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  • Monthly Archives: July 2012

    Scientists Blame Global Warming for Heat Wave, But Fail to Back It Up

    Climate Science Exposed

    Global-warming alarmists have reemerged with a vengeance following the recent heat wave featuring record temperatures across the nation and dozens of wildfires throughout the West. But how much has global warming contributed? At least two climate change scientists refused to identify any possible threshold, with one declaring, “I honestly don’t … More

    Heritage Analyst Speaks to U.N. Arms Trade Treaty Conference

    Photo Courtesy of Sheldon Clare

    On Wednesday morning, nongovernmental organizations made presentations to the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) conference. Heritage’s Ted R. Bromund, senior research fellow in Anglo-American relations in the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom, spoke as follows: Thank you, Mr. President, for the opportunity to offer written remarks to be placed in … More

    Venezuela and Chavez: President Obama Should Read His Intelligence Brief

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Frias (C) posing with Cuban former President Fidel Castro (L) and his brother and current President of Cuba, Raul Castro, on June 17, 2011. AFP PHOTO/www.cubadebate.cu

    In an interview with a popular Miami TV station, President Obama was asked yesterday about the danger Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez poses to U.S. security. The President responded: “My sense is that what Mr. Chavez has done over the last several years has not had a serious national security impact … More

    Reaching the World's Poor with Financial Tools


    Missing (as usual) from discussions of the Millennium Development Goals after the recent release of its 2012 report is any talk of the impressive role the private sector has played in promoting more cost-effective and sustainable development in recent years. Thus far, financial inclusion mostly encompasses microcredit (small loans to … More

    Russian Ship Carrying Helicopters Sails Again for Syria

    An armed Free Syrian Army rebel stands inside a house in the north Syrian city of Binnish on February 15, 2012.

    The MV Alaed has once again left its Russian port and is presumably heading back to Syria. The cargo ship was last in the news when it recently had its insurance revoked after U.K. intervention for carrying Russian helicopters to Syria despite the EU arms embargo on the country. So … More

    House Repeals Obamacare; What's Next


    Now that the House has voted to repeal Obamacare, what happens next with H.R. 6079? The “Repeal of ObamaCare Act” will go to the Senate for consideration. If Senators take a few simple actions, they can force a debate and recorded vote in the Senate this year. They might even … More

    Life, Religious Liberty at Heart of Obamacare Repeal Bill


    Legislation to repeal Obamacare under consideration in the House today makes clear in two significant findings the massive health care law’s threat to religious liberty, conscience rights, and the protection of human life: (7) While President Obama promised that nothing in the law would fund elective abortion, the law expands … More

    What About the Payroll Tax, Mr. President?


    Finally, President Obama has awakened to at least a part of Taxmageddon as it barrels down on American taxpayers next year and drags down job growth this year. Was he previously unaware of it? Did he just decide it matters, given the recent pattern of weak job growth? So the … More

    Solyndra-Linked Executive to Lead Pentagon's Advanced Tech Agency

    2007 DARPA Urban Challenge

    A venture capital executive with ties to defunct solar company Solyndra has been hired as the new chief of the Defense Department program heading up the Pentagon’s renewable energy push. Arati Prabhakar, a former partner at U.S. Venture Partners, a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm that backed Solyndra, has been … More

    Taking the Critical out of "Critical Materials"

    rare earth china

    Rare earths and other strategic minerals are front and center again, with a bill being brought to the House floor this week. When Members of Congress consider “critical” materials, they should bear in mind that the materials aren’t actually critical and that government should therefore play a very limited role. … More