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  • Morning Bell: Business Owners Battle Obamacare for Religious Freedom

    The Newland family, which owns Hercules Industries, won a preliminary injunction against Obamacare's HHS mandate. (Left to right: James, Paul, William, and Andrew Newland; courtesy of ADFmedia.org.)

    Two days from now, employers across America will become vulnerable to crushing government penalties for exercising their religious freedom. This isn’t exactly what lawmakers advertised when they pushed Obamacare, but it is part of the Obama Administration’s agenda—forcing nearly all employers to pay for abortion-inducing drugs, contraception, and sterilization services.

    Beginning August 1, employers must amend their health insurance offerings to include these drugs and services. And if they don’t? How about a fine of $100 per employee per day for non-compliance. This outrageous policy makes it impossible for employers to afford the fine—meaning they must change their insurance policies or stop offering health coverage to their workers.

    But for many employers, offering the types of services required under the HHS mandate violates their consciences. It conflicts with their deeply held religious beliefs. And the government is telling them that doesn’t matter—what’s more, it’s telling them that their beliefs are inconsequential, and they must pay.

    Just last Friday, a judge in Colorado gave one business’s owners the first glimmer of hope that their religious freedom may survive this attack. Heritage’s John Malcolm and Dominique Ludvigson explained:

    U.S. District Court Judge John Kane, a Carter appointee, granted a preliminary injunction on behalf of Hercules Industries, halting the government’s ability to enforce its anti-conscience mandate against the company while the lawsuit challenging the mandate continues in court…The case is in its early stages and will proceed to a trial on the merits.

    Hercules is a family-owned, for-profit company with a self-insured health plan for its 265 employees. Its owners see the Obama Administration’s message as “either comply and desert our faith, or resist and be punished,” said William Newland, one of the owners.

    “We have a President, I think, that doesn’t know much about building up a business, but he certainly has good ideas on how to tear one down,” Newland said.

    Judge Kane concluded that the harm to the government from not enforcing the mandate “pales in comparison to the possible infringement upon Plaintiffs’ constitutional and statutory rights” to operate their business consistent with their convictions. Judge Kane concluded that the government’s interests in enforcing the mandate were undercut by the numerous exceptions to the mandate that the Administration has already created for other entities. “These interests are countered, and indeed, outweighed, by the public interest in the free exercise of religion,” he stated.

    According to the Obama Administration, however, the free exercise of religion is something done only one day a week in a house of worship. It argued that the “Plaintiffs’ free exercise claim fails at the outset because for-profit, secular employers generally do not engage in any exercise of religion protected by the First Amendment.

    Operating on this belief, Obamacare brings nothing but punishment for business owners who believe otherwise. Heritage’s Jennifer Marshall and Dominique Ludvigson break down the monetary cost:

    With 265 employees, Hercules’ fine would have amounted to $800,000 per month—almost $10 million per year. If Hercules were to take the more likely action of dropping health care coverage to avoid facilitating the mandate, thereby forcing its employees into government-run exchanges, it would face a fine on faith of approximately $2,000 per employee per year, for a total of $530,000 per year.

    Those would be the monetary costs, but the cost to freedom would be much greater. Marshall and Ludvigson note:

    While the court order is limited to Hercules and does not relieve other family businesses or the many religious non-profits with moral objections from having to comply with the mandate’s burden, Judge Kane’s analysis offers hope that their pleas for the restoration of their religious liberty will get a fair hearing.

    How did it come to this? During the legislative battle over Obamacare, then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) famously said that Congress would need to pass the law to see what was in it. She was right about one thing: Obamacare as it passed was not fully formed. The law gave unprecedented new powers to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to fill in countless details, directing the ways Obamacare would affect all Americans. With this law, Congress handed over immeasurable authority to HHS. And Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has been hard at work trying to convince Americans that this is all in their best interest.

    There is no reason to believe it will end here, which is why it is vital to halt this attack on religious freedom as quickly as possible. As Ludvigson explains, this first HHS mandate “raises significant questions about what more Obamacare will require on other matters of deeply personal religious and moral significance, such as prenatal care, end-of-life issues, and parental authority for minors’ health decisions.”

    More than 50 plaintiffs—for-profit and non-profit alike—have gone to court against the HHS mandate. In winning an injunction that prevents the mandate’s enforcement on its business while the case goes to trial, Hercules has demonstrated the strength of the religious liberty challenge to Obamacare.

    Quick Hits:

    • “Syrian President Bashar Assad’s use of helicopter gunships to counter a civil uprising will prove to be ‘a nail in Assad’s coffin,’ U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Sunday,” reports AP.
    • Three female band members are on trial in Russia for a performance where they protested church support for Vladimir Putin.
    • Two Democratic Members of Congress are introducing legislation today that would place new regulations on the online and mail-order sale of ammunition.
    • Baltimore is the latest city to court immigrants—whether legal or illegal—to stem its population decline, reports The Washington Post.
    • Heritage’s Elizabeth Garvey explains that this close to a presidential election, the opposition party in the Senate may block further confirmations of judicial nominees.
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    79 Responses to Morning Bell: Business Owners Battle Obamacare for Religious Freedom

    1. Dave S says:

      "According to the Obama Administration, however, the free exercise of religion is something done only one day a week in a house of worship." I believe this statement says volumes about how people in this Administration feel about religious freedom and religious ideaology. It's obvious they believe it's only important one day per week and the rest of the week you can do whatever you want. They just don't get it as is so obvious by that statement.

      • Dave says:

        Not quite true… if you feel you must kneel on the ground 3 times.a day only in a given direction…yadda yadda yadda.. your religeon counts ALWAYS! And THAT right cannot be trampled.

      • Diane says:

        How so?

    2. Jeanne Stotler says:

      In 1620 my ancestor left England and brought along Englishmen who refusd to obey the edict that the King issued regarding religion, In 1685 another ancestor(12 Yo boy) left France with his father to be able to worship as they wanted to. Father returned to France to get the rest of family and was never heard from again. These families united when my grandparents married, now I am seeing again persecution of religion only it's here in the USA with a Congress, WH and Supreme Court all ignoring the Constitution that firmly states "Congress shall make NO LAW respecting the establishment of a religion , or prohibiting the FREE EXERCISE thereoff—–" Now it's up to us, the PEOPLE, to correct this with our votes.

      • Christopher G says:

        Sorry, Jeanne, but they didn't make a law in which someone can't exercise their faith. As business owner, you would have to accept that regardless of what kind of company you are, you need to accomodate your employees. It's not forcing the employees to buy any of the products, just that their health care allow them to do so. Unless of course this very large company only hires Christians, which would be against the law, as companies cannot hire based on religious practices. So, I would imagine some of their employees aren't Christian, and may want health care to cover their out of pocket expenses. This isn't changing the beliefs of those who are in fact Christian, it isn't forcing them to do anything against their God. It's giving employees a choice. Unless of course, the "exercise thereoff" is forcing people who don't believe in what you believe to believe in that. or what you're argument will try to be…. "well if they don't like their companies beliefs, they can quit" That's not even an educated argument so please don't try it. Also don't try the…. owners should be able to exercise their religion onto others as well, or that ObamaCare forces employers to let go of their faith in order to provide for their employees. Because well, we both know deep down that that's not true. Business owners in general compromise their faith every day.

        • Bobbie says:

          Sorry Christopher G, the business didn't accommodate employees when America was strong. The employees agree to what's offered and use their minds ability to accommodate themselves, whatever isn't offered. People make a choice to apply for a job based on whatever the business requires and are also informed of benefits to where they can agree or not. Because abortion brings on medical attention by the personal choice to have sexual relations, makes that the chooser's out of pocket expense! This isn't changing anyone's beliefs, it's just what's personally responsible. To abort someone's pregnancy isn't your responsibility is it? why would you want it to be anyone's but those responsible?

        • Jeanne Stotler says:

          Sorry, BUT my law first comes from GOD, and the 10 comandments, "Thou shall not kill" there are no exceptions and I stil believe andknow for sure as I've seen sonagrams, that there is a beating heart in an unborn child. I have lost a child, and a grandchild both infants, one at birth one at 18 mos. they were Cren of God as taught n school

        • there is no choice; you either buy insurance with these "benefits" or you don't buy insurance and pay the penalty. there is not an insurance without these "benefits"

    3. Rita says:

      Do not give up EVER! I will not comply…I will not sit down …I will not give up.

    4. Turner says:

      Obamacare is all about further developing tyranny by centralizing more basic needs and thereby empowering the government and taking away every other source of security, and freedom. You get retirement, food stamps, healthcare, housing and clothing from the politicians. None of this is funded and it will break the world economy once our junk bonds go bad. America is the grandaddy of all Lehman Brothers.

    5. Johncdavidson says:

      Anyone who thinks the Affordable Care Act is all about health is mistaken, every year we find out more about the restraints on our liberties.

      • carolinchicago says:

        Why do Mr. Davidson and several other responders understand what is really going on in our country but those Republicans in office or running for office refuse to voice the reality of what the Obama administration is doing. Sarah Palin made an unfortunate mistake when she said during the last presidential campaign that Obama had conspired with terrorists. He had conspired with at best radical leftists, if not Communists (who do use terrorism to achieve their goals) and his intent in taking office has clearly been to take over our democratic government and destroy the freedoms of all Americans under the guise of "taking care of all of our needs."

    6. Mary......WI says:

      Add to all this, the bashing of and refusal to allow Chick Fil A to many cities because of their religious beliefs. More of the freedoms Americans have enjoyed are fast being eroded by this anti-religious, anti-business mentality. Attorneys are certainly being kept busy trying to fight against all Obama mandates.

      This country is literally going to hell led by the devils within this administrations party and the president himself.

    7. timpclimber says:

      Obama and his ultra liberal cronies knew exactly what they were doing when they passed the affordable (?) 2500 page take over your life health care law. They want to control your body, mind, property, wealth etc. and save you from the evils of religion. We must not allow this to happen. Ask every candidate for any elected office , "Will you promise to repeal this law?". If they say no or give an evasive answer, actively campaign against them. This November let's take out country back from the liberal-progressive mob.

    8. chyatt says:

      Enough is Enough. If I were these business owners here is how I would handle this issue. I would immediately drop coverage for all the employees under my employment. Then the "Greatness" of the bamsters health care plan could come to light. In the current business environment employees are not looking to change jobs. In fact, it would be difficult to change jobs in most cases. So, I would pay my employees a stipend that would be equal to current coverage sharing amounts and I would let them go get insurance on their own. This would force the issue with bamster care in a heart beat. When an individual has to start negotiating the bamster care qualifications, regulations, restrictions on their own, then the politicians who passed this will start to receive the butt chewing they deserve. Nancy, Harry, Bamster and the rest of the thugs gave ZERO consideration as to what the down stream consequences were going to be when they deemed this law passed. To have passed the voluminous legislation without reading it is unconscionable.

    9. Glenn says:

      Does anyone remember tha during the congressional debate on Obamacare, there was a group of 'Blue-Dog' democrats lead by Congressman Stupak that would not support the bill unless the bill removed any allowance of federal funds being used on abortion procedures. These votes were needed in order for Obama to secure passage of this legislation. In a compromise with the Blue-Dogs, Obama issued an Executive Order which in effect forbade federal funding of anything abortion related. Where are these 'Blue-Dog' democrats now? Why aren't they screaming about being lied to by the President? Never believe anything that this president tells you.

    10. rdrowl says:

      Those who are protesting for what they believe is their own religious freedom have it backwards. By refusing to carry all aspects of health care because of religious convictions, they are making all people who work for them to bow down and follow the religious convictions of the hiring organization. They are the ones who are making the edict! The way to have religious freedom for all is not to force workers to go by the religious beliefs of the hiring organization. What's next? Having to go to that church in order to get a job there? I thought we worked that one through a long time ago.

      • J73 says:


        You are wrong here. Just because something isn't paid for by your employer does not mean that you cannot exercise your right to have that procedure done. No one is being forced "not to have an abortion" just because it isn't paid for by an insurance plan. Being forced to pay for an employee's abortion when you believe it is murder, and not having your abortion paid for by an employer's insurance plan, are two very different things.

      • ThomNJ says:

        Yeah, abortions and contraceptives are "health care" – you just keep on believing that lie. Hercules is a PRIVATE firm; so they do get to choose what it is they do based upon their beliefs as long as they comport with our laws. But the obamacare law is crossing the line into religious freedom, and it is most assuredly not about healthcare. You want contraception? Go to the drug store and buy it yourself. The myth that babies are a healtthcare threat to the mothers is disgusting. If abortion practices in this country were truly about the "health of the mother" then there would be a handful of abortions per year – not a million of them. I hope you are not like that nanny-stater Michael Bloomberg, who now has imposed his will on hospitals in NY City deriding and restricting the use of bottles to feed newborns. It's interesting to see that kind of perspective – it is okay to murder an unborn child using the argument that it is the mother's choice, yet a mother cannot choose to bottle-feed her child.

        It is not about health. It is about control.

      • WillyP says:

        This isn't true. There is no effort on the part of the employer to restrict access to birth control or abortion. The employer simply does not want to pay for something he feels is immoral. Shouldn't the the business owner be able to decide what benefits he offers? No person is forced to accept these terms, they do not have to accept a job offer that does not include a benefit they feel is important to them.

      • Pragmatic says:

        I partly agree with you and partly agree with others on this issue. This is an unfortunate aspect of the ACA and underscores the worst aspect of the law as well – that insurance largely remains employer provided.

        I can understand the merit in trying to protect employees at non-religious enterprises from their employer's religious beliefs, but I can also sympathize with the employers standing their ground and not wanting to violate their morals.

        Both sides are right, but both are simplifying the complexities of this issues into talking points rather than addressing the underlying problem. To have meaningful healthcare reform, the employer needs to be removed from the equation and should be sold to households (who can individually choose their coverage) or by a single-payer system.

        • Bobbie says:

          there's too much mix with private insurance and obamacare! It's corrupt from the start and especially now, when they are so off the expense marker. Oh gosh, guess what America? It costs billions more! Who from the government figuring things out would have figured accurately? none of them because they're not held accountable and there's no sign of competence and money is their only interest. It probably costs trillions less! Who knows when it's in government controls! America doesn't deserve this!!!!

          • Pragmatic says:

            What are you talking about? How is this considered a reasonable response to anything on here?

            • Bobbie says:

              What are you talking about, Pragmatic? "How is" what? How is your question considered a reasonable response without any substance?

      • Jeanne Stotler says:

        Than your teory is that as aNurse, I would not have the right to to refuse to participate in an abortion or refusal to work where they were performed. I made it clear to the last hospital I worked in that I WOULD NOT work on the floor where abortions were performed. I do not care if an individual uses BC BUT, they can pay for it not ask me to buy it. Your last sentence is rediculous, I went to Catholic schools, not all teachers or students were Catholic, I was trained in a Catholic Hospital, not all studets were Catholic , I worked ina Catholic Hospital ad all the Nurses and Doctors were Catholic, BUT they KNEW when they came to work in the school, hospital etc that the tenets of our religion came FIRST, and be have a strong belief in our faith.

      • timpclimber says:

        There is supposed to be separation of State and Church. If they can tell you how to practice your religion it becomes the State religion. No different than when King Henry the VIII made his own State Religion so he could legalize his bed partners. And it will be just the beginning of the camel in the tent.

      • Olivia Hudson says:

        Yes, I've applied at places where they won't hire you unless you go to church with them. I didn't, and I didn't get the job. So what? It's their right to hire whomever they please.

    11. Andrew says:

      Just curious, but Heritage is a (nonprofit) business is it not? How does this affect your health coverage for your employees? Do you offer birth control? Why or why not?

    12. Julie G says:

      Let's hear from all those fine folks who will take all those unwanted babies. I think that is the company doesn't think birth control, etc. is right shouldn't take it. If you notice in the above picture there are only men in it. Working for a company should never have the company's religious strings attached. It's about how a person does the job! Don't deny people health care because you don't agree with certain aspects of its coverage. That's just cutting the employee's nose off to spite your face!

      • O2BMe says:

        Health care is supposed to be about health. What is unhealthy about babies? There are lines of people out there that can't have babies and go to other countries to get them. No one is saying they can't get birth control, they just have to pay for it themselves instead of the company and it isn't all that espensive. The poor can go to Plan Parenthood for all the services this order covers at taxpayer expense including abortions. Men have to pay for their condoms don't they? And by the way, one doesn't park their conscience at the door of the church when they leave. Your faith is a part of you and your way of life. The company you work for has the right to set the rules for their compnay. You agree to them when you take the job and in this coiuntry you are free to seek a job with a company whose policies you agree with.

      • timpclimber says:

        My three children are adopted and I bless their unwed mothers they didn't abort them. we would have taken three more but the supply dried up because of Rowe vs Wade.

      • think4myself says:

        First of all the waiting list to adopt a baby is YEARS! So what if the people in the picture are only men? What the hey-howdy-hey does that have to do with anything? You are assuming that they purposely left women out. Most people when they are starting a business don't think to themselves, "We need to find a woman to prove that we are not sexist.? You have no point. Working for this company doesn't have religous strings attached, my employer doesn't provide healthcare at all, so they are a bad company because they dont' want to pay for abortions,which is not even health-"care", it is murder and for employers to be forced to pay for it makes them an accessory to murder? This is not an issue of just "'not agreeing", This is a conviction, which you obviously know nothing about.

      • Bobbie says:

        don't take the job if you don't like what's offered! And if you haven't the rational choice, work around it until you can work to make a better choice. Why do you think everyone should cover personal health through the controls of government of anyone's health that isn't their own? Dangerous! Read history! and don't get in your head that personal responsibilities and acts should be at anyone's expense but your own! It's not that difficult.

    13. bentonmarder says:

      A previous comment reminds us that other regimes persecuted those that differed from the established religion. Here we see persecution because the State is claiming to be God. Make no mistake: the Obama regime believes in its own divinity. This regime demands more than the obligatory pinch of incense to Caesar. This regime demands total conformity. It cannot and will not tolerate any higher loyalty, such as that to God. The State is God. This is what the whole controversy is about.

    14. Ron Lazof says:

      To be fair the $530 k cost of the fine would be offset by the reduced cost of providing health benefits to its employees – thus the financial effect would be nil to positive – this of course does not speak to the moral ethical ad Constitution issues

      • A. Lundy says:

        Forcing their employees into government ran health care!

      • Publius says:

        That penalty is the same as for offering no medical insurance whatever. If the gov't applies the "tax" (per Roberts) so-collected to provide the objectionable services, the company is still effectively forced to support practices their religion proscribes.

        Given the choices and the penalties, they might well consider dropping all medical coverage, avoiding further persecution / scrutiny.

        Ditto other companies, all across the fruited plain.

      • Anti Obama Warrior says:

        How do you think the employees are going to react to finding their own coverage. So Hercules spends $530K as their reduced costs! But NOW the employees are not compensated for a benefit that was previously part of their compensation. So either it is a significant decrease in take home pay or that financial effect would not be as nil as you think. More than likely, Hercules would have to adjust salaries to offset offloading their employees to a very poor healthcare option.

        Has anyone ever thought the benefits of group coverage for employees? How health and wellness are very much driven socially and how group mentality affects health outcomes?

        WTH…Wake up Ron….The fact that you make the statement "To be fair…." tells me you like to drive your car in the middle of the road. You better move to the right or you are going to be hit head on.

    15. U.S. District Court Judge John Kane, a Carter appointee, granted a preliminary injunction on behalf of Hercules Industries, halting the government’s ability to enforce its anti-conscience mandate against the company while the lawsuit challenging the mandate continues in court…The case is in its early stages and will proceed to a trial on the merits.

      Who is going to reimburse the legal fees this company has incurred in defending its rights?

    16. Curt Krehbiel says:

      "According to the Obama Administration, however, the free exercise of religion is something done only one day a week in a house of worship."

      Really now, then why do we see pictures of Muslims on their knees praying to Islam several times each day? Christianity is by no means a religion exercised only one day a week in a house of worship. Christianity conveys a way of life to be exercised in daily activities throughout ones existence. It has remained the mainstay of this United States of America since its founding. It is a peaceful belief unlike Islam which dictates the annihilation of all non adherents to Islam.

    17. Jim Hayden says:

      If Romney is elected he will give Obama a Presidential Pardon just as every other incoming President has done for every outgoing President since FDR which will allow Obama to walk away free while we will be stuck with Obama's mess. NO Romney will not be able to get ObamaCare repealed in the Congress as the congressional Democrats will stonewall him in both houses of the Congress.

      I will see to it that Obama is arrested, tried and convicted of Voter and election FRAUD. Once pronounced guilty everything Obama has done while in office will be voided out; every Executive Order, every bill Obama has signed into law and every treaty Obama has signed.

      • Guest says:

        You are quite the dreamer, aren't you?
        "I will see to it…" Really, now.

        • Bobbie says:

          men used to be held accountable, Guest! Why in the 21st century of all times, aren't they today? Accountability holds truth, something government administrations are attempting to drown out by government controlled political correctness which holds no truth but a cover over the truth!

          Thank you to Mr. Hayden who also sees truth to be productive and insist accountability! We the people are the government. People working with our money governing over us has a line that isn't suppose to be crossed but suddenly the people can't trust the people in government erasing that line. We have to see to it that line is permanent! People working in government paid by our money have the truth to be told not hide, corrupt, abuse or manipulate. We don't want our money spent on their disrespects, game playing, special interests, incompetence, waste, fraud. Constitutional government costs makes an efficient budget plan where Obama care does not exist out of respect for the peoples' constitution and America's founding that built the strength of America and her people! …

    18. When we have judges arguing that Muslims should be allowed to practice Sharia Law in the United States but an Obama administration removing our rights to practice our religion as Christians we are in serious trouble.

      • Clarissa Williams says:

        Dear Kevin
        You are absolutely right on!! Christians should stand up and fight for our rights and most of all come together in Unity and PRAY FOR OUR LIBERTY,FREEDOM, AND MOST OF ALL PRAY THIS PRESIDENT OUT OF OFFICE BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!!

    19. SteveS says:

      Rather than comply or pay the fine, I would simply close the business putting 265 more people out of work. How many businesses large and small would it take.

    20. rdrowl says:

      Its still the company imposing a religious belief on its workers, taking away their religious freedom if they work there. What if the business owner was Christian Scientist…full exclusion for health insurance? Or Jehovah's Witness…no blood transfusions, no injections, no surgery, no immunizations? Wouldn't they be laying their beliefs on the workers, giving the workers no choice but to believe as the boss does.

      • Tory says:

        No. Their employment there is voluntary, and the company is not imposing a religious belief on the employee, i.e., they must be evangelical Christians or Orthodox Jews, etc., to work there. If you believe that is so, then you must also believe that the employee is placing the same religious imposition on the employer.

      • Diane says:

        I'm confused. Don't care about citizen's health, do care about ability to carry deadly weapons, do call ourselves Christians?

        • Bobbie says:

          why would you think giving up your health care to government is a sign of care about citizens health? That is so unchristian to drive people to government rule! The government doesn't care. They want control over your privacy and health. The country doesn't need this, want this or forced to give up liberties because of this! The right to bear arms to defend oneself is a human right that Christianity and people who aren't, recognizes throughout history! If the government opposes it, the world governments can give up their arms first!

        • fred says:

          David carried deadly weapons, a sling and a rock.

      • think4myself says:

        I don't think that you know what the word "imposing" means. The only imposing goin on here is the government imposing their dictates on a company against the conscience of the company.

      • Publius says:

        They've come up with a solution for that very vexing problem–companies have started paying their workers something called "wages."

        It's a new concept, but in this scheme the company gives its workers "money" in exchange for the workers' "labor," which the workers can then use to "buy" whatever they want or need.

        So, if the worker wants a particular handbag, car, or prefers a certain brand of toilet paper–or medical procedure–they can simply go out, pay for it, and take it home. Pretty neat, isn't it?

    21. Southern geezer says:

      why don't the Progs/Libs/Dems just say it; they want single payer system. Forget all this back door stuff, just put it up for a vote and vote on it. If you have the votes, congrats, and if not, sit down and be quiet.

    22. Charlie says:

      "They" are trying to say abortion is birth control….I dissagree. Birth control is abstinance, condoms, etc….abortion is outright MURDER!!!! If my idea if birth control was used, then those MURDERS would not take place.

    23. Ralloh says:

      If these liberals and communists infesting our government are not thrown out in November, there will be a rebellion in this country. In my 62 years I have never seen so many people sickened by what this government has become and are not going to take it. I also have never seen so many so-called Americans apparently wanting us to become just like Europe and have government involved in every aspect of our lives. We have got to defeat these people in November. The heart and soul of this country depends on it.

      • Diane says:

        Humm. Yet we have one of the higher infant mortality rates in the world. What happened to the greater good and the public green?

    24. alexander Ilnyckyj says:

      I would like to post a comment, however, I never get published What's up with that? Do you have to wait four to five hours? If that's the case why even ask for comments?

    25. Ken Kok says:

      This points out aone problem with employer provided health coverage. If persons would purchase health insurance like they purchase auto insurance the employer would not be in the loop. The specific contents of a policy would be between the person involved and the insurance company. This would take a burden off of the employer that is not related to the business involved.

    26. Clearhead says:

      We talk, write, and otherwise express our resistance to the creeping tyrany enfolding us. How effective is that? NADA. The gummint looks to unions for funds, encouragement and seemingly training/education. Well, why do we not do what the unions do in times of 'want'? We are all considered pawns by this corrupt regime, which in effect means we work for them. Do we like what we're being "paid"? No? Then lets all STRIKE !! If even 25% of us do, do we think that the gummint has the power to put us all in jail? If so, they'll have to build a lot more jails, thereby furnishing more "JOBS" for the "Knuckle-Down-And-Obey's"

    27. Leith N. Wood says:

      Obama, his cohorts and many institutions in our country are very, very sick and determined to take the country down with them. They do not love this country. The Episcopal church just had a convention and never mentioned the murders of Christians around the world or those in prison for upholding their religious beliefs. It is up to us individually to fight for our God given freedoms and not rely on our sick institutions to do it for us.

    28. victorbarney says:

      Here's the real deal America, especially all anglo-saxons, including their women believe it or not: Obama is the ONLY leader that we ever had PREDICTED IN THE BIBLE! Yes! Deuteronomy 17:15 calls HIM the 'FORBIDDEN FOIREIGNER" & OBAMA IS THE "ONLY" NON-ANGLO-SAXON IN MAN'S ENTIRE HISTORY TO LEAD AN ISRAELITE NATION OF THEIR OWN ACCORD. Of course, I'm not sure about Cain & Hawah(Eve) in the beginning? Obama ALSO THIS TIME IS THE RIGHT "ANTI-CHRIST"(MARXIST OF REVELATION, CHAPTER 11 OVER U.S. TOO! I PREDICT THAT ON SEPTEMBER 16, 2012 THAT THE TWO-WITNESSES OF REVELATION SUDDENLY WILL APPEAR & "WE THE PEOPLE" WILL EVEN LIKE THEM LESS THAN OBAMA! WATCH!

    29. Susan McHugh says:

      Wow – these comments should be collated and published as an excruciating critique of the Obama Administration. Good work, nothing more to add!

    30. Al Connellyl says:

      The major threat to the United States and liberty and freedom of its citizens is under direct attack from Obama and his inept czars. It is frightening to see that his lies and propaganda have successfully buffaloed a percentage of the masses that refuse to seek the truth and will continue to vote for him. This election may be the last chance to save democracy in this country. He has made no effort to curtail spending, address the concerns and needs of the working middle class or seek solutions to our financial downfall. We simply must find a way to educate the masses regarding his failure and unwillingness to prevent a financial meltdown and get him out of office.

    31. ChuckL says:

      What this lawsuit and many other have already shown is that our administrations have ignored their oath of office for many years. This includes all of the judges who have failed to hold the wording of the Constitution to what it actually states, starting with the very first sentence of the Constitution in Article 1, Section 1. "All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and a House of Representatives. They have thrown out the Constitution and instead of a constitutional Republic, a government of laws not men, we have a dictatorship of a non-eligible in the Oval Office.

    32. Doug B says:

      What President Obama doesn't understand is that Christianity is not going to church on Sunday, Wednesday, or whatever day as he supposedly does or did. It's a lifestyle – lived day-in and day-out 24x7x365!

    33. RennyG says:

      Information is good! Right on schedule! Chaos, control, just the way the "O" wants it. Right in line with the "Alinsky Theory!" What is sad is no one can stop this guy who will be our "King!!!"
      Praying to our Lord who is in control may be our only salvation.
      Has anyone been watching the articles in the Washington Times about Sheriff Arpaio's findigs??
      Why doesn't someone pick up on this and run with it?? Then we wouldn't have to worry about what the big "O" is or has done!!!! It would be "poof for him!!!"

    34. Frank Luarde says:

      Wake up Obama lovers. No budget in three years, he doesn't care. He would not understand a budget or follow it. Look at what he's done so far with money. This so called health care bill is anything but a health care bill. He wouldn't know one if it ran over him. He should have been impeached when he swore on the bible (probably burnt his hand) to uphold and defend laws and constitution. He had no intention of doing any such thing. Constitutional law Prof My A__. Anyone who defends this monster is in for big trouble. Does he look like he is defending the Unions? What are you smoking? Vote in November and get rid of this scourge!

    35. Research it first says:

      Wow, don't believe everything you read people. Do some research: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/04/02/obamacar

      The basic premise of this article is based in rumor, not fact.

    36. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Welcome to the USSA.

    37. UBW says:

      Oh course his highness doesn't practice his religion one day a week in a house of worship. He practices his religion everyday in the White House! This president must be brought to justice, and actually, eventually he will. God Bless America!!

    38. MN J says:

      Thank you , Hercules!

    39. @laprofe63 says:

      Why does your morality allow you to deny me access to healthcare I need just because I work for you? Are you my daddy or my employer?

      Besides, health insurance is compensation to the employee. This all reads to me like employers who aren't too keen on properly compensating their employees. In other words, these are bad people to work for!

    40. Loretta Bates says:

      I do not limit my reverence to God only on Sundays. I seek Him in prayer everyday. What kind of Christian would I be if worshiped God just once a week? That would make me a hypocrite. I pray that more and more Americans will wake up and see what Obama is doing.

    41. James Nichol says:

      If a company's beliefs don't match yours,you don't have to work for them.

    42. Hercules did not divulge or did not say what it is currently spending on insurance. I believe it is just over the cusp of 250 employees disqualifying them for the small-business credits to help afford healthcare.

      The company appears to have a couple options. Drop their health coverage and lower hours of employees too part-time avoiding the $2,000 fine per full-time employee for not providing health insurance. They could also just get rid of 15 employees, which is probably their best case. It is also imperative to look at the insurance plan itself, does it go up? does it go down? if it goes down, why not keep it, receive any tax credits available if any, and keep quality staff for longer. The option to pay $2,000 per employee is also cheaper than providing insurance. The company certainly pays a portion of the premium. Those appear to be the options available for this place, either way it's good policy to increase coverage.

    43. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      Who really thinks this regime will abide by this injunction? They have a record of ignoring federal court orders (FL district court on Obamacare), submitting false documentation (LA district court on drilling moratorium) or at best dragging their feet on appeal (Obamacare again).

      Instead of taking solace in this injunction, let's issue our own permanent one in November against this lawless regime while we the people still have a say in our government.

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