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  • Morning Bell: Obama Tells Entrepreneurs "You Didn't Build" Your Business

    That sound you hear is silence—as millions of small business owners and entrepreneurs were left speechless this weekend from President Obama’s latest insult.

    The slap in the face to hard-working Americans conveyed Obama’s belief that it takes a village—a heavily subsidized village—to create that venture you’re profiting from:

    Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business—you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.

    Obama pushed his policy goals of infrastructure (aka stimulus) spending and “government research” as part of a collectivist utopia “doing things together.” It’s simply stunning that he would tell Americans, “If you’ve got a business—you didn’t build that.”

    After all, could individuals be resourceful and hard-working enough to create whole new enterprises? Obama said:

    Look, if you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own. You didn’t get there on your own. I’m always struck by people who think, well, it must be because I was just so smart.

    It is this view of successful businesses—essentially, “You owe us”—that drives Obama’s continued attacks on the country’s job creators in the form of tax hikes and regulations.

    It’s a tough time to be a business owner and entrepreneur in America. Surveys show small business owners are struggling, and they are not expanding or hiring because of tax and regulatory uncertainty. Federal agencies, from Health and Human Services to the Environmental Protection Agency, are regulating them to death. And just last week, President Obama announced his latest economic plan was to hit job creators with a tax increase.

    The President’s plan to raise taxes on earnings above $200,000 ($250,000 for joint filers) would hit 1.2 million small-business employers who pay their taxes through the individual income tax, known as flow-through businesses. These businesses that are creating jobs earn almost all—91 percent—of the income earned by flow-through employer-businesses.

    The new tax increase could be equivalent to one employee per small business. According to calculations by The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis, the average American with $250,000 or more in income can expect an average $24,888 tax increase next year under Obama’s proposed policies. That $24,888 figure is often enough for a salary. So the President could be putting about 1.2 million jobs—perhaps even more—at risk with this tax hike.

    Hitting private job creators while advocating more stimulus spending and government jobs. That’s the President’s plan for the economy.

    Meanwhile, businesses large and small suffer from the highest corporate tax rate in the developed world. This has long made the U.S. an uncompetitive place for new investment and has driven new jobs to other, more competitive nations, meaning fewer jobs and lower wages for all Americans.

    If the U.S. is to see economic recovery, we must encourage entrepreneurship. Stopping the biggest tax increase in American history, Taxmageddon, would be a good place to start. It’s a $494 billion tax hike set to hit on January 1, when a number of tax policies expire and just a few of Obamacare’s new taxes kick in. Businesses are already hesitating on hiring decisions because of the impending effects of these taxes.

    Democratic leaders are demanding tax hikes, however, and threatening to allow Taxmageddon for the sake of politics—despite warnings that it would send the U.S. back into recession.

    Real recovery will take even more than saving job creators from punishing taxes and regulations. It requires leadership that appreciates and values the long hours that America’s business builders put in and the personal sacrifices they make for their dreams. It will take leaders who say, “If you’ve got a business—you built that. And we want more of that in America.”

    Quick Hits:

    • “Senior Democrats say they are prepared to weather a fiscal event that could plunge the nation back into recession,” threatening to allow Taxmageddon to occur for the sake of politics, reports The Washington Post.
    • New fighting has erupted in Syria over the past two days.
    • Iran has renewed its threats to close the Strait of Hormuz, which is vital to oil shipping.
    • Tax-delinquent employees of the Federal Communications Commission owe more than $1 million in unpaid taxes, reports The Daily Caller.
    • Can the U.N. grab Americans’ guns? Heritage’s Ted Bromund, who has been reporting from the summit on the Arms Trade Treaty, answers.
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    221 Responses to Morning Bell: Obama Tells Entrepreneurs "You Didn't Build" Your Business

    1. glynnda says:

      "I'm always struck by people who think, well, it must be because I was just so smart"……that coming from a guy who's dumber than Jimmy Carter…..just remember folks, we haven't seen his college (well if he really attended) grades, never an IQ score, etc.

      Sorry, left of the aisle people but he's no better than an average functioning thinker in my estimation….he doesn't have an original idea in his brain, I have to wonder if he has ever really had a thought that originated from within himself….the best he'll ever be is middle management material, he's very good at reading presentations and taking his marching orders from others. He will never be a real leader.

      • alrightalready says:

        I am just stunned.

        ABC? NBC? CBS? Show that speech to the American public.

      • Joe says:

        You have to understand that this president is speaking from a social/communist point of view. Government does everything for the good of the people.

      • Thnk outside the bub says:

        he saved the american auto industry which is now doing rather well.
        he terminated Osama Bin Laden, even against the advice of his peers

        These two things alone show he has been a leader. You just don't like him – Plain and simple.

        The list does go on, but I don't feel like wasting my time with ignoramuses.

        • Scottie says:

          The Tax payers have not seen a 100% return yet for their investment in the auto industry. Also, how about those Green Energy companies? How are they doing? Obama did not terminate Osama, he was just fortunate to have been in charge at the time our military found and eliminated Osama…

      • Nick says:

        Let me guess: you thought Bush was a genius?

      • Yeah, ALL small business owners were helped along the way….None built up their business on their own. Others helped. OTHERS who are employed by OTHER ENTREPENEURS.

    2. Turner says:

      Obama wants Romney's tax returns, why doesn't Romney challenge Obama to reveal the truth about him that he spends millions to keep sealed?

    3. william says:

      Obama's comments are very very stupid!!!! Small business "pays taxes"!!!! Our tax dollars build our roads and bridges. Obama is speaking foolishly

      • alrightalready says:


        We have the mainstream Liberal media to thank for this guy. This speech was depressing to hear.

      • Joe Dev says:

        "Our tax dollars build our roads and bridges" Obama agrees with you. That's exactly what he is saying – that you are not going to build roads and bridges yourself so government funds to build them should not be cut.

    4. rockncoal says:

      Obama is an unbelievable moron! Equally unbelievable and demoralizing is the number of citizens that think Obama is as smart as he thinks he is!

      • Dan Robbins says:

        Why wouldn't he? The press has all but canonized him to the point of nothing short of total earth dictatorship. The only motivation for him to actually change would be the chance of him not being reelected. But, he knows he has the majority of the press behind him. At least all but FOX.

      • alrightalready says:

        This is what is really demoralizing. Obama must have been miserable growing up in this country. Russia or Cuba would have been heaven for him. "Power to the People. Forward."

    5. It's too late my fellow Americans. The malevolent dictator in the White House has now accumulated
      more executive powers in the past six months than any president in history.
      By edict, fiat and executive order, overriding and ignoring Congress, we now have in place a
      Soviet style regime fully prepared to take control of the entire nation.
      That is why the president can say or do anything he pleases, such as his inane comment about
      "You didn't build" your business. In a recent statement, Michael Savage warns us of the maniacal tyranny about to unfold in America, and a national presidential election will not stop that from happening.
      The only solution is a demonstrable 21st Century American Revolution, and how that unravels remains
      to be seen. We can only advise now, that everyone needs to remain vigilant.
      Good luck, America. Good luck.

      • Franklin E. Goodale says:

        You haven't seen anything yet. If he losses this election, can you imagine the damage this (?) will cause during the Lame Duck session. He will have nothing to lose!!!

      • Wayne Peterkin says:

        And Congress could take that power away in a heartbeat except for Harry Reid . Obama has taken much of his power unconstitutionally, and gets away with it because the Democrats in Congress, led by Reid, have chosen to let Congress become irrelevant and to not challenge Obama's overstepping of authority.

    6. BERNARD P. GIROUX says:


      • E MARTINEZ says:


      • Bobbie says:

        I don't know who built the job the president is doing but it certainly didn't originate in America and if it hadn't been for people losing their personal dignity, government outside our own would've never existed. The President has built many things of the unexpected. Resentment, hostility, animosity, etc…

    7. Bob says:

      When are you going to stark talking about the 3.8% tax within the healthcare law impacting only those with individual / joint adjusted gross income exceeding $200 / $250K?

    8. Richard says:

      Who did pay taxes for "IT"? Other than the Chineese

    9. John G says:

      Between Obama and Elizabeth Warren, I'm not sure who the more clueless one is.

    10. stephen says:

      Saving Job Creators, you mean all those folks hiding their money overseas?

      • Stirling says:

        It's called not "putting all your eggs in one basket" steve.. And no they don't hide it, since some overseas government or bank has records of it.. Lastly what right do you have on someone elses money? Only socialist, communists talk like that.

      • vince says:

        Keep drinking that koolaid sir. If you had the drive and fortitude to put your entire financial life on the line and kept seeing it disappear due to gov taxation and intrusion into the capitalist machine, you would be looking for someplace to put our money where people like Obama could not get their hands on it as well. Being back the rule of law and less gov regulation and intrusion and you will see trillions flowing back into the economy.

      • Bobbie says:

        what business is it of yours?

    11. Curt Krehbiel says:

      This is just another ploy to kill individual incentive as Obama's government will soon own or control all factors of production in this once thriving free economic system. He must not be given a second term or we will all learn what communism if all about.

      • Guest says:

        If this economic system was so thriving, there would be absolutely zero poverty and everyone would be making atleast $45,000 a year. As long as there was a time when any single person could work 40 hours a week and not be able to afford a 1 bedroom apartment and all of the necessities of life, the economic system was a failure from the beginning. It's not a working system if it doesn't meet EVERYONES needs.

      • Brentha says:

        Curt, You Bet Your Boots – I really believe you are totally right.

    12. This sounds like Elizabeth warrens remarks, disgracefull

    13. G. Hugh Bodell says:

      This is a man who has been on the Government dole in one way or another since birth.
      This is a man who has been indoctrinated in the school of socialism in one way or another since birth.
      This is a man who is a product of the crippling policy of affirmative action.
      This is a man who is in the position he is in because of a combination of ignorant people, failure of the media to be honest and bleeding hearts.
      This is a man that is less qualified for the office he holds than anyone in public life, including the entire NBA.
      In other words from birth to the current role he holds, this man is the embodiment of society's mistakes!
      Is it any wonder that he hasn’t got a clue about the evolution of American Excellence?

      • bus says:

        His attitude makes sense coming from a product of affirmative action, he truly hasn't done anything on his own.

      • Dave Myers says:

        Gosh Hugh, you appear to be the embodiment of an angry white male… been having some problems with your small business, have ya? … you know, the one that you were able to start/continue after your father was able to get a low interest GI loan and leg up after returning from WW2… loans that were not made available to black men…. so in 2012, the 'average' white household has twenty times the wealth of the average black household. (and for all of the white folks who are rolling their eyes now, I invite you to check my figures) . I'm going to enjoy interacting with you good folks.

    14. Richard says:

      I did not know that Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Sam Walton, etc. and all other small business owners worked for the Federal Government. Amazing that anyone will vote for Obama.

    15. john says:

      Obama said "The private sector is doing fine" that is how out of touch he is.

    16. musicmoney21 says:

      I wrote this song all by myself Mitt Romney "America Street" rock the polls November 6th. http://youtu.be/PiPYv4NIOEg

    17. Mary......WI says:

      Obama is infuriating!! He's never started or owned a business what does he know!

      I'm always baffled at why people think he's such a great president….but then I'm reminded he gives away "free stuff" in return for his vote….just lately, removing the requirement to work for welfare. So now the slackers can just sit around all day living off all the "slaves" that work for a living. Does anyone agree there's something wrong with this picture. I thought slavery ended back in 1776! I've always thought liberals gave free stuff to the unfortunate to make sure they alway voted for liberals, kind of like political slaves, never encouraging the unfortunate to better their lives and always keeping them needy and reliant on the liberal politicians. Clearly, the middle class and upper class will be the "monetary host" for Obama's
      transformation of the USA"……this parasitism WILL finally destroy this country. As always, PLEASE VOTE OBAMA AND ALL DEMOCRATS OUT OF OFFICE IN NOV. 2012!!!!!

      • Dave Myers says:

        Hi Mary, I can really feel your anger and I'm not even going to attempt to 'reason' with you … because I know that I'm barking up the wrong tree … but what I 'can' do is speak up for a part of my ancestry… and around about 1776 the Declaration of Independance was being signed as the Revolutionary war had begun. If you then move ahead 89 years to 1865 you arrive at the year the Union army officially defeated the Confederate army, and the slaves in the south were then freed, on paper(1863)… you know, Mary… alot of times I'm inspired to go into a bit of a history lesson here, but somehow I feel that my offering will fall on deaf ears.

        • Bobbie says:

          Good call correcting the time Mr. Myers, but Mary has a point and we're in another time! The government is invading our ability to establish a way of life. The government is appointing it for us with no proper authority!

    18. Keith Breedlove says:

      It's pretty clear now that the President's rhetoric is becoming more aligned with his actions and that He has no intention of helping to improve the economy. That's the message that should be spread far and wide between now and the election. And it's unfortunate that the community that has been hit the hardest — the black community — doesn't realize that He's taking them right back to the plantation, where Ol' Massa will take care of them and provide for all their needs.

      • Brentha says:

        I agree mostly with you Keith, except for the last part: the hardest hit is the black community –doesn't realize that He's taking them right back to the Plantation, where Ol' Mass will take care of them and provide for all their needs. My question is, Who in America can afford a Plantation in the first place and secondly if someone could own a Plantation, it would be all they could do to pay the taxes: so there would be no Ol' Massa who would be financially able to care for them and provide for their needs.
        Obama is just totally tryiing to Destroy America as fast as he can.
        And I want to know why can't or hasn't he been Impeached for overstepping his bounds as Prez. He should be impeached and convicted along with all those Money Hungry Liberals who run in the pack with him.

    19. Mike says:

      It takes a person to have the courage to start something. obama may be riding on the coattails of others, but small business owners truly know the meaning of sacrifice and struggle. Vote him out.

    20. Really? says:

      I'm just curious who Obama thinks is the "somebody" who built the path for us entrepreneurs "to thrive" in America. Does he not realize that this country has been built layer upon layer by othe entrepreneurs and hard working American people-not the government as an entity? And, no, you do not necessarily have to be a genius to build a business, but you have to possess a lot of characteristics many people lack such as a complete dedication to your business 24/7, a high level of risk tolerance, and incredible organization, time management and planning skills, just to name a few. And yes, many of us have built our businesses entirely from scratch from the ground up all by ourselves with our own blood, sweat, tears and most of all-money.

    21. Bob says:

      Obama was just projecting because he has never gotten anywhere on his own. Be it through affirmative action, ghost writers, or some marxist friend pulling strings, Obama has moved through life with people doing things for him.

    22. Juan Martinez says:

      Yikes – talk about lies and deception: you know very well that President Obama was stating that current business owners didn't put in place the infrastructure, rule of law, and culture that this country has created over the last 200 years — "you didn't build that" refers to the environment that allows businesses and individuals to thrive in this country. And, of course, he is correct. He did not say that business owners did not build their own businesses (of course many did, while others inherited or bought theirs), as your article claims. Ms. Payne, didn't you hesitate even for a second before allowing this to be published under your name? At some point, doesn't HF's 501(c)3 status become at risk?

      • Bobbie says:

        Infrastructure is part of the design of the business, Mr. Martinez. It's people that bring the infrastructure to the government. My point, the people went to the government to work plans together, not assume dictatorship from the government to rule over people.

        Is that why the President said in the same instance "you didn't build the bridges, roads and signs…" leaving out what your suggesting he meant "infrastructure" (established by the people) "the rule of law" (established by the people) "culture" (established by the people.)?

        as far as "you didn't build that" reference to your explanation being "the environment that allows business owners…" totally contrasting to reality as today, interference of the government is the direct connection destroying any sign of growth in the private business environment keeping the businesses uncertain of the government's next unconstitutional act.

        We followed bike paths at 4 years old and built more until 7. No government control until they cleared out nature and put up housing projects at age 12…

        Your argument is redundant and ridiculous, Mr. Martinez. You could choose to service yourself better at a different blog site if this one can't widen your narrow mindset. The President can lower taxes without effecting anyone in America using discipline on himself. But you like he want to rock the boat with your total ignorance!

        I'm totally struck by people who have absolutely no respect for the good works of others with such disregard to credit where credit is due.

        The freedom of the American people built the successes of this country!

        Unconstitutional government and it's costs only intrude, hinder and burden which results in bankruptcy more than independent (from government) success!!!

        • tucanofulano says:

          A very controlled reply to an illegal alien troll

          • Juan Martinez says:

            tucanofulano, you may disagree with me, and you may add data to craft your argument, but their is no justification for calling names like that.

      • Stirling says:

        Business owners, and those that pay taxes PAID for the Roads, NOT the government. (which just consumes wealth). The arogance of the collective mind of socialists of government planners to assume that they "own" the peoples money is laughable.. Lastly to threaten free speach as you have done with HF and its author shows your ignorance of the 1st amendment of the constitution.

        • Juan Martinez says:

          Stirling, I agree: businesses, and individuals, pay taxes (and not every business, and not every individual). And taxes are collected by government entities nominally to provide for the common good. Government entities are formed by people to provide goods and services for collective benefit (socialism, according to you) – just read the preamble to the constitution. Granted, lots of government spending is wasteful (e.g. $51 billion spent by the previous administration for "Iraq Reconstruction". Real number!). But my original comment was about HF taking a single sentence from a president's speech to create a lie and distortion. At no time did anyone threaten free speech. My reference to HF's 501(c)3 status relates to tax benefits for organizations that are informative and non-partisan. If HF wants to mimic American Crossroads, then I don't understand how it might expect to enjoy that tax benefit. I am familiar with our laws protecting free speech. Perhaps you need to bone up on tax benefits for "non-PROFITS".

      • standtotheright says:

        I think you needed to hesitate and then decide NOT to post your comment, Juan. Read it all in context. Dr O is talking about the micro sense, not the macro. He's telling business owners that the poor people need to be given a hall pass, and maybe even other people's money, insinuating that's how the entrepreneurs have succeeded thus far. Your comment alone supports the fact this country is in peril. Go ahead and bury your head back in the sand.

    23. Max says:

      People seem to be ignoring the fact that Obama couldn't pass all this unless congress lets him. I think its time to CLEAN HOUSE ! Start over with term limits.

    24. Peggy Wolfe says:

      Twenty-one years ago I became an independent consultant, starting my own company. I budgeted, I didn't take any loans. I worked hard at this business for nearly 9 years and did reasonably well. I paid my expenses. I paid taxes, I paid fees. I also saved money.

      Ten years ago I bought a store-front business and entered a new profession . I used money I had saved. I worked hard to learn that business, I paid taxes, I paid my own expenses, I had a couple of employees whom I paid (and who paid taxes too). I saved some money too.

      A little over six years ago I sold that store-front business and started a NEW business, smaller business, in a different state. I used money I had saved.

      So I have been self-employed for over twenty years. I didn't use any government programs, or state programs or government loans or anything. The one loan I did take out at one point, I paid in full ahead of schedule an was happy to be able to do so.

      Am I smarter that everyone else? Yep, I'm smarter than some, not as smart as others.
      Am I a harder worker than everyone else? Yep, I'm a harder worker than some, not as hard a worker than others.
      Was I just lucky? Well, sure, I was lucky. I was and am lucky to have my health, lucky to be willing to take the risks, lucky that some things didn't happen, and lucky that that I was able to survive and deal with and manage the problems and difficulties I did have. I still think I'm lucky to deal with the problems and not focus on them.

      But isn't that what we mean when we say people "make their own luck?" Life is what you make of it when it happens to you…focus on problems and you have nothing but problems. Focus on how to solve the problems, or to avoid them, or to deal with them and you have solutions…and luck!

      Did I have help? sure, I did. I had the support of my family and friends, the advice of valued co-workers and other friends.

      But did I do it myself? yep. I made it happen.
      I am not "rich" in money, but I am rich in life.

      And yes, being a citizen of and being in this wonderful country is what made me know that I could do it and is what allowed me to do it.

      My accomplishments are my own. My accomplishments don't take anything away from anyone else either.

      President Obama seems to feel that my accomplishments are ONLY because of other people contributing…and therefore I OWE something to others.

      I don't owe anyone. However, like most Americans, I am happy to help other people who are WORKING as hard as they can to achieve their own accomplishments. I am also happy to help others who, through no fault of their own, are down on their luck.

      But like most Americans, I think we all have the responsibility to deal with our own lives, to solve problems. We "get ahead" because we solve problems, not because anyone "gives" us anything.

      No one "gave" me a job. No one "gave" me opportunity.

      And this country will not "make" its people successful by "giving" them anything.
      you give babies things because they are unable to do for themselves.
      you teach children how to do for themselves, while supporting them in ways they cannot do alone.
      adults make their own lives and are proud and glad to do so.

      my thoughts.

      • lectorconstans says:

        The difference between people like you (successful) and people like Obama and Warren, who complain that only government can bring the Good Life), is that you worked at it, you took risks.

        Luck, like opportunity, favors the prepared, and those willing to work for it.

      • O2BMe says:

        The sad thing is that Obama just cancelled the welfare rule that you had to search for work or take classes to qualify for welfare if you were able-bodied. This was done of course to buy votes. If there are enough people out there living off the state, meaning taxpayers, he will win the coming election. It is a sad fact that there are now as many people who do not pay taxes as there are that do. It scares me that Obama will probably win another four years.

      • Robert L. Echola says:

        I seriously must agree with you. I do not feel that giving a hand-out to anyone is the answer to their problems. I am glad to give someone a hand-up, but no hand-outs to those who WILL NOT TRY TO HELP THEMSELVES.

      • WORKING CLASS says:


      • Mike G. MD says:

        Nicely put Peggy. LOTS of people in America agree with you! I have worked since I was 16. I quit college after 2 years, joined the Police Dept. in Wash. D.C. and finally returned to college 3 years later, working week ends playing music. I finally got into Medical School and finished my residency in 1982 and have practiced since 1982 until today. I obey the laws of the land, pay taxes, and cherish my privilege to vote. No one in the govt. gave me a penny for school or start up costs for my business. (by the way mr Pres, running a family practice is a tough BUSINESS with a huge overhead). I have made a good living and feel blessed, but I don't "owe" the fed govt or anyone else anything for the rewards I worked for. Mike G. MD.

    25. For Obama to tell entrepreneurs they didn't build their business is akin to entrepreneurs telling Obama he didn't wreck the American economy.

      • Alex says:

        Obama didn't. Obama wasn't even in office during the Wall Street collapse of 2008, you ignorant twit.

        • Bobbie says:

          What did he do to stop it while he is in office??? Mind your rude offenses, Alex. He made it worse!!!!!

      • rusureuwant2know says:

        That's not what he said – that piece was edited – he was referring to highways and bridges. And it's just as disgusting as what NBC did earlier this year when they had that one guy tried and convicted with their edited piece. Good grief I wish the media would stop this nonsense.

    26. Dee Glover says:


      • annie says:

        I agree something has to be done to stop some of the end runs Obama takes around Congress. What can Congress do? I always felt as if they COULD do something, but since they held Holder in contempt of Congress, just to have the DOJ say they would not bring charges against Obama, I've started wondering what CAN be done, when Republicans only control the House. Obama seems to change the rules if things aren't going his way. I agree something has to be done, but am ignorant as to how it will happen.

    27. Dawn says:

      Is it me or did the President just call every business owner stupid? The only reason he believes this stuff is because he wasnt smart enough to make it on his own. His handlers are the ones controling him…they need to control his mouth.

    28. Don DeHoff says:

      Let us "cut to the chase"; What does it take to get congress off of their duff and start impeachment action? Short of that, congress controls the purse strings of government and should be blocking, Obama's "civilian army", and every other socialist and Muslim endeavor. Congress' lack of action makes them equally as guilty as the Administration. Also, we need immediate legislation that prohibits any elected or appointed official from entering into any understanding, agreement, or treaty with any country or group, including the UN, that would be in conflict with our Constitution or Federal Law.

      • annie says:

        So – sincere question here. Does the House have to start impeachment action? Then does it have to be approved by the Senate? Can the House actually block some of Obama's actions, or would that have to be approved by the Senate? Guess I need to start researching some of this stuff. I just don't understand why it isn't being done, unless, of course, the House knows the Senate will reject everything they do.

    29. Matt says:

      Um…not an insult. This is fact. Schools that we fund with public money, roads, bridges, etc…these all have been created to serve a capitalist class, and they get a free ride on all of it. Nobody is saying that hard-working people are not hard-working. But we should be working hard for the right reasons.

      • Stirling says:

        Matt, "working hard for the right reasons". Really? That sounds kinda "socialst" there.. Nobody gets a free ride in this country except maybe those who are mooching off the government welfare system.. Let those who earn the money spend it as they see fit, not as our government dictates.. This is not a 3rd world country..

      • dam1953 says:


        If I understand you correctly you agree with Obama? Seriously? You need to do a serious cause and effect analysis of how the US works. First, people pay taxes….lots of taxes. If the people don't pay the taxes then nothing get built. No schools, no roads, no bridges….nothing. The top 1%ers they everyone complains about pay the majority of the taxes and are primarily business owners in one form or another. Therefore, the business owners are paying for their own schools to train workers. They pay for their own roads, bridges, etc. The only money the gvmt has is the little it gets from income from private land, which is small and getting smaller by the day while Obama is in office, and the money that it prints which reduces the value of every penny everyone has saved….including the bottom 1%ers.

        Get a clue and an education, please.

      • annie says:

        Are you saying business owners "get a free ride"? Businesses pay taxes also – doesn't their money fund schools, roads, bridges?

      • Terrie McGoron says:

        Where, exactly, does the funding "with public money" come from? Who provides the "public money?" People who are working and paying their taxes. Those who work pay into a system because it is the law, yet others utilize the same services without paying into it by taking from the system out of proportion to what they have put in. My parents worked and now I work … have not been given anything. The infrastructure the President's speaks of has been paid by the taxes of my parents, family, friends, people I don't know, and myself. I am a part owner of this infrastructure by way of my tax dollars. I choose to help people every day of my life out of my own sense of responsibility, accountability, and goodness. I do not want, nor will accept, the government mandating this.

    30. We can only pray, that when he opens his mouth he will keep sticking his foot in it! Then maybe the people who straddle the fence and may have a little "lick of common sense " will see him for what he truly is!

    31. D Gifford says:

      I think you would do yourself a service, and many others, if you were to provide the public with a better understanding of just exactly what kind of taxes the typical small business owner must pay annually to keep his/her business afloat. I've not seen this explained anywhere, so it's a challenge for me to have sympathy. I'm retired and more or less on a fixed income. I never worked in a small business so I have no idea what kind of tax burden entrepreneurs face. But from my perspective, it would seem fair for those earning $250,000 or more annually to pay a greater tax than those who are in the low to middle class. Furthermore, not everyone earning that much is a small business owner.

      • lectorconstans says:

        The information is out there on the web. Just look it up. Even simpler, go to the IRS tax tables. That'll tell you. It's not just income taxes a small business has to pay, it's all the other taxes – Social Security for their employees. Then there's the mountain of Federal regulations they have to spend much of their time trying to follow. There are the literally hundreds of forms they have to file every year. And if (God forbid) ObamaCare really kicks in, their expenses will increase.

        Why would high income earners pay even more tax? About 40% of the Federal income tax revenue comes from the top 5% of wage earners. At the other end, about 40% of the people pay no income tax at all. Is this some strange new definition of the word "fair"?

      • ThomNj says:

        Well, how about then the poor pay more in taxes, because they might use more of the services?

        Since it is tough for you to have sympathy, it is obvious that your definition of the world fair means take it away from the hiigh earners. Not that many people are high earners for their entire lives – most high earners are only that at a brief period in their lives – but they worked darn hard to get there. By what right do you or any government officials in this country get to decide that they have to pay more in taxes? A flat rate would be fair for all, rather than the current progressive system that takes a larger percentage for those earning more. A flat tax woudl have those earning more paying more, but it would not be the current very unfair form that it is.

    32. Agustin Vega says:

      WOW!!! Again Facts are our Friends

    33. FloridaGirl1 says:

      This is an amazing article. You know Obama has never ran a business. If he had lots of help, where were these people when he first started, worked 16 hours a day, and most weeks was lucky to be able to take home enough money to keep a roof over his head and eat.
      As he grew and hired people. How many times did he pay them and not his self?
      What builds businesses? One person, with a vision, leadership. and determination.

    34. Hal says:

      Obummer, it must have been Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny's money to build those roads and bridges for the Government, not hard earned free Enterprise tax dollars by private sector businesses and Entrepreneurs. Who would have known, unless B.O. told us so. :)

    35. Joe Schooff says:

      All this stuff oblamer has done and said don't matter. After hearing Romney this morning ,live on fox, tells me it's over already. He said he will not tell america what oblama's policies have done to hurt the economy. That means the election is about Romney,not oblamer. IT'S OVER.

    36. Jay Are says:

      This shows just how out of touch with the real business world Obama really is, how ignorant can he be, yes the customers keep your business going, but you have to attract and keep those customers, you have to build a customer base, that is done by hard work and good cutomer service befrore and after the sale.

    37. joecool says:

      I didn't realize Obama was a Cherokee, but he MUST be. This is the same argument Squaw Warren advanced in the race for "Teddy Kennedy's seat," which Scott Brown happens to be sitting in, at the moment.

    38. Laura Wetterau says:

      The person who can make a statement such as this one has no idea of what it truly is to be an American – we as Americans know how it feels to be proud of what we stand for – we are here because we are free – those who cannot appreciate this should live elsewhere where no one can speak freely or believe what they want to without being pursecuted. Perhaps they would not be as cavalier to make such statements if they truly understood our history and how we got here today – then there are always those who believe they have the right to tear our freedom away – like a thief in the night – when Mr. Obama was running for president, I remiinded my friends to watch their backs – I feared what might happen – those who wanted to be given the right to be here, but not have to work for that right zeroed in on this thief – I gladly envision the moving trucks taking he and his family away from Washington. May he never return to his place of "power" – what a disgrace that our nation has accepted this person as its leader…….I hope and pray that I will never have to see this happen again in my lifetime.

    39. Marcia says:

      The reason many of these small businesses are set up as pass through entities in the first place is to avoid the "extra" tax on Personal Service Corporations. These are companies where the profits are mainly the efforts of one person working very hard to make a success of the company. Once again it is made clear that O does not understand small business.

    40. Booglaie says:

      Simply put, this is offensive. Where is the wonderful federal govt. when an entrepreneur has to take the enormous all or nothing risks involved with beginning a business, or partnering on a venture? Exactly where are those wonderful infrasturcture benevolents when that takes place. POTUS has NOT problem being a venture capitalist with taxpayer money and loosing it on 'out there' green energy fantasies. …I would urge Republicans to call the bluff, if Dems want to play chicken..so be it. Now, if they do cave, and I sincerely hope they do not, they should amend the bill to do two things: Dedicate the monies raised by thier confiscatory tax request on the so called rich, AND reduce spending on a 10:1 ratio based on CBO estimates of revenues raised. In the final analysis, it is suicide to work with the Democratic leadership, THEY are takers. Semper Fi.

    41. dwa says:

      If this is true, then why are some people successful and others aren’t. This is such far left/socialist/communist thinking that it is amazing that he wasn’t laughed off the stage in a country supposedly based on the free market.

      • pat says:

        There would be no failed businesses if this were the case

      • Steve jones says:

        I was at this speech. And there were people in the crowd laughing, openly….. His supporters, even.

        Yes, Fox edited the quote to make it seem worse, but anyone with half a brain (non socialist democrat) could understand the overall marxist message….. Without government, you can't do anything. Disgusting.

        Government exists because of taxpayers' success, taxpayers' success does not exist because of government.

    42. Jim Jensen says:

      Mr. Obama, You really don't have a clue do you?

    43. woody mcdaniel says:

      Where does he get off expounding any theories about business? He never made a payroll! He only voted absent or present when in the senate.Dump incompetance

    44. Theresa Williamson says:

      He is wrong. He has never had a business. He has no clue what it takes to build a business. My husband had a carpentry/remodeler business for awhile. He has no idea what it takes when your employees eat, but you don’t. I had an egg business in another area several years ago. If you have never lived it, don’t criticize.

    45. @jfsteele says:

      nothing like taking things out of context to build erroneous arguments.

      "The point is, is that when we succeed, we succeed because of our individual initiative, but also because we do things together. There are some things, just like fighting fires, we don’t do on our own. I mean, imagine if everybody had their own fire service. That would be a hard way to organize fighting fires. " -the point in Obama's speech

    46. Devil Dog says:

      Obama must think that all people are like him – he of affirmative action handouts and corrupt Tony Rezco deals (like for his mansion in Chicago). He has no frame of reference for the majority of hard-working Americans. That is why these contemptible words so easily fall from the lips of this very ignorant and shameful man. I pray that America is taking note. I know I can't wait to vote against him – again.

    47. bentonmarder says:

      Barack Hussein Obama and all his henchmen and flunkies actually live in another world—that of "Alice in Wonderland' and "Through the Looking-Glass'. There's no way to get around it. We elected a flake to the Presidency. What does that say about us?

    48. Doug says:

      I think he should continue to make these kind of moronic statements; maybe it will galvanize the undecided and hangers-on that this person is bad news for us, our economy and our future.

    49. nealstar says:

      Nice thing about hubris is that like karma, it always gets you in the end. Hopefully, for Obama, the end will be 19 January 2013.

    50. American Thinker says:

      Who is John Galt?

    51. J E Houser says:

      President Osama: Raise taxes — that will kill all businesses! Have you not learned that great governments have always been the destroyers of business and enterprise and freedom ?

    52. T Carrington says:

      My wife and I are self-employed, former long-time employees of major corporations. We both took risks when we left to start our own businesses. She is now a successful, multiple bestselling international novelist. Now, in fairness, my wife spent years studying for her trade, earning a MS in journalism and leading a corporate communications group, all the while publishing one book a year before she made the big leap to writing full-time. In other words, she earned her success.

      Over the last two dozen years we’ve paid over 52% of our income in income and payroll taxes alone, including AMT which largely eliminates all deductions including state taxes. In 2013, if nothing changes, our CPA advises us this will go up to 63 percent. We're that 3% without a voice; we live an average upper-middle class lifestyle, but treated like we didn't earn what success we've had. Our president's diminution and taxing of talent, initiative, innovation, traditional values, hard work and sacrifice is telling. We can derive from the president's comments that's he's never created anything (but apparently failure) and was enabled in any of his so-called "successes."

    53. Obama – tell us just one thing that you have built on your own ?What small business that earned $200,000 or more that you started by yourself and that is still in business? If you have done none of that you just proved that you don't know what your are talking about.

    54. droslovinia says:

      Interesting post. Since all this was such a slap in the face to them, could you please list all the attendees who built their own private bridges and road systems – maybe expand that list to everyone there who never used a government service or subsidy of any kind in building their business – so we can properly commiserate and maybe apologize?

      Oh. I forgot. The government invested a lot of money in the infrastructure that the Internet is built on. Since I can't read things on the special private Internet that you created, I guess you I can't get your post after all. Sorry.

      • Jim Uberti says:

        Who paid the taxes to build those roads and bridges?? There are people who enjoy everything that government has provided WITHOUT contributing a cent!!

    55. Vern says:

      What a shame that a country as great and diverse as ours would ever elect a guy like this to the presidency.

    56. Fred De Sena says:

      I would have to agree with th President. I am currently out of work and an entrepreneur. My next business venture is online learning. Yes I and my wife created the company, but it would not exist without the availability of the internet. This is certainly an infra-structure that I did not and could not create, made available to me by years of taxpayer dollars funding the "cold war". How great it is that our collective tax dollars could create this infra-structure for defense purposes and then turn it around and provide it to the public as the world wide web. Simply Amazing!!!! How many of us "entrepreneurs need to be grateful to and acknowledge our great government that provides " for the common welfare" and "the good of all". Simply Amazing!!!!!

    57. Deb Sizemore says:

      Oh my goodness. He needs to keep his mouth closed. How embarrassing that he is our commander in chief.

    58. Hookemclark says:

      Unbelievable! Heard this speech from this weekend and could not believe what I was hearing. But again he is a socialist.

    59. scott says:

      Obama complains about "Out sourcing" as you article states the taxes and regulations make US uncompetitive. Isn 't Obama's administration contributing to out sourcing more than anyone?

      How can he be so hypocritical and accuse Romney?

      • Glen says:

        Scott: Obama is a very big out sourcer. Consider his pals at G.E. his pals at G.M. Both companies are setting up very BIG in China.

    60. RogCol says:

      I supose all his experience in the private industry developing businesses is the reason for his accumen in what it takes to build a business.

    61. R. Cook says:

      In answer to Obama:

      The United States did not get where it is today without the people who took chances, worked killing hours to nurture a business, risked their capital and created new and better products with their efforts. These are the people who allowed the infrastructure to be built and in many cases built it themselves. Without their efforts, there would be no tax dollars for politicians to waste. Read the following closely and see if you agree.

      The brutally honest truth is that government has grown to the point that the productive, private sector, wealth creating portion of society can no longer support it.

    62. alexander Ilnyckyj says:

      I am lost for words to express the stupidity of this marxist/dictator – king president. I just can't belive he said that. This should show the people as to how ignorant he really is when it comes down to business in a Free country.

    63. Scott says:

      Wow, he is the most out of touch with reality President we have every had since Woodrow Wilson. And yes, Pres Obummer, I DID build my business. With no help from the government.

    64. dam1953 says:

      Wonderful view. Wow. Someone should ask him who actually paid for the infrastructure projects that allowed entrepreneurs to make all their money. He obviously believes, like many illiterates on the left, that the government has money. I understand that the US can print money but that only makes paper that is worth less with each run of the printing press. There are revenues from federal lands, etc. but these dollars are small compared to the trillions extracted from the private sector income.

      So, in short American business have paid for the infrastructure with the governments (state and federal) only acting as project manager/general contractor. Unfortunately, they have done a very poor job of managing these projects. In the private sector any construction company with the government's track record on project execution would have been out of the business long ago.

      Obama has no clue how the American system works, only a view that is closer to communism than capitalism. Romney needs to hammer Obama with this point like it was a 12 pound sledge. Obama can't fix something when he doesn't know the basics of how it works.

    65. timpclimber says:

      Obungle's understanding of economics just hit a new low. He has put down every hardworking small businessperson I know. His jerk rating is now below zero. We can't replace him to soon. November will make him a one term President.

    66. avoidspam says:

      I can't stand this guy ANYMORE! Everything is about him and his socialism. He'd rather tell you how to live your life than to have you run it. I can't take another 4 years of this moron.

    67. Anthony says:

      Someone had to say it. If all of these business owners truly did it all without help from society, their workers, the government, education system, utilities etc, lets see them create the same enterprises with equal success in a country like Somalia. Time for the business world to lose the God complex, and realize that making the decisions does NOT equal creating success. Neither does raising the capital, or being in the right place at the right time. It takes a nurturing society, an educated workforce, a consumer base with disposable income and a business plan that serves to foster those first three requirements.

    68. Barbara Tamargo says:

      The business society needs to lay off people because of the tax hike and that will get rid of Obama in November. If the economy is more then 8.2 percent it would cause Obama to loose the election. Its a drastic step but no more drastic then what Obama is trying to do to the businesses. He wants an entitlment society and that is why he is always taking from the rich and giving it to more people to keep them dependent on him. Time to fight back….hit him where it hurts the most…..the pocketbook!!

      • Anthony says:

        So you suggest ruining workers livelihoods so that you can prove a point? So you suggest that families should lose their homes, children go without food and healthcare? You sound like a disgusting person. The "business" society doesn't make the rules, or choose our leaders. The majority does. And guess what, the majority of the country is made up of the people that the "business society" employ. Wait until the majority decides to vote you guys out too. (It's called a Revolution)

    69. rachel cutshaw says:

      This is just more of the same from tax & spend Democrats, and they will sooner or later drive the country bankrupt. Even though Obama has never run a business,or even had a real job he knows best (LOL).
      All we can do is vote the democrats out of office. So Please vote!

    70. Just don't label him a 'socialist.' Nope, that's out of bounds.

    71. Tom Clark says:

      If "it takes a village—a heavily subsidized village—to create that venture you’re profiting from" then Mr. Obama is the village idiot. He has no clue what sacrifices people make to build businesses based on trust and reputation. Mr. Obama is completely out of touch with reality and the spirit that is what made this country great. What a moron.

    72. TominNC says:

      Obama is correct. We did get some help somewhere along the line.

      The first two names that come to mind that are due immense thanks are Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine. They and their fellow patriots had the vision and courage to create a nation based on respect for individual liberties, personal property, and limited government.

      Without these great men and their well laid foundations our nation would not have near the unprecedented prosperity and success it has seen.

      THANKS GUYS!!!

      Now back to our fundamental transformation already in progress.

    73. Samuel af Ugglas says:

      Please don not forget, the Democrats has bought themselves a majority of dependant victims, thanks to justice John Roberts!!!!!!!!

    74. Jack W Estes says:

      Why should this be so stunning? This Narcissistic self-made American icon is simply continuing on his slippery slope to socialism. His real mantra? "Anything You Can Do, The Gubment Can Do Better" A legend in his own mind. Time to throw out the baby with the bathwater in November.

    75. Marie241 says:

      Just another example of how out of touch this president is. Small business owners aren't successful because they are "smart"; they are successful because they work long, hard hours to bring a dream to reality.

    76. Ed Hill says:

      I am always struck by how smart President Obama seems to think he is, when he is almost completely wrong about nearly everything.

    77. How are there still people who want this man as our president???!!!!!!!

    78. Leave it to Obama to insult an entire voting block. I do hope all the democrats in small business are paying attention and realize they're being screwed by their messiah!

    79. Brian says:

      I hope everyone understands how bad a President this guys is. he wants Socialism and people will need to get very active to stop it. EVEN the Government Unions need to be afraid as he will impact you and your pensions and pay soon. Today he is 'buying" you, tomorrow he will own you. Be afraid.

    80. Brian says:

      This is guy that opened up Solyndra! HE didn't lose a dime but you and I did. He has been living off the Government payroll all his life. Why isn't he being brought down on that alone??? Where is everyone????!!!!
      What a useless President he is.

    81. lectorconstans says:

      That's exactly what Warren said – almost word for word.

      Tell us, then, how much government support Henry Ford got. Did he really fill the need created by a network of highways waiting for something to drive over them? Then there were the Wright brothers, and his followers, (Curtiss, for one) who built planes in factories that they built themselves.

      The only conclusion is that Obama is certain that we are idiots, with no knowledge of history or the American way.

    82. Diana says:

      Well many think that President Obama is very smart. Well if you said so here it is!!!

    83. Dan Robbins says:

      Whatever happened to the education we once received which gave us the enthusiasm and hope we would need to get out and make something special of our lives? Attending High School back in the late 60's and early 70's, we felt we could come out and accomplish anything we set our mind to do. If you weren't intellectual enough or didn't desire to attend college right out of school, you could get a job in a factory making good wages with good benefits. Many just took off across country using only their thumb and the money they could make from odd jobs when needed. Our government has sold those ideals down the drain all in the desire to make themselves, not only rich, but powerful also.

    84. O2BMe says:

      A man/woman must be free to work at what they enjoy and earn the rewards. They must be able to seek raises or profits if they own a business and feel good about themselves. That was why communism doesn't work. If a whole country works for the government at a set wage there is no incentive to excel. This is also where the Unions are wrong. They are good for policing the safety of the workplace, but when they insist that everyone on a certain job make the same wage there is no incentive to work harder because it won't get you any more income. If Obama wins another four years doctors will start closing practices, small business will close or lay of employes, large companies will send more jobs overseas, welfare rolls will grow and the National debt will be so high that our great, great-grandchildren will be paying on. That is if the country doesn't file bankruptcy like some of our cities have recently.

    85. Tracy says:

      Jesus wept.

    86. Donna says:

      Who is our John Galt? We are experiencing the reality of Atlas Shrugged.. And at the same time, Popeye's Taxman comes riding his bicycle to collect tax on the air we breathe.

    87. Obama we know you are wrong. Are you going to try to tell me that the farmer that gets up at 4:30 am and works his small farm didn,t do it on his own (beside the grace of almighty GOD) .All of the mom & pop business had no help
      and most started to say on a shoe string with their life savings put on the line that in their judgement they invested in their ability to be prosperous.

    88. Al McCartan says:

      Surely B.O. has a rebuttal in defence of these inane statements? Then what does my comment matter – I'm just a disinterested Australian who is suffering under our bloody useless government.. My sympathy (until November at least) to the people of the US.

    89. Leith N. Wood says:

      Obama, do not even discuss starting a business, until you have done it. You are laughable and arrogant. How destructive and anti American your policies have been, but your White House job is almost over and you too may look for a job in this glorious, Judeo-Christian country with a brilliant Constitution behind it. Good luck.

    90. John_O says:

      Obama also wants to focus on the middle class (recall his talk with Joe the Plumber during the election), when Obama's unmentioned objective was/is to get the middle class under the control of the unions — my understanding is that they are not fully under such control. That's the group he wants under greater control — that will provide more union contributions to Obama's campaigns.

    91. Casey Carlton says:

      Josef Stalin Obama is at it again! For him, the only way to go is the commune.

    92. Barbara Tamargo says:

      The business society needs to lay off people because of the tax hike and that will get rid of Obama in November. If the economy is more then 8.2 percent it would cause Obama to loose the election. Its a drastic step but no more drastic then what Obama is trying to do to the businesses. He wants an entitlment society and that is why he is always taking from the rich and giving it to more people to keep them dependent on him. Time to fight back….hit him where it hurts the most…..the pocketbook!!

    93. Barbara Tamargo says:

      The business society needs to lay off people because of the tax hike and that will get rid of Obama in November. If the economy is more than 8.2 percent it would cause Obama to lose the election. It's a drastic step but no more drastic than what Obama is trying to do to the businesses. He wants an entitlement society and that is why he is always taking from the rich and giving it to more people to keep them dependent on him. Time to fight back….hit him where it hurts the most…..the pocketbook!!

    94. SCOTT says:

      Obama and all who believe like you, PLEASE KISS MY DONKEY ON THE SOUTH SIDE. This is about as cordial as you deserve.

    95. tom thurman says:

      What Obama really meant!! If you have a successful business you didn't build it by yourself, but don't forget that i, Barack Obama killed Osama Bin Ladin.

    96. gbuddha2012 says:

      I'm a business owner and I'd like to thank Obama for stating the obvious… no man is an island and we all stand on the shoulders of those before us — just that simple. Even a brilliant guy like Steve jobs would have been running a hotdog stand without his well trained publicly educated employees.

    97. Dan says:

      Why don't we just get rid of all taxes? Then we can be like the third world countries, whose people starve because no one cares about them, and they have dirt roads to walk on to carry their buckets of water miles to their squalid homes way out in the fields. Yes, the Tea Party is right. It REALLY makes sense to pledge never to raise taxes (which OF COURSE is a pledge never to lower them, because who in their right minds would ever lower a tax that can never be raised again??? Oh, I forgot, we do have Tea Party members who would be so stupid.)

    98. rayrmelc123 says:

      I have news for this communist clown. No one helped me start my business. The only problem I had was government interference, and bankruptcies allowed by our government. I employed 13 people for 13 years, and shut it down because I was just tired of dealing with the high taxes, and EPA interference over nothing.

    99. Dr. Henry Sinopoli says:

      Guess what? The 40 or 50% of the welfare state that adores Barry O, believes him…It's class warfare from the president of the community agitators…

    100. rayrmelc123 says:

      I see what happened to all of the green energy companies that were Obama's buddies.
      If that is what happens to people that had help starting their own businesses, no thank you to the communist party.

    101. frank says:

      he is a total disappointment

    102. Kimberly Peacock says:

      Obama is simply saying that no one does it alone.

      That some people are just too darn mentally challenged to see that its a balance issue is frightening.

      America is 9th in standard of living in the world? That is when we have more land and natural resources than almost anybody ahead of us except Canada.

      I am almost certain that Bill Gates supports Obama and the same could be said of the late Steve Jobs, and Wozniak.

      Real Innovators understand what he is saying and agree. There is also agreement that it does take risk, and dedication, and hard work.

      As a business what is your product differentiator? How do you or your customers measure the value you supply to them? Many small busineses only have the brand they have created by providing good service as the differentiator.

    103. james says:

      There's a full septic tank that is ALWAYS overflowing! AKA Obama

    104. Doc Hilliard says:

      One of my college kids pointed out the utter stupidity of Warren, Obama, and other communists by pointing out they by inference are attacking all college students, all students, by implying they did not earn their own grades. How did Obama get through his schooling? did some other person take exams in his stead? Wellllll………

    105. @jfsteele says:

      To all the people who are calling Obama a moron, why don't you actually read the rest of the speech instead letting other people tell you what to think. Because not actually reading the facts is what sounds moronic to me.

    106. Jim Uberti says:

      Who are the taxpayers?? Among others, it's business people.
      Who are Obama's supporters?? Among others, people living off government largesse.
      So what was Obama's purpose in making this speech?? It was another plank in his class warfare campaign to get reelected.
      He KNOWS he won't get the votes of most business people, so what's the risk??
      This is all part of his "us against them" game plan.
      It's as cynical a ploy as I have seen in my 77 years, and it wouldn't be possible without the support of most of the media.
      It is sickening to see what they will and will not report. But in our country, free speech rules. So it's up to all of us to make sure they don't win.(The funny thing is, that if Obama's plan is carried to it's ultimate goal, the media will be the first to suffer.)

    107. Mike says:

      I wrote this before Amy wrote hers, so it's not so much in response as a piece looking for a place to lay down.

      “You Didn’t Build That.”
      “Sure I did, so sod off.”

      President Obama gave a campaign speech in Virginia recently during which he attempted to break the connection between the wealth created by individuals, and governments mandated reinvestments of tax revenues. He urged the crowd to focus on the government’s participation in providing infrastructure and ignore the risk business suffer to create the wealth the government enjoys. What on earth would make him think that was a good idea?

      As a strategy to secure votes for his reelection it has all the depth and insight we have come to expect from Obama. But still, here is a well educated man who one would suppose has the advantage of the very best advisors and speech writers. Yet, when he feels secure and confident, his remarks come off as sophomoric and petulant. Does he think government builds infrastructure and business moves into a sort of lovely and nurturing vacuum as a result?

      A Little History; King George of England had invested quite heavily in establishing colonies in what is today the good ole U.S. of A. In other adventures in which he had participated, and lost, the Kings treasury had been depleted and George needed income, so he turned to the colonies and demanded that they “pay their fair share,” pointing out that “you didn’t build that.” (Sounds familiar doesn’t it)

      As you know the colonists had a difference of opinion on this point and told him to sod off. George became indignant and sent several thousand troops to restore his authority. This irritated the colonists who sought to negotiate a civil treaty in which they would be independent and George would sod off as requested. After some additional persuasion in the form of highly accurate rifle fire, King George forgot his investments and America was established as a place where your freedom to pursue your own dreams at your own risk and to suffer or glory in the result, was up to the individual.

      American history doesn’t get the focus in our schools it once did but still, how a sitting president can be so bone headed as to suggest American business is nothing more than the tail of the dog and is the waggee, not the waggor is beyond my pay grade to understand… but it sure seems vapid. In that far away mystical place called Washington DC, there is a great White House and within that house is a fantastic creation known as “Obamaworld,” It probably makes sense there.

    108. wal0645 says:

      Glad Obama said it and he's looking at the big picture. What he is referring to is you need help to get where you need to go unless you have the resources which the vast majority of people don't. You need some education which for most received a state or federal subsidy grade/high school, then college. You need a loan backed by the federal government, you need workers, people….you don't do it alone. A lot of people posting here need to get into their bibles.

    109. Wayne Peterkin says:

      Obama keeps proving each day that he is a devoted socialist. His solution for everything is bigger government, more federal spending, more confiscation of freedom and wealth taken from private citizens. This speech is only the latest in a long list of speeches and policies that do little except prove beyond any doubt how he despises America and is determined to "fundamentally transform" it to something no real American wants. Hugo Chavez joked that Obama was left of him and Castro, but that is looking less and less like a joke.

    110. Ken says:

      All we have to do to get rid of this moron is VOTE him out. Too easy…

    111. char says:

      This guy has got to go, I'm sure if he gets in again we will see a revolution in this country.

    112. BaStrand says:

      Reid et al are complaining about the USOC uniforms being made in China when at the same time they are selling the soul of America to the Chinese with all their spending in the name of "stimulus." It is okay for Obama-Reid and gang to sell America but a shame for the USOC to purchase Chinese made uniforms. Go figure…

    113. JackSpratt says:

      The number of people who can't seem to comprehend english is a constant amazement.

    114. Black power says:

      Obama monkey doesn't understand hard work. He got into Harvard law school to satisfy harvards need for racial diversity. He is sounding like Chavez these day. he truly sucks!

    115. Dave in Jersey says:

      My first time at this teabag site. I don't see one person that gets the President's point, which was first stated quite effectively by Elizabeth Warren.

      If you have employees, you didn't pay for their education, if fact you were most likely educated in public school. You use the US Mail, highways, street lighting, police, fire, municipal sanitation and road maintenance, sewers, water systems.

      You didn't pay for all of these services in this very complex modern society. So you did have help. Get it?

      Finally, the comments about the President's lack of intellect by some is despicable. But, one must consider the source.

    116. Ryan says:

      OMG. Stunning! Why doesn't Obama realize that I built all of the public roads and highways that connect my small business to everyone else! Unbelievable.

    117. Eco bags says:

      Hi! Just a quick note to let you know that your blog has proven to be of great value to what I am working on right now. Thanks!

    118. bwin says:

      "The private sector is doing fine" – Obama said once.

    119. Ken Carter says:

      A couple of points — Concerning tax increases, why hasn't ANYONE suggested there be a MEANS TEST to determine if an individual making over $250K per year is contributing to economic growth by investing in business expansion, etc. — or is simply a member of the idle rich, living on their inheritance on Christensen yachts in the Mediterranean all summer? Tax increases on the idle rich would be acceptable and not harm the overall economy, but the people involved in business expansion ought to see their taxes REDUCED. This solution would be a workable compromise. Second point — why can't anyone see the Democrats strategy after taking office during the 2008 economic collapse? It's simple. Do NOTHING for four years, let the misery in America continue to fester, blame the Republicans for all of it — and the Democrats will be able to reestablish their stranglehold on America for another 40 years. One look at Harry Reid's inaction in the Senate is irrefutable evidence this strategy has been in place since the beginning of Obama's term.

    120. Art says:

      Okay, here's the quote: "Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business—you didn’t build that."

      Now, assuming we all speak conversational English — what does the word "that" refer to? "Business" or "roads and bridges."?

    121. Oscar Manful says:

      The Barack Obama administration is really worthy of commendation for the new policy on healthcare. Health Insurance, drugs etc are all matters of keen interest, great concern for Americans. The new tax hicks can also signal a shift in policy. Whatever it is or maybe, it should be encouraged, it shows initiative. The fledgling economy can be improved, boosted by it all. However, there is an impending recession inEurope, Spain in particular. A double-dip recession….they call it! We'll see how it affects America.
      Unemployment keeps falling and stuff, we hope for the best!

    122. Florida Jim says:

      Barrack Hussein Obama who has built nothing is telling entrepreneurs what to do, how shameful. this man is a liar and a coward how did he get elected?

    123. Linda E says:

      Pres. Obama is being lambasted in the Conservative media for his remark, 'Look, if you've been successful, you didn't get there on your own. You didn't get there on your own. I'm always struck by people who think, well, it must be because I was just so smart.' Well, from my observations, he's right. One of the lessons from the recent recession is that even if you are really smart and have worked really hard to succeed, if there are major problems in the economy, or in your sector of the economy, you have a good chance of being laid off or not succeeding – through no fault of your own. A healthy, progressive economic infrastructure is a must for smart, hard working people to succeed. It is individualism run-a-muck to think that 'I did it purely on my own.' So, I agree that if you have have succeeded in your business, it's your responsibility to give back. But I don't believe that you have to 'give back' in the form of taxes so that the federal gov't can control more of our lives. You can give your time and money to those in your community, your church, your industry association, and in non-profits. That produces community spirit, a sense of people working together to build a strong community, state, and nation, while just giving taxes to the gov't creates dependency, on many levels.

    124. ACS says:

      The most sickening statement anyone could ever make is :
      " 'If You've Got a Business, You Didn't Build That …"
      Lets answer that:
      If you have a business of your own post it in the comment box and tell us
      if you built it…

    125. james says:

      All I say to all americans,just listen to obama,do not interject interpretations,yours or others,just take wwhat he says literally,and then hold him accountable.

    126. james taylor says:

      Whatever Obama does,he does it with your consent,continue to give him power and he will not need it.Remember what Rev Wright said,you might have elected O,bama,but he was selected before he was elected.Check your premesis,and check his big time supporters

    127. Kenny says:

      This, coming from a man who held an almost real job for 6 months. 70% of this country was built on the backs of small business. What an idiot!!

    128. Steve M says:

      "If you've got a business – you didn't build that, therefore, you don't own it. We all own it."

      I just thought I would complete the thought. This is the obvious implication of Obama's comment. This is what Obama believes. I am surprised that he would admit to this philosophy so blatantly.

    129. S. B. Owner says:

      Not only are business owners responsible for their business success, they are also disproportionately responsible for FUNDING OUR GOVERNMENT!!!

      The top 20% of earners pay approx 70% of all income tax, but that is just the start.

      Business generates local and state sales taxes, collects the taxes and sends them in with no compensation for doing so. They generate and pay Medicare and Social security taxes. Yes I said generate, because with no business, there are no jobs and no taxes being generated collected or sent in.

      Remember this people. THE GOVERNMENT BELONGS TO US. We fund it. When we allow people like BO and Harry to borrow $0.40 of every dollar, they get the impression that they own our government. THEY DON'T.

      I think it is time for our leader to LEAVE TO PURSUE OTHER OPPORTUNITIES as they say in business.

    130. art says:

      is the USA that bad why were we cursed with devil ( the OMEN) obama . GOD must be teaching lesson .

    131. CLB says:

      Obama knows nothing about running a business. He knows nothing about running a country. He knows nothing about America. But he certainly knows how to destroy a country.

    132. faye says:

      Gee—–I didn't know I knew so many dumb people .I can probably name 200 plus businesses who started long before DO showed up. These businesses are scattered across Maine ,NewHampshire ,and Vermont. I'm sure that many of you can think of a few of the larger ones, but I'm referring primarily to the smaller family owned businesses still in the same store their great-great started or on the same farm. This includes my own business, which I started with my own money, and ran with my own money—-never a penny begged or borrowed. When is it time to get that blue uniform with all of the gold trim fitted for HRH .He's determined to shred the Constitution and heaven help us all if he is re-elected. Or better still. Maybe he can pack up all of his buds and trek back to Chicago. This is Chicago politics at its best.

    133. timpclimber says:

      We gave Obungle a limitless credit card to reward and enrich his friends , stood by as he enacted liberty and accountability ending legislation, lied almost every day about something and still 47% of Americans want to reelect him. Are we a nation of stupid sheep? I sincerely hope not. We need to get off our collective butts and help the sheep understand we are headed for the socialist pasture of dead end rocks.

    134. gene anderson says:

      this kind of thinking is foreign to me. the ent. payed there taxes, just like everyone else. a lot of people invested in power generation. the people who built the road where not slave laborers. they were paid the going wage for that area at the time.
      no one worked or works for free. I just don't understand where this is coming from at all

    135. Kim Hartmann says:

      I have a small business….I absolutely did build it!!! I am co-founder and President. I worked the long hours!
      I took the chances! I funded it…not on loans but on savings and retirement!

      Obama said " Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges."
      Well…last I checked the TAXPAYERS paid for those things! So….if we use his reasoning then the TAXPAYERS helped the small business owners…not the government!
      So if we want small business to thrive…STOP SCREWING THE TAX PAYERS!

    136. Paul says:

      in "you didn't build that" the "that" is the roads, bridges, etc. the infrastructure. the "that" is not "the business." I'm 100% against Obama and his failed policies, and have been routinely pointing out the lies coming out of Democrats/liberals against Romney…but here is a prime example of lies coming from the right.

    137. Joe Dev says:

      Wow. The title of this post is a lie. He never said we did not build our businesses. He said we did not build the roads and bridges. Never reading this mal-informed site again. Terribly inaccurate reporting.

      What part of this do you disagree with?

      "If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business. you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen. The Internet didn’t get invented on its own. Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet."

    138. Larry White says:

      What a Travesty…NO! Wait a minute; Obama has come out of the Closet – American Capitalism is Offensive to him. Free Enterprise, Free Markets, Property Rights and Rule of Law are abandoned almost daily now – by President Obama.
      No more guessing; The President and his Czars are Socialist – Marxists.
      There are more than 185 days until our new President Romney is Inaugurated; I believe Obama will do everything he can to continue to"…Fundamentally Transform The United States of America."
      Not since our Civil War have faced so much DANGER. We – A Nation United – must prevail as we did then.

    139. Joe Dev says:

      "It’s a tough time to be a business owner and entrepreneur in America. The President’s plan to raise taxes on earnings above $200,000 ($250,000 for joint filers) would hit 1.2 million small-business employers."

      Oh yeah – I can see it's a real tough time to be a business owner. Earning at least $200,000 must be very tough indeed. It's unbelievable that commentators here say Obama is out of touch when at the same time you thing that getting by on $200,000 is "a tough time". Such as warped and disheartening perspective here.

    140. Of course, don't look for this story anywhere in the media. If Romney made a statement HALF has inflammatory and out of touch as this, it would lead every major news site and paper for at least a week, complete with opposition talking points from every major Obama surrogate.

      But Obama can count on his media allies to cover up his gaffes, so the only people who will even hear about this are the ones who pay attention to conservative media.

    141. 2D Okie says:

      22 years ago I couldn't possibly have qualified for a federal SBA loan. I started a fire & safety equipment business with the help of a friend and very little capital… and a whole lot of sweat and enthusiasm. I'm sure there was a good deal of divine providence as well. The federal govt. has never been more than a poor customer,as in SLOW PAY and not particularly small-business friendly either. Last week I sold that business to another hardcore optimist because I want to pursue my bucket list. Obama has no idea what that effort entailed…and in spite of his education, he wouldn;t have a clue how to start!!!!

    142. What is obvious here is that righties don't hear too well and don't read to well or understand well enough to govern this country as evidenced by the fact that everytime they do it lately, they screw up the country.

    143. Scott Mora says:

      As a small business owner who put it all on the line to, not only build a business after becoming unemployed at the beginning of this recession, but created hundreds of jobs as a result of my efforts and willingness to take that risk,, this is a huge demoralizing slap in the face.
      I will continue to hold my head high and voice my opinion at the polls. I believe in the American People and free market capitalism, both of which will prevail in November.

    144. Chrystal Cottrell says:

      Fox takes another comment out of context. Obama meant that you didn't build your business alone. You had the benefit of being American. Of course it was not easy to get your business going but you just try to do that in another country. And yes, all levels of population and government had a part in making your business possible. If you think otherwise than your an egomaniac and you most likely have a high turnover rate of employees. The fact that the GOP wants to continue to pay corporations to outsource jobs should be alarming. Take Freeport for example, when Bain sends those jobs away, the demand and revenue to small business will be lost. Get your facts straight. If you don't believe me check out the following: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embehttp://rockrivertimes.com/2012/07/17/freeport-cit

    145. pat says:

      On MSNBCs morning joe show the host was irritated that they were even talking about the subject. The president said something but this is what he was really saying. We all know this. I am sure he was reading from a teleprompter so what he said is what he wanted to say or does he not proof read his own talks. Say what you mean and mean what you say. We should not have to listen to either Obomas or Romneys talkes and have to think this is what is sayed but this is what he meant. If he meant something say it that way. You know your speech is going to be picked at so every thing you.

    146. Joe M says:

      Obama wasn't even talking about the businesses. He was referring to roads and part of the American system that was used to build the business. I am amazed at how many people have taken this out of context. I don't like most of what Obama has done. But tell the truth.

    147. Obama's contention that anyone who is making it financially is beholden
      to all of us is scary. It is right in line with Hillary Clinton's
      contention that it takes a community. Growing and maintaining a
      successful, legal business with all the reports, labor regulations, OSHA
      and EPA laws and now health insurance mandates is a statistical miracle.
      And becoming successful in the only three real wealth builders (Mining,
      Farming and Manufacturing) is now tougher than ever! For Obama to think
      that the government is the friend of most successful companies is
      delusional. Our government is a ever growing CANCER which thrives on
      sucking the life's blood from the entrepreneur. There are exceptions .
      Clarence Thomas' Monsanto has all but monopolized our food supply with
      impunity and GE ( Obama's poster child) has avoided Obama's wrath while
      not paying their "FAIR SHARE" of taxes! Obama has yet to realize that you
      can't destroy companies without hurting the little guy who votes.

    148. thinkyoumorons says:

      Out-of-context sensationalism for all the thought-enslaved passers-by to latch on to!

    149. This is interesting. If you read the whole speech, its evident that he was trying to make a very different point and was completely taken out of context. It seems that lately Obama can do no right… critcism is no longer objective and it has turned into a baseless and hostile personal attack. I didn't even vote for the guy, but he IS the president for a little longer. Its ok to have a healthy debate over issues, but these personal attacks from crazy conservatives are just plain disrespecful.

    150. mrs. teta says:


    151. Bryan says:

      Think maybe he was referring to the infrastructure? As in if you have a business and depend on roads and such, you aren't the one who built them?

    152. ben says:

      what a moron. my grandfather, started an RV business over 40 years ago. no one helped him

    153. Nobama2012 says:

      Ever wake up at 4 AM worried about payroll? Small Business owners like me have. I'm enraged that we have a POTUS that is clueless about all the failed socialist experiments.

      November can't come soon enough.

    154. Norma Bobbitt says:

      Obama's remarks re: anyone who has made a success of their businesses did not do it on their own, etc. is downright ignorance. Surely, people do get assistance at times but their determination, their ability to work and think on their own kept them going. SOME people don't expect handouts!! Obama is trying to create a society that is dependent upon the gov't for their livelihood is sick! We have more people that think they deserve $'s from the gov't for doing NOTHING! When I was a kid, we were poor and we lived like we were poor, without the fancy clothes, jewelry, makeup and tattoos!! It is becoming a sick world!

    155. WORKING CLASS says:


    156. Harold C. Sawyer says:

      What's next? "You don't own that"

    157. Nick says:

      He goes on to say, "The point is, is that when we succeed, we succeed because of our individual initiative, but also because we do things together."

      Way to take things out of context and read your own agenda into everything.

    158. Tatersalad says:

      This President is a one term-er. He has never had a job in his life and he is telling me that I didn’t build that. I was a millwright for almost 40 years and built a whole lot of things to make a living.

    159. LB Hagen says:

      Obama: I Really Like Business People
      Obama says he really likes business people and when they’re all driven out of business by his antibusiness administration and “the government” is running everything – he’s really going to miss them too!
      - http://roanokeslant.blogspot.com/2012/07/obama-i-

    160. lamont says:

      All you business owners did not build your businesses. obama did it. but he'll blame bush for it later.

    161. Stan says:

      The people on this site are quite uninformed. Any thinking person realizes that what our President was talking about when he said "you didn't build that" was roads and bridges. No person with any sense or integrity could think otherwise. Thankfully, the majority of Americans are honest,fair minded people .

    162. JFTX says:

      It has taken a couple weeks of the Left's hoped for ,coordinated /overhyped distractions via Gov.Romney – for Obama's words to shed their begnin veneer .His strategy was born of a most calculating ,if not malevolent intent ,to futher deepen racial mistrust. What he meant was that if you are of European ancestry -whatever social,educational or economic standing your family has benefitted ,by / from etc. – such a "windfall"could only have come about as the direct result of the oppression of the non- European ,read: African slave ,or indigenous peoples. That is incitement .He does not deserve ,nor does he intend,to lead us, as one Nation.

    163. red bottoms says:

      Nice weblog right here! Also your site rather a lot up very fast! What web host are you using? Can I get your affiliate link on your host? I desire my site loaded up as fast as yours lol

    164. David says:

      Its amazing to me how unintelligent this country's people are and how easily manipulated. And for you people who don't get it, I am speaking of those of you who allowed this writer to completely misrepresent the meaning and context of Obama's statement. You got all emotional over a headline that was a lie.

    165. Dap says:

      No actually you want to thank the past sixteen years of the bush era, thanks to Bush Sr the economy was screwed
      Clinton had a plan to get us out of debt and it was actually working. Low and behold Bush JR came along and demolished the economy and never found the weapons of Mass destruction lol because there werent any!!!! Made up lies and made up wars. Billions of dollars waisted to capture the wrong guy for 911 but hey he protected his family oil. Republicans fought to keep office just to cover up their mess. The truth came out when President Obama took office so what did they do, blame President Obama. So you really think 4 yrs could fix our economy issues when it was ruined for over 20yrs or more before President Obama.

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