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Cloakroom: Taxmageddon Edition

Posted By Josh Robbins On July 29, 2012 @ 12:00 pm In Ongoing Priorities | Comments Disabled

House Cloakroom: July 30 – August 3

Analysis: This week, the House will take up its bill to avoid Taxmageddon. HR 8 would extend the Bush-era rates for a year and provide for a fast track process to consider tax reform next year. The fiscal cliff represents a real threat to our economy. Find more on the tax increase it will impose on your family here [1].

Major Floor Action:

  • HR 8 [2] – Job Protection and Recession Prevention Act of 2012

Major Committee Action:

  • The House Armed Services [3] Committee will hold a hearing on the “Impact of Sequestration on Defense.”
  • The House Small Business [4] Committee will hold a hearing on the “Impact of CFPB in Small Business.”
  • The House Oversight and Government Reform [5] Committee will hold a hearing on the “Tax Aspects of Affordable Care Act Enforcement.”
  • The House Transportation and Infrastructure [6] Committee will hold a hearing on the “Review of Amtrak Operations.”
  • The House Energy and Commerce [7] Subcommittee on Energy and Power will hold a hearing on “Clean Air Act Implementation.”

Senate Cloakroom: July 30 – August 3

Analysis: This week the Senate will begin by considering a circuit court nomination, despite Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) invoking [8] the Thurmond Rule. The Thurmond Rule, which is also known as the Leahy Rule because of past support by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT), is a Senate tradition that the chamber stops allowing judges through within six months of a presidential election. Heritage’s Brian Darling has a more in-depth explanation here [9]. After voting on the judge, the Senate will return to consideration of the Cybersecurity bill. This bill differs from the House-passed version in that it contains an onerous regulatory scheme. Heritage’s Paul Rosenzweig has policy analysis here [10].

Major Floor Action:

  • Nomination of Rovert E. Bacharach, of Oklahoma, to be a United States Circuit Judge for the Tenth Circuit
  • S 3414 [11] – CSA2012 (Cybersecurity Bill)

Major Committee Action:

After this week, Congress will leave for the August recess. Congress and the Cloakroom will return in September.

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