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  • Chick-fil-A Latest Example of How Same-Sex Marriage Threatens Religious Freedom

    Same-sex marriage combined with nondiscrimination policies will result in significant discrimination against individuals and institutions that hold to the belief that marriage is—and should be defined in law as—the union of one man and one woman.

    In the latest illustration of how this will happen, a Chicago alderman recently explained that he plans to block the chicken restaurant Chick-fil-A from building a new restaurant in his ward because he is offended by the belief of the company’s owners that marriage is between one man and one woman.

    “There are consequences for one’s actions, statements and beliefs,” the official stated. “Because of this man’s ignorance, I will deny Chick-fil-A a permit to open a restaurant in my ward.”

    Under pressure, this official might attempt to alter his rationale for targeting Chick-fil-A—or even back down altogether like the mayor of Boston did when he was criticized for targeting Chick-fil-A in his city.

    However it turns out, though, the Chick-fil-A situation certainly adds to the growing list of cases illustrating how individuals and institutions that continue to support marriage as one man and one woman will likely face a variety of significant burdens:

    • A Christian photographer in New Mexico who refused to photograph a same-sex commitment ceremony was hauled before a human rights tribunal and forced to pay nearly $6,700 in attorneys’ fees to the complainant;
    • Christian charities have been forced to stop providing foster care and adoption services because they cannot in good conscience comply with laws that would require them to violate beliefs about marriage and family;
    • Boy Scouts of America has lost equal access to public facilities and programs because of its position on open homosexuality;
    • A graduate student claims that she was expelled from a public university counseling program after she conscientiously objected to counseling a potential client seeking assistance regarding a homosexual relationship; and
    • A Christian organization at a public university was denied official recognition because it required officers and voting members to adhere to traditional Christian teachings, including a prohibition on extramarital sex.

    This is not “live and let live.” This is the state—and sometimes private citizens and the culture at large—punishing people who refuse to recant their belief that marriage is the union of a husband and wife.

    This kind of thing happens because proponents of same-sex marriage declare support for marriage as one man and one woman to be a form of irrational prejudice and bigotry similar to racism. In this view, support for marriage as one man and one woman is the kind of belief that should be purged from public life through legal, cultural, and economic pressure.

    This is precisely what is happening right now to Chick-fil-A.

    Defending marriage takes courage. For more stories of people who have demonstrated courage in standing for marriage as one man and one woman, visit the website of the Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance, a group that stands up for people who stand up for marriage.

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    81 Responses to Chick-fil-A Latest Example of How Same-Sex Marriage Threatens Religious Freedom

    1. Bobbie says:

      how can anyone respond to a sign that reads "i used to love chick fil a but I love my gay friends more!" This guy was set up and instead of accepting a dignified man's honest opinion of a question posed by someone to him, gays demand acceptance!!!!! Because without acceptance lunch would be so ruined!! Gays aren't discriminating businesses and go into all businesses to demand acceptance for their private sexual behavior!! RIGHT? And make sure businesses accept that marriage has nothing to do with procreation and everything to do with two people FROM THE SAME SEX, in love for sexual pleasure and self gratification! RIGHT?! Stop humanity marry your own? Sorry words have definitions that don't fit your lifestyle or your no tolerance level. Your freedom to rant isn't serving America but is exposing the kind of people you are.

      American people sure have dropped down quite a few levels because of their disliking of their own truth and anyone's rightful opinion to it!

    2. Jesse says:

      Firstly, a few flaws. The mayor of Boston did not "back down," he clarified that the city would not attempt to deny any permits, but it was his belief they were not welcome and were not compatible with the values of his city.

      Secondly, the student who was expelled from her counseling program was expelled because she would not follow the given parameters for her profession. The case has already repeatedly been tried, and she ignored the guidelines given to her. It would be like a lawyer not actually passing the bar exam – it simply is incompatible with the profession she chose to go into.

      Lastly, this entire article is BS. IF YOU DISCRIMINATE, YOU'LL PAY LEGAL CONSEQUENCES. Religious organizations are exempt from anti-discrimination ordinances, but businesses are not. It's the same for race, gender, age, etc. It's entirely appropriate for these laws to exist and entirely inappropriate to run a business which discriminates against specific costumers because of their sexual orientation or marital status.

      • Shannon says:

        Jesse, Chick-fil-A did not discriminate, though. There are EEO laws governing fair employment practices – and there is no indication that Chick-fil-A has not followed these. So far, there is no law against a personal belief in the uniqueness of natural marriage. Nor is there a law requiring people to lie about their personal convictions when asked about them (or prohibiting them from ever engaging in commerce again!) if their convictions do not line up with multiculturalism's permitted (and increasingly narrow) range of orthodox stances. Sorry, Chick-fil-A may pay a business cost for their stance (a risk they are clearly willing to take) but more likely they are seeing an upsurge in business. People (including many gay and lesbian people) are tired of the narrowness and intolerance of the thought police on this issue, and inspired to see others willing to stand by their convictions. It is a very American thing to disagree on issues; it is also a very American thing to have respect for people who have convictions. The choke hold of the intolerant religion of multiculturalism on this country must end soon – people are guaranteed the freedom of their religion and speech under the First Amendment.

      • Clive Munson says:

        Jesse, what discrimination are you talking about? The owner of Chick-fil-A believes that marriage should be reserved for a union between a man and a woman and he donates to organizations that share that belief with him. So, I ask you again – where is the discrimination? There has not been a single instance of a homosexual being denied a chicken sandwich at a Chick-fil-A restaurant anywhere in the country. This has NOTHING to do with discrimination. This is a clear case of the homosexual rights movement trying to publicly slash and burn a high profile company who dares hold a public opinion adverse to their own. The last I checked, having an opinion was still protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

        • Tony says:

          Amen. Well said! Jesse simply represents the stupid, ignorant, brain washed portion of the population that isn't intelligent enough to understand this. It's a shame that our schools and the mainstream media have done this to our people.

      • theBuckWheat says:

        "Secondly, the student who was expelled from her counseling program was expelled because she would not follow the given parameters for her profession."

        Leftists love to change the meaning of words, and in this case the meaning of "profession", so they can control the outcome of any discussion.

        In the case of this grad student, it was not her "profession", but the professional association that whose ethics rules had been adopted by the degree program she was enrolled in, and in which this particular student had no say.

      • O2BMe says:

        The whole thing is just plain stupid To discriminate he would have had to refuse to serve someone or hire them. This did not happen. It was just an expressed opinion which should come under "Freedom of Speech." Everyone is welcome to eat at Chick-Fil-A or not if they don't want to. The Mayors of the cities banning the company are stupid also. They are going bankrupt and ban a taxpayer. Makes a lot of sense doesn't it.

      • Bruce427 says:

        ** Secondly, the student who was expelled from her counseling program was expelled because she would not follow the given parameters for her profession. The case has already repeatedly been tried…**

        You failed to note, however, that the young lady in question, Julie Ward, WON her appeal. The US Court of Appeals (6trh. Circuit) ruled that a University cannot compel a student to alter or violate her belief system as the price for obtaining a degree.

        The court noted, for example: that a Muslim counselor could not be required to affirm the beliefs of a (say) a Jewish patient. Furthermore, the Court also noted that an Atheist counselor could not be required to affirm to a Christian patient that there is a God, or vice versa. The Court ruled that the University could not compel Julie Ward to affirm a homosexual patient's lifestyle (as a condition for obtaining a degree) if it violated her religious beliefs. She won the case.

        So your assertion regarding the "student's incompatiblity with the profession she chose to go into"…was pronounced "wrong" by the Court.

      • Bruce427 says:

        ** The mayor of Boston did not "back down," he clarified that the city would not attempt to deny any permits…**

        The reason the mayor of Boston "clarified" his remarks (backed down) — was because his attorneys told him he would lose in court if he tried to deny (any) business a permit based on the fact that he disagreed with the religious belilefs of its owner.

      • Charles says:

        Homosexual is not a protected class, so your last point is totally bogus. You second point is also bogus, the student was fired for refusing to council a gay on gay issues. She had no reference point on which to counsel, except that the gay should refrain from that behavior. There, cleard up the "few flaws" in your post.

      • joan says:

        He did back down ,as did the Ballet dancer from Chicago. They realized they can't discriminate against an organization because of their religious beliefs. This isn't a Socialist yet! Hopefully it never will become one.

      • Tony says:

        I guess you came into being from the marriage of two men or was it the marriage of two women? Oh wait! That isn't physically possible because the creation of life can only come about through the union of a man and a woman. Hmmm! Discrimination? Against what? Deviant sexual behavior maybe? A small group of sick people that want to infringe on everyone else's rights?

        Quit being a moron and get your facts straight. You're lecturing the wrong people. It is the gay movement that is all about discrimination. I can't believe how stupid people have become in this country.

      • Jonathan says:

        Chick Fil A doesn't have any discriminatory policies against gays. The owner just expressed an OPINION. Those are two completely different things

    3. Mike says:

      I can only hope religion's choke hold on this country will end soon.

      • Lloyd Scallan says:

        Mike – In case you missed history class, "religion" and religious freedom is what this country was founded on. It's not a "choke hold". It's the foundation of the United States.

        • GWI says:


          Religious freedom is different from living in a Theocracy. The Foundings Fathers knew that. They enshrined the separation of church and state in the US Constitution so that America would not become like the land they were fleeing. Religious belief is a choice. There are christians, buddhaists, jews, muslims, and agnostics.
          Also – where do you draw the line? Can someone defy a female boss, get fired and then sue claiming a violation of their religious beliefs? Can someone sue for not being allowed to own a slave because the religious book they happen to believe in advocates slave ownership?
          What about refusing medical treatment for your children because you are a jehovah's witness?

          • RandallW says:

            >> They enshrined the separation of church and state in the US Constitution

            Can you point to the place in the US Constitution where you find those words?

    4. stevekoko says:

      This is how democrats creat jobs. Liberals, what a joke.

    5. Don says:

      dont forget Sodom and Gommorah

    6. Paul Terry Stone says:

      This incident shows how far the country has deteriorated when a business has to agree to the leadership's pro sodomy position to build a franchise in that area.

      • joan says:

        I wonder how long it will be before demand for polygamy enters the scene. If one group is successful in the acceptance of same sex marriage, then it won't be long before other group fights the system for their rights. I don't give a hoot about who loves who, but please stop pushing in our faces. It's your lifestyle,so live it and leave out the details, we don't care what you do in private. Stop trying to push your agenda on school kids,it's the parents job, so butt out . No pun intended.

        • GWI says:

          Joan – wrong!

          Gay rights are INDIVIDUAL rights – not group rights.

          Hetereosxuals have the individual right to get married – homosexuals don't.

          It is a matter of Individual equal rights – Equal protection under th law.

          If women get the right to vote – what's next? Granting the right to vote to your pet???

        • Or bestiality? They are trying to open "Pandora's box".

    7. GWI says:

      Chick-Fil-A gives money to groups that fight against gay civil rights.
      What is wrong with people born gay and their families and supporters wanting to deny Chick-Fil-A's presence in cities?
      Is it a violation of religious freedom to fight against people who say men should never take orders from a woman at work? Or that fornicators should be stoned?

      • Razzberryzing says:

        There is nothing wrong with people born gay and their supporters wanting to deny Chick-Fil-A their business. They can even be of the opinion that they do not wish to have one of their restaurants in their city. That's capitalism – If enough people don't go there because of the opinion of their CEO, the restaurant goes out of business and the free market prevails. What IS wrong is government officials denying a business the right to try and build their business solely on the basis that the CEO's opinions differ from their own. Even the ACLU, an organization fully in support of gay marriage, has come out and said this and they made a very good point: If government officials CAN make these types of decisions based on what someone THINKS, then it would be possible for other officials to make this kind of decision on say, a CEO that runs a company and is in total support of gay marriage. It would work both ways. For the record, I don't agree with Mr. Cathy but he has a right to say what he believes. If a person dislikes his opinion so much, just don't go to his restaurant!

        • GWI says:

          Chick-Fil-A gives alot of money – profits – to groups fighting to deny civil rights to a group of people and also stereotyping and spreading misinformation about them. Some cities take that seriously.
          However, I do see your point. Do you see mine?

      • Bruce427 says:

        ** What is wrong with people born gay and their families and supporters wanting to deny Chick-Fil-A's presence in cities? **

        The question is irrelevant.

        A business cannot legally be denied a permit based on the religious beliefs of its owner. Even several Liberal attorneys have opined that if these mayors deined Chick-fil-A a business permit — they would lose in court. That's why all of them have back-tracked on their statements. They were based on emotion and politics rather than law.

        A city cannot deny a person a business permit simply because they hold to a Biblical Christian belief system regarding marriage, anymore than they can deny a homosexual person a business permit because they believe in homosexual marriage.

      • Charles says:

        It is wrong when you are denying them on a First Amendmen protected opinion and action. They do not refuse service to anyone, even though they believe homosexuality is wrong. There is no denial of services, therefore no discrimination of any kind. Try to keep up.

      • joan says:

        Nothing is wrong with people who are gay, but stop trying to convert others to your lifestyle, especially children. We all know Gay people from work , our own families,schools, church, friends and professionals. Chick Fil- A does not discriminate against them, however , not just Gays can express their beliefs, the same applies to Chick- Fil A. By the way no Mayor, or in fact any Government has the right to deny a legitimate business the right to open a business as long as it meets zoning requirements. If they do ban them, the City or State Government officials would be inviting a major law suit . It's stated in the First amendment, read it soon, before the present Administration continues to seek replacing the US Constitution, by ignoring it.

        • GWI says:


          People are born gay – you do not convert people to being gay. And it is not a "lifestyle" – it is a sexual orientation.

      • LMB says:

        If gays don't want to go to Chick-fil-A, no one is forcing them to go. There are plenty of other eating facilities in all towns. If your statement about them supporting anti gay groups is true, it is their prerogative to support or deny support to any group they want to. It seems that if you don't support gays or if you say anything that is against their views, they are up in arms. We all have to support them or we are racist of homophobic. What rot!

      • Coming unglued says:

        We don't stone homosexuals and adulters here in America. You must be thinking of the Middle East. Hows that Arab spring working for you? You would be dead in those countries.

        There is nothing wrong with putting your money where your heart is, but let's not twist the argument. People supported Chick Fil a because it is a Freedom of Speech issue.

        Before you spout off, be clear on your argument and don't forget those pesky facts.

      • William Swinger says:

        People are not born "gay" dummy. People are born people. Sexual expression is a learned behavior.

    8. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Wake-up people. This is not about religion, or for that matter, gay rights. It's about the radical left pushing a political agenda to gather votes.

    9. allen L. says:

      I have never seen horses, cattle,hogs, sheep, or any two males or females in the animal world fornicating and neither have any of you. Maybe the Muslims are right they don[t have the Gay Marriage shoved down their throats.

      • CforUS says:

        There has been a petition made on behalf of a human (in a same-sex state) to allow marriage between an animal and a human. This case happens to not be for sexual reasons, but for inheritance, etc. But, once the gates are open, there will be no stopping the rush to no rules, no impediments.

        We are rushing headlong to a serious Constitutional crisis in the U.S.

        • GWI says:

          We are not talking about animal rights when discussing gay marriage – and we are not talking about group rights either. We are talking about INDIVIDUAL rights under the Constitution. If straight people can get married then people born gay should be able to enter into a same-sex marriage.
          It is in the Constitution – as in – "Equal Protection" under the law.

      • Annabel says:

        Actually, homosexuality has been recorded in almost all animals, even butterflies. You're going to have to try a bit harder than that,.

      • Sammy says:

        Then you really don't know the definition of fornication. All animals by definition fornicate.

      • Victoria DeLacy says:

        It is the Creator of marriage who is right when He makes reference to what same gender couples engage in as being "abomination". God told mankind to multiply and replenish the earth – there is only one way to do that. It was not carried out by Adam and Steve but by Adam and Eve. Humanity has no right to tamper with the design of the Creator.

    10. GWI says:

      Religious fundamentalism – whether Islamic or Christian – is wrong.
      Whether it is christians ranting about sodom and gommorah or muslims suppressing women.
      It is based on myth and culture. It is not based on reality. It encourages wilfull ignorance.

      • Mira Keeley says:

        Um, Muslims "discriminate" against gays as well, or are you purposely ignoring the fact that there are Muslim sects that kill gays for being gay? Also, something people are constantly overlooking… Marriage is an institute of the church, the Government coming in and redefining it happens to be a violation of Separation of Church and State.

        • Sammy says:

          Civil marriage*

          *deity optional

          • Bobbie says:

            to add the term "marriage" to an oxy moron is an oxy moron. why is "union" unacceptable to the intolerant? And why are the intolerant getting any attention? Usually in America, the intolerant builds tolerance and accepts reasoning when they're not playing dumb. It's FOR attention, trouble, government approval AND forcing people to accept the private behavior of others to infiltrate a definition of a word, the private behavior conflicts with. America sure has lost some dignity with the way these people express themselves amongst the expressions of other scattered types not so private! Americans are bringing a once rich nation of people in body and soul down to pathetic!
            Pray the gay seek their way without infringing on the unrelated.

    11. jimyardley says:

      This is only the beginning of the open warfare between Liberal-Progressive-Democrat extremists and the rest of us. Only the beginning. One ray of hope is possible, though.

    12. GWI says:

      You seem to want gay people to go away – to not exist. They are only 3 or 4% of the population and granting them full civil rights does not benefit you. But a bedrock of American jurispurdence is Equal protection under the law. Granting full civil equality to gays is very American. That should be enough for all Americans to support gay rights.
      And yes – people are born gay.

      • IWG says:

        No, they are not born gay.

        • GWI says:

          They most definitely are born gay. It is a scientific issue – not a religious one.

          IWG – are a scientist specializing in sexual orientation? Are you an authority? No.
          Please stop spreading misinformation.

      • William Swinger says:

        Prove it. Please provide the reference to the scientific data which indicates that persons that prefer homosexual gratification do so from the genetics they are born with. Good luck with that.

    13. gayle says:

      This article points out the hypocrisy of our society and reinforces that diversity and opposing views are fine so long as the conform to the minority.

    14. creeper00 says:

      Oh, give me a break! This has absolutely nothing to do with freedom of religion, no matter how desperately you contort it, and everything to do with freedom of speech.

      allen L., homosexual behavior is rife in the animal world. We once had a queer tomcat who went after every male on the block but ignored the queens.

    15. GWI says:


      You can say bad things about any group of people. What about all of the gay people that do not act that way? What about the people who are gay and you do not even know they are gay? You have had some bad experiences with gay people – the same can be said for people who have had bad experiences with any group of people. I know people who cannot stand being around evangelicals because there are self-righteous and haughty and judgmental. Does that mean they all are?
      We all need to get along, at least to some degree.

    16. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      There is no federal Consitutional right to marriage of any kind. It is left to the states, and they can define it however they want. So far, in the 32 states where the people, not the courts, have spoken, 32 have chosen traditional marriage.

      Equal protection of the law means all people, black or white, gay or straight, Muslim or Christian, are treated equally under whatever law is passed even if that law states that marriage is only between one man and one woman. No person is denied a marriage license for the above reasons.

      • GWI says:


        A gay person is born with an homosexual sexual orientation. Allowing them to marry an opposite sex partner is not the same by definition as it is for a straight person. Do you want gay guys marrying women – and then damaging those women when they can no longer live a lie?
        Its seems clear to me that some people just want to deny the fact that gay people exist.
        Under your definition of Equal Protection should blacks and whites not be allowed to marry each other because they can marry someone of their own race?
        Gays are not living in the shadows anymore – get used to it. They are human beings who deserve respect juts like everyone else.
        BTW – religious belief is a choice – sexual orientation is not. Its an innate characteristic.

    17. @RumorsEcho says:

      I am a business owner and I support marriage as being ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN so I guess I should get ready to defend my business and my rights

    18. @RumorsEcho says:

      If you don't like Chi-fil-A and it's policies DON"T GO THERE, its that easy. I will support them in your place.

    19. Gracie says:

      how out of date are you people running Heritage? You continue to baffle me with your masked hate and stubborn idiocy.

      • Bobbie says:

        really? you're the only one mentioning it!!

        We're defending an opinion connected to America's individuals freedom without any of the sort you're writing! Why aren't you?

    20. Anthony Bowman says:

      first of all marriage comes to us as a religious ordnances from the bible if one ordnance is that important the all should be important to you if you don't chouse to belive all of the bible then why is this one-act of faith so important to you.You ask us to give you special consideration from the Bible based on a sexual act that the same Bible calls immoral! you ask us to kowtow to your demands. if we do who is next Pedophilia! this too is a sexual act! and also calles immoral in the Bible! maybe Necrophilia! also a sexual act and also calles immoral in the Bible!.It is my true belief that sexual preferences should not be used as a qualifier to grant special concentration to anyone. All that being said Crist loves the Sinner and forgives them of their sin if they repent from their sin . rember all have sinned and come short of the glory of God

    21. Greg B. says:

      So let's think about this. Gay couples and their families should be denied the legal rights, obligations, benefits and privileges of CIVIL marriage because a baker might have to make a cake for them? This is it folks, this is what the anti-gay activists are absurdly basing their "religious liberty" claims on. They're basically saying: "You shouldn't get legal protections for the most important relationship in your life because there's a slight chance that one day our paths might cross and I might have to acknowledge your relationship or bake you a cake". Plenty of people have deeply held convictions regarding interracial marriage. Maybe we should ban such marriages in the Constitution so that someone won't be asked to bake a cake for a mixed race couple. Some people are morally opposed to divorce. Should we amend the Constitution to prohibit divorced people from remarrying so that nobody ever has to bake a cake for a couple they disapprove of? And then the anti-gay lobby is shocked when these arguments don't hold up in court. The fact that someone will actually suggest that anti-discrimination laws should be abolished because they make it harder for people to discriminate shows just how detached from reality and desperate to legitimize their bias the anti-gay crusaders are. 

      • GWI says:

        Greg B.,

        The posters here as well as many social conservatives think that being gay is a choice and a moral issue. It is not a choice and is not a moral issue. Its is a scientific issue – gay people are born gay and straight people are born straight. They just don't get it.

        Until they accept that fact – your above argument falls on deaf ears so to speak.

    22. GWI says:

      As far as Gay civil rights enfringing on religious freedom – religious folk will just have to deal with it – just like they deal with other things in the bible that society does not approve of – such as caning children or owning a slave. Sorry folks – its 2012 not the middle ages. Bottom line: Deal With It.

      • Victoria DeLacy says:

        We are dealing with it. As a mother of 6 adult children and grandmother of 9 (so far to date). I do not want my country to fall under the same judgment as was suffered by Sodom & Gomorrha and therefore I like countless other American Christians will vote with both my feet and my wallet, patronizing companies like Chick Fil-A which represent my Christian values, to the exclusion of all those others which do not reflect the same. It is known as capitalism and the American way. Given the huge turnout for Chick Fil-A appreciation day, it seems to me there continues to be more than enough Christian spinal column in America to get our foundations restored.

        • GWI says:


          I hope none of your children were born gay. I know gay people who had parents like you and they went through agony and often time suicidal thoughts because of this type of ignorance.
          Sexual orientation is not a religious issue – its is a scientific one. Some peoplke are born with a homosexual sexual orientation.

          Your type of ignorance casues real damage to real people.

    23. Greg B. says:

      So… gay couples should be denied marriage rights because otherwise people who want to discriminate against them will be criticized? I guess we could apply that attempt at logic to all sorts of situations.

      Interracial couples should not be allowed to marry because otherwise people who speak out against interracial marriage will be criticized.

      Divorced people should not be allowed to remarry because otherwise people who oppose divorce will be criticized.

      Women should not be allowed to drive to avoid people whose religious beliefs prohibit women from driving will be criticized for opposing women driving. Plus, they might have to actually see a woman drive…or something.

      Good luck with this at SCOTUS.

    24. chuck says:

      I think the support for Chic-fil-A was great and intend to dine there more often and will support other's stand up for the true values of this country.

    25. straight 1 says:

      It was fantastic seeing all of the folks out there yesterday supporting Chick-Fil-A. The customers were the silent majority who are tired…as I am…of having 3-4% of the population dictating an abnormal lifestyle.

      The gays can say all they want, however, there are many recovering homosexuals who will refute the claim that this is genetic. I can't wait to see their outrage once this post hits the page.

      • GWI says:

        Straight 1,

        You hit the nail right on the head.
        The disconnect between people who support gay civil rights and those who don't is based on the assumption that homosexuality is a behavior and a dysfunction.
        That is a false premise.
        Homosexuality is an inborn sexual orientation – just like being left handed. Left handed people write with their left hand. That behavior is a manifestation of their lefty handedness.

        Gay people love and have sex with members of the same sex – that is because they were born gay – just like left handed people were born left handed.
        It is not a disease or dysfunction – anymore than an heterosexual sexual orientation is.
        Gay people are not at all attracted to members of the opposite sex.

        It is not a religious issue – it is a scientific issue. However, Some gay poeple do not act on their inborn sexual orientation [homosexual] because of their religious beliefs – that does not make them heterosexual – anymore than a left handed person forcing themselves to write with their right hand. They are still left handed – they were born that way.

        • William Swinger says:

          You are an idiot. People are not born left handed. This is a learned behavior just like a taste for homosexual gratification. If you have some reference to scientific data which proves your case of being "born that way" then provide it. Otherwise stop repeating your lies.

    26. Karen Baird says:

      The support shown Chik-fil-A yesterday is not necessarily voicing a statement in favor of or against traditional marriage. It is a protest against the government's ability to show bias.

    27. straight 1 says:

      It was fantastic seeing all of the folks out there yesterday supporting Chick-Fil-A. The customers were the silent majority who are tired…as I am…of having 3-4% of the population dictating an abnormal lifestyle.

    28. Victoria DeLacy says:

      Since I had no way to get there at the time, I could not dine on Chick Fil-A yesterday but my sympathies are fully with the company president who has a perfect right as an American to exercise his First Amendment Right to freedom of speech toward expressing his Christian convictions as he sees fit. This is not Russia or Nazi Germany and one can only pray it never gets there in America. People here are free to vote with their feet and their wallets. Given the evidence resulting from the Chick Fil-A appreciation day, it seems to me that mainstream America has spoken very loudly in support of that concept and I fully intend to continue the support by dining there tomorrow. When America makes them a bigger fast food franchise than McDonald's in this country, they may finally see just how the hatred of the left has backfired. I pray it happens…soon!

      • GWI says:


        Stop playing a victim and stop generalizing about an entire group of peoiple – whether it is gays or "the left" –
        Its getting old.

    29. Sally says:

      I find it amusing how hate filled the liberal left really is. This isn't about live and let live. It's about liberals wanting to cram THEIR beliefs down our throats. They want to force it in our businesses, our schools, our churches. And if we don't want it they start screaming like Sean Penn and John Cusack that they hope conservatives die screaming deaths in agonizing pain. So "we're" the hate mongers? Uh the proof is in the pudding. Liberals force confrontation and then want to scream from the roof tops that they're being discriminated against. Pulease! America is a conservative country. And people have been given the right to vote for or against gay marriage. The American people HAVE voted. Don't like the results? Sorry… that's how a republic works. You're perfectly free to move to the states that allow it. You wanna be in a homosexual relationship, fine, do it. But the moment you start trying to cram it down my throat, forcing me not only to accept you but to want everyone to be like you then expect me to take a stand. Because guess what… I'm entitled to my beliefs just like YOU!

    30. ARE says:

      If Chick-Fil-A goes kosher then i'll eat there until then I applaud their courage from a distance.

    31. frank says:

      stupid old man….is this the garbage we get from a government rotting from the inside out.?…is this going to destroy traditional families? it seems there are no limits to what well funded minority can accomplish…i wonder if all killed or maimed in www 1 and 2 would have given their lives had they known the outcome…as survivor of normandy through the rest of the crap it is something i would never due again…and doubt most of the others would not feel the same way

    32. Roy Callahan says:

      I supported Chic-Fil-A by being there in the Gainesville Oaks Mall. Was amazed at how many people showed up.

    33. BobT says:

      I like Chick-Fil-a and I agree that the CEO of that company has the right to state his opinion. So gay people get a life and do the right thing by supporting the right of freedom of speech. This what it is really all about. Then go have a good Chick-Fil-A sandwich. You will enjoy it.

    34. Frank says:

      Sad. All you have to do is look at the venom that runs throughout the comments in this thread from those on the left and compare it to the actions and attitudes of both Chick-fil-A workers and supporters who did nothing more than calmly purchase chicken sandwiches on Wednesday/yesterday (as well as read Cathy's actual interview statements) to see where hate in this issue really resides.

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