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  • The Problem of Non-Citizen Voting

    The Obama Administration has gone to the mat to try to prevent states from verifying the citizenship of their registered voters.

    Registering and voting by non-citizens is a felony under federal law, and Florida has already found aliens on its voter rolls, some of whom voted in prior elections. Almost as soon as Florida announced that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) would allow the state access to DHS databases, critics started complaining about the supposed inaccuracy of the DHS information (including an election law professor I debated on Los Angeles public radio).

    Florida had been trying to get this access for the past year (as has Colorado). It had to sue DHS last month to force the agency to finally comply with federal law, which mandates that the government provide such citizenship verification information to the states.

    The accuracy of the federal E-Verify system came up last year in Chamber of Commerce of the United States v. Whiting. E-Verify is the database that employers can check to confirm that new employees are either citizens or legal aliens authorized to work in the U.S. Even the Obama Administration, which was trying to prevent Arizona from mandating that employers use E-Verify, had to admit that E-Verify had a “successful track record…borne out by findings documenting the system’s accuracy.”

    In fact, the Supreme Court noted that only in 0.3 percent of cases were individuals “confirmed as work authorized after contesting and resolving an initial non-confirmation.” In other words, there was only an initial 0.3 percent error rate in the E-Verify system, allowing more refined examination of those cases in which an error was claimed.

    DHS agreed to give Florida access to the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) database in order to settle the lawsuit filed by the state. The DHS website says SAVE is designed to help “federal, state and local benefit-granting agencies, institutions, and licensing bureaus determine the immigration status of benefit applicants so only those entitled to benefits receive them.”

    How accurate is SAVE? According to DHS, it can provide an applicant’s “immigration status within 3-5 seconds” electronically in 90 percent of cases. So we may rely on the SAVE system to determine whether someone is a citizen entitled to receive taxpayer-funded government benefits like welfare, but according to critics of what Florida is doing (such as the law professor I debated), we are not supposed to rely on it to determine whether that person is a citizen eligible to vote.

    Another false claim made by opponents such as the ACLU is that this will lead to many eligible voters being purged. But neither Florida nor any other state is going to automatically or immediately remove a registered voter when they get a hit from the DHS database showing the person is not a citizen. In such cases, just like when employers use the E-Verify system for new employees, the voter will be notified of the discrepancy and given an opportunity to present current documents or information showing that the DHS records are wrong.

    So why did the government fight so hard for so long to prevent states from accessing its very accurate and reliable databases? Why would the Obama Administration not want states finding out about non-citizens who are illegally registered or have them removed from the voter rolls?

    There is little doubt that, based on prior prosecutions and other evidence that has surfaced (such as the 430 non-citizens in Colorado who recently asked the state to remove them from the voter rolls), states are going to find hundreds if not thousands of non-citizens illegally registered to vote when they start actually accessing DHS databases. And the federal government’s resistance to such state requests should concern all Americans who want clean, fair, and secure elections.

    Hans A. von Spakovsky is a Senior Legal Fellow at The Heritage Foundation and co-author (with John Fund) of Who’s Counting? How Fraudsters and Bureaucrats Put Your Vote at Risk (Encounter Books, August 2012).

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    31 Responses to The Problem of Non-Citizen Voting

    1. Bobbie says:

      Gosh, why would America trust the tax paid department of homeland security who would rather deny voter and election integrity, leaving open the opportunity to fraud? Stop the cost of corruption and intentional ignorance!!!!!

      Non-citizens and today's government entities and control, add to conflict of interest regarding America's purpose. The American Peoples' Constitution and The Declaration of Independence are good teachers that empowers the common interests with encouragement!

    2. Louis King says:

      Hmmm, sounds like SOMEONE wants illegals to be able to vote for THEM. Lou

      • Horace says:

        Sound like Someone wants vote for them?Do you have a brain or what?Sure Dems are a machine in a back of all,Dems no have support,and know that,poll?well that is manipulate for show what Dems won.I can ask why we have so much estupid American?wake up man,wake up,we need reform a US Constitution and ban a Dem-demon-communist Party for be in politic view.Buy a voter is very common practice in Mexico and and many country of South America,is a Mexican way.That are Mexico no more USA.Dems and liberals are a worse and corrupt peoples in a word togehter with Mexican.What do you thing a idea is open free illegals come here?Change a system for one very corrupt and destroy we Country.Believe Nobama is not us.citizen,that can prove,is a illegals alien was support by Dems and iberals.

    3. Sandy/LA,CA says:

      How Insane for the government to aid illegal voting by noncitizens! Who’s side are they on these days? Illegal votes Water Down the power of the Legal American’s votes. The Dems appear to have such a lack of confidence in being elected without fraudulent votes being cast. So Sad to be So Desperate! They know that the majority of Patriotic Americans Do NOT agree with their agenda! It’s Destructive and Insane! They have to resort to Bribery in order to give themselves 1/2 a chance to be reelected! Wake up Patriotics! DEMAND VOTER ID NOW!!!

      • Elizabeth says:

        they will do anything to stay in power, especially Obama, he wants to rule the united states

    4. Sandy/LA,CA says:

      How dare our government officials Aid and Abet illegal voting by noncitizens! Who's side are they on anyway? The Dems are So Afraid they won't win this election without fraudulent voting being put into play that they are willing to take Unconstitutional Steps to get back into office because they know if it were left to counting on the votes of Patriotic Americans, they would Never Win!!! So Sad to be So Desperate!!! DEMAND VOTER ID NOW!!! Let's get back to running this country by it's Constitutional Laws again!!! Stop the corruption!!! That, after all, is what has brought this country down!!! DEMAND VOTER ID NOW!!!

    5. tonto2 says:

      Jeez….this means a significant reduction of the Democrat Party…..Obama/Soros is going to be mad.

    6. obozo WANTS those illegal votes! if he was honest, he would want everify and clean new voters rolls. but he wants illegal votes b/c he is running behind in the polls. any PATRIOT should want ALL voters to be legal citizens b/c if they aren't, it's a FELONY! if illegal citizens are caught voting, they should be arrested for rhat, a felony, and for being here illegally!!!. then they should be deported!

    7. gman4691 says:

      Not to mention…Spain will be counting our votes this election…hmmmmmmm

    8. Edward James says:

      If states have identified illegal voting by non-citizens why then haven't there been well publicized trials where maximum sentences been handed out? The news of and illegal voter been sentenced to 20 years and loosing any chance of remaining in the United States would go along way to curbing the problem.I for one would go along with making illegal voting or any voter fraud a capital offence. But at the very least a minimum sentence of 5 to 10 years,loss of voting privileges forever, and if not a citizen instant deportation once prison term is complete

    9. Pam says:

      Can't wait till all the states start using E-verify. I have contacted my Representatives to push for this, as should every legal citizen of this country. That is the law.

      • A Proud American says:

        There will still be some Democrat controlled states that do not initiate E-Verify because they are afraid they will lose their job if only legal voters voted. It is a shame, but that is where we are in the 21st century. We must vote all people out of office who support policies that do not allow E-Verify of all voters. You do know that Obama could not pass the E-Verify check because there is no birth certificate and he attended college as a foreign student.

      • Elizabeth says:

        I totaly agree, they could do that it is just there are more crooked officials then honest ones, who do you think is going to win with those odds

    10. Saxondog says:

      Where to begin, the FEDERAL GOVERNMENTS role under the guidence of the Constitution is not what it has become,this Government is not ours.It is noot of the People,for the People and certainly is not b the people.

      It must be dismanteled, each and every peice,and the best place to start would be Department of Homeland Security,what a wastful out of control organization. How to dismantle the D.H.S.structure?

      Simply force all D.H.S.agents to the border,with uplinked access to S.A.V.E and start checking out the border traffic,then what better place to have in depth ATF check points but the highway outside of LAREDO, no not the imigration check point,the S.A.V.E.checkpoint.

      We have lost any control of these Federal Agencies,and what happened to the states rights? The Senators are their to represent the states,not THE STATE.

    11. dennis says:

      Lets check Obama's first!

      • JHH says:

        It's been done … and guess what?

        He FAILED it!

        • Elizabeth says:

          not only has he failed, but he is illegal also, and never should have gotten this election to begin with. We have the weakest people with no guts to get rid of him as should have been done months ago, this probably wont make it to the finish line but I am all for impeachment and getting rid of his whole illegal organization, before he totaly ruins our country

    12. Lamar Booker says:

      The Dems believe in outcome only! The ends justify the means. The problem with this obviously flawed philosophy (besides being lie reliant) is the reality of "unintended circumstances"!!! Get real!,…. "..a house built on sand will not STAND no matter how much you prop it up!!!". This is why all Demo Government Programs go to hell in a hand basket as soon as they try to implement their crazy control programs and the tax payers get stuck with the bill! LOOK AT THEIR HISTORY AND THE OUTCOME OF THEIR PROGRAMS!!!

    13. R. Cook says:

      Resistance to verifying voter rolls by the Democrats is proof positive that they depend on illegal votes to get elected.

      "Florida has already found aliens on its voter rolls, some of whom voted in prior elections."

      nuff said!

    14. Justin says:

      Democrats will go use any method that they can to block voter ID, they want Obama to win so that means that people, even dead people can vote for Obama. Voter ID is not racists in any way, because if it is I suppose having a drivers permit where you must have documents verifying your identity is also racists. Another ploy for the democrats to stay in power, voter ID or no voter ID they are going down the tubes this year.

    15. Luonne Dumak says:

      The Racine Wi electionis a study in fraud and a useless GAB boardthat does nothing about it.. WE also have corrupt Judges in Madison that are stopping our photo I.D. from being put in place I'm sure it will be deemed Constitutional after the Nov. 6th election.

    16. Richard says:

      I guess I would be willing to let one illegal alien vote if each of the liberal idiots that are fighting so hard to let them vote gives them their vote. If that were to happen then there would still be only one vote, it will be just the illegal alien voting instead of someone like this "genius" of a law professor. And that might work in our favor because the illegal alien might be more likely to accidentally vote for our guys. But it MUST be a one to one switch of a progressive liberal giving up one vote for each illegal alien voting.

    17. Lloyd Scallan says:

      "Clean, fair, and secure" elections is something the Democrat Party cannot afford to allow to take place! When we look back at how many Dems are in Congress because of voter fraud, we will understand why this Obama led DOJ must do everything in their power to stop what most Americans want and expect from their government.

    18. Greg, Arkansas says:

      I read an interesting comment the other day, by a 72 year old man. He went to buy alcohol and was required to show ID. Yet, this administration argues that showing ID to vote would be unfair to minorities. So, I guess, what this administration is really saying, is that, minorities don't drink alcohol; right? They can't afford "fair and legal" voting, they would lose.

    19. griffen2011 says:

      The simple solutin as with any antiquated law is to get it removed citizenship was put in place for the simplicity of populating America. Of course policians have corrupted and abused it for years just get rid of the law that states any child born here is a citizen. We have enough people in America today. We can not support the world look what has happened we tried that and everyone has paid a great price and still are.

    20. Tonie says:

      I think it is outrageous to ask me, a 62 year old, who has voted in every election there has been in my state to show an ID, which happens all the time; and not ask illegal aliens for their ID's. What is wrong with the people of the US and each state that they allow their elected officials to put forward such abhorently wrong ideas: that in order to count as a voter you should not, have to show an ID when everyone else (real citizens) has to show theirs.

    21. Edward James says:

      Of all the illegals registered to vote,and those among them that have voted in past elections. Why haven't most of them been arrested and put into prison? It is a felony is it not? After their prison term they need to be deported and never be allowed to enter the United States again. Even as a tourist.

    22. Catherine Morrissey says:

      With all the men and women out of work you would think they might check with the people that work at polling places and see if they can help.If for no other reason keeping the PEACE I think there are area's that are going to need them."to keeping the peace"

    23. Chris says:

      Where were all these Voter ID Laws during the last election(s)??? Funny to see all these new laws come to light when there is a Black man in The White House. I'm just SAYING.

      • MIKE says:

        Voter FRAUD has been an issue for years. Chicago had more dead people voting than anyone.
        If you check the internet, the Democrats have always thrown up road-blocks to using any kind of identification for voting – even to make certain you live in a particular State.
        Only AMERICAN CITIZENS can vote – and it does not matter your race.
        It is against the law otherwise, and violators of this law can be deported – but Obama's Justice Dept will not enforce the law – unless it suits them.

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