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  • Morning Bell: Harmful U.N. Sea Treaty Stalls in Senate

    A United Nations threat to U.S. sovereignty has been halted. The Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST), a pet project of Senator John Kerry (D-MA), ran aground yesterday when opposition reached critical mass.

    A total of 34 Senators, led by Jim DeMint (R-SC) and James Inhofe (R-OK), have now expressed opposition—enough to kill the treaty if it comes up for a vote.

    As Heritage Action for America CEO Michael Needham said:

    America had little to gain through accession to the Law of the Sea Treaty—but much to lose. Rather than affirming existing practices, it would have instituted a radically new, international legal regime. The demise of the Law of the Sea Treaty not only represents a victory for American sovereignty, but also the American people.

    One of the most vocal and effective spokesmen against LOST has been Heritage Foundation expert Steven Groves. He testified in June before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, chaired by Senator Kerry.

    Groves has researched extensively and successfully argued that:

    Senators Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and John Cornyn (R-TX) warned that LOST would “sink the economy,” saying that “LOST contains numerous provisions that hurt the U.S. economy at a time when we need more jobs—not fewer.”

    Yesterday, Groves said the treaty was dead for the time being, but that opponents should remain vigilant:

    By getting to 34 Senators in opposition, we have won a big battle. But Senator Kerry is unlikely to give up very easily, and the war won’t be over until it’s over.

    Indeed, Kerry is already planning a counteroffensive for after the election, when his spokeswoman said Senators will be “away from the politics of the moment.”

    The politics of LOST are anything but momentary—President Ronald Reagan declined to sign the treaty in 1982, and we are still fighting this creeping United Nations bureaucracy today. Reagan recognized that the best way to secure American freedom on the seas was a strong U.S. Navy, which will remain true if and when the Senate considers LOST again.

    Quick Hits:

    • A new report projects the U.S. could lose 2 million jobs if scheduled budget cuts kick in under “sequestration” on January 2, reports the Associated Press.
    • “Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will use chemical weapons against opposition forces and may have already deployed them, Nawaf Fares, the first Syrian ambassador to defect, told the BBC on Monday.”
    • The drought hitting 26 U.S. states is driving up the cost of food.
    • The Pentagon is sending an additional aircraft carrier to the Middle East.
    • Heritage legal experts have examined the Obama Administration’s recent gutting of welfare reform law, and their conclusion is that the move was illegal. Get the details.
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    56 Responses to Morning Bell: Harmful U.N. Sea Treaty Stalls in Senate

    1. Mary......WI says:

      The United States should GET OUT of the UN. It's hasn't much worth for our country……bunch of crooks!

      • Larry says:

        This should have happened a long time ago. And any senator who signs the bill should be removed from office. It just show who really has USA and the American best intrust a heart.

        • Mary......WI says:

          Any senator signing this or the arms treaty should be tried for treason! The arms treaty comes up on July 27th.

      • It is sad to think that the inter nation community could become so useless but I have to agree when you have terrorist nations heading anti-terrorism councils, the worst human rights violators heading the human rights council, you lose all legitimacy.

        The UN can no longer be recognized as a legitimate international body it is controlled by jihadist and socialists whom combined agenda is destruction of the west and liberty.

    2. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Does no one recognize the pattern here? Not only does LOST and Small Arms Tready take away this nation's rights and sovereignty, but they are supported overwhelmingly by Democrats. Can they be any doubt, in anyone's mind, that the Dems are openly trying to drive this nation into a UN dominated, worldwide state, forceing the American people to be put under direct rule of the communist that control the UN . Does no one realize that the Dems actions are giving mass encouragement to Obama to continue his open assult on America without fear of being stopped?

      • mdb749 says:

        Agreed. The republicans can be stupid as well, but the the democrats are evil and need to be voted out before we have no country left.

      • Cheryl Brown says:

        Yeah, lots of people realize this, but they’re not Democrats.

      • will says:

        There is a pattern… so there has to be a way to force a full vote on this treaty. We need to get Senators on record that they would support a United States' wealth redistribution that would make the most notorious pirates who ever sailed the seas envious. Arghhh! Every vote cast for LOST would be as defining of that Senator's disdain for American sovereignty as Barack Obama's belief that "If you own a business, you didn't build it" confirms his disdain for American business. The campaign ads write themselves!

    3. Booker T. says:

      Should we make adjustments/amendments to the Supremacy Clause in the Constitution, so that we will not worry about all these challenges to our sovereignty?

    4. toledofan says:

      It's clear to me that this treaty should be voted down by a total majority 60 – 0, no ifs and or buts about it. I mean talk about giving away American soveneignty and superiority. The U.N. has become N.A.A., Nations Against America, and we should defund them, evict them from New York, and develop a cohesive alliance of countries who are our allies and actually want to do what is right for the world rather than banter to a bunch of dictators, goons ,and despots.

    5. Johncdavidson says:

      The only thing that makes sense to me is that the socialists within the Democrat party will move towards empowing the UN so they have a place to further their agenda worldwide. They know they are not going to win next election.

    6. David says:

      What most people don't know is that the United States funds more than half of the UN budget, but the votes against the United States 80% of the time

      • Jeanne Stotler says:

        I was still in HS when UN was formed and my civics teacher said we need to be very aware, as this a same as the "League of Nations' SMARTEST THING WOODROW WILSON did was get out of it, ands it's way past time we get out of the UN, without financial support from USA it will fold.

    7. Harry2248 says:

      Charles Krauthammer on the U. N. Pretty much says it all. http://www.foxnews.com/on-air/special-report-bret

    8. Mark S. says:

      Don't trust them folks! They say one thing a mean another. Telling us they now oppose this treaty is meant to willingly let our guard down. Then when we're not looking ratify it & then it's all over. It happened with Obamacare & it can happen here. Keep calling your senators & tell them to vote no or face the November consequences & don't stop until the end of the congressional session.

    9. Don says:

      Kerry is one of washingtons 'Elite' ….liberals….remember the NWO new World Order is behind this movement using the UN to voice it…the US is the last nation that is stoping the "globalization" of every aspect of the NWO—if we let our guard down for one moment…its very obvious that the elections are foremost on there minds… so they are going to do and say whatever it takes to remain in power….with no integrity behind any of it…we are living in critical times in America…our freedoms and rights drive the left crazy….they hate the fact thta we the people have any say in our day to day life….REMEMBER THE POLITICIANS ARE THE PROBLEM NOT THE PEOPLE..THEY SIGN ALL THESE TREATIES THEY PASS ALL THIS LEGISLATION THEY ARE THE PROBLEM…the leech of the tax payers for the rest of their lives but we cant have our own pensions and 401ks—the are hypocrits to the fullest…pray for America and the peace of jerusalem

    10. Kid Richie says:

      This 'treaty' should not be stalled; it should be SUNK!
      Any treaty that strikes at our sovereignty or personal Rights, must NEVER be entered into!
      We need to get out of the UN! The sooner the better!

      • Jane says:

        I am writing down your words to use when I call my senators on every one of the U.N. treaties I need to call against, because it all amounts to the same thing – erosion of national sovereignty and personal rights, won with the blood of many, many Americans. Just yesterday I had to call on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, please please call, that is being voted on July 26. Article 7 gives government the ability to override every decision of a parent of disabled children if the government thinks that its views are "in the best interest of the child." And there is the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child which will effectively undermine parental authority for all parents, not just those of disabled children, we need to violently oppose that, go to ParentalRights.org for more info. It is unbelievable what is going on, and can be a full time job just to keep up. But flood your senators with phone calls! Right now that's all we can do, and get on our knees and pray America!

    11. J.R. says:

      AMEN! AMEN! — How could ANY American Senator trust dictators & foreign leaders to meddle in our business! When will our own government stand firm for American Sovereignty & independence?? We really need some solid, foundationally-minded Statesmen in Washington!

    12. Morton Friedman says:

      As many others have pointed out, it is just one more attempt to transfer US sovereignty to the UN, which at best was a failed experiment for global peace Best to remember G. Washington, avoid foreign entanlements. The UN was the worst foreign entanglement that we ever engaged in, and should be terminated immediately if not sooner.

      Most of the 'good' work of the UN pre-existed its formulation. They continue, and will continue, because they are to the mutual benefit of cooperating nations. They need no traties to maintain their existence. Far from it, placing them under UN auspices only opens the door for mischievious countries that should not even be participants..

    13. R.P. says:

      34? Are there not 47 Republicans in the Senate? Or are the other 13 Democrats in disguise?

      • Senator Inhofe commented yesterday that if Kerry bring this to a floor vote, MORE "no" votes will ensue.

        I'd feel at lot better if this people would sign DeMint's letter.

    14. Oscar Brown says:

      When those in positions of power push for one-world government (the UN having all lawful authority), the only reason for doing that is they believe they will have more power. How are they supposed to gain that power when everything they do is to relinquish power? That's what appeasement is. They seem to have lost thier minds.

      The only other reason would be a deep, abiding hatred of our country. I see no other alternatives

      Let LOST stay lost.

    15. ThomNJ says:

      A few of the best things the USA could do is to a) notify the UN that we will no longer fund it, b) remove it from our shores and c) quit the UN outright. That alone would do a lot for US sovereignty and disband the colection of third world welfare thieves and reduce the influence in the world of terrorist states like Iran and Saudi Arabia. Couple that with a zero foreign aid to those same states and America and the West will come out ahead.

    16. Since Kerry did not release this treaty from the committee, and it was never officially voted on, can it be brought up for consideration again? I am under the impression to actually "kill" this treaty it must be officially voted down in the Senate. Bills in the Senate have a "shelf-life" of 18 months. What is the "shelf-life" of a treaty? Thank you.

    17. OrlyK says:

      The UN is in the control of our adversaries. We should not pay dues to this outfit. The votes are against our interests the the vast majority of the time. Why in the world are we supporting that building in New York so that we are insulted close at hand, Move the UN headquarters overseas and stop funding the UN with my tax dollars. ORLYK

    18. chyatt says:

      I really don't think I would celebrate this victory quite yet. These liars have on many occasions put up a front that they would veto something only to pass it later. And, everyone should think about the wild card here. What might that be? It would be the Bamster. He has shown time and time again that he is more than willing to by pass Congress and pass a law without thier approval. He and Eric the Red will find a way to pass this, one way or the other if they think it will harm the U.S. Or if they think it will help the U.S. repay it's debt to the World. That debt being in thier minds eye. Check the news tomorrow or next month for the update where Bamster has passed this Treaty without any regard for Congress. It's coming, I would bet on it.

      • etexfisherman says:

        You are right because Obama and Hillary are already planning on voting yes for it circumventing the constitutional process once again.

    19. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Good. It will be defeated come the lame duck session.

    20. CK77 says:

      Why isn't there 100% agreement from the Senators to vote this down? And vote it down officially! Are you not a traitor to give away our rights to other countries? The LOST treaty has no benefits for our country. I am sick and tired of having to keep watch over what our three branches of government do. My trust is gone and until they start following the Constitution I will be hyper-vigilant. (I kept watch before, just not on a daily basis.)

    21. Mephisto says:

      Just another reason no democRAT should ever be elected to anything.

      "Lurch" Kerry proved he was no intellectual giant when he ran against Bush in 2004 when his transcripts were inadvertanly released and everyone found out just how ignorant, ill-informed and dumb he really is.

      Elections have consequences and anyone with a (D) behind their name should be deported.

    22. O2BMe says:

      This is why we need a balance in both parties. If either the Democrats or Republicans get stupid and dangerous ideas it can be stopped. I don't know if the majority of American voters will ever get smart enough to investigate and vote for individuals instead of the Donkey or Elephant.. If America falls it will be caused by apathy and stupidity.

    23. Joseph D. Bires says:

      Defeat the bill, what is wrong with our politicians. They all need to be kicked out of office.
      The only solution is to have a limit of 2 terms only for all elected officials local and national period.

    24. Mark Simmons says:

      Commenting on a different treaty yesterday, Mark Levin expressed concern that Harry Reid would just not take up a vote on the treaty and the Obama Administration would start implementing it under a provision that allows for implementation while a treaty is 'pending' for up to 5 years. I'd like your comment. Is this possible here? God knows we've seen plenty of examples where the Obama Administration implements what they want, regardless of what the Constitution and law says, and gets air cover from Harry Reid by blocking any efforts for the Senate to rein back the Administration.

    25. barb says:

      I agree that they all need to be kicked out of office; have term limits; just as we do for presidents;
      Every day we hear this rhetoric that compromises our country – day in and day out!!!!! Yeah for Heritage who stands for America and the truths that has kept us free from this kind of evil.

    26. etexfisherman48 says:

      Why don't these senators flood Kerry's people back home and tell them he is trying to sell them out to a one world government so they can fire him.

    27. RAZOR says:


    28. Jim says:

      1. Give us the names of the Senators that did not vote against throwing this effort out.
      2. Let's get the hell out of the UN
      3. Vote Kerry out so he can not make another attempt
      4. But most important of all get rid of Ali HUSSEIN Obama!

    29. We need to get more senators on the record against this treaty. Inhofe hinted that if LOST came to a floor vote, more senators were ready to vote "no".

      The following GOP senators are either "on the fence" or leaning towards LOST.

      Enzi (WY)
      Graham (SC)***
      Brown (MA)+++
      Snowe (ME)
      Corker (TN)+++
      Hutchinson (TX)
      McCain (AZ)
      Collins (ME)
      Cochran (MS)
      Murkowski (AK)
      Kirk (IL)

      *** Up for reelection in 2014
      +++ Up for reelection for 2012

      We need to put Mitt Romney and ALL senators (DEM and REP) ON THE RECORD before the lame duck session. This goes for DEM and REP candidates running for Senate this year (in case this bill goes down in 2012, you can be assured Kerry will try again in 2013)

      There are Democrat Senators who are facing election such as Tester, McCaskill, Kaine, Bill Nelson, Brown and Manchin (to name a few) who need pressure applied for a LOST position. Other Democrats to nail down for a LOST position are: Warren (MA candidate for Senate) and Bob Kerry (NE candidate for Senate) .

      Keep up the pressure.

    30. BERNARD P. GIROUX says:

      Do not give in to this abdication of U.S. sovereignty of the seas.

      A U.S. Navy Pilot and veteran.

    31. Martin Lackner says:

      Interesting how most of these "SELLOUTAMERICA" ideas come from the most LEFT LEANING MEMBERS OF CONGRESS. Enough of selling THE UuNITED STATES peacemeal. We have been and should remain a SOVEREIGN NATION. We've done very well so far on our own. Send the U.N. to another continent. And start electing real Americans to Congress

    32. Tony Rasavage says:

      The United Nations leadership has a problem governing the nations of the world and they want to govern the world, dictating the laws of the world. The United States may not be currently the greatest country on the earth, but it has been great for the past 200 years, and will be great again if we can get the current president out of office. We need the United nation like a hole in our heads we should opted out of the UN have them move their offices to France and use the money to pay off our debt. We should follow the meritime laws that are in place and tell Kerry to stuff it.

    33. Gerry Melbourne, FL says:

      Floridians should know Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) would have voted YES on this. He must be voted out this November. Now we need to work on the gun control treaty Hillary Clinton is set to sign on July 27th.

    34. Richard Locke says:

      The people of the United States need to know which Senators voted for this act of treason! Please post those that was for this very dangerous passage. Thank God it did not go through…..this time! P.S. Is it ok to say Thank God??

    35. Gary Kelley Sr. says:

      I wrote to my worthless Maryland senators and asked them to oppose this but got a response from B. Mikulski about what a wonderful thing it was and how proud she was to support it. I don't know why I even try sometimes. The only way I'll ever have representation of my conservative opinions will be when I can retire and leave this corrupt and socialist state. With the recent O'Malleymandering of the 8th Congressional District I may lose even the RINO Roscoe Bartlett who commutes to the Capital in his Toyata Prius. At least he rarely strays far from the party line for whatever that is worth.

    36. Clearhead says:

      Remember when john kerry ran for president against President George W. Bush in 2004? Remember his opening statement in his first dismal campaign speech? "I AM HERE TO ANNOUNCE TO YOU THE END OF THE BUSH DYNASTY !! " Well, mr. kerry has just made another announcement is effect: "I AM HERE TO ANNOUNCE TO THE WORLD THE END OF THE AMERICAN NATION !!! " Let's just pray that this proclamation will be as successful as the one about President Bush and his 'dynasty'.

    37. Frank Grant says:

      Is there any way to permanently kill this vampire-like proposed treaty ? Will leaving the UN do it? I don't know that it will. There must be a way to shovel dirt into it's grave and leave it behind us for ever.

    38. Max Kummerow says:

      The anti-government bias in your article and most of the comments has already back to bite the United States and will do so again. As prosperous citizens of the world, we would do far better to work for world government and the rule of law and safety through international law rather than continuing to try to be a tin horn empire relying on military force that is spending us broke. The U.N. is not perfect, but not every vote against the U.S. represents a communist conspiracy. Sometimes those votes are telling us that we've done something we shouldn't have. For our own good, we should listen more to the rest of the world.

    39. MGnOK says:

      If your elected Senator votes for any Bill,Treaty or Law that takes the rights of any American citizen away you should exercise your right as an American citizen and use your God given right to vote that Senator out of office, I think we need to set a term limits on all elected offices,no more life time politicians…… Time to take our Government back before it is too late…… Our kids,grand kids,great grand kids,great great grand kids can not afford 4 more years of the current administration. That is how many generations it is going to take to recover from the debt this administration has accumulated……. Think about it America before it is too late..

    40. Denise says:

      Has there ever been a time like this before — when we must watch every move our administration is doing so that the government does not slip some new horror on the American people? That's exactly how we got Obamacare — a midnight vote. Where is the transparent government we were supposed to get with this one?

    41. Toll says:

      The U.S. military, which relies heavily on its ability to freely navigate on and fly over the sea, has been a strong advocate of UNCLOS. In the absence of treaty law, the US relies on customary law that can change as states' practices change. Also, under this customary law, the Pentagon claims that countries often make unreasonable and irresponsible claims on marine territory that frustrate U.S. military action.

    42. Armando says:

      The federal goverment has taken to much tax money from the people to much authority from the states and to much liberty with constitution

    43. I can't believe most Americans were even aware of this.

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