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  • Obama Proposes Federal Paychecks for Local Teachers

    This week, President Obama proposed a new $1 billion federal program that would establish a “Master Teacher Corps” in 100 locations across the country.

    This is not the first time the Administration has proposed subsidizing teacher salaries, but it is the first proposal that would give federal-issued paychecks directly to local teachers.

    Each site designated by the new program would have 50 corps teachers, designated as such based on “demonstrated effectiveness in teaching one or more STEM [science, technology, engineering, and mathematics] subjects” and their “contributions to the continuous improvement of teaching and learning.”

    According to the White House, decisions about what qualifies teacher effectiveness would be made locally or regionally, but compensation—up to $20,000 in bonus money per teacher—would be provided by federal tax dollars.

    This national teacher corps is part of an effort, the Obama Administration stated, to move American students from the middle to the top of international STEM achievement.

    For policymakers looking for a quick fix to our education problems, federal money cannot buy teacher quality. The only robust and reliable predictor of a teacher’s effectiveness is his or her past performance in the classroom. Licenses, certifications, advanced degrees, and hours of professional development have little to no impact on what students actually learn from their teachers. Paying for more of these qualifications would not lead to better student outcomes.

    But even if the “Master Teacher Corps” program does reward objective classroom performance—it is unclear how teacher effectiveness will be defined—the new money will come on top of the existing teacher contracts that often have gym teachers on the same pay scale as STEM teachers.

    More federal dollars for teachers will either exacerbate our existing irrational teacher pay system or—at best—postpone fundamental reforms at the local level.

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    19 Responses to Obama Proposes Federal Paychecks for Local Teachers

    1. Bobbie says:

      How does the administration fit to explain this into the financial crisis currently and continually forcing on America?

      Stop pacifying these ignorant, outrageous, radical people! Their disrespect is costly and uncalled for!!

    2. Irving says:

      President Obama – if you give me $10,000 I will vote for you. At half the price, I'm a much better value than the teachers. Thanks!

      • Kahr50 says:

        Wait, give me $5 million and I guarantee I will create and maintain at least 4 permanent full time employees. A drop in the bucket compared to Solyndra.

    3. publius says:

      Another attempt to grow big government and grab more control over us at a loss of freedom and choice for "we the people".

    4. Lloyd Scallan says:

      To which group do most teachers belong? Unions! Who do unions support? Obama. Any questions?

      • beacon01 says:

        If Obama pads the teachers payrolls now with fed giveouts, plus the extra money that will be added to teacher's paychecks when they graduate with a Masters, the teacher's retirement pay will greatly increase
        and we will be forever burdened further with more public union debt. He is baiting teachers to become Masters and to vote for him, so he is the master baiter.

    5. Teresa says:

      Backdoor was to nationalize the schools. The statists will be better able to control the curriculum and deprive local governments control.

    6. Don says:

      next time you get a chance check out the WW2 when Poland and eastern Euorpe was attacked…notice the similarities in the patterns of Government control and forced take overs..its very telling of what is taking place here today…most of the people who lived threw this are gone… this isnt being shared in schools…American greatness is being seriuosly frowned upon from the liberal educators in universities and high schools…this $$$$ is to help futher that cause–Obimbo must be stopped in November or we will become USSA

    7. bobk90 says:

      They will be Obama's version of the Party Communists that got assigned to Military Units and all other departments, to make sure they follow the Communist Party Instructions. Or if you are reported, then I am sure Obama has a FEMA CAMP nearby for "RE-EDUCATION"……………………
      The Federal Government needs to be thrown out and Start over with JUST the CONSTITUTION!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. ESal says:

      Enough already! Does this nonsense ever end? I am a teacher and this grand federal gesture is not necessary. Each school has master teachers who can mentor and guide. If the government would stay out of our way we might be able to get the job done.

      • wolfie says:

        Bravo! Thank you for not falling prey to this further takeover by the federal government. You are the kind of teacher/mentor we need more of.

    9. Just Gene says:

      This falls right in with the movement to extend the school year to 12 months. As the great dictator of WWII said, “Give me your children til they’re 14 and I will control them for life”. Never underestimate the new dictator who believes he is the next caliph!

    10. MidnightDStroyer says:

      Actually, if you accept your wages/salaries from the government, you must also be under Oath of Office…That's the one & only thing that binds a person to carry out government duties & wield government powers. The People who do not swear/affirm to the Oath under the Constitutions (State & Federal levels) CANNOT make use of any of the delegated Powers; At the very least, that would constitute becoming a CRIMINAL IMPOSTER.

      The Constitutions are contracts of employment & the Oath is the legal binder for ANY individual who seeks to earn a government paycheck.

      All other employees of the local governments MUST swear/affirm to an Oath of Office…Firemen, Policemen, even the Dog Catcher. Obama isn't offering local teachers any jobs (unless the Oath of Office accompanies the job offer). He's offering them BRIBES that come out of OUR pockets; At the very least, that constitutes Misappropriation of Federal Funds & Bribing individual citizens.

    11. MidnightDStroyer says:

      Actually, if you accept your wages/salaries from the government, you must also be under Oath of Office…That's the one & only thing that binds a person to carry out government duties & wield government powers. The People who do not swear/affirm to the Oath under the Constitutions (State & Federal levels) CANNOT make use of any of the delegated Powers

    12. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Education is a state, not a federal, responsibility.

    13. RennyG says:

      He is proceding right along with the "Alinsky Theory," chaos and control!!!!!
      I have a question, If someone would have started "impeachment" proceedings two years ago, would that have limited his takeover of our country????? Comments please.

    14. Tracy says:

      How about adding this to the budget. oops The democrats have not passed a budget in going on 4 years.

    15. TwilightZone says:

      Everyone on this site is insane. How did I end up here?

    16. David Reitz says:

      Maybe this approach would be considered a long-term 'trickle down' strategy but if the federal government would give preference to STEM and teaching degrees in awarding grants and loans, perhaps we would have more students pursing those degrees (positioning themselves to find jobs which would actually allow them to pay back their loans). This would require no new money – an important consideration since the fed is currenty borrowing its money from today's students. And with more STEM graduates, we would have more people qualified to teach STEM.

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