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  • IRS, Labor Department Audit Businessman on Obama's Enemies List

    Frank VanderSloot grew up a poor kid in rural Idaho. His father made $300 a month. His clothes came from the Salvation Army. Yet through determination and hard work — and with the help of America’s free-enterprise system — today he’s the successful CEO of a global supplier of wellness products.

    Frank VanderSloot

    VanderSloot’s rags-to-riches story is not unlike other American tales of individuals who have benefited from the free market. In VanderSloot’s case, however, that success came with a price — but only when he decided a write a check to a super PAC that supports Mitt Romney.

    On April 20, President Obama’s campaign named VanderSloot to the first presidential “enemies list” since the Nixon era. Eight private citizens were singled out for their donations to Romney. They committed no crimes, sought no attention, and yet they became the subject of Obama’s scorn.

    VanderSloot is now facing persecution from the federal government. Kimberly Strassel reveals in The Wall Street Journal that two federal agencies — the Internal Revenue Service and Labor Department — both launched investigations of VanderSloot after his name appeared on Obama’s enemies list.

    In a letter dated June 21, he was informed that his tax records had been “selected for examination” by the Internal Revenue Service. The audit also encompasses Mr. VanderSloot’s wife, and not one, but two years of past filings (2008 and 2009).

    Mr. VanderSloot, who is 63 and has been working since his teens, says neither he nor his accountants recall his being subject to a federal tax audit before. He was once required to send documents on a line item inquiry into his charitable donations, which resulted in no changes to his taxes. But nothing more—that is until now, shortly after he wrote a big check to a Romney-supporting Super PAC.

    Two weeks after receiving the IRS letter, Mr. VanderSloot received another—this one from the Department of Labor. He was informed it would be doing an audit of workers he employs on his Idaho-based cattle ranch under the federal visa program for temporary agriculture workers.

    The H-2A program allows tens of thousands of temporary workers in the U.S.; Mr. VanderSloot employs precisely three. All are from Mexico and have worked on the VanderSloot ranch—which employs about 20 people—for five years. Two are brothers. Mr. VanderSloot has never been audited for this, though two years ago his workers’ ranch homes were inspected. (The ranch was fined $8,400, mainly for too many “flies” and for “grease build-up” on the stove. God forbid a cattle ranch home has flies.)


    Strassel acknowledges the investigations could be unrelated to VanderSloot’s inclusion on the enemies list. It reveals, however, the danger of persecuting private individuals for their political donations. It’s something Heritage’s Rory Cooper predicted would happen months ago:

    Prominent donors are often thrust into the spotlight in political campaigns, but this example was extraordinary and unprecedented. The writing was on the wall: If you give to an opposing cause, we will unleash a grassroots effort to destroy your personal reputation. This message delivered on behalf of the most powerful man in the nation has real implications. If the IRS were to audit one of these individuals, how could they not wonder if their political contribution was the root cause?

    VanderSloot knew immediately his life changed on April 20. He was initially the subject of hit pieces by left-wing Mother Jones and Salon’s Glenn Greenwald. That was followed by reports of a former Senate Democrat staffer snooping around the local courthouse in Idaho for his divorce records. Now two powerful federal agencies have come after him.

    He said the allegations made by the Obama campaign — that he was “litigious, combative, and a bitter foe of the gay rights movement” — are completely false. He isn’t going to let anyone sully his reputation — even if it means taking the fight directly to the most powerful man in America.

    That’s what he told me when we sat down for an interview in May:

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    34 Responses to IRS, Labor Department Audit Businessman on Obama's Enemies List

    1. @ThatisBush says:

      When one has a little boy as President, educated in gobbledygook, you get this type of immature action as the boy and his advisors play with the toys of power at their disposal. When the grown-ups are away, the kiddies will play. Welcome to the USSA.

    2. libertarian jerry says:

      What Mr.Obama is doing having an "Enemies List" is nothing new in American politics. FDR,JFK,LBJ and Nixon all had hit lists. And all of them used the organs of government power,especially the IRS,to try and silence or destroy their opposition. But in the end,its not the perpetrator of the harassment of the "enemies" that is to blame. That is an understandable misnomer. The real blame falls on the shoulders of the Main Stream Media who aid and abet in the dissemination of wild accusations against the so called "enemies." Plus the ignorance and stupidity of that segment of the public who don't think for themselves and believe everything that their favored political "leaders" say and do as gospel. Its not only intimidation ,which is part of the problem,but as Mr.Vandersloot stated its the ruining of his reputation and the loss of confidence in him by his customers that has hurt him,not only emotionally,but also financially. Summing up,its not just Mr. Obama that is to blame for Mr.Vandersloot's dilemma,but the whole Media apparatus and the buffoons who believe that same Media as gospel.

      • Mike, Wichita Falls says:

        While it may be easy to blame the media, even they have enemies lists consisting of reporters and journalists who have dared to ask even the simplest questions of this regime and are now of ill-repute. I'd like to think there are more of them that really want to ask them the tough questions but fear the loss of their jobs.

        When good people stand idly by, evil prevails.

      • Chula says:

        Did you watch the video? They said NO President ever did this before. John Stossel did a [iece in the Wall Street Journel. Do you have proof to back up what you say or are you just trying to make people believe it?

      • California70 says:

        Libertarian Jerry,
        You left out Hillary and Bill Clinton. Don't you remember they had all the files pulled on everyone in the government in order to see what they gould "get" on them?

    3. JBB says:

      We need to bring back the word "shame." Shame hovers over Obama's every move. And rightfully so. For the President of the United States to target the citizens of this country and subject them to harrassment is shameful in the extreme. And anyone who stands behind this, promotes this, hides this, or implements this also acts shamefully. What is it going to take for people to wake up?

    4. KJinAZ says:

      This is a crime. It is an abuse of power, and those responsible should be removed from their positions. Yes that means Obama should be run out of Washington for this. This is a communist tactic, and last I knew we are not yet a communist nation. Once Obama is out of office we shall be investigating everything he did, and we all know there are plenty of real crimes there that will be discovered. Your time is coming Obama.

      • I'm not so sure Obama will leave office, regardless of the outcome of the election. He doesn't believe in, respect, or adhere to our Constitution.

    5. guest says:

      this is not new. Recall the IRS audits of conservative organizations and individuals during the Clinton administrations. What is maddening is the willingness of the IRS to be used in this manner. It also illustrates why any national sales tax, flat tax, or any program to replace the IRS is doomed to fail. The IRS has become an essential tool of law enforcement. The tax code and its enforcing apparatus is the lynch pin of the modern American State. So much power in the hands of unscrupulous politicians. Misprision? What misprision?

      • Ladybug2948 says:

        The IRS is like the SS or Gestapo was to Hitler; Ovomit uses them the same way. I cannot wait to see him and his cronies and thugs arrested and tried for treason and abuse of power and countless other crimes! and see them convited and to serve a life sentence without parole; not the death penalty, that is an easy way out; let them do hard labor! Put Joe Arpaio in charge!

    6. Erik Osbun says:

      Obama is doing exactly the same kind of persecutions that Joseph Stalin did. Do not be dismayed. Know that Obama IS a Communist, and will use any of their methods to gain and preserve his power. The end justifies the means.

      • Larry Reichert says:

        Total agreement………Ovomit is a COMMUNIST! As is all of his Czars and appointee's……….Holder, the list goes on!

    7. M. Spykerman says:

      So very sorry you have been singled out and attacked in this way, Mr. VanderSloot. Stand firm. From what I read, you have done nothing wrong. You just exercised your freedom in the USA.

    8. william spires says:

      You have to understand that B. Hussein has a poison pen file and anyone who criticizes his policies or G-d forbid even donate to a conservative candidate instead of him will be in line to receive the poison. B.H.O. is more devious and dangerous than Hitler and I say that because at least Hitler was plain in his intentions but B.H.O. pretends to be an American and acts like he is concerned about the economy while working behind the scenes to make America pay for being proud by using the EPA to stifle using resources and his Czars and devious little Gremlins to undermine private businesses who have the audacity to make it without government.

    9. This is really sick that the B. Hussein will go after anyone who contributes to a Conservative instead of him. This Company that specializes in environmentally friendly products should be the last one he sought to destroy and punish which proves the EPA under B. Hussein is not worried about going green but is using the agency to control we peasants with stifling regulations and rules designed to keep us in line without having to get congressional approval. Obama is more dangerous than Hitler because at least the Fuhrer was plain about his intentions while B. Hussein pretends to be an American who is concerned about the citizens and the nations prosperity.

    10. jamesbell says:

      If,we get to vote in november,turn-about is fair play!

    11. JBinGB says:

      IF,we get to vote,turnabout is fair play!

    12. Joe Gause says:

      This is such blatant use of raw and naked Executive Branch power as to constitute tyranny. I hope Vandersloot receives voluntary legal assistance from patriot lawyers willing to resist such abuses of power.
      When Romney wins in November, thousands of Executive Branch Department heads, and their bloated staffs should receive their walking papers, along with dozens of members of Congress.

    13. This Gentleman is Representative of the Heart and Soul of America and the Salt of the Earth and dear Barack is Messing with Him!

    14. Jim McCune says:

      Frank VanderSloot is the most honest, ethical and hardest working person I have known. It is a shame that in this country's free enterprise system is being attacked by the Obama administration.

    15. kathy says:

      What a sleaze ANY president is who would do something like this. But it fits the character of the current commies in office.

    16. Bobbie says:

      That's the trouble with having a man in the highest office with personality conflicts and hidden truths. He can unjustifiably make it harder on anyone else. Even with hypocrisy!

      Mr. VanderSloot is a defender of America's once equal opportunities that inspired his and countless others, honorable work ethic and success. Obviously a supporter of personal potential! Same with Mr. Romney! Mr. Romney knows where government doesn't belong in private business and knows government has the corruptible upper hand when underhandedly and unconstitutionally competing with the private sector obligating from the private sector, government costs for Obama's government to compete against! I'm confident as president, Mr. Romney will stop to bring America's honor back to make private business private and accountable with government business disciplined and accountable to it's own! Hopefully the IRS will prey to eliminate themselves. Obama is a game player that sets the rules to where no one wins but who he wants! No one in America deserves this kind of personal weakness leading her.

    17. Gosh, what a coincidence [insert eyeroll, here]

    18. @yportbill says:

      Mr Prez these agencies are not your personal storm troopers!!!!!!!!!

    19. elise says:

      I am glad he is standing up to Them and not backing down!

    20. Lloyd Scallan says:

      In the name of God, when will Americans wake up and realize what Obama is doing to our nation? How can anyone doubt Obama's true intentions? Read the communist Saul Alinsky if you want to know why successful Americans are under attack by Obama. Anyone that still supports Obama is truly America's enemy.

    21. Marko says:

      I'm guessing people today just don't even understand what Marxist-Leninism intrinsically is…..

    22. cemal adli says:

      I hope %51 percent of us are in his enemies list by nov.6th.election day

    23. Cameron Cronkright says:

      Suprise, Suprise! What would one expect from this President and his administration.

    24. David says:

      When does Heritage plan to publish this "enemies list" or did I miss something?

    25. Bob S. says:

      What got him elected? All the more reason Stupid people, Welfare recipients, Illegals and dead people should not be allowed to vote! Non, Natural born Americans don't belong in our White House, but with the gutless self serving slugs in Congress how do we get rid of him?

    26. What a surprise! We have an illegal, immoral, and irresponsible President who has the power of the United States of America to wield against US. We the people have not prayed and obeyed God and we are now suffering years of laziness and sins of omission! If we seek God and pray for forgiveness we may return to a time when we were the best place in the world to live. Or we can continue to stay "out of dirty politics" and bury our heads in TV and newspapers that lie to us. It's our choice. Vote for Romney/Ryan; campaign for godly people with integrity and a history of generosity and hard work; and pray!

    27. Fed Up says:

      Just think of the closing of car dealerships when they took over GM. Funny, those that had contributed to the Republican party were chosen to be closed and those that had to the Democratic party were did not loose the right to sell cars. Hummmm?

    28. mario says:

      typical Chicago politics .abuse of power. Take loook at what happen when Stalin did to his people . This is the mantra of Marxist ideologues .Get rid of your enemies , take control of the military and the government and the media . MSNBC . History repeats itself

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