tree huggers ever can becuase we need to use CONSERVATION and not PRESERVATION and look up the words in you Dicionary and find out the diffrence between the two meanings

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