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  • Morning Bell: Justice Department Blocks Voter ID at Every Turn

    People seemingly voting after they’ve been dead for years. Drug kingpins buying votes from poor people to sway elections. Non-citizens being bussed to the polls and coached on how to vote. Stories of voting fraud are shocking, and states have been taking action to make sure that elections are secure. But the Justice Department, led by Attorney General Eric Holder, has blocked states at almost every turn.

    This is the same Justice Department that stopped a non-partisan election reform by arguing that if party affiliation were removed from a ballot, African-American voters wouldn’t be able to identify and vote for the Democrats. Holder has continued to stoke the racial fires, calling a requirement for voters to produce photo identification a “poll tax.” Heritage expert Hans von Spakovsky said this argument is merely political. “Holder continues to perpetuate the incendiary error to the public, knowing that the poll-tax assertion is a racially charged one that should not be used lightly,” von Spakovsky said. He explained:

    Even the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals—the most liberal appeals court in the country—did not buy the Holder poll tax claim when it reviewed Arizona’s voter ID law. In Gonzalez v. Arizona (2012), the Ninth Circuit held that even though “obtaining the free identification required under [Arizona law] may have a cost,” such immaterial costs are not a poll tax.

    Holder is now “investigating” Pennsylvania’s voter ID law, on the left’s charge that it disenfranchises minorities.

    Former Congressman Artur Davis, an African-American from Alabama who served in Congress as a Democrat from 2003 to 2011, finds this argument incredibly insulting. Speaking at The Heritage Foundation yesterday, Davis held up his driver’s license and said, “This is not a billy club. It is not a fire hose. I used to represent Birmingham and Selma, Alabama, and I know something about fire hoses.”

    In states that have voter ID laws, the real-world results show that minorities have not been disenfranchised by any means. States that require ID to vote have offered free IDs to anyone who does not have one already. In Kansas, which allows any of nine different forms of ID as proof of identity to vote:

    Out of a total of 1.713 million registered voters in Kansas, only 32 people had requested a free photo ID as of May 4, 2012. That represents only 0.002 percent of the registered voters in the state. Of those 32 voters, 80 percent were white, 10 percent were black, and the race or ethnicity of 10 percent was unknown. Thus, there is no evidence that minority voters were disproportionately affected.

    Georgia, which has had voter ID since 2007, allows six different forms of ID to vote. And there has been no stampede of would-be voters who lack identification: “The number of photo IDs issued by Georgia to individuals who did not already have one of the forms of ID acceptable under state law is remarkably small, averaging less 0.05 percent in most years, and not even reaching three-tenths of 1 percent in a presidential election year.”

    What happened to minority voting after the law went into effect? In the 2008 presidential election, Hispanic voting in Georgia increased by 140 percent over the 2004 election. African-American voting increased by 42 percent. That is also a higher rate of increase than in other states without voter ID. Von Spakovsky notes:

    The increase in turnout of both Hispanics and blacks in the 2008 presidential election after the voter ID law became effective is quite remarkable, particularly given the unproven and totally speculative claims of the Justice Department that the voter ID requirements of Texas and South Carolina will somehow have a discriminatory impact on Hispanic and black voters. In fact, Georgia had the largest turnout of minority voters in its history.

    The evidence that producing photo ID is a burden simply isn’t there. “How can it be a burden to ask people to do something they do all the time?” asked Congressman Davis, who said he went to a news organization to do an interview on voter ID and had to produce his driver’s license to enter the news organization.

    The Justice Department requires ID from visitors as well.

    Voter ID battles are not over, and activist groups are trying everything they can think of to challenge these requirements. The Minnesota legislature passed a referendum that placed the question of voter ID on the ballot for citizens to decide. But the ballot question is under litigation because the League of Women Voters has sued, arguing that the question is “misleading” to voters. The Minnesota Supreme Court will be considering it.

    In the state of Kentucky, it has become clear that buying votes is a common practice. A person’s vote can often be bought for $50. Recently, it has come to light that cocaine and marijuana dealers are using drug money to buy votes and turn elections. According to one report, “In the Eastern District of Kentucky alone, more than 20 public elected officials and others have either been convicted or pleaded guilty in various vote-buying cases just in the last two years.”

    America cannot allow its elections to be anything but secure and legal. Preventing voter fraud is common sense, and it is outrageous that the U.S. Justice Department would stand in the way.


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    80 Responses to Morning Bell: Justice Department Blocks Voter ID at Every Turn

    1. glynnda says:

      Excellent article. We should point out very clearly that not only are ID's required to visit the Justice Department but to apply for any kind of government assistance, that is why SSN fraud is so widespread…..
      we also have to have an ID to get a library card, cash a check, etc.

      I'm glad Governor Scott here in Florida is standing up to this nonsense. We are clearing the voter records in Florida and I couldn't be more happy about…..and trust me about 75% or more of the citizenry here agree with me.

    2. Mary......WI says:

      These challenges on voter ID laws infuriates me! Americans have to show ID for just about everything else inthis country why not to vote?! WI has even offered to provide a photo ID for those that doen't have one and still the League of Women Voters (misguided group of liberal women), and minority groups continue to press the issue with legal lawsuits. And then there's Eric Holder!………….do we even need to go there! Perhpas the answer is to identify voters like they do in Iraq…….dip your finger in a purple dye that won't come off for a couple days. Liberals must be running scared they will lose all the elections because without CHEATING they lose power. I see NOTHING wrong with proving who you are at the voting polls with a photo ID….it's the HONEST way to vote.

    3. toledofan says:

      It is just amazing to me the amount of hypocracy that encrusts the democrats and that party. This entire debate is just another pathetic excuse or a ruse fortrhe Democrats to try and buy votes and win elections by cheating. It's really pretty simple to ask someone to show some form of identification and there are always alternatives.One thing is for sure, Holder has to go; he's one of the most racially charged heads of the Justice Department in my life time, so far, and he continues to fan the flames for race problems and has made America a more racially divided nation.

    4. Dick Frakes says:

      Voting as we all know is one of the sacred rights Americans have. So right in front of our eyes Erick Holder is trying to claim having an I.D. is discriminating against the poor. That's going against all good principles for American citizens. This political stunt lets felons, illegals, dead people and people who vote several times run from polling place to polling place voting as many times as they can. In short it's a democratic unethical fraud of our sacred voting system. Erick Holder is discriminating more than any southern white boy ever did. I mean what is this all about – maybe payback. I think so. Holder is making the KKK look like a boy scout camp.

    5. walt says:

      Photo ID"s could cut down on dual voting–rampant in the Northeast and eastern part of the country. I routinely hear of some who own homes in two states voting in both. retirees spend the winter in the south and vote absentee in the north where they generally live. Where a surrogate is used a photo ID would reduce the fraud.

    6. Jeanne Stotler says:

      I guard my right to vote, it's a precious right for being an American. Recently my Son-in-Law asked why they were signing up votes at the 7-11 near our house, I laughed, thining he was joking BUT he wasn't, a woman was handing out applications to anyone who came in, then the following Sat. I saw the same thing at WalMart, repeated two weeks later . Iasked for one of the papers, you can fill it out, sign a affadavit and mail in. Who is checking?? I had to prove citizenship, residency when I first registered and take a oath that the papers I presented were true. What has happened that we haveopened the door to more not less fraud??.

    7. Ray W. Hinkle says:

      The Democrat party has been opposed to voter i.d., but most people who are citizens and regularly vote, do not have a problem with this. It is obvious that the Democrat's depend upon a seemingly unreliable base to save their power. This is more than being "UN-American". It is seditious, malevolent behavior.. This is a serious issue and must be addressed. I would refer to Dr. Ivan Parkins, (http://www.americanpoliticalcommentary.com/index_files/Page319.htm) on his effort to address this issue through changing the way congress, specifically the House of Representatives is comprised. This would in effect, eliminate this problem or at least make it difficult to cheat.

    8. Since when do Democrats let a little thing like facts get in the way???

    9. Talk about "racial discrimination", what is it when an Eric Holder run DOJ dismisses charges in the blatantly discriminatory Black Panther case of voter intimidation in Philadelphia but pursues eliminating voter ID laws that protect the voter rights of all valid U.S. citizens? You can only call it active and blatant reverse discrimination by the highest law enforcement official in this country! We cannot allow guilt over the civil rights issues of the past to cloud our perception of the current administration efforts to minimize the legal rights of ALL Americans! Discrimination is wrong no matter who practices it Mr. Holder!

    10. When, a few weeks ago, a reporter claiming to be Eric Holder was allowed to vote,( but didn't so as not to have broken the law), it should have proven the point that voter ID should be mandatory at every voting booth. The ONLY logical explanation for blocking this is voter fraud, and who benefits? Those who would disregard the Constitution so readily should lose the right to vote themselves, starting with the Atty General.

    11. RennyG says:

      All the stats and information in the world is meaningless with these two guys. I made a comment previously that if the "O" looses within a 20% margin Holder and the "O" will go to court allowing him another year or two, "at least." to continue to distroy our wonderful country! We have tippy-toed around this guy so long we have had it. He is right in line with the "Alinsky Theory!" He has done it right under our nose and "no one challanged him," so what do you expect now. I pray our Lord will be merciful once again!!!!

    12. Bob Ekly says:

      In my state, heh, I'll bet all states, there has been a lot of identity fraud by people wanting medical treatment. The deal is that a person who wants medical treatment assumes the identity of one of their pals or relatives that has insurance.

      I guess the insurance company isn't cool with that. Simple solution. A year or so ago I went to the doctor. They had never seen me before… didn't know me from Adam. They had a little camera on top of their computer. They took my picture with it and put that picture right into the database next to my name. The whole process took about eight seconds. The hard part was smiling.

      Now nobody gets to say they are me when they are at the doctor.

      I described this whole process to my election board. They gave me a blank stare, like I was the stupidest guy they ever met.

    13. Jersey says:

      The same argument could be used against needing to obtain a picture ID in order to drive a car but if driving a car is important enough people manage to get the ID(ea) … or are we going to have to do away with that because … Wha, it's no fair, Wha, it's too hard, Wha, Wha.

    14. History Man says:

      African-Americans are disenfranchised by there not being Voter ID because not having Voter ID allows non-citizen Hispanics to vote and nullify the African-American vote. Do not African-Americans who receive public assistance not realize that public assistance given to illegals in our country make there less public assistance for them???

    15. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Obama absolutely must have voter fraud to win in November. Is it not obvious to everyone that Holder is being directed by the Obama administraion to insure a true vote will not be take place. If Obama allows that to happen, he knows full well that one of their major tools to win reelection will be lost.

    16. Fay Miller says:

      It never ceases to amaze me how this administration and The Shadow Party (George Soros) has pretty much taken over our government. Isn't there ways to circumvent all of this destruction to our liberties and the RULES WE ABIDE BY? Also amazing how MANY heads are in the sand concerning the corruption of this administration. People, do you ever READ?

    17. Dr. Henry Sinopoli says:

      Obama's tribe has crippled the Constitution and bamboozled the rule of law…all in 3 1/2 years…Look out, the next 4 with 'wanna' be dictator Barry and Comrade Holder at the non-Justice Department will eviscerate what's left of states rights…
      And more likely that not…there will be 4 more years…

    18. rockncoal says:

      I pray (at least until the government tries to outlaw it) that Obama is defeated in the upcoming election so that Eric Holder, Lisa Jackson, and many of the corrupt czars that were let in through the back door can be removed, and we can have some hope for honest government.

      • Jeanne Stotler says:

        The main answer to ALL our problems is Prayer, without it we can assure that the devil will be happy. After saying a prayer daily for this Country, ten encourage someone else to pray and vote, just take a moment each day and ask God to protect this country and retrn us to being the nation our founders envisioned.

    19. Robert Dunham says:

      I just don't understand it. What upstanding voter could mind, if their ID were checked at the polls to see that you are who you say? I get checked for my ID at my bank; and I deal with a lot less money that the government I'm voting for. The vote would seem more important. I get checked for my ID at the gorcery store, the gas station, and the library. Why would I give a second thought to showing my ID at the polls?

      Robert Dunham
      Waterloo, WI

    20. brunnegd says:

      Thanks for the references to proven cases of voter fraud. Liberals always say "Prove it", and now we can do so. Any other references would be appreciated.

    21. Bill Hineser says:

      It would be great if after each morning alert an "Action" statement was made. Most of us are preaching to the choir. If an idea could be provided such as "To help solve this problem we reccomment contacting..or doing….etc…. This Action"
      This would be helpful to those of us who are not sure who to address on each problem.
      The older I get the more wrongs I see to be "righted".

    22. historianMI says:

      It has become obvious that Obama & Co. know that their policies and actions have placed their reelection in great doubt. It is equally obvious that they will use every strategy and ploy to receive votes from every "minority" and other entity or faction which will support them. Not only the voters of doubtful citizenship,
      but students (takeover of Student Loans), support for special treatment of homosexual (gay) persons, turning over General Motors to the Unions—-and cessation of deportation of illegals, even criminals. And, of course, refusing States the right to see Government records, as in Florida. But that's the Chicago way, I guess…….

    23. Patty says:

      Then I say the States should assert their sovereginty and enforce voter identification of their choice and thumb their noses at Justice, the very same way Justice is guilty of thumbing its nose at the rule of law and the Constitution almost daily. This corrupt Justice deserves no respect at all. The states must assume their own destiny and perform according to law and the United States Constitution to preserve justice and equity for their own citizens.

    24. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Yes, it is.

    25. SigDooo says:

      Dude does seem to be talking a lot of smack.

    26. Grace Bellomy says:

      I had the privilege of being one of over 200 attorneys to work the 2004 presidential election in Philadelphia. Most of us just manned phone lines for poll watchers and election judges to call in and reprt election code violations. One goal at each voting site was for the Republican official to be able to see that the counters were on zero – 0 – at the beginning of the day. The final task and it was no small feat was to see that the results were turned in without being tampered with! Yes. Basic, wouldn't you think? I am aware there were over 1,000 violations called in; and I personally told one member of the team to "just get out if there," because I could hear him being threatened at the end of the day. Oh, and I almost forgot: the state GOP sent welcome letters acknowledging every new voter who had registered before the presidential election in '04. Literally thousand came back because people were dead, address was a vacant lot, etc. the only people who do not want VoterID are those who cheat. Let's see… Who could that be?

    27. Im for one is Please with Eric Holder. He upholding every American right to vote, and really how many dead people are there still voting , Ms Payne do have any proof any numbers that if this issue was true it would make a difference in the election. I think not. What these Republican Govenors are attempting to do is illegal and violates our Constuntional Rights as voters.

    28. Nirmala says:

      Sorry Amy, but the evidence for widespread voter fraud just does not exist, so the whole justification for voter ID laws is bogus.

    29. Alan says:

      Voting is the one thing that controls everything in government, the democratic party is doing everything they can to steel the power from the people that live by the rules and expect the same treatment in life. All people that vote should be a U.S. citizen and ID'ed so that you vote once and if you tried to vote more than once you are treated as a criminal and fined thousand of dollars.

    30. Pete Houston says:

      My parents seen this voter intimidation business in the 60's. They lived in the Jeffries projects in Detroit. As a white couple in a black neighbor hood, the black poll booth workers tried to push themselves into the voting booth with both my mom and dad so they could vote for them. Well, neither one would allow that. My mom was carrying me as a baby on her arm during the shuffle. Regardless, they voted the way they wanted to and stood up for what they believed in. I am sure the black folks can do the same if they really believe in this country. My parents worked hard and moved out of the projects to get us kids into better schools and neighborhood. I was very proud of both of them to not give in and to stand up for their rights to vote and not be intimidated by the majority of blacks that were in that area of Detroit. Looking back at them, they never said a bad thing about the blacks after they moved out and thru their lives. They worked hard and stayed focused on the proper things. Taking care of family and living a proper life.

    31. Joseph McKennan says:

      Actions like this are what reinforce my opinion that we need new leadership. I have many black friends who know that I do not consider proper race, gender, or any thing else as a requisite for friendship. It never fails to amaze me that this is still an issue in politics.
      What offends me are the lies and gross exaggerations that are supported by an allegedly impartial press.
      Other offences include the total support of the press whenever an allegation of racism arises.
      The fact of the matter is that I see the total departure from common sense from the so called huddled masses

    32. Ken Jarvis says:

      "Stories of voting fraud are shocking"
      They are – so WHY does HF post them.
      How do dead people vote?
      How do Illegals vote?
      Do YOU sell your vote? For How much?

    33. JLT says:

      Why would an illegal Gun Runner like Eric Holder be concerned about integrity at the voting booth?

    34. Kathleen Bianchi says:

      I am a legal immigrant of the USA (I still maintain British Citizenship). I came here when I was 11. Started working when I was 16 and contributed to my adopted country for 40+ years. Do you mean to tell me that I could have been voting all these years? I have a Driver's License, so if I show that I can vote? This is crazy. You should be checking citizen status, not I.D.'s, and if I.D. is NOT required which apparently Eric Holder wants to allow, then every ilegal alien in the world could vote in America's elections. That's not only crazy, it's stupid. Attorney General Eric Holder needs to get his head out of his armpit, and require that voter's are citizens of the USA and to require that proof, before being allowed to vote.

      • Jeanne Stotler says:

        I registered to vote when I was 21, then legal age, I had to show a birth certificate, marriage license, and utility bill to assure I lived atthe address I was claiming. I then had to swear under oath that the information was true, then sign a book. I believe only registars should enroll people to vote and that they MUST present papers to verify who they are, where they live and that they are legal.

    35. Lorac says:

      Birth certificate and/or proof of citizenship in THIS country, should be a requirement at any time.
      Has political correctness destroyed us? Americans, stop being duped by the so-called elitists on the two sides f the fence.

    36. Thomas says:

      Voter fraud is soooo scary! Just like the monster under m-m-m-my bed! Also neither exist: all investigations into voter fraud have come up with nothing that would be solved by the recent voter ID laws, and that millions of legal voters will not be allowed to vote – including a past congresswoman, and many people who won't learn that their ID isn't enough until voting day when it will be too late. The laws are politics at their worst. About buying votes? These laws won't stop that. All throughout history liberals and conservatives have worked together to increase the number of people who can vote: Non-landowners, former slaves, women. Now we are taking a large step backward into the time poll taxes kept the poor from voting.

      • Jeanne Stotler says:

        If you are registered to vote, YOU have a voters ID card, and How do you shop, cash checks, fly, drive or about a hundred other things w/o a photo ID. Most businesses, hospitals require that all personel have a photo ID on at all times, so do all Goverment buildings, you argument just desn't hold water. If the cashier is doing her job, she is suppose to verify you are who you say you are, when you use food stamp card, or welfare money.

    37. Jim says:

      We as individual States and as united States under the constitution can not allow the government to sway the regulations and right of the States to protect the integrity of the people's vote. At best, it is an obvious effort to cheat the United States of a fair and honest election of who or who should not be leading the Nation.
      This is nothing short of an unethical, dictatorial power grab, perpetrated by league of socialistic liberals, with the design to undermine the liberty and freedom of all men, women, and children in America. There by creating avenues for the purpose of electing their selected elite into power to control the peoples of this great country.
      All Americans need to stand up for these rights and send a message that this is not a socialist country. However, you are welcome to go to one with our blessing.

    38. Mark Simmons says:

      AG Eric Holder recently spoke at the NAACP National Convention. Photo ID was required to hear him speak. This is not about anything other than fraudulently winning elections. Eric Holder is a disgrace to the office of Attorney General, a disgrace to the Obama Administration and a disgrace to the nation.

      If either the Democrat controlled Senate or President Obama were doing their job, he would be long gone. But the fact is they are co-conspirators.

    39. Taylor M. says:

      Voting is obviously central to the stability of a democratic society. As such, any obstacles in the voting process need to demonstrate necessity, in that they effectively mitigate a demonstrated harm or flaw. The state of Pennsylvania has stated in court that there “have been no investigations or prosecutions of in-person voter fraud in Pennsylvania; and the parties do not have direct personal knowledge of any such investigations or prosecutions in other states.” The Justice Department then argues that this is a solution in search of a problem; why limit individual liberty without demonstrated harm?

      The "left's" argument writ large is that voter fraud has not been demonstrated to be a substantial harm on the democratic process, and Vote ID has the potential to disenfranchise thousands. With such serious potential ramifications to their proposed laws, Voter ID proponents – including you – MUST justify their position better than they have. If there were better evidence, I think it would have been included here.

      Court document link: http://pilcop.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Exhi

    40. Nirmala says:

      Sorry Amy, but the evidence for widespread voter fraud just does not exist, so the whole justification for voter ID laws is bogus.

    41. Doc Hilliard says:

      The minority in the USA is the American citizen.

    42. whornito says:

      You fail to give any supporting evidence that non-citizens are being bussed in to vote. Of all your examples of fraud, that's the only one that I can see that a voter ID could prevent. How would a voter ID prevent dead people from voting? How would it prevent vote buying?

    43. Concerned Dude says:

      How will Voter ID's prevent people from buying votes? They are eligible to vote and just choose to vote for someone who offers them money and show their valid ID to the voting officials. Is there a way to solve this without blocking eligible voters who don't have a driver's license or can't afford the cost of getting a copy of their legal documents if they have never needed them before?

    44. If I dont need I.D. then I can vote as many times as I can! Wow thats great, then we can really get Obama out of office! We can bring the Taliban and terrorists in to vote, no one's going to question them, that would be racial profiling!
      Spare me the idea that requiring an I.D. would prevent someone from voting, that's pure bull…t!!

    45. Leon Lundquist says:

      The Democrat Party depends utterly upon Voter Fraud! They depend on it in Chicago. Bad enough that Representation is undermined by Lies of Democrat politicians, "Throw enough mud against the wall and something will stick!" Bad enough we have a President who Misrepresented himself, who has gone beyond the Constitutional powers of his office to 'fundamentally transform America!' Bad enough that Statistics have been used to exaggerate damages on one hand and minimize damages on the other, but this Administration plans to preserve Voter Fraud, to enhance Voter Fraud with these false prosecutions against States that want to preserve Representation! I tell you these guys are Gangsters! It has been proven once again. Can you confirm the rumor that 119% of Registered Voters voted in Madison Wisconsin? What AG Eric Holder has done is nothing less that Constitutional High Crime against Representational Government in America. I want Congress to put the cuffs on this guy, he is the Domestic Enemy! He should be tried and hung for Treason!

    46. Kupe says:

      So, what is the ratio of voter fraud reduction to voter disenfranchisement? Voter fraud is well documented and generally falls, literally, into the 0.0001% bracket, despite all the hyperbole surrounding it. Voter disenfranchisement is less well documented, but the cost of obtaining an acceptable ID can be prohibitive for the poor with the documentation, (reprint costs of birth certificates, naturalization papers or obtaining a passport cost anywhere from $30-$300) and/or transportation to an ID facility requirements. If the states requiring Voter ID were to also defray the cost of these registration expenses, then this whole issue would look a lot less like a poll tax than it currently does. Especially since the Voter ID effect, at best, is to take an already minuscule (to the point of meaninglessness) fraction of fraud and attempt to make it an even smaller, more meaningless fraction.

    47. Juliann says:

      I think we all should know why they are so against voter ID…..it will be much more difficult for them to defraud the electorate by voter fraud which they had been using,very successfully, since the LBJ days. I think they are going to need all of the tombstones they can find to win this election! I pray they are not successful!

    48. MJF in CT says:

      So, it's okay to have your picture on your driver's license or student ID or work ID and let's not forget your passport! You have to have a photo ID to cash a check and now you even need a photo ID to see a doctor! What the heck is wrong with a photo ID for voting? What kind of idiot sees this as a problem for minorities? Most of them have licenses and those that don't can get a photo ID just about anywhere. Heck, in New Haven, CT, the Mayor offers photo Citizen ID's for illegal immigrants so what it the NAACP's problem with the "minorities"? This is absolute horse-hockey! We all know that the voting system is being defrauded so what's the problem?

    49. @lulubell247 says:

      My God,can't we get this man out of DOJ along with his boss, while we've still got a country left?

    50. Clearhead says:

      What does a parent do when a child simply will not obey the rules? — Spank him !! What does a high school principal do with a 'youth' who absolutely refuses to obey the rules? — Kick him out !! What does the military do to a traiterous soldier? Court martial him and send him to prison !! *. What does America do to a lying, traitorous and evil regime which refuses to obey our Constitution?

      *(This does not apply to Major Hasan)

      • Jeanne Stotler says:

        They should be tried for Treason, crimes against the Consitution , Fraud, then sent to Leavenworth

    51. Just another illegal way for our muslim-in-chief to steal votes. What can you expect from the fraud in the white house?

    52. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Back in 2008, the New Black Panther Party had a man with a billy club stationed outside a polling place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and blocked a volunteer poll watcher from entering and doing his job. The Bush Justice Department sued the New Black Panthers. The New Black Panthers didn't answer the suit in federal
      court, and the Bush Justice Department sought, and got, a consent decree. When Obama came into office,
      he appointed Eric Holder as his Attorney General. His first duty as AG? Dismiss the consent decree against the New Black Panthers. His racist reasoning? Blacks are incapable of voter intimidation. If it had been a Klansman standing out in front of a polling place with a billy club, intimidating black voters, and the Bush Justice Department had thrown out a consent decree reached by the Clinton Justice Department, with the Ku
      Klux Klan, the media would have been all over the Bush Justice Department. Eric Holder's claim that the voter
      id laws are a Jim Crow era poll tax, passes the duck test, but it doesn't pass the laugh, or smell, tests. Who gave us the poll tax? The same party that gave us the grandfather clause, and the literacy test, in order to vote____the Democratic Party.

    53. O2BMe says:

      Racism goes both ways. Obama's remarks when the white policeman tried to protect a black man's property and the professor who didn't appreciate that protection. The black panthers who intimidate voters were not prosecuted. Why wouldn't Holder bring in racist claims to try to rig the next elections. The dead will rise again and illegals will be lined up again in November and aided by Acorn (under a new name of course). Voter ID's are issued free of charge by the States at legal, live, voters request.

    54. Joe Myers says:

      I don't have a problem with voter id. However,this is done because the people that are denied their right to vote usually vote democratically. This is nothing but more republican obstructionism. There is NO voter fraud.

    55. lhull says:

      In the third sentence the word bused is misspelled. I do not think you mean "kissed". Good work otherwise.

    56. Leith N. Wood says:

      Holder has got to go. What is he afraid of?

    57. The libs have had their way with voter fraud long enough. It is our place as American to fight back.

    58. dennis1946 says:

      they want illegals to vote, they want the blacks to be able to vote 4 or 5 times like the one told NBC news he did in the last election. http://beforeitsnews.com/story/2414/144/Military_

    59. Amy says:

      I would think nearly every legal person in the US has a photo ID of some sort. Have to have one for about anything you do these days. And, certainly, if one is driving legally w/a drivers' license, one has a photo ID. Others use State ID's for oh, cashing checks, going to Dr offices, getting into clubs and bars. I am sure there are many more places that require a photo ID. Heck, kids even have to have photo ID's to be in their school buildings!!! For the life of me, I have NO idea how people can actually think voter ID can be a bad thing—except for those who wish to have non-elligible people vote, or dead people or pets, etc. If you are a legal voter, you should have no problem showing the election officials you are who you say you are.

    60. nomoretaxes says:

      A lot of illegal aliens won't be able to vote if this law takes effect and that will effect the democrats.

    61. spike says:

      I could see where voter fraud might tip the scales slightly in favor of one candidate over another but come on. Who are we kidding here? Election theft via privately owned voting machines and unlimited campaign financing by corporate interests via Super-Pacs is the real theft of our democratic republic. Just look at the numbers vs influence and anyone can see what a mockery this is making of our country and its citizens.

    62. Biii says:

      This issue of voter fraud vs voter ID is not a new one. In fact, my Dad, who has been dead for going on 35 years, always ( facetiously ) made me promise to be sure he was buried in Texas so that he would not lose his right to vote.

    63. Scott says:

      The Justice Department is saying to all minorities that they are incapable of obtaining free ID's and therefore will not be able to vote. How insulting to them!

    64. Tom says:

      It is time for the Governors to ignore the DOJ which is currently racist to the core.

    65. Casey Carlton says:

      Eric Holder represents the shocking change in the wielding of power from what is good for the nation to what is good for staying in power. As a result, the DOJ (Department of Justice) is now the DOI (Department of Injustice).

    66. bren says:

      If i was black , i'd be "PISSED". The government makes black people look (i say "look") so stupid. It is common knowledge that you can't do much of anything without an I.D.

    67. alexander Ilnyckyj says:

      So what is the GOP doing about it. the answer is nothing, they are a bunch of rinos, which where tranfered from Democrats to Republican. However, they have not lost the way to spend and do nothing to this bimbo as our AG. He should be impeached and since the rinos have the majority, they sure can act on this marxist AG. But, as usual, they will do nothing. I have not seen any of my comments posted, therefore, I will not participate any longer with Heritage

    68. James says:

      everyone should have an ID card. the state should provide all of its citizens an ID card. everyone should have a voters card. the state should also provide them. if you want to vote, then present your voters card..
      i am sure the state has the ability to preempt the same voter from voting twice, unless, however, mutiple persons are able to obtain the same card. get real people, stop jim crow and allow all eligible citizens to vote. if the state hasnt invested in the technology, ask for help from the federal government. a voters card should suffice as identification at the polls. if someone is caught twirling voter cards, lock them up under the espionage act.

    69. Jack W Estes says:

      Eric Holder, under the auspices of potus himself seeks to undermine state's rights. He has Texas in his crosshairs now, and that is too close to home for me.

      Here is a clue Mr. AG; try to take out a loan, apply for a job or conduct any other high-profile transaction without your photo ID. I consider voting a very high profile and important activity and as such demand all voters carry and display proper ID to vote. Wonder if Holder had to fill out a government I-9 form as proof of eligibility to work in the USA as all the rest of us do?

      Hands Off Texas Sir. Try concentrating on Fast and Furious and come clean on that faux pas.

    70. Michele says:

      The thugs in the White House not only want to steal the election but they also want to make everyone demand to have a National ID card. Obama sends out Acorn, Black Panthers, and/or Muslim Brotherhood to perpetrate voting fraud in order to persuade conservatives to beg for the National ID card that Democrats have been trying to implement for a very long time.

    71. Sorry Amy, but the evidence for widespread voter fraud just does not exist, so the whole justification for voter ID laws is bogus.

      • Bobbie says:

        Rather leave the door to voter fraud open? Rather disenfranchise voter integrity? The WHOLE justification is a simple rule where all excuses go without mention, eliminating unethical work in election process on both sides, the voter and the election judging where you seem unconcerned. In this time of humanity, it's important to have honorable and dignified people running the world! Common opinion!

        Voting is a privilege not a right that should never be considered a mandate in this country!

    72. Gary says:

      I have posted several times and no comments show up here – what gives!?

    73. USMC DAV says:

      People have to be completely stupid not to see what these Chicago gangsters are doing. HOW DO YOU THINK THEY'WON' IN '08? BY VOTER FRAUD!! Any person, with an ounce of common sense can see that these dummies are trying to get their illegals, dead people, and scam artists to vote for them, while spending TAX PAYER money to sue the states for this garbage.You have to be living on another planet not to see this, or watching all the state run medias like msnbc,nbc,abc,cbs, and cnn {the communist network} PLEASE WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

    74. Mr. von Spakovsky 's comparison of minority voter turn out in 2004 pre voter ID and 2008 post voter ID ignores the effect of having the first African American candidate for president for a major political party running in 2008. That confounding variable could easily overwhelm significant but smaller suppression effect of the voter ID law in Georgia. This is not to state that is what did happen but only to make it understood that this was not a thorough or objective analysis but merely a polemic intent on supporting the presumption that Voter ID laws are always neutral or benign in design implementation and effect. Until we are willing to actually study issues rather than compile a list of supporting information and pretend we have addressed a question in objective academic form. We continue to create more problems rather than find solutions. And we imply that seeking answers is not really the quest. Perhaps for Mr. von Spakovsky and others that is not the quest. or the question.

    75. John Pierce says:

      Most states have very little verified voter fraud. While showing ID seems reasonable. I would hope this does not prevent any one valid vote from being cast. This could be a problem for the poor and the elderly and would not be fair. Not being able to vote is not democracy.

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