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  • Employers Caught Between a ROC and a Hard Place

    Chef Daniel Boulud got one of his first tastes of the Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC) when they inflated a gigantic cockroach outside of his upscale New York restaurant. The cockroach, used in conjunction with chants of “racist” to decry alleged differences in promotion by race, led to decreased business.

    Predictably, this negative publicity forced Boulud to pay $80,000 to the seven plaintiffs in the case, give raises to other employees, and enroll in racial sensitivity courses.

    The ROC was founded in New York in the aftermath of 9/11 to help restaurant workers who had worked at Windows on the World. Since then, however, the organization has morphed into something entirely different, working as a backdoor to unionizing restaurants through coercive and sometimes bizarre actions.

    Even more bizarre: The Labor Department gave the ROC a $275,000 grant in 2009.

    The grant was given to develop a program that would educate employees about workplace safety and ergonomics. Instead, the ROC produced and disseminated documents pushing unionization and ROC membership. ROC, a group with strong ties to unions like UNITE-HERE, essentially became a front group for unionization in the restaurant industry.

    A brief glance over any of the documents the ROC produced for their grant shows their bias (those documents, that is, that are not written in Latin gibberish). These documents repeatedly encourage restaurant employees to join the ROC or form a union.

    Shortly after its inception, the ROC began a campaign of backdoor unionization centered on intimidating and harassing employers. To get businesses to capitulate to their demands, they organize noisy protests, complete with drums and picketing (and, for students at the University of Michigan, class credit!).

    On other occasions they have burst into the establishments themselves, interrupting dinner services and insulting patrons. Even wedding parties aren’t exempt from their jeering. In another example of strange behavior, the group reorganized their protests as “prayer vigils” after the National Labor Relations Board ruled that their attempts to represent workers and extract reparations from restaurant owners were illegal.

    Perhaps more damaging to businesses than pernicious protests are the frivolous lawsuits and baseless accusations they bring for alleged ethical violations. Restaurant owners in some cases have gone out of business, while others have settled. Still others have fought the group’s ludicrous charges with restraining orders.

    The irony in all of this is that the ROC’s actions hurt the very people they are trying to help. When individuals choose to eat elsewhere after seeing giant cockroach, the real losers are that restaurant’s servers and cooking staff.

    At a time when U.S. debt is rapidly growing to unsustainable levels, why does such a divisive far-left group receive taxpayer support? Sending tax dollars to the ROC looks a lot more like government waste than serving the public good.

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    One Response to Employers Caught Between a ROC and a Hard Place

    1. Bobbie says:

      how can anyone but crooks, cons criminals and foreign indignities trust this government? These are the only ones Obama protects with all our money. I'd like to address the pathetic people who allege racism against people who are white claiming white people are the only ones with "power?" that can be racist!? Listen up ignorant ones, especially those living off the white man's taxes. To be racist is to be arrogant. Any human life with feelings can be racist! And any culture of people that promotes it can be stereo typed. Any human life that has no feelings wouldn't be sounding a drastic claim that only exists in the minds of those alleging. Who was that hysterical woman admitting teaching her children hatred and racism (always on the left) when she doesn't even know what racism is? Calling Mitt Romney racist because he speaks to people without mocking people's dialect. And when it was the DEMOCRATS that slandered the only other man running that isn't white causing him to drop out I suppose so they could create their idiocy of racist games.

      The government is TROUBLE in DISGUISED favor of America's freedom, independence and self dignity costing billions because of the people in government, their insecurities and their obsession to punish by disrespecting their authority using it to rape America of everything and everyone good.
      This government wants everyone to just trust them and get on board without foreseeing foreseeable problems so he can get you where he wants you. Bankrupt! Left with NONE!
      I don't get how his desire to increase taxes on millionaires boils down to 250,000 dollar aires AND HE STILL CALLS IT MILLIONAIRES? Get this drag out of our country. He communicates with selective information that doesn't include the necessary PART. He doesn't mean what he says when half the time it has to be reiterated by someone else who doesn't know what he says. His ideas come without intelligent forethought, present thought or after thought. All he does is without discipline on his part as he sets the baby rules up for everyone to follow while his highly paid czars use their mentality to supervise the masses and arrest when it looks good. Cause after all, the president is stuck on protecting everyone he's encouraged not to be American oriented! Over half the country counts on him for their own personal welfare they just aren't motivated to build their own. How proud he must be! How embarrassing for America!

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