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  • From "Yes We Can" to "No, You Didn't"

    In 2008, Barack Obama promised hope and change. “Yes We Can,” he and his supporters shouted.

    Now we learn that “we” meant government. The American people, apparently, aren’t capable of anything.

    “If you’ve got a business—you didn’t build that,” President Obama said last week in Roanoke, Virginia. “Somebody else made that happen.” His message was clear: Americans are incapable of doing anything without government there to subsidize or support them. This speech is just the latest piece of a campaign of condescension.

    Earlier this year, America met Julia, the faceless cartoon woman who starred in an online ad for the Obama campaign. She’s the modern American girl whose success in life can be chalked up to the helping hand of government. She gets a federally subsidized education, college loans, free birth control, free prenatal care (when she “decides to have a child”), a small-business loan, and retirement security because of the ever-present and ever-President Obama.

    Julia’s success apparently has nothing to do with her own initiative, talent, or hard work. Nor was she successful because of a loving family, friends, church, or any private associations. No, Julia needs government to get ahead. It wasn’t always this way.

    On this date in 1848, the first convention of women’s rights met in Seneca Falls, New York. The convention was impromptu, the brainchild of Lucretia Mott (in town to visit her sister) and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. The centerpiece of the convention was the Declaration of Sentiments, modeled on Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence. The convention and its document is an example of what James Madison described as the “vigilant and manly spirit” of America, exhibited by a few hundred women in a Methodist church.

    Like Jefferson’s draft, the Seneca Falls Declaration of Sentiments included a statement of political principles, a list of grievances, and a conclusion. The statement of principles is almost verbatim from the Declaration. It cited the self-evident truths of human equality, natural rights, the consent of the governed, and the protection of individual rights.

    Instead of listing grievances against a king, these women opposed artificial impediments to their success. For instance, they challenged the common law legal tradition that considered husband and wife legally one person. That meant the woman’s property belonged to the man and that a husband would be punished for his wife’s crimes. They rejected artificial legal and social barriers to college and certain professions.

    Their conclusion was not to ask government for a host of handouts but to encourage women to meet for more conventions and to assert their right to be self-governing. These women were successful. The common law traditions were replaced, and women gained access to the vote (again), to colleges, and to professional careers.

    The Seneca Falls women and their heirs achieved success not because of government bureaucrats but because of the principles at the heart of our Declaration that encourage hard work and self-government. They weren’t inventing anything; they were simply insisting that the Declaration applied to them as well as to men.

    The women at Seneca Falls did build a lasting movement—without any help from the government. Apparently, Barack Obama wouldn’t have approved.

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    11 Responses to From "Yes We Can" to "No, You Didn't"

    1. Bobbie says:

      very nice sentiment to some awesome American women that started construction on the road of independence for the American woman today's American women are here to continue. Obama makes government work to put an end to that road, insistently refusing his purpose isn't the control over women or the take over of our self respect to our rightful freedom and independence!

      We can't let hindrance block the way!!

      Obama mentioned teachers. Teachers are very important, but where they don't teach we learn from people throughout our life's experience. My parents were 24/7 and the first! Teachers are all around that inspire common principle, logic and reason who do not possess a government degree but characteristics in the respectful way they handle themselves.

    2. Carol, AZ says:

      Stop supporting this delusional fabrication called, our modern-day Manchurian candidate.
      For once blast some truth across America, We've run out fairy dust with no place to hide.
      The Kenyan King and his entire family have existed on Govt hand-outs. Research Boston where aunt and uncle live on Govt handouts and as stated: "she deserves it," as well as being here illegally.
      Every media source steps around this manure piles and continue to utter the truth about Barry's background.
      " Where did Barack get his money?" Who are his handlers? The academia community has been paid-off to shut up since he was educated by us , as a foreign student.
      He's a destroyer not a builder, but no media will utter these words. He knows exactly what he's doing.
      Most of America sees it clearly, why don't you.?

    3. Rich says:

      Never let facts get in the way of your hate. Funny, for the folks who make such a big deal out of their Christianity you seem to absolutely abhor the Commandment that "Though shall not bear false witness…". If you read above a 6th grade level you know that when Obama said '…you didn't build that' the word 'that' refers to the things he listed which you left out. The great American system, the roads and bridges. You really have zero respect for America and Americans if you deliberately mislead people in order to push your agenda. Hopefully you will get your just rewards on Judgment Day.

      • Bobbie says:

        You have no respect for your fellow Americans if you look to government to guide the way! You shouldn't mislead people just because you won't bring your mind to open to truth in reality!

        You don't have to explain the understanding of what the President said. If he knows it was misunderstood, he'd explain himself to avoid miscommunication and before moving on. It's clear it was understood the way it was communicated as the tone of his voice wrongly credited government people over the due credit of free people as if government people are above humanity even though government mindsets are collective and indoctrinated. The unfortunate narrow mentality in positions beyond the people, unfairly down playing America beyond America's honorable tolerance!!

      • Carol, AZ says:

        There 's no hate coming for Julia's comments. She has based her summary on fact..
        Like others here, we feel hopeless and deep sorrow based on her fact infused paragraphs as a small snapshot with examples, of no leadership in America.
        The "great American system ," you described is being dismantled before your sightless eyes. Give us examples of HOW we have improved America in the last 3.5 years.
        If your on Medicare ( I'm not) the first cuts to benefit will be in October. God didn't t have anything to do with this decision nor Christianity. It was your own Govt. handing down "their just reward."

      • Guillermo says:

        Even if you were right (and you are 100% wrong) the president would have still been wrong. Why? Because that business owner DID build those roads through the taxes he/she has paid.

        Obama is the one that misleads.

      • Nybbler says:

        and if you read above a 3rd grade level you might understand the context of the entire speech which was a diatribe against entrepreneurs and a weak attempt to pandor to people, like yourself apparently, who really had nothing to do with the building, promotion and sacrifice of the businessman.

      • Nybbler says:

        and I do believe that grammatically "that" refers to the preceding noun: "business". You could say Obama misspoke but you can't say that Romney lied.

    4. Justin says:

      If this is not the ranting of a socialist, then I have never read or heard a socialist's agenda. We need absolutely less government in our lives not more. The government should not say it does anything, it should be said that by the support of the worker's taxes that things are created. If l government bureaucrats there would be no taxes of any kind. You would just send your entire pay check to the government and they could invest more in the failing socialist policies and programs, fund failing green energy business(research how much money that has already been lost on these types of business to date), then they would send you what they deem to be your "fair share," to meet your needs and wants for your labor, I doubt you would get enough to feed yourself and your family much less by a recreational item. Time has come to move the socialist out of governing postions, and round up those who profess these claims that are liberal in nature to the extent that they damage the nation's potential for maintaining it's sovereignty. These people should be relegated to a status that guarantees that they will never be in the position to influence government policy again, same true for the socialist. If this arrangement is not suitable to them ask them where the would like to live and pay their way there if the host country will accept them. The policies and programs that the liberals have been instrumental in helping become laws, regulations or mandates via the Federal government(which in most cases agreed with totally) have been very detrimental in undermining the moral fabric of this country, and is continuing today, I am asking you to simply view what I have said from a standpoint of moral courage and determining what is right and wrong. It is time for the silent majority to organize itself and take the reins of government back in hand and tell them how we want things done, not the other way around

    5. Helen Spingola says:

      The roads, highways, bridges, subways – all built and paid for by American tax-payers. My water bill still includes charges for a centuries-old sewer which I'm still paying for, and which
      I'm sure has been paid for many times over. So much for Barry O'Blah=Blah's misspoken

    6. eazy says:

      The only thing Obama saying YES WE CAN comes down do is YES HE CAN DESTROY A GREAT NATION IN ONE TERM..

      Obama's No you didn't statement was a ploy to con you into thinking that the government is the crutch to your survival in life.. The government sure as hell have a hand in helping create my business.. I pay taxes sp any freaking rodad or bridge or government building come out of those taxes.. Help me create my business..hahaha more like restrict me from growing even larger.. The government doesn't provide anything –it's the tax payers that provide the government and not vice versa.. Obama has his head in the cloud for even bringing a business up, because he's anti BUSINESS.. Obama worries about someone elses taxes and not what government is spending to drive the US over the economic cliff of no return..Four more years of Obama and America with be RED AMERICA.. Our rights will be flash down the drain..

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