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  • Morning Bell: Obamacare's Anti-Religious Freedom Mandate Starts TODAY

    Yesterday, on the eve of its religious-liberty-crushing mandate taking effect, President Obama’s Health and Human Services Department (HHS) made an outrageous claim:

    The Obama administration will continue to work with all employers to give them the flexibility and resources they need to implement the health care law in a way that protects women’s health while making common-sense accommodations for values like religious liberty.

    Religious liberty is a fundamental right guaranteed under the First Amendment of the Constitution, not a mere “value” whose worth is subject to devaluation by any given Administration’s policy. Regrettably, devaluation of this first principle is exactly what we’ve seen from the Obama Administration, which after a year of such lip service to religious liberty has held firmly to its original mandate despite widespread, intense, and ecumenical outcry against it.

    HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’s latest promise rings hollow and adds insult to the grievous injury that HHS is already doing to Americans who believe that religious liberty is not something that stops when one leaves a house of worship.

    The anti-conscience HHS mandate is now in effect.

    What happens starting today?

    Today signals the beginning of a season of impossible decisions for employers who, for reasons of conscience, have not been paying for abortion-inducing drugs, contraception, or sterilization for their employees. Employers are now required to offer these services for “free”—meaning the employers pick up the cost of including these services in their health insurance plans. At the renewal of their health plan years, the HHS mandate will force employers into an untenable choice: violate their deeply held beliefs or forfeit the provision of health insurance altogether and risk steep fines.

    Who are these victims of Obamacare’s trampling on faith? Family business owners who are producing jobs and growing the economy, Catholic social organizations that provide invaluable services to their communities, and evangelical colleges and universities educating the next generation, to name just a few. The Obama Administration says that business owners’ rights to religious freedom shouldn’t cross into their everyday lives, claiming that “for-profit, secular employers generally do not engage in any exercise of religion protected by the First Amendment.

    If employers don’t comply, what happens to them?

    If employers don’t change their plans, they will be hit with fines—up to $100 per employee per day. But if they stop providing health coverage, Obamacare’s double whammy means that employers with more than 50 employees could instead be hit with fines for that.

    For many, the level of these fines would mean going out of business. Applying the $100 per employee per day fine to Hercules Industries, for example—the family-owned business with 265 employees that is challenging the mandate in Colorado—would mean a fine of $800,000 per month—almost $10 million per year.

    If Hercules were to drop its health coverage, forcing its employees into government-run exchanges under Obamacare, it would face a fine on faith of approximately $2,000 per employee per year, for a total of $530,000 per year.

    What about the Administration’s “safe harbor” promised to delay the mandate’s effects?

    The Administration gave a very narrow exemption from the mandate to religious houses of worship serving their own members. Among the many employers who do not meet the Administration’s narrow religious exemption, some may be able to get a one-year reprieve from the HHS mandate under the Administration’s “temporary safe-harbor” provision. Non-profit religious employers are eligible for the safe harbor only if they meet the Administration’s four-part test.

    Even then, the temporary safe harbor only delays the inevitable, merely giving religious employers an extra 12 months to silence their consciences and get in line with the government’s mandate. Many religious employers and all for-profit employers do not qualify for the safe harbor and are subject to the HHS mandate starting today.

    Is anyone still challenging this?

    This fight is far from over. Almost 60 organizations have joined more than 20 lawsuits against the HHS mandate, including both for-profit and non-profit employers.

    The first legal decision came just last Friday when a judge in Colorado issued a preliminary injunction against the mandate. The mandate will not be enforced against family-owned Hercules Industries while it has a fair hearing on the issue in court.

    Is this the last of Obamacare’s mandates?

    This is only the beginning of the problems that Americans will continue to see as Obamacare’s mandatory “essential benefits” package takes shape. Obamacare gave enormous power to the HHS to craft the rules of the 2,700-page health care law, and we still don’t know very many details of how it will be implemented. Conveniently, many of Obamacare’s new rules and new taxes don’t hit Americans until well after the presidential election, in 2014.

    The anti-conscience mandate is a warning sign for us all of how one-size-fits-all health care requirements will trample on religious liberty as well as individual liberty. Centralization of health care is simply incompatible with freedom—religious freedom or any type of individual freedom. The only way to restore our liberties is to repeal Obamacare.


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    Quick Hits:

    • The Federal Housing Finance Agency has said it will not agree to use taxpayer-funded bank bailout money to bail out people’s mortgages, drawing “immediate rebuke from the Obama administration,” reports Reuters.
    • States are limiting the number of prescription drugs that Medicaid patients can have in an effort to cut costs.
    • Swimmer Michael Phelps won his 19th medal yesterday, setting a new record for medals won by an Olympian.
    • It’s Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day. Supporters of the restaurant are planning to eat at Chick-fil-A today to stand with President Dan Cathy in his freedom to express his personal beliefs about same-sex marriage.
    • How much will Taxmageddon cost your family? Check out and share our new infographic.
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    78 Responses to Morning Bell: Obamacare's Anti-Religious Freedom Mandate Starts TODAY

    1. Jim Uberti says:

      I hope that Catholic Bishops, priests and lay people keep the heat on til N ovember.
      Sebelius made her move because she said that "half of all Catholic women practice some form of birth control", and therefore assumed that this edict was no big deal.
      She was wrong!!
      While Catolics may, indeed, practice birth control, that doesn't extend to abortion,(Which is provided for in Sebelius's plan.)
      Catholics, practicing or not, have to insist that Obama and Sebelius recognize the protection enjoyed by religions in the Constitution.

      • Phyllis M. Scheck says:

        We are so (dummied down) in our great country!! We, the people need to be certain we do not let Pres. Obama be re-elected! It shoudn't even be close after this past 4 yrs. Jim is so correct! We need to do our share and exercise our right to vote. Another term for him, and America will have its' first dictator!

    2. Linda says:

      Is this the most sickening thing that has ever happened in this country? Is Obama the most crass individual that ever got into the White House? We've had our "fundamental change" for the last four years. What kind of "change" will we see if he's re-elected? He's already ruling as a dictator. He's killed more
      jobs than any person in history. Is this how the Democrat party wants to be represented?
      Anyone who votes for him again should be the ones who have to live under his policies. Not all the rest of us who know better. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    3. Charles Wenzel says:

      Oh I get it. Per the Progressive reinterpretation of the 1st Amendment, an employer can have deeply held religious (or any other kind of) beliefs i.e. freedom to follow the dictates of one's conscience, but they CAN"T exercise that right in the "public square"?
      That is an obvious unlawful position–per the Constitution's 1st Amend.–which protects "the free exercise thereof".
      And what about Obama's promise to Bart Stupak of Michigan re: absolutely no funding of abortion, to get him and his 'Blue Dog' Dems to vote for and carry 'Obamacare' across the finish line?

    4. Mary......WI says:

      All part of Obama's "transformation of America"……..He respects Ramadan and other Muslim beliefs, he doesn't attend church services too often because it always creates a stir at the church, and he was a big proponet of infanticide. If this man is re-elected in Nov. can you imagine all the rest of the transformational changes that will take place…..no one will even recognize what our country once stood for..FREEDOM.

      As for Kathleen Sebelius…..she looks like a very hard, stern, cold, woman……perfect for the devilish job of deciding who lives and who dies when setting medical protocols. Pathetic! Sad! Infuriating! Like the saying goes….they will all get theirs in the end……enjoy the heat!

      • Joseph McKennan says:

        Well said. I do not believe Obama has faith in the one GOD. I agree totally about sebelius– lower case on purpose

    5. Don says:

      remember in his mind America is NOT a Christian nation–his words….coming froma muslim family he has great distain for anything Judeo-Christian this isnt new…we need to storm heaven with prayer to remove him and his facist followers from washington…then blast the ballot boxes as well…this is a president and i use that word very lightly..who passed legislation to have those poor innocent children who by Gods grace survive the inhumaine abortion process…to give doctors the right to kill the cchild outside the womb….isnt that murder….its funny all those who believe abortion is ok are all alive…wonder what the child feels as he or she is being killed sad day for our nation

      • Joseph McKennan says:

        One thing that isn't mentioned enough is what happens to a woman after the abortion. Sterilzation. In essence she will be spayed.

      • RationalThinker says:

        "remember in his mind America is NOT a Christian nation"

        In the Constitution's mind, America is not a Christian nation. If you honestly believe America is a Christian nation, then boy do I have news for you.

    6. MJF in CT says:

      This is a direct violation of the Constitution and the separation of powers. When is Congress going to get off their butts and put a stop to all of this?

      • gayle says:

        You expect too much from them.

      • Leaf says:

        Just because my insurance and employer are mandated to offer contraception, does not mean I have to violate my religious beliefs and procure them. So how does this violate my free exercise of religion?

      • Larly says:

        The "Monkey see Monkey do" are only going to give lip service as they have in the past. One example is the Tax on Social Security income. Can even take off your cost of you life time of forced investing into the program. Draft dodger Bill signed the tax into law. It passed with the help of the "Monkey see Monkey do" party . Yes, and the republicans had 8 years to repeal it. Still taxed at your highest rate. They gave investors who are not required to invest better rates on Capital gains but not the Social Security recipient.. they Just doesn't count.

    7. Bobbie says:

      What catholics do is no ones right to speculate especially in government power. Sebelius! This administration wants to PROTECT WOMEN'S HEALTH? Women are the only ones that can protect their own health within OUR control as all people with minds do. Women don't want PROTECTION CONTROLLED by government FORCE!

      The government we pay for is refusing their duty, abusing OUR rules, threatening, violating, intruding and pissing on the peoples' constitution. Impeach the ill willed or ignore his man made laws! The democratic side of America's society is doing everything they can to flood the courts and all government systems! It has to be stopped with discipline! NOW!

    8. Sharin' says:

      It sickens me…..the Catholic Church has made so many contributions to our society……and it will overcome this evil that is being imposed upon it because we have our Savior Jesus Christ to back us.

    9. Curt Krehbiel says:

      "The only way to restore our liberties is to repeal Obamacare."

      And to repeal Obama in November!

    10. glynnda says:

      But!!!!! Trials for terrorists are held up for a month to honor Ramadan or whatever they call it……..you know what, that's less votes for O-Bummer…..fine with me……and more support for a complete repeal of this idiotic piece of legislation…….that's one piece of idiotic legislation down, about 3,000,0000 to go……

    11. victorbarney says:

      An actual RE-VISIT into man's 6,000 year past! The Garden of Eden is being re-played again, but this time it will END DIFFERENTLY! No Obama & his GATHERER'S ARE NOT GOING TO WIN! WATCH! P.S. It's called the two-witnesses of Revelation, chapter 11 & Yahweh(HEBREW is the ONLY SPIRITUALLY INSPIRED LANGUAGE AS WRITTEN(i.e.,Zeph. 3;9, Acts 26:14, 1 Cor. 4:6)) WILL WIN CONCLUSIVELY THIS TIME & start again with the remaining 144,000 thousand protected Israelites from the 12 tribes of Israel with the tribe of Joseph replacing Dan for being protected, also as written in Revelation, chapter 7. Just saying what's already written & YHWH does nothing without FIRST WARNING HIS PEOPLE! Again, Watch!

    12. every one just don,t pay the fines, what can they do. We out number them 1 million to one.The liberals are a joke

    13. rdrowl says:

      So…what you want is for to force everybody to start practicing Roman Catholic or Evangelical dictates? Where's the religious freedom in that?

      • Bobbie says:

        what "force to start practicing Roman Catholic or Evangelical dictates" is oppressing your religious freedom? Specifics please!

    14. Bob says:

      Does anyonoe have an explanation why no lawsuits are listed from the 9th US Circuit Court District?

    15. This is horrible, i can understand people falling for this evil person Obama in 08 ,but to still stand with him and vote for him its unbelieveable.When people that profess to be christains vote for him and still says they are christains it make one wonder!!

    16. When Obama was elected in 2008 my mother was 98 years old. She lived for two more years and died in 2010 three months past her 100th birthday. Every conversation I had with her about the political situation, which was in almost every conversation we had, here was her response; "If I can see what this man is why can't everybody else". The people who voted for Obama took him for his word and thought he would do what his campaign rhetoric indicated he would do as our President. Many took his campaign slogans on the honor system like Pelosi's statement about Obamacare. "Just go ahead and vote for Obamacare and we will tell you about the details later".

    17. Kid Richie says:

      Catholics do not dictate Catholic Doctrine. Their faithfulness to that doctrine is a matter of their individual consciences.
      Obama is trying in every way he can to undermine the Constitution which he swore to uphold, defend and protect.

      When it suits the Left they blare out "separation of church and state"! When it doesn't suit them they try to step on that principle.

      Such hypocricy should be rejected by all 'thinking' Americans. Those who do not 'think' follow like stupid sheep.

    18. brunnegd says:

      When will ED drugs become "free"? I fail to see any distinction.

      • myth buster says:

        ED is a disease; fertility is a healthy condition. An ED drug restores the natural function lost to disease, whereas a birth control pill suppresses the natural healthy condition of the reproductive system. The difference between the two is quite simply the difference between medicine and poison.

    19. timpclimber says:

      This is the tip of the regulation of freedom ice berg found in the Demopath Obungle 2500 page health care law. Unless repealed it will ultimately give the Feds control over much of our lives. It will make Mayor Bloomberg look like Santa Clause. Every Morning Bell reader must actively warn their friends and neighbors and support those candidates who will repeal this liberty smothering law.

    20. Jeanne Stotler says:

      This is not just a fight for Catholics, this a a fight to squash all religions , Pretty soon, if not stopped, you will ee churches padlocked, then razed as the Goverment takes them over. Read about the take over of Russia pre Dr.Zavago era, this iwhen they murdered the Tsar and his whole family. The Marxist in the WH wants to rule us all, tell us how to dress, no more shorts, bikini's ad revealing clothing we will be covered from head to foot, this is the aim of the Islamic Brotherhood, they HATE all of us who defy their way of thinking and acting, they want this to be a MUslim world. Beware, protect our Constitution, vote Nov. 6th.

      • Abort Obama says:

        "…this is a fight to squash all religions…"

        I'm not so sure about that Jeanne. I seem to remember something about Muslims being totally exempt from the mandates of Obamacare. Same with, I think, the Amish. Anyone else remember anything about this? I think it was leaked before Obamacare passed. If this is in fact true, then we all should just say we're Muslim, or Amish, and give Obamacare the middle finger salute!

        • Jeanne Stotler says:

          I am not sure about the Amish, they shun all of the modern world, that is the strict Amish, the others who drive autos and have telephones and electricity are not as strict. Most Amish work farms ans are totally self sufficient therefre they do not earn wages, they believe in Bartering. I haven't been around Lancaster much in the last forty years, but when my family was living there I learned a lot about them, the are honest, hard working, self sufficient.

          • Bobbie says:

            it's Christian faith! and the extent the weakness of mankind millions will go to to persecute. They got into positions of authority over us that will fight against even stronger now that many have come to know the truth about the president and his intentions.

            Muslim men have no self control that's why they can't see the skin of a woman, why it's legal to rape her if they do, why they support abortion and why the federal government is making it easily accessible!! Sharia law protects those men that punishes a gender men actually fear to have to hide behind their man made rules they pleasure themselves punishing women, appease their intolerances and accommodate their disrespectful, uncivil, ruthless behavior towards women with fear in knowing a womans' natural, miraculous ability to have children. America is being forced to strip herself for this filth in the name of a foreign people and their conspiratorial, pathetic foreign Sharia infiltration! If people want to live that way they had no right COMING TO AMERICA! DEPORT!!! America's intelligence has every right to ask ANY questions of a foreign people period! These foreigners do nothing productive in America but complain about the jobs they agreed to do and hover over America's government challenging her laws using political correctness to cover their truth! Keith Ellison wants Michelle Bachman to go to all Obama's federal appointed agencies to get her questions answered!!?? He told her to prove her allegations even though she gave none yet he can allege anything out of thin air and even lie about it without any contention? Go figure!



            This is America! Mind your own Muslim business and stay out of America's civil one! We govern our own in this country and favor no incivility! It's filth!
            sorry to carry on…

    21. Marvin Schmidt says:

      First, Obama said several times during his 2008 campaign that he would "…fundamentally change America…" – we weren't listening. That being said, how is it that we argue about "women's right" to abort their children while punishing whose who protect living children. Don't take this wrong, I absolutely HATE abortion. But understand this, we have sovereign nations within our nation – nations that cafeteria all our laws, then abuse and kill children with immunity. When a whistle blower comes along, like Dr. Titus of the Spirit Lake Indian Reservation, one with the courage to bring the issues to light, he is destroyed –
      Obama views himself as ruler of the World, not just the U.S. – not my words, but those of several news commentators. In the years to come, the depth of his hatred for our Constitution will be outed.

    22. Mark Simmons says:

      As the person in charge of benefits for our church, this has been extremely frustrating. While there has been considerable coverage by the conservative media, the government and insurance companies appear to be in stealth mode about this. I have received no notification of this change from my insurer, broker or the federal government. No information about the exemption process, much less instructions regarding how to get an exemption. I am also a member of several national organizations that provide networking and services for churches to stay compliant with federal and state laws and there has been nothing published, or even discussed among the members that would indicate that anyone else is getting any information. Then the deadline just springs up in the last week. I've been scrambling to find out information and so far nothing. This article is the first time I saw a pointer to the exemption criteria.

      Do I think this is deliberate? You bet I do!

    23. Juan Martinez says:

      Oh please, HF, THIS again? I'm sorry, but the Health Care Act is the law of the land. If you don't like it, then change it. If you think it is unconstitutional, then take your case to court. So far, the Supreme Court has determined that the law is constitutional. I'm rather tired of so-called religious organizations seeking more exemptions from our nation's laws. The Catholic Bishops do not speak for their church members, only for themselves. If they don't like the law, and the special changes make to accomodate their quest for special treatment, then why don't they move to Nicaragua, where former communist now kleptocrat Daniel Ortega has allied with the Catholic Church there to make abortion illegal? Or perhaps they might move to Mexico, where Romney's grandfather moved to avoid complying with US laws regulating marriage in a way that conflicted with his religious beliefs?

      • Jeanne Stotler says:

        Surely you must have read the 1st admendment, it says as plain as day that Congress can not enact ANY LAW "respecting an establishment of religion or PROHIBITING the FREE EXERCISE therof; or abrdging the freedom of speech" Obama seeks to do both. As for the Bishops, they do speak for the faithful as designed by Jesus at the Last Supper and again after his resurection, he appointed Peter the first Pope when he said, "though art Peter (means rock) and upon this rock I will build my church And you Sir; have no right to say we should leave this country, my ancestors came here in 1620 and 1685, both for Freedom of Religion.

        • Juan Martinez says:

          Thanks, Jeanne, for your thoughtful response. However, I think you are mistaken when you state that the Affordable Care Act violates the 1st Amendment. Further, the Supreme Court already has agreed with me, and they have found the Act to be in compliance with the 1st Amendment. Further, yes, there is a book, likely many books, written by people who are now long dead, that states the Bishops have certain powers and speak for Catholics. However, a Gallup poll from 3 months ago found that 82% of U.S. Catholics find birth control to be okay and morally acceptable. A different study from 2011 found that 98% of sexually active Catholic women use or have used artificial birth control. There you have it. Also, extending your argument, if I wish to observe a religion that practices human sacrifice and infanticide, then that is protected under the 1st Amendment? Finally, I did not state that anyone should leave the country–I stated that people who do not wish to obey the laws of this nation may choose to leave this country and go to a place where such laws do not apply. Romney's grandfather did exactly that when he moved to Mexico. It appears that your ancestors did the same when they left England in 1608 (moving first to Holland).

      • Bobbie says:

        We're getting tired of ignorance like yours! Just kidding. Love it!

        How dare you accept the controlling forces of government in America where we have the right and the human duty to take care of ourselves without the abusive hand and undisciplined government force service! Sounds like you've had your dignity as a man taken away, Juan? Or you never had any? It's so sad to see the glop America is melting into! It's too bad you don't think better for women then throwing women into government resources we didn't ask for, that corrupts is corrupting and corruptible. Understand the constitution then you can help me!

    24. I’m sick and tired of this arrogant president interfereing in MY LIFE! He continues to shove us around like peons
      ignoring, insulting, contemptuous of our beleifs, feelings, constitution and anything American!
      Well Mr. President november is coming and I’m going to SHOVE BACK!

      • Juan Martinez says:

        Stephen, HOW is this president interfering with your life? Nations have laws, that should not be news to you. If the laws of the nation that you live in "interfere with your life", then why not try to change those laws, or live in a different nation? That's what people living in the United States have done in the past.

        • TimH says:

          Juan your ignorance is STAGGERING! Are you blind AND stupid or just an Obama shill? Obama is forcing us ALL to pay for what is completely immoral and contrary to our conscience, faith, and reason. If he were to issue an edict that you could not speak in public (of course you can believe whatever you want in private) and then make you pay for what you disagree with (say fund the GOP) then you would know a bit about how we feel. For now know that Catholics DO support their bishops (contrary to the liberal media you obviously spend all your time reading) and most Catholics follow Catholic teaching. It's high time you and all your leftist friends woke up from your drunken stupor and realized if he can take away our rights he can take everything from you as well.

        • Bobbie says:

          gee Juan in case you haven't noticed, much has been done without proper process by this bull legged, crossed eyed, conning government so all you have to do is change the law is ignorant when the laws had no right to change in the first place! This president is interfering in our lives with his expense and condescending implements! His extreme ruling over us he has no right and his health care game while totally baffled by his vowed oath of office. Dangerous behavior with no respect to the laws but circumventing for his convenience. And you support him!
          and I mean all of who "his" includes. I know he doesn't do it all by himself. duh de duh!

    25. toledofan says:

      I don't think this is just a Catholic issue, but, an issue that affects all denominations and all Americans; this is a direct assult on freedom in general. It is high time for the Republicans in the House to stand up and say no to any funding for Obamacare, period and another indication of how far to the left the Democrats have gone. This proves once again they really don't care about the country, our freedom or the Constitution. Sebelius has been given enormous power to craft this bill into a total socialist package and that power needs to be reigned in. It is time for Boehner to step up to the plate and do his job and start acting like the Leader of the House and putting the cabosh on the funding..

    26. steve h says:

      Thank goodness for this President who makes common sense reforms like this!

    27. Jonathan Brown says:

      This is such a narrow and misleading interpretation of the ACA. The First Amendment also protects freedom FROM religion. Your beliefs don't allow you to deny others access to health care. And, yes, birth control is health care, despite your misinformed rantings. Deciding when to get pregnant gives women more freedom, to pursue college, careers or whatever they want. And I know you know that freedom is what so many Americans fought and died for. But you have a choice. You don't have to provide a path to coverage of birth control, health care or anything. Leave. Go to Iran or Pakistan or any of the dozens of countries that use religion to deny rights and oppress people. This country would be so much better without you. Goodbye.

      • Jeanne Stotler says:

        WHERE is anyone denied conraceptives, or health care, this is not a issue with denying care, it's an issue of FREE healthcare for issues that the Goverment has NO BUSINESS being involved in. Frankly I like to privacy I had in my bedroom and being able to have and raise my kids without do-gooders looking down their snootty noses because we, my husband and I, lived up to our faith, had 10 children and took care of them. As a nurse, I know what is available w/o cost, the argument is moot, there are clinics(FREE) all over and ER's do not turn people away(it's the law) and then there is being a moral person, living according to God's LAws, no telling others how BAD w are because we do./

    28. kalenkimm says:

      I am confused by the logic?

    29. unknowen says:

      we need to get obama’s rear out of office now

    30. Leith N. Wood says:

      There is no excuse for voting for BO again, none. He and his czars have wreaked havoc on America and the people who believe in the Constitution and freedom. They are arrogant and uncaring about anyone, who disagrees with them. It's been a ghastly, disgusting four years and time to vote out socialism. BO is not a nice person, nor are his henchmen and women. That includes the majority of the press. Fight now for religious freedom and throw out Obamacare and the whole bunch of crooks.

    31. lizaz says:

      Hopefully this is a huge hole in his campaign and voters will continue to flock away from him!! Keep it up and it will come back to haunt you in NOVEMBER!!!!!

    32. MaryB says:

      What about MY religious views? Why should any employer be able to force THEIR religious values on ME? Contraception is perfectly acceptable in MY faith. Jobs are tough enough to get these days. Now I have to be worried that I work for an employer who's compatible with my beliefs?? That's ridiculous.

    33. Leith N. Wood says:

      Would you please print my email. Thank you.

    34. gayle says:

      Caught a bit of Hillary Clinton's speech to some country today speaking about the need to guarantee religious freedom and persecuted Christians. I'm not sure where she was or to whom she was speaking. I found it ironic on this day especially, she's "preaching" to about religious rights to another country. Wouldn't her energies be better directed here?

    35. Jerome Bigge says:

      I fail to see why "reproductive services" had to be supplied in everyone's health insurance. There should be other "alternatives". Those who desire such services could have them "outside" of Obamacare. They could purchase these as "suppliments" or added on services. There is also the issue that there are people holding religious beliefs that don't allow certain aspects of medical care to be performed upon themselves. Instead of the "mandate", why not approach the problem of high health care costs in other directions. Libertarians have proposed simply removing the government rules and regulations on US health care that make it the world's most expensive. There appear to be many solutions to the problem. Not just the one Obama copied from Romney's there in Massachusetts. Which does cover "reproductive services" incidently. (I just Googled it to be sure). I wonder what the Catholic Church in Massachusetts has to say about Romney's plan this way?

    36. Casey Carlton says:

      I wonder if Obama, if elected again in November, will begin wearing a brown shirt and an armband with a swastika on it. Seems it would be a good fit, don't you think? And…Commisar Sebelius can choose her own wardrobe as long as it's brown.

    37. Anthony Bowman says:

      first of all marriage comes to us as a religious ordnances from the bible if one ordnance is that important the all should be important to you if you don't chouse to belive all of the bible then why is this one-act of faith so important to you.You ask us to give you special consideration from the Bible based on a sexual act that the same Bible calls immoral! you ask us to kowtow to your demands. if we do who is next Pedophilia! this too is a sexual act! and also calles immoral in the Bible! maybe Necrophilia! also a sexual act and also calles immoral in the Bible!.It is my true belief that sexual preferences should not be used as a qualifier to grant special concentration to anyone. All that being said Crist loves the Sinner and forgives them of their sin if they repent from their sin . It is good to rember all have sinned and come short of the glory of God

      • Leslie says:

        Biblically, to repent means to change your mind, and your behavior, not just to say you're sorry. Sexual relations within marriage is not a sin. Yes, we all have, will and do immoral things, but is that the goal? Those who are ammoral, should be free to obtain the coverage they want; those who strive to have a moral conscience should be free to get different coverage. Why is it always an all or nothing proposition?

    38. Doc Hilliard says:

      Obama just lit off the burner under the pan of water with the frog (Americans) in it.

    39. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Anti-religious is right.

    40. Joseph McKennan says:

      I see a tremendous amount of outrage in the comments today but I do not see much criticism of 9 people who richly deserve to be chastised SEVERELY. 5-10 years ago when Roberts was appointed as chief justice of the supreme court I felt a sense of peace that we had an appointee who would carry on the American way of life. What a fool I was. He made the statement that we had what we voted for – or words to that effect. I did not vote for Obama and have been anguished in every cell of my body ever since he was elected. I can only conclude that I don't count because I embrace decency and love for my fellow man. I assume Roberts, Reid, Obama, etal are convinced that people like me are fools because we are on a level above beasts. To call obamacare a tax is an insult so grievous to a high-minded man that it forever alienates. I know that I will not see them in hell because I am going the other way.

    41. Cosmo says:

      If I owned Hercules Industries, I would make it a point to tell all 265 employees that when they enter the voting booth in November, if they pull the lever for President Obama and he is re-elected, I will fire all 265 employees and close the business. I'm John Galt.

    42. ray r says:

      Shouldnt the employer have a 5th amendment/14th amendment claim of a taking without due process?

    43. Zane Overstreet says:

      I grew up with the bible and Jesus being my only real father figure and NO WHERE in the bible does it say fo FORCE your religious beliefs on others. God gave you a choice to believe in him and his ways or not. Who are you to force others to follow your beliefs. As an EMPLOYER you have a responsibility to provide for your employees REGARDLESS of your religious beliefs. The United States was founded on religious freedom because of the tyranny of the Catholic church and people being persecuted for not following Catholic beliefs. Now you want our government to follow your religious beliefs.. There is a reason they are separated. Religion and government are NOT one and the same and you have no business trying to force others to follow your religious beliefs by denying medical coverage to them. God is a god of forgiveness not judgement. Don't you remember the part of the bible that says pay your taxes and "when in Rome" Get off your high horses, actually read your bible and stop trying to force others to follow your beliefs. Even God doesn't do that.

      • Jeanne Stotler says:

        You say my religious rights can be trampled on, but you cannot be denied the right to Murder an unborn infant, NO ONE is denying you the right to do this or to use birth control, I just don't want to PAY FOR IT, as it's against my belief, just as working in an abortion clinic , or taking part in providing for on in a hospital is. This is not about denying you these "rights" it's against religious freedom, FIRST, the 1st Admendment is against goverment interference in the practice of ANY religion, and if you truly believe in seperation of Church and state, than you would not be fo this part of ACA

      • Leslie says:

        When in Rome, do as the Roman's do is not in the Bible. This originated with St Ambrose in 387 AD. Jesus said give unto Ceasar what is Ceasar's, and give unto God what is God's. My concern is that we are giving what is God's to Ceasar. Please don't pretend you read the Bible when you clearly don't. Every Christian has a morale responsibility to defend themselves based on their faith and conscience. Because some do not want to fund what they see as murder, does not mean they are forcing thier beliefs on you…..No employer is responsible for your well being. That is yours and yours alone. If you have to pay for part of your healthcare, then join the club.

      • Bobbie says:

        Get off your high horse. Why are you mocking God's will by insinuating government control over free people? That's not what the bible says. It says you as a man go help your brother. You as a man let your brother depend on. Taxes in the bible were for roads and bridges and corrupting the people. NOTHING ELSE! No where in the bible does it imply using government resources to live your life nor does it suggest trust in the government of people you don't know, to aid your brother!

        Where's the force of beliefs on people? People conduct their business under their rules!! No part of these private businesses is forcing the weakest of minds to follow any personal beliefs. There's no questioning or contingencies upon visit. What are you losing your mind over besides ignorance feeding the masses? Please take time to actually read the bible and stop spreading the ignorance!

    44. dougindeap says:

      Notwithstanding all the arm waving about religious liberty, the health care law does not “force” employers to act contrary to their consciences. Under the law, employers have the option of not providing any such plans and instead simply paying assessments to the government. Unless one supposes that the employers’ religion forbids payments of money to government, the law does not compel them to act contrary to their beliefs.

      The provisions of the ACA mentioned in the post work much differently than it suggests. The first applies only when a health insurance plan is offered and it fails to meet statutory requirements. That provision simply does not apply when an employer chooses not to provide health insurance. It bears noting, too, that the provision contains many exceptions and other ways to avoid or substantially reduce the penalty.

      The second provision is the one pertinent here. It provides that an employer choosing not to provide health insurance pays an assessment of only $2,000 per employee per year–far less than the typical annual cost of health insurance. Moreover, employers don’t pay any assessment for the first 50 employees. Employers with fewer than 50 employees, thus, would owe nothing.

      Because these assessments are set so low (and the ACA affords employees realistic options to obtain their own insurance), according to two recent studies, 10-30% of employers are considering the option of not providing such insurance—for reasons entirely unrelated to religion. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10000872396390443http://www.mckinseyquarterly.com/How_US_health_ca… They think that option may be economically advantageous, and they certainly don’t think it will put them out of business. The assertion that the ACA forces employers to violate their consciences is a big lie.

    45. seta says:

      Does China have such a law . Chiona's manufacturing base that is wrecking the US manufacturing already with Cheep labor , No Minimum wage, No union, No OSHS, No EPA, No FICA, No unemployment tax, plus no tax on good they bring in or no income tax on the profits they make. is this the straw that broke the camel's back? You can bet the "Monkey see, Monkey do" Republicans are not going to do anything. THEY HAVEN"T IN THE PAST. Just added more garbage of their own.

    46. Bernarr Stadius says:

      How does forcing the owner of Hercules Industries to provide contraceptive services, sterilization, abortion-inducing drugs, etc. to employees in contravention of the owner's religious beliefs not fall under the first amendment's prohibition of laws limiting the the free exercise of religion? Does the peyote smoking case, Oregon v. Smith 494 U.S. 872 (1960), muddy the waters here? I would like to hear more about freedom of conscience as it applies in this area as well as the matter of religious liberty.

    47. Ginny Hays says:

      Not only Obama, but every congressman and woman who has not openly attacked and pursued eliminating these deceitful religious attacks should BE VOTED OUT!! Their silence and lack of action should be "rewarded" with ouster.

    48. Barbara Lowe says:

      This mandate not only tramples on the religious choices and rights of religion but also on the liberty and rights of the unborn. To many infants have been slaughtered in the name of someone's rights bedsides there own.

    49. Louise says:

      No shirt, no shoes, no service applies to most businesses. Take health care away and the next thing you'll want is a team of horses for your wagon and let your women die because of no health care. You think the wealthy are going to pay your medical bills? They will give you a part time job that you don't qualify for health care and the big insurance companies will charge so much you'll be right back where you were. Praying for a break.

    50. Frances Goolsby says:

      I am 80 years old and I have seen many presidents come and go. But I have never been this anxious for one to go before! I pray that our Lord will forgive each one who voted for him before, and that He will be able to guide each Christian and even those who are not, into making the decision to elect another president this November. I pray God,s forgiveness for all of of us if we do not!! I pray the Lord will have mercy on all of us, especially those who are blind enough to Vote for thiis man! May Our Lord have mercy on this Nation and turn us all closer to Him!!

    51. CEJA says:

      I'm not sure where you all work but where I do I pay for my own insurance. I get a better deal with them but that's it. So if I were female and if somehow circumstances led to a decision to get an abortion, in reality, I would be paying for it.
      For places that do pay for their employees, I'd think the devoted Catholics and people working for these religious institutions wouldn't choose to use contraceptives or have abortions so I'm not really sure how this affects them.

      Sorry if I'm looking at this all wrong.

    52. CEJA says:

      I'm not sure where you all work but where I do I pay for my own insurance. I get a better deal with them but that's it. So if I were female and if somehow circumstances led to a decision to get an abortion, in reality, I would be paying for it.

      For places that do pay for their employees, I'd think the devoted Catholics and people working for these religious institutions wouldn't choose to use contraceptives or have abortions so I'm not really sure how this affects them.

      Sorry if I'm looking at this all wrong.

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