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  • Stimulus-Backed Solar Facility Touted By Harry Reid Shuts Down

    A federally-funded solar production facility in Nevada has ceased operations, according to a former employee at the facility. The closure could prove troublesome for the company’s political allies.

    The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that the North Las Vegas production facility for solar panel manufacturer Amonix has not operated since May. The plant was backed by $21.5 million in federal green energy “investment” – in the form of a grant and a package of tax credits –  and touted at length by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

    The Review-Journal reports:

    Rene Kenerly, a former material and supply manager at Amonix, said the plant has been idle since May 1, when he was laid off. At its peak, the plant had ramped up to about 700 employees working three shifts a day to produce solar panels for a utility customer in Amarosa, Colo., he said.

    “I don’t think they had a lot of training,” Kenerly said. “There were a lot of quality issues. A lot of stuff was coming back because it had some functionality issues.”

    The Review-Journal was unable to confirm with Amonix that it had ceased operations at the facility. Scribe’s attempt to confirm the report likewise went unanswered.

    If solar panel production at the facility has permanently ceased, it could prove awkward for Reid, who touted the “permanent green jobs” that Amonix’s Nevada business supposedly represented. The company laid off 200 employees in January.

    In May of 2010, Reid attended a groundbreaking ceremony for the facility. “Amonix is taking full advantage of a tax credit from the Recovery Act and is helping Nevada lead the way in producing clean energy,” Reid said at the time. “I’ve pushed hard to establish a clean energy industry in Nevada that will diversify our economy and protect us from future economic downturns.”

    Amonix would be the second Nevada-based – and Reid-backed – green energy project to hit dire financial straits in recent weeks. Nevada Geothermal, which received a $98 million stimulus loan guarantee, announced in a recent SEC filing that “material uncertainties exist which cast significant doubt upon the company’s ability to continue as a going concern.”

    Like Amonix, Nevada Geothermal received significant support from Reid before obtaining taxpayer backing. According to the New York Times, Reid “pressur[ed] the Department of Interior to move more quickly on applications to build clean energy projects on federally owned land and urg[ed] other member of Congress to expand federal tax incentives to help build geothermal plants, benefits that Nevada Geothermal has taken advantage of.”

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    20 Responses to Stimulus-Backed Solar Facility Touted By Harry Reid Shuts Down

    1. Gary says:

      Bankrupt green energy companies – the Obama/Reid legacy!

    2. Kathy says:

      Man-oh-man… I'd like about a dozen of them panels. Even more if I could get all my neighbors some free energy.

    3. Beverly says:

      I live in Colorado and would like to know where AMAROSA CO is?? This article mentioned making panels for a customer in this town but I could not find it. Can someone enlighten me???

      • Dennis says:

        I'm guessing maybe it was ALAMOSA, CO or even SANTA ROSA, NM. “I don’t think they had a lot of training,” Kenerly said. “There were a lot of quality issues. A lot of stuff was coming back because it had some functionality issues.” or maybe it came back because someone just misspelled the address!

    4. And another regime pet project bites the dust.

    5. Lloyd Scallan says:

      One more time! It's Obama's words and deeds. Reid is just another puppit lackey for Obama.

    6. Leslie Getty says:

      I think it is wonderful that you are posting information about failed "green" energy programs fronted by the current administration, but, and this is a very big BUT!, no one knows about these failed programs. I work for a community college in a fairly small town in Colorado, and only one of my co-workers has even heard of Solyndra. We are the only two Republicans on staff here. Everyone else watches or reads the "in the bag for Obama", news media. It is almost as if they don't want to know. Until these failed programs are mentioned on CNN or CBS, NBC, or ABC, it won't make a difference.
      L. Getty

    7. Roy S. Mallmann says:

      This administration is like "Amateur Hour" every single day.

    8. Bobbie says:

      Sometimes I feel sorry for Obama's puppets! The guilt might exhaust them into their own shut down.

    9. Joe Tchorzyk says:

      GW Bush started the funding for this….but facts suck right?

      • Bobbie says:

        and isn't it ironic Obama was sitting in the senate involved with the president's every move? Obama knew what he was stepping into and took advantage of it for his excuse to step in deeper! But facts suck, right? Obama could have changed this back to America's principles of holding businesses accountable to their own consequences so America could lift her own feet to move beyond! But government holds us back everywhere they exist. And you who support this government have no self respect to let government topple you with control over you!

    10. Joe Tchorzyk says:

      Solar firm got initial DOE money under Bush….

      • Bobbie says:

        oh yeah? Solyndra? What firm? did it become national news after millions of American tax money was subsidized into bankruptcy? How many times? I missed it. What happened?

      • E Connelly says:

        You Lie just like your king Obama

    11. O2BMe says:

      Companies must make a profit to survive. When so-called green energy is ready for prime time to will be done by private companies and they will make a profit. The Government cannot buy, at the taxpayers' expense, success. I don't know why this huge green energy waste doesn't make prime time news or show up in the political rhetoric.

    12. Beverly says:

      I understand these panels went to some community college in Alamosa CO. It is now reported that Amonix has started selling off their assets as of yesterday. Do you suppose that money will be returned to pay off the loan , regardless of where they got it, or are any of these failed ventures required to do that? Probably not!

    13. Beverly says:

      I understand these panels went to the community college in Alamosa CO. It is now being reported by Wikipedia, that as of yesterday, Amonix is beginning to sell off their assets. Will this money, regardless of where it came from, go back to pay off the loan or are any of these failed ventures subsidized by the government, ever required to repay the money they receive? If they are not really loans then they don't have to try and repay if they fail? What a wonderful way to run a business!

    14. CforUS says:

      Why does it always have to be $100M or more? They give this money to their chronies as grants and the money is gone forever (except the $100K+ "company cars" in the garages of their "company owned" mansions and "company owned" vacation homes so they can relieve the stress of managing all that money). In the old days the govt would have given money to a mom-and-pop company that was already a going concern that needed to expand. For the most part they would then grow on their own. Oh, I forgot, businesses can't grow without government help.

    15. Mike says:

      So, when all else fails..blame Bush.

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