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  • Morning Bell: The End of Welfare Reform As We Know It

    The Obama Administration made yet another end run around Congress last week—this time, to gut the successful welfare reform law of 1996. If this is allowed to stand, it will mean rewinding years of progress that lifted millions out of poverty.

    Before the 1996 reform, welfare was a one-way handout: Government mailed checks to recipients who did nothing in return. The new program the reform law established, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), changed all that. It required able-bodied welfare recipients to work, prepare for work, or at least look for work as a condition of receiving aid. Welfare reform turned “welfare” into “workfare.”

    At the time, liberals denounced the new law and predicted dire consequences for America’s needy. They said the reform would do “serious injury to American children” and “substantially increase poverty and destitution.”

    There was “absolutely no evidence that this radical idea has even the slightest chance of success,” they said, crying that “No piece of legislation in U.S. history has increased the severity of poverty so sharply.”

    In reality, the exact opposite turned out to be true.

    After reform, the welfare caseload promptly dropped by 50 percent. As the caseload plummeted, employment and earnings among recipients experienced an unprecedented surge upward. As Heritage’s Robert Rector reported:

    As welfare dependence fell and employment increased, child poverty among the affected groups fell dramatically. For a quarter-century before the reform, poverty among black children and single mothers had remained frozen at high levels. Immediately after the reform, poverty for both groups experienced dramatic and unprecedented drops, quickly reaching all-time lows.

    Still, the left fought the work requirements. But after legislative attempts to do away with them failed over the years, the Obama Administration decided to rescind the reforms without Congressional approval. This Administration has had no problem acting in an imperial way, rewriting law on its own, whether its new dictates are legal or not. In fact, Heritage legal scholars have determined this latest move is indeed illegal.

    What did they hate so much? The reform simply reflected Americans’ willingness to help their neighbors in need, on the condition that welfare recipients do what they can to help themselves as well.

    Under the law, some 40 percent of adult TANF recipients in a state were required to engage in “work activities,” defined as unsubsidized employment, subsidized employment, on-the-job training, attending high school or a GED program, vocational education, community service work, job search, or job readiness training. Participation was part-time, 20 hours per week for mothers with children under six and 30 hours for mothers with older children.

    In the past, state welfare bureaucrats have attempted to define “personal care activities,” “massage,” “motivational reading,” “journaling,” attending Weight Watchers, and “helping a friend or relative with household tasks” as work activities. Expect far more of this in the future as no-strings-attached handouts again displace workfare.

    Instead of helping people get back on their feet—from job training to obtaining employment—welfare will now go back to locking them in a cycle of dependence on the government.

    President Obama has made no secret about his plans to expand the welfare state permanently. He has increased spending on federal means-tested welfare (“means-tested” benefits are doled out according to the recipients’ income levels) by a third since taking office. And he plans to increase this even further after the current recession ends, calling for a permanent increase in annual means-tested spending from 4.5 percent to 6 percent of gross domestic product. Overall, President Obama plans to spend $12.7 trillion on means-tested welfare over the next decade.

    The welfare-to-work provisions of the TANF law were a real bipartisan success story—which is rare in a federal government with more than 80 means-tested welfare programs that provide cash, food, housing, medical care, and social services to poor and low-income people.

    At the beginning of last week, only two of these programs had active work requirements. With Obama’s latest order, the list is now down to one.


    Quick Hits:

    • The number of Americans signing up for disability benefits is outpacing the number of Americans finding jobs.
    • “Syria’s defense minister and President Bashar al-Assad’s brother in-law were killed in a suicide bomb attack in Damascus on Wednesday,” reports Reuters.
    • North Korean leader Kim Jong-un added commander of the army to his growing list of titles yesterday.
    • An audit by the Department of Energy reports it was “unable to locate $500,000 in equipment bought with stimulus money,” reports CNSNews.com.
    • Congress is asking the Obama Administration for details on how mandatory cuts to the defense budget will be applied. Heritage’s Patrick Louis Knudsen looks at the damage these cuts are likely to do to the U.S. military.
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    88 Responses to Morning Bell: The End of Welfare Reform As We Know It

    1. toledofan says:

      Well, what can we expect, more people receiving government assistance than applying for jobs, an increase in Ameriocans receiving disability pensions, food stamp parties to get people to sign up and a President hell bent on socializing America. The Obama administration has created a witches brew that will put America on her knees and might not recover from. It really sad that ,other than places like Heritage and talk radio, the main stream media is awol and continues to provide cover for Obama and the Democrats in general. We can only hope enough people come to their senses before 11/6/12.

      • I'm so tired of paying taxes that go to lazy bums who only want a handout. Obama does not care about the people…he is going hold back so many people because they will not have an incentive to improve. We will see an increase in teen pregnancy among the lower educated (who are that way because they refuse to learn) because now they will see popping out babies as a job.

      • Charlotte Dwyer says:

        Where the stats show clearly that the TANF program(s) worked in the most positive ways, it is very hard to understand why our president would delete these programs. Even less hard to understand is why Obama is behaving like a KING rather than a PRESIDENT. His unilateral changes, I am sure, are not legal. It is best that we get rid of him — get him out of office — so that we can get this country working for the people again. YES!

      • ........ says:

        Everyone on their welfare program is to be chipped starting March 23, 2013. What a scam.

      • GuestGal says:

        Cloward-Piven is upon us. And it seems that our inept GOP congress can do anything about it, or they are unwilling to bust out. It is pathetic.

    2. curious says:

      Could this help unemployment numbers go down on paper since it removes a segment of the population from the workforce?

      • John says:

        Sure it will. And that's all that will be reported.

      • Jack W Estes says:

        Sure, it is one of the strategies used by this corrupt administration to artificially mask the true volume and impact of unemployment – simply ignore certain demographics. To wit: if they aren't on the rolls, they don't exist. End of story.

    3. RLB says:

      I thought these Moning Bells were supposed to be timely, daily updates alerting us to the NEW issue/concern for the day. How does the "End of Welfare Reform As We Know It"–old news at this point–fit that profile/mission?

    4. chan says:

      Wow that is lots of work and numbers. I want to see the total amount of federal dollars spent on assistance to people, the total amount spent oil subsidies, the total amount spent on farm subsidies, and the total amount spent on foreign aid to Israel and Egypt all run on a spread sheet. If it is too much work, maybe hiring a few of the welfare and food stamp recipients could get it done……

    5. Ken Jarvis says:

      Wouldn't it be GREAT if the HF wanted the NEED for Welfare to END Forever,

      • Bobbie says:

        that's the point, Mr. Jarvis. America is a country of independence. All people walk on their own without government control resources. We have each other, our own personal resources. Friends, family, charities, churches. Unfortunately the American people lost all respect from those people governing who took it upon unconstitutional authority to take over where we the people could do for ourselves. It's the acts of unconstitutional authority disabling Americans and government costs destroying America in various and reputable ways . Exactly what every good American wants. To walk on ones own two feet living our lives without infringing or being infringed upon!

      • Shawn says:

        I don't think the HF once said they felt the need for welfare was good. The need will never go away completely because there will always be some in legitimate need. It will be greatly reduced by giving those on the take (non-legitimate participants) the dignity of being an active participant in helping themselves and others. I don't believe there are very many people who truly feel good about who they are if they aren't striving to be better than they already are. This new legislation couldn't be a bigger show of disrespect to those people. Why not send a little note with each check saying, "we know you don't have what it takes to be a contributor and frankly, you never will. You have every right to be bitter that others do and always will have it better than you. It just isn't fair, is it? Please accept this token as a show of our sympathy for your inadequacy".

      • Frank Selig says:

        Yes, it certainly would be. But with the politicians we are stuck with now it will never happen because politicians prefer having a very high unemployment rate. They want to help the rich people, because these people pay the politicians billions of dollars for ruling in their favor. That is why politicians such as both presidential candidates, Scott Walker, Meg Whitmam, and a load of other politicians care only for the very rich and discriminate against tho poor. So unfortunately, there will always be millions of U.S. citizens unemployed, badly underpaid if they are employed, and a high rated of homelessness.

    6. Johncdavidson says:

      Too many Senators know longer respect the contitution or those they represent.

      Finally, we are discovering what is wrong with the 17th Amendment.

    7. The Obama Administration made yet another end run around Congress last week—this time, to gut the successful welfare reform law of 1996 (signed by President Bill Clinton). If this is allowed to stand, it will mean rewinding years of progress that lifted millions out of poverty. Elections have consequences! Go vote! OMG – OBAMA MUST GO!!

      • Charlotte Dwyer says:

        YES! THANK YOU! … King Obama does it again. We need to have him out of office!

    8. Jill says:

      Don't forget that the democrats need the chronically needy in order to get votes.

    9. Mary......WI says:

      Like I said earlier this week all the working people in this country will be "slaves" to the unfortunate….parasitism. It's the democrats that keep the unfortunate from making something of themselves…."political slaves". Liberals give away free stuff in exchange for their vote…….how convenient. Once again Obama laughs at the constitution and, as a "dictator", makes major decisions on his own. Clearly, Obama doesn't care about the voice of Americans….it's HIS way PERIOD! This is not a government for the people by the people. The oath he took to uphold the constitution meant absolutely NOTHING to him! He should be tried for treason. By the way, has anyone seen any word of this major decision about changing the welfare program on ABC, NBC, CBS or in any media newspaper…..NO! Very slimy, snake-like. It will eventually all come back to bite the liberals in the behind!

      • Bellachick says:

        By the way, has anyone seen any word of this major decision about changing the welfare program on ABC, NBC, CBS or in any media newspaper…No, I have not BUT I do know all there is to know about Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Suri!

      • stephen says:

        I think all the working people of this country will be slaves to the corporate greed that is destroying this country.

        • Bobbie says:

          You mean government connections to cronies in corporate greed, right? Slaves to the state when government has the higher authority controlling corporate on down!!

      • alex says:

        read uncle sams plantation by star parker

    10. MN J says:

      It's all about control over everything. O thinks "he" can fix all problems (on the golf course?). He recently said, (I paraphrase), "If I'm in charge of the economy, give it to me." Well, he owns it; he behavior is destroying it. Because history of so many cultures is no longer taught and so much of the media is biased, people have no clue as to how bad and how low the human can go. When lefties refuse to listen to those who disagree with them, it is a short step to total control if they win.

      We simply must replace O.

    11. guest says:

      it would be nice to know exactly what Obama did to generate this rant

      • stephen says:

        They don't know, it's all made up and you know how sensitive they are!

      • annie says:

        Are you serious? Did you not read the article you're posting on? Why in the world would you change the requirement that people have to look for work while they're receiving government assistance? When will it stop – why does Obama get away with either ignoring laws he doesn't like, or re-writing laws he doesn't agree with? There has to be a limit to executive privilege. Otherwise, if he gets re-elected, he'll change every law we have!

        • Bobbie says:

          annie, today's "change" in America leaves many people able to read but without comprehension. Advanced government controlled, public education. Change in America leaves many people with mindsets ignorant and carefree to what the government is doing beyond our control by abuse and dereliction within government control. Logical assumption reads guest and stephen are "tax exempt and welfare recipients." Non weened from the teat and full supporters of government dependency. Both conflicts of interest to America and America's purpose!

    12. robert says:

      What happens now is, more illegals will find jobs. The unemployment # drop because less people looking for work. This picture is really getting RED. More and more socialism is what BAM BAM is doing.

    13. Mike says:

      I’m a Republican, but I did not approve of welfare reform because it wasn’t tough enough. Too many people got jobs (sometimes created jobs that didn’t do much) and still received government assistance. The jobs didn’t pay much so they didn’t have to pay taxes and they still received food stamps, subsidized medical, housing, etc. These people are not contributing to this country because they’re not paying their fair share of taxes. Further, they are still feeding from the public trough and with the “jobs” they have tax free money. If Republicans are really serious, they’ll cut government programs except for the disabled and make people who work pay their fair share of taxes.

      • Patricia says:

        Another resion for FAIR TAX reforme that way every one pays

      • Dawna says:

        I'm guessing you have never been in need of help or you would never suggest cutting all forms of help with the exception of the disabled. I was a single mother 28 years ago who did receive assistance for a short time. Since then I made it through college and work full time and raised my child. Low income families should be able to get help if they need it and pay lower taxes. Because as a middle class working person now; believe me I pay my fair share of taxes. Why should we further hurt those in need?

        • Bobbie says:

          no offense, but there's too much corruption when government is involved. whatever your needs as a pregnant woman should have been provided by the one who got you pregnant. I doubt there was as much corruption 28 years ago as today but government has to conform to restrictions when invading unconstitutionally into personal responsibilities and choices. ANY Government control makes it corruptible. Today the social workers and the people they help work together to fraud the system. All areas within the control of government is a huge reason this country is collapsing. All of a sudden what's done behind our backs, not within our reach, out of our control but paid by us at highly unfair costs, there's no accountability which is unacceptable and uncalled for!

      • John says:

        I agree for the most part. But what of the ones who actually did better themselves because they were forced to do some work. If only 5% got off their duffs and became independent, isn't that better than adding 10% more bums?

      • Dara says:

        I agree. Able bodied people receiving ANY sort of govt. aid (local or federal) should WORK at a REAL job.

        Pres. Downgrade hollers about our crumbling 'infrastructure' while we have young, strong, healthy people sitting on their cans – making more babies they can't afford to feed – and feeding from the government teat.

        Putting them to work would serve to kill two birds with one stone as they wouldn't have so much 'idle' time on their hands.

        In addition we should do away with food stamps that many people a) sell, so they can use the money for things other than food and b) use for 'fast' foods rather than those cooked at home.

        The food stamp money would be put to better (and more economic) use by setting up banks where families (WIC included) could go and get food, baby necessities, etc.

        With the waste under control, we could even offer toiletries, such as soap, deodorant and shampoo – so the recipients could better prepare for job interviews.

        There's no shame in being poor. The shame is when people do NOTHING to help pull THEMSELVES out of poverty.

    14. timpclimber says:

      As my dad used to tell me, "Honest work builds character along with muscle." Add that to Thatcher's, "The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money." and you have Obama's core philosophy. Only hope we can recover from his four years of misguided presidency.

    15. Lloyd Scallan says:

      We ask again, "how much more proof do we need to accept the fact that Obama is this nation's first dictator" and that the Democrat Party is part of this destruction of our country. As more proof, did anyone
      realize Obama's most recent EO that give him the power to take over ALL COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS
      in this nation without notice or justification. Wake-up America and realize what Obama and the Dems have in store for our freedoms.

    16. Pete Houston says:

      Obama and the liberal left is working hard to enslave the poor in an endless cycle of poverty where everything that a slave has is given to them by their master. all they have to do is perform every 4 years. These people are ignorant to want to be enslaved in this endless cycle of poverty. When will the slaves rise up against their master to be set free. They have to develop the want for free will vs a free handout.

    17. David Van Tassell says:

      This has been obama's plan the entire time. I have been preaching impeachment for 3 years and spent thousands out of my pocket doing so; to no avail. What else can one expect. When you elect a Communist to the post of President you are going to get what that Communist wants to give. I don't want to hear "what do you mean a Communist"; look at who is pulling the strings: George Soros. That is who obama is working for. All these so called "rich" people in this Great Country are paying obama's way with the millions they are putting in his coffers. obama said a couple years ago he "would greet chaos in the streets of the USA with open arms". Guess what folks, it is about to happen. You keep up the fine work paying his way. You know Congress will not get off their dead butts and do anything and the Senate has ZERO leadership. I can't believe even Democrats want this Great Country to go down the tubes, but obviously, they just don't give a damn.

    18. JIm Clark says:

      I think that both recipients of food stamps and Medicaid who are able-bodied and can work who are not working or only working part time would support a "workfare" type of employment in public service. Mayor Giuliani was quire successful in making his general assistance population clean streets and public parks in return for their minimum wage equivalent receipt of assistance. I think the public would also support a program that invests, like the public works programs of the thirties, in work programs that address our failing infrastructure. In researching the issue as part of a book on welfare reform in New York, I found the almost all general assistance recipients who were working thought it appropriate that they earn their assistance. The work ethic is still strong, what is lacking is political will in Congress.

      Jim Clark

      • will says:

        "Overall, President Obama plans to spend $12.7 trillion on means-tested welfare over the next decade." If Amy is right and this 30+% increase is really contemplated, doesn't it beg the question "Is this money well-spent?" And if we agree that the current system has entrapped a segment of the population, how does adding more cheese to the trap by relaxing the TANF requirements solve anything? Jim's conclusion, "The work ethic is still strong, what is lacking is political will in Congress" contains the solution. Let's free the trapped who have a work ethic, by rewarding ALL increases in funding to those who meet increasingly rigid TANF requirements. The more specific Congress and the business community get in crafting opportunities to engage this dormant work ethic, the more those of us paying the taxes will feel we are "getting our fair share."

      • guest says:

        Reagan when Govenor or Calif. said they could put them to work for their welfare. Hey even if not able to work labor they can sit in a school yard etc and if they see something happening, not get physically involved but call police. would save a lot of vandalism. 3 people showed up to be assigned a job. Of course the do goodies said oh no that violates their human rights. I guess they meant the right to sit on your butt and let working people support you. It was stopped by the federal government. For those who are truely unable to do any work of course we will care for them.Most on welfare could work and won't.

    19. Don says:

      these are all schemes by the left to keep our focus off the truth….this man is pure evil…he only cares about his own power and station in life…he is a arm of the NWO—he is surrounded by anti-American voices…thats the reason no one vetted this man..his whole plan is to bring down America….any way possible….3 .5 years no budget,even when the liberals controlled all 3 arms of government 06-08…see constitution and bill of rights as deterents to their power grab not the benefit of the people…8.2% unemployment ,probably higher…make a change in November…pray for America and the peace of Jerusalem…

    20. Carole Kelly Havens says:

      What can we do to challenge these executive end-runs? Is there nothing other than voting the man out (which I hope we do but what about the executive actions already taken?)? Has Congress no mechanism for challenging them? Have the courts no authority? Do citizens have to take the President to challenge executive end-runs like this? I would like to see the Heritage Foundation point the way for us to mount a challenge (Unless you already have, in which case, would someone please fill me in?)

    21. If it didn't mean the complete destruction of the United States I would say that we should re-elect Obama for a second term and let the chips fall on Obama's table instead of his constant excuses of all the problems coming from the chips George Bush's left on the table at the end of his presidency. In a second term he would have to take responsibility for the problems and by doing so those that have supported him because of his race and because he promised to "give them something" will reverse their support when the money runs out. When the money runs out there will be no welfare, no food stamps, no free health care and no entitlements "period". I would not be surprised if a "main street lynching" was called for by those that supported him all this time.
      We, of course, can't afford to do that because Obama cheats at cards and we don't know what cards he has up his sleeve to play when things really get bad.

    22. Jim says:

      I am totally frustrated!! If Obama has violated the law with this and other Laws; is there an avenue for someone to ignore them or prosecute him??!!

      • hiway280z says:

        yes but the one's in power in Washington refuse to do anything to stop him. They are either bought off or threatened. A few do speak up. remember Obama said reward your friends and PUNISH your enemies. and he does.

    23. Mephisto says:

      In addition to being the "food stamp" president, he can now add "welfare queen" to his resume. Once Holder is convicted in the Fast and Furious scam, for sentencing leniency, he'll turn on his supposed benefactor, then we'll be able to add "Mexican murderer" to his rap sheet.

    24. Frank H. says:

      None of this surprises me. Mr. O''Bama seems to think he is above the U S Constitution. My only real question is, besides the obvious vote in November, what can we do to make our representatives address these issues? There are mechanisms in the Constitution that provide for redress of these kind of actions by a runaway president. Why are our representatives not taking action? Thru incrementalism he has circum-vented our Constitution on many occasions. Czars. Recess appointments. Executive orders. There seems to be no end. America is not his own little fiefdom. It is time for action. Talk is nothing but "hot air." Blustering. I believe the American people are fed up with the windbags of our representatives. ACTION IS CALLED FOR — NOW!!!

    25. lisa says:

      If Obama has violated the law, wouldn't it be suggested that we as Americans come together and disobey all of Obama's dictatorial laws from welfare to healthcare. If we can come together and help each other, I think that could be one step in taking power away from the government. Wouldn't it be our duty to stop this when Congress and supreme court fails. Just saying

    26. SeafarerChief says:

      Just what was the action that Ofubar do? Executive order # please if there is one

    27. ron hansing says:

      I remember there was this town in oklahoma where 75% were on disability… alas, suddenly they all found jobs.

      The problem is that we do not want people to be free… this is the normal state of the history of man. Democracy, is not the normal state. Authoritarianism and slavery is the norm. And even in this country, democracy is a wilting dying flower. It alway s happens as we progress back to the to this reality.

    28. Cameron Cronkright says:

      Another form of vote buying at its finest! Since we did away with buying drinks for votes, another way was found to accomplish this by the socialiast leader of a once great country on it way down.

    29. muskegonlibertarian says:

      Welfare reform "worked" in 1996 because we were entering the "dot.com" boom and jobs were plentiful. It was around 1998 or so that McDonald's was offering $8.00 an hour to start when the minimum wage was $5.15. Note today 14 years later that McDonald's is paying $7.25 with a stack of applications as thick as a phone book. It was this economic boom that made it look like welfare reform was a success. Realistically our current unemployment rate is about double the rate the Obama administration admits to. The key to lower this rate isn't "tax cuts", but deregulation, something neither party is willing to realistically consider. Then of course the poorly designed "Obamacare" is likely to make things even worse than they are now!

    30. stephen says:

      Man, The foundry has turned into a rag for the babbling ill informed.

    31. TonyM says:

      If it is so demonstrably illegal for Obama to do this, who is doing anything about putting this tyrant in his place?

    32. WarrenSTL says:

      The poor will always dwell among us. The better question to discuss is not whether their basic life needs are met, but how our culture will best provide for those needs.

      How? The Progressive answer is to legislate that all earning citizens, willing or not, pay into one huge fund. Then employ government bureaucrats to dole out the fund according to their rules, political or not. Liberal politicians gain votes from the grateful poor by increasing the benefits and the number on the dole.

      The Conservative answer should be to constrain the federal government's involvement. Instead, allow individual citizens, religious groups, and local public service organizations to serve poor neighbors in their local setting. Let people care for their neighbors in need; let churches be the beacon of hope instead of the government usurping their role; let towns and cities fund their Community Chests; let states help their communities as wisely necessary.

      Federal government must be denied the role of Robin Hood, robbing the rich and giving to the poor. Remove my taxation so I have more to give, freely, to help my neighbor.

      Progressives want to gain a vote by giving a man a fish to feed his family today. Conservatives want to give him a fish today and also to teach him to fish. He will be able to feed his family all his life, with dignity.

    33. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Obama wants to bring back welfare as we knew it.

    34. Richard Zuspan says:

      If this is indeed illegal why doesn't congress impeach Obama?

    35. Al Connellyl says:

      It amazes me that no elected official in either party has the intestinal fortitude to start the impeachment process against this runaway president who believes himself to be the imperial ruler of the USA. He has to go!

    36. Amy says:

      I can't believe this administration is getting away w/making laws w/out going to Congress, or even letting the people know about it so we can let our Congressmen know our preferences on this?? In fact, this administration is wanting more and more people to be on welfare. Even when Clinton was in office, there was a time where more money would be given to I think it was Medicare, based on the number of people who they could get signed up for WIC. There was a bit of a problem there, tho—I know of people who I would think would have qualified who were turned down!! Go figure. I agree w/Lisa (6 hrs ago from this post) and Frank (7 hrs ago) that this needs to stop. Where is the hue and cry, and who can we go to, to get something done. I would think our Senators and Representatives would be on this already. While they are @ it, they can make it so "departments" of the government can't make laws, like the EPA for starters.

    37. FHO says:

      Where are the checks and balances to prevent the President (Executive branch) from bypassing the Legisltive branch and making or changing laws and imposing taxes through executive orders. Where is the outcry demanding impeachment and Senate action to stop and reverse such unconstitutional action by the Executive branch and our Emperiol President? We should be in the streets, preferably protesting peacefully, or if necessary, like the Occupy movement, with force to tell the out of control government that we will not stand for authoritarian rule.

    38. FHO says:

      It looks like many agree that we need a change in Washington in November. But there are no specific plans for action to bring it about other than get out the vote. We must first go back to the use of peaceful rallies and protests; that through their national repetition in cities across the nation will move the taxpaying citizens to action as they did in the early days of the Tea Party movement. The contrast with the Occupy movement’s violence and lawlessness will be made obvious to even the casual observer in the American electorate. And our message will be heard by the voting public. We, who are concerned, must organize the grass roots in every city to make their protest signs and start marching. If peaceful methods don't work we should try Occupy methods. If neither work, then we are left with the alternative for which the second amendment was written. Who will put forth that plan? Who will lead? Surely anyone who steps forward will be pursued by the Administration as treasonous terrorists. Is there anyone willing to step forward and lead?

    39. Larry says:

      This is Obama's plan to make as many of our citizens dependent on the Federal Government that will drive a wedge between those who are productive and working for a living. This would be the the largest class warfare that the Obama would like. Obama, the socialist, wants the power to control the masses so they will fall in line and lose their liberties and freedoms so that he can go around the Constitution and Congress for his "Change of the United States."

    40. Marvin E. Fox says:

      I hear again and again of Obama's actions in changing laws passed by Congress. He simply writes an executive ordrer and resinds the law or whatever portion of the law he objects to by using the power of executive fiat. There is no power of executive fiat! Obama has no authority to change anything Congress has done without a change of law legislated anew by congress. Where are the arrest warrrants from Congress, who certainly must realize its power is being illegally mullified with an illegal executive order. The legal staff at Heritage recognizes the illegality, and views it with, shudder, Alarm! But, no action, except to ask its members for more money to stop, by unknown means, the culprit's continued assault on our constitution.
      I am a little tired of those who know and can prove the illegalities having no plan to actually stop the repitition of the illegalities. i hope to hear the beginning of an actual plan to deal succesfully with the illegal practice of executive fiat.
      Marvin E. Fox

    41. johnnyzee3 says:

      Every Election Year The Democrats are more outrageous. This year is no different. Happy to say,"We The People Know How To Vote"!!!

    42. Linda says:

      I'm so glad to see that so many people are catching on to Obama's welfare state desires for this country. Now, if the main stream media would just report some of this, we could capture the folks who know nothing of this news and continue to believe the right is just a bunch of rich folks.

    43. Jeanne Stotler says:

      First there is abuse wide spread on those getting welfare. Many work and get paid under table and are actually making more than those who rely soully on their earnings. I had to result to food stamps twice, when my husbnd died I had to send back his retirement check, and sosc. sec. check, It took about six weeks to get replacement retirement(prorated) and three months to start getting soc. sec. checks for my kids, this was over 1/2 of our household income and I still had mortgage and utilities to pay, w/o food stamps I don't know what I would have done, my pay wasgd for the time, but not enough to cover all expenses. About 8 mos after he died I lost my job, I again had to ask for Food Stamps until I found another job, this took almost 11 mos. thiswas in the 70's, after getting a job I went bac to nursing school, I quit to get married, and I struggled for 3 years with going to school full time and working full time BUT I DID IT, and I had no goverment help, I AND I ALONE DID IT, all it takes is determination. I am now retired and I shutter as I see all the waste in our goverment,

    44. Jeanne Stotler says:

      Part 2: WHY are we giving welfare and food stamps to illegals?? I amall for having ablebodied working to recieve benefits, I worked an went to school full time, why can't these healthy young people work instead of making more to be on the rolls, The cycle needs to be broken, "give a man a fish he eats fo a day, teach a man to fish and he won't go hungry"

    45. Henrietta says:

      Obama took an oath to protect our Constitution. However, he is trampling on it and trying to dismantle it piece by piece. Thru his executive orders he has bypassed the Congress and made them almost irrelevent. Isn't what he is doing illegal and shouldn't there have been recommendations for impeachment. We cannot afford another four years. We need to bring this country back to the people.

    46. O2BMe says:

      It's not just about tax dollars to fund this when we are broke its also about destroying people self-respect. It is better to give people a hand up to get a job and better themselves. Encouraging people to live on the dole is bad for them and teaches their children to be beggars or crooks. People need to take pride in their accomplishments to be happy. Living on welfare with no help or hope to get off causes depression.. We have many jobless right now who really need help, but this is not the way. President Obama was never poor and has no understanding what it is like.

    47. Frank KIMBALL says:

      The US has never had a DICTATOR as President before. So far President Obama is getting away with his gross misuse of Presidential powers. He has demonstrated that he doesn't need Congress to make laws he can do it all by Decree. If re-elected he will he will show his hidden socialist/communist agenda with a vengence.

    48. Frank KIMBALL says:

      Obama is a DICTATOR ! Is everyone too PC or ignorant or afraid to admit this?

    49. Thomas Laub says:

      These people have to be voted out.

    50. Wee says:

      So, let me get this correct. The President of the United States of America has sworn to uphold the laws of the land. Under our Republic, we have three branches of government that provide for checks and balances. Now, we have a President who simply ignores the laws, has broken his oath of office, circumvents the Congress and we all know and admit this. Well, I would have thought that this qualifies for impeachment hearings. If I recall correctly, the charges begin in the House and the trial in the Senate. Well, that would not work since Harry Reid controls that chamber and he would never allow such a thing. The end result is that we have a King or a tyrant for President and we are helpless to do anything about it. Well, probably we are too timid and just hoping the next electing takes care of the problem. But, it will not. Do you know why? Because the precedent has now been set. What our current President has done, in reality, any future President can now do to. So, why has this Constitutional crisis not occurred in the past. I can only guess that, up until now, all the other Presidents have had respect for the law and our form of governance regardless of their party affiliation. Obviously, this President does not. So, after 235 years our republic has reverted back to the very same thing that it tried to free itself from. No one seems to be taking about this with any passion. Either I am completely delusional (as I am sure some who read this will attest) or the next major historic event that we will be celebrating is the death of our once great land or another revolution. Evil wins when good "men" do nothing (paraphrased). Nothing seems to be what we have reduced to. Where are the courageous leaders of our past who were willing to sacrifice everything to win the freedoms that we are losing everyday. Did we not believe the President when he pronounced this goal to "fundamentally change this country". His is doing it incrementally and by fiat. Even if we elect a new House, Senate, and President, these things can never be undone. They become the new fabric or our institutions and get ingrained into them so tightly that they cannot be undone. I guess we know why the average lime expectancy of a great nation is around 250 years old. It simply destroys itself from within. I never really liked history class very much but not because I found it not interesting. The problem that I had and continue to have is what purpose does it serve? It seems like we can never learn from the past. It is always "different" now. We now know the right way. We have socially evolved to a higher plane. Well, I have one word for this – "balony" (some would use two words symbolized by "B.S"). Have a nice day America because you may not have very many days of freedom left!

    51. William Thornton says:

      Judging from the earlier posts – most of them from fellow republicans – it is clear to me that we are always too ready to blindly " follow" whatever nonsense is printed by the media (including this particular blog). Even a small amount of fact checking will uncover the fact that the president acted within the legal powers of his office, and that the results of this particular action does not in fact unravel welfare reform. I'm no fan of the current administration, but truly believe that misleading the public should not be the focus of the heritage foundation.

    52. RAY TAYLOR says:


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