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  • A Thirst for Power: Liberal Health Initiatives

    New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s large soda ban has received a lot of media coverage since he first proposed it as a step in his anti-obesity campaign. If only this thirst for health could be considered a sweet victory for all.

    Seth Goldman, an entrepreneur in the health drink market, asks Bloomberg in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal to re-consider his proposal. As soon as government begins to meddle, “we [producers] quickly find ourselves considering scenarios that are not based on market realities or consumer needs.”

    The ban will affect the size of products that Goldman’s company, Honest Tea, can provide. Because companies like Honest Tea serve a niche market, it will be much more expensive to adjust to the government’s arbitrary limits on size than it would be for a larger company.

    Put simply, these demands of government force producers to ignore the demands of the market. Meanwhile, if individuals cannot make decisions for themselves, where is the threshold for “too much” government intervention? Is there any limit on this curve of government control?

    There doesn’t seem to be a facet of human life left sacred and untouchable to liberal government, because it has no inherently limiting principle. If obesity or health is something the American people do not take seriously enough, it is the government’s job to step in and mandate that we care. Or if it cannot mandate intent, it will at least prevent us from choosing “incorrectly.”

    If the American public cannot be left to choose their soda size, the question then arises: What is worse than a 16-ounce, 200-plus calorie drink? Turns out lots of things are, actually (watch out, popcorn, you’re next).

    This New York initiative is not just about soda, and it is not just an agenda being promoted by Bloomberg. In a highly publicized and revealing sound bite, Bloomberg defended his actions as the government “simply forcing you to understand that you have to make [a] conscious decision” for health. These health initiatives are necessary only if you believe that “government knows best” and that Americans are unable to make the most basic life decisions themselves.

    Aren’t we lucky to have a government that cares?

    Renee Davis is currently a member of the Young Leaders Program at The Heritage Foundation. For more information on interning at Heritage, please visit http://www.heritage.org/about/departments/ylp.cfm.

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    3 Responses to A Thirst for Power: Liberal Health Initiatives

    1. Bobbie says:

      The complacency to this outside personal intrusion by government forces is in compliance to obama's unconstitutional law brought on by his (and the forces of other unknown) compulsive controlling disorder that the American people are above and remain insistent that obama's health care insurance is AGAINST THE WILL of the people! This man gave the 1st black President of America a bad name. He's weakened everything and everyone at various costs. What good is a man that has to spend endless dollar amounts to find fault in another? NO GOOD! What good is a man that has to lie about the country he serves?? No good! What good is a man that wants his faults to be found and does nothing about them? No good! What good is a man that shows no common principles? No good! What kind of a man doesn't uphold his oath or stand himself accountable or defies his constituents? You can answer those three in one. What kind of a man uses threats (financial and physical as he threatens our 2nd amendment) against the people he serves? A dangerous man in a dangerous position! With many unknown dangers ahead…

      Get our personal health care out of the hands of government. Government workers prove themselves over paid and incompetent at the simplest things and this is life or death by government force.

      Everyone is in control of their own so everyone rightfully covers their own expenses brought on by personal choices consequential to those that made them and no one else. Free market! Keep the government and their abusive regulations out of our personal livelihoods. Government has no right imposing their unconstitutional authority on our rights and businesses and NEVER WILL!

    2. Erik Osbun says:

      Ignore the city government ( Bloomberg ) demands. Take notes, and plan to run the would be power seeker out of office. No one in government has a right to be a tyrant. Run them off.

    3. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      That sums it up perfectly: "A thirst for power."

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