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  • Mandated Military Cuts: What Is the President's Real Priority?

    A recent Wall Street Journal article entitled “The Coming Defense Crack-Up” lays out a compelling argument against the defense cuts that are going to hit on January 2, 2013, if something is not done soon.

    The sequestration cuts that are mandated by the Budget Control Act (BCA) will gut defense when piled on top of the numerous and deep defense cuts already made.

    The entire exercise is going to have a detrimental effect on both the economy and the readiness of America’s military. Key national leaders do not seem to care. Or do they simply have a different agenda?

    This is not a conspiracy; it is simply a matter of what a leader sees as more important between a set of issues. Apparently members of the Senate leadership—and perhaps the President—are not fighting to “solve” the problem of the excessive cuts to defense, because they do not see them as excessive at all. They see them as a way to significantly lower defense spending, because they have never been able to do so through the normal legislative process.

    The WSJ calls the President “missing in action” and too tied up in the campaign. The BCA is seen as a vehicle to force either higher taxes or major cuts to defense. The President seems to be content with one or the other and would view either as a victory.

    As responsible Members of Congress shift into overdrive to find a way out of the death spiral created by the BCA, the Senate refuses to act, and the President has served notice that he will veto any attempt to avoid the “fiscal cliff.” It appears that rather than dithering or not paying attention, the President and Senate leadership have made a clear policy decision and that the political gains of this course are too much to resist.

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    14 Responses to Mandated Military Cuts: What Is the President's Real Priority?

    1. John G says:

      So spending more money on our military than the next 16 countries combined is not excessive military spending? If it was money spent on actual defense, that'd be one thing, but we're out trying to be the world's police, something that lacks constitutional support.

    2. zbigniewmazurak says:

      Of course. Pres. Obama and Senate Democrats WANT to deeply cut defense. And knowing that they could not politically afford to do so via the normal legislative process, they want to do so through sequestration. Moreover, the sequester also serves them with 2 other useful purposes for them: 1) it cuts defense deeply while sparing entitlements almost completely; and 2) it constitutes a huge weapon of blackmail with which the Dems hope to coerce Republicans into accepting massive tax hikes.

    3. Mike pierce says:

      I sent messages to the idiot congress when they were initially talking of this agreement. Told them not too agree because it was a set up. That once agreed on the dem's would no longer work with them and force cuts in military for their Muslim friends. The republican leadership does not get it, the dem's are using Islamic practices of lie deceive and say anything to win and you do not have to honor agreements. Yes these are the policies of a democratic party that is controlled by Muslims who are telling these liberal idiots, if you beat the republicans reduce the military, and the ability of America to fight us, we can be friends. All the while we are being sold out by a bunch of people who believe they are wise.

    4. Mary Newlon says:

      His priority? To weaken this country and it's influence over the Globe.

    5. Chiefbuck says:

      It isn't necessary to be a member of the Mensa lads and lassies to understand the goals of our president when you consider the total of his efforts to diminish our military abilities.. Try this, ask a retired veteran to speak to someone who is considering entering the military.

    6. Erik Osbun says:

      No, it is a conspiracy.

    7. Bill W says:

      This can only benefit these turds if the voting public is ignorant of the facts.
      Thanks to the media commies the public is ignorant of the facts of this issue.

    8. Clark Frankel says:

      I knew it. I just knew there was something not right with this Obama guy- By a seemingly insignificant gesture.
      when in the Oval Office after his inauguration the first thing thisObama guy did was to remove the bronze bust of Winston Churchill . Uh oh-not a good sign – Everything one needed to know about this crude unqualified fraud president was in that one gesture. Mr. President will not only eviscerate our Country h/will create chaos on a global scale-
      The military–gutted-The Israel/Iran show down he will lead from behind straddling the fence so as not to put his career at risk leaving Israel to do the dirty work. China ,Russia Pakistan, North Korea all the bad guys will laugh at Obama while they eat our lunch. If re-elected one might as well move to Montreal. This community activist will turn the world upside down. Just remarkable isn't it?

    9. Thomasstewart says:

      How Can A "Cub Scout Reject" Barry Soetoro Be Commander And Chief Of The USA??? He Can't.!!! End Of Story !!!. When This "Absolute Worst Leader In The History Of Our Nation" Trys To Run The Military Without Any Knowledge ??? Back-Off Buckwheat, As A Unverified US Citizen Who "Sealed All His Records Before He Ran For Congress!! Why??? Follow The Money, No Budget!! Why?? Lets Audit The Feds Now. God Bless America And Sheriff Joe Arpaio "As The Next Secty Of Homeland Security.

    10. Erik Osbun says:

      The article says it's not a conspiracy. It looks like a conspiracy to me, after all we have a Communist in the White House.

    11. Bobbie says:

      Why would the BCA do this if it wasn't a conspiracy? The only purpose of the President's position is to protect and defend America! Why would he want to compromise that to the point of this? What is the principle of his duties? I understand cutting to a healthy sufficient standard to eliminate any fraud and waste but to go deeper is special or conflicting interests not in favor of America or his/the president's expected duties!

    12. AlfromFl says:

      Critics keep commenting on the Pres's policies as if his objective is to support American interests as former presidents have. The President's political instincts are not American, as I would define them, but to the contrary, his secular progressive vision is to put policies in place that are antithetical to American interests as we have always defined them in the past. A strong defense is not in his interest. If there are any liberals out there who intend to vote democrat this Nov and who claim to love this country, then they better wise up fast. In many ways we are back in the 1930s, only this time it's our country that is under seige.

    13. Bill says:

      Apparently, the defense of our country is no longer the #1 priority of THIS government. What is?

    14. DOD waste Billions of dollars they cant even account for, Military can pull wavers of soldiers that should have not been allowed in the military to Begin with and save money I think Obama knows their waste and is finally making them accountable for it..

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