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  • U.N.'s Arms Trade Treaty: "Why on Earth Would We Sign?"

    Opposition to a proposed United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) is growing over concerns about its possible implications for America’s sovereignty and interests.

    As Heritage’s Kim Holmes explains in the Washington Times, the language in the draft circulated at the U.N. this week would harm law-abiding nations like the United States while allowing the true offenders to carry on with their arms trafficking.

    Under the rhetoric of international security and justice, member states of the U.N. are working on a legally binding treaty to regulate the sale or transfer of all kinds of arms, which treaty supporters say contribute to human rights abuses, violence, crime, and terrorism around the world. But the U.N. continued to undermine its credibility and contradict its own intentions by electing Iran to a top post at the treaty conference, even though the Security Council had recently found that Iran had transferred weapons to Syria.

    The draft of the proposed treaty contained criteria for arms transfers based on human rights and regional stability under which, Holmes notes, U.S. adversaries such as Russia could continue to supply arms to anyone while criticizing U.S. arms sales to our allies like Israel or Taiwan. Opponents of the treaty point also to the fact that some U.N. member states now negotiating the treaty are failing to uphold other commitments.

    Heritage senior research fellow Ted Bromund spoke against the proposed treaty at the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty Conference. “It is a fantasy,” he said, “to believe that a universal ATT, backed by nothing more than the words of the treaty itself, will succeed where the Security Council, backed by the authority of Chapter 7 [of the U.N. charter], has failed” to stop illegal arms sales.

    As Holmes concluded, “Why on earth would we sign up to such a thing?”

    Michael C. Cunningham is currently a member of the Young Leaders Program at The Heritage Foundation. For more information on interning at Heritage, please visit http://www.heritage.org/about/departments/ylp.cfm.

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    66 Responses to U.N.'s Arms Trade Treaty: "Why on Earth Would We Sign?"

    1. Bobbie says:

      We wouldn't sign unless we want Americans defenseless from us!

    2. LadyRavenSDC says:

      Time we have a little talk with a few senators —> http://ladyravensaspirincabinet.wordpress.com/sen

    3. Don says:

      its the New World Order calling shots..and the UN is its mouth piece..wake up America…we are racing towards complete socialism….just wait and see…if we lose this election to Obimbo we are finished as a nation…you can see it looming on the horizon

      • bryan says:

        As much as I would've disagreed with you 4yrs ago, today I can honestly say that is the 100% Truth! I do not like Mitt Romney & don't think he would be even close to a half-decent President. But Obama is the absolute wrong decision for this country. Maybe he's ok for the EU but not America!!!

      • Greg says:

        I completely agree with you! However, I also believe that America will plunge into civil war before we out right give up our freedoms. I'm a staunch patriot and believe in my country and freedoms and i know that the sleeping giant would awake if backed into a corner!!!!

    4. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Where have you been on this issue? This destruction of our 2nd amendment has been in the planning stages for some time now thanks to Hillary and Obama. The question asked can be answered in two parts. The first is once Obama and Holder were caught red-handed in the "fast and furious" debacle, this is the back-up plan. Second, it is an age-old fact whenever a dictator takes over any country or nation, what is the first thing that is taken away from the people. GUNS! It's that simple.

    5. Steve says:

      Our president is a socialist, that's why America would sign it.

    6. Sage says:

      That's government policy- make more laws to draw attention away from our failures.

    7. Canadian says:

      Disarming citizen masses all in the name of preventing crime or killing sprees……… whats new.

    8. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      “Why on earth would we sign up to such a thing?”

      To bring us down to size!

      If the Senate ratified it, which would have more weight in court in a challenge you know is coming…this treaty or the 2nd amendment?

      • Chris says:

        The treaty according to Article VI of the constitution would be " the supreme law of the land".

    9. earl says:

      if the united states signs this rediculous piece of bullshit then we should relize that we have a president who wants our constitution trampled on by other countries,the same constitution he took an oath to protect.

    10. Joe Beary says:

      Not NO, but HELL NO, do not sign this treaty. We The Citizens of The United States will not give up our Constitutional Right to bare ARMS.

      • Bare Nekkid says:

        Bear arms, not bare. sheesh.

      • Tom Burrell says:

        Like the old saying: "You will have to pry my gun from my died hands." The government is not going to take away my right to bare arms.

      • Kenny says:

        Where were you clowns when the NRA supported the Patriot Act. Patriot act destroyed the Fourth Amendment. I

    11. DRB2 says:

      They can have my gun after I run out of bullets.

    12. jimyardley says:

      I was relieved when I rechecked my copy of the Constitution that it still requires 67 Senators to agree with whatever nonsense the administration cooks up in conjunction with the United Nations to disarm American citizens.

      I don't see any way around that requirement. And I can't see any Republicans voting in favor of such a treaty and a lot of Democrats from outside the east and left coasts voting against it, as well.

      • Chris Cox of the N.R.A. stated that they already have 58 senators pledging NOT to sign any U.N. arms treaty.

        • kat says:

          According to Dick Morris, that doesn't matter because of some 1960 treaty or something like that.

      • TheRealityTsar says:

        That is what I thought too.

        However, Dick Morris was on the radio explaining that under our acceptance of the Vienna Convention we agree to comply with a treaty we have signed unless the Senate Rejects it or the President renounces or agreement to it.

        For this treaty, what they are going to do is sign it. Harry Reaid will not call it for a vote and Obama will not renounce our agreement with it so they will be required to put the national regiatration requirements of the treaty in place.

        That said, as long as Obama is defeated or the Reps take the Senate we won't ahve a problem, they will do what they have to do to kill this thing. But if Romeny blows it (which I think he is well on the way to doing…) and the Reps don't retake the Senate, we are screwed…..

    13. JOE Camel says:

      The worlds way of trying to put America in the back seat. Electing Iran to a top post (Bahaaa) the UN sanctions and scolds them then says "let's make the a leader of an arms treaty " WTF

    14. America first says:

      Time to get out of the UN and take care of our own problems

    15. Claudia says:


    16. jill says:


    17. Wayne says:

      We should just get out of the UN, kick their office out of the USA and stop giving them money period. The USA gives the most money of any nation to them and why? They are no good to anyone except themselves.

      Lord, make me fast and accurate
      let my aim be true and my hand faster than those who would seek to destroy me
      grant me victory over my foes and those that wish to do harm to me and mine
      let not my last thought be if I only had my gun;
      and lord if today is truly the day that you call me home,

    18. yuriy says:

      Get the UN of the US soil, let them go somewhere else along with there crap!!!!

    19. jjcasper0118 says:

      Impeach Bama and file charges of terrorism against both Hilly and Bama. Seems like they're trying to end our freedom and rights.The Constitution stands for America. We the people have not voted to ratify nor change our Constitution.

    20. Steve says:

      I will not give up my 2nd amendment right . Give me liberty or give me death as my forfathers of this nation said!

    21. Don says:

      I am not in favor of the ATT, and as an American, who believes in the Bill of Rights, I would not obey. I would not surrender my guns and fight those who would take them from me. It's Lexington-and-Concord all over again, but, unfortunately, it's our own governemnt and not the British army.
      I would regard any person who favors such a treaty to be a traitor to the Constitution, and that includes Obozo in the White House. I think he should be impeached for violating his oath!!!

      • Say Whut says:

        What was it that made you believe that the treaty had any impact on internal US gun laws?

        It solely addresses international weapons exports. Or did you not realize that before you posted?

        • 16incollege says:

          They are FORCIBLY taking the weapons out of people's homes! Or did YOU not realize that before you posted? This treaty should not be passed. I know I'm too young to vote, but I'm scared as hell. If keeping that treaty from being signed means not re electing Obama, then so be it. I'm not letting someone invade my privacy and destroy my home for weapons we don't have, and mindlessly killing my friends and ones I love for the weapons they won't give up.

    22. Oklahom says:

      We don't need to be giving the United Nations this power over us. I for one would stand up for my constitutional right to bare arms. I vote a big NO to the United Nations.

    23. RWT says:

      Unfortunately these people, the communists, Obama and his administration, don't care what any of us think. This is a power grab and they will do it no matter what Americans think. They will take control of our guns and by doing so they will take control of every aspect of our lives. They have been working on this for decades and will stop at nothing to achieve this.

    24. usmc # 1 says:

      we need to drop out of un and kick them off us soil forever

    25. PatriotsBlood says:

      Every patriot here needs to contact their representatives and let them know where you stand on the issues.and let them know if they vote in favor of usurping our constitution that you will vote them out of office
      and also expose their names to multiple forums and others for others to vote them out as well.Also try to contact at least 5 others per week to get the message out and to join the NRA.We need to be all in these next few months .Which means not just talking on these forums.talking times are about over .We need to be progressive and act .and if every patriot can be proactive we can take this country back.Give em hell.

    26. Ed says:

      I am not in favor of the ATT, and as an American USAF veteran, who served 4 years of my life for this country protecting the Constitution of the United States, and the Bill of Rights. I as an American veteran would not be able to obey and surrender my gun or stand quietly if the UN or the government tried to take my gun. It would be like Lexington and Concord all over again. To much government and not enough freedoms for us. Obama took an Oath as president , to protect and defend the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. He is stealing our rights as American citizens for his own treasonus reasons. He is a socialist and a dictator to the American people.

    27. Angry Patriot says:

      And the UN HQ shall bun to the ground. Hooah!

    28. David King ESQ. says:

      If the US signs the treaty then we are playing into the hands of the terrorists! The world is scared to death of the US Minuteman population!!! I for one will never give up my Weapon!!!!

    29. Anthony says:

      I am an avid gun rights advocate. If the UN thinks the US citizens are going to give up their second amendment rights are just crazy. If they try to pass a law requireing people to give up their guns, you will see a new civil war start up. People like myself WILL NOT GIVE UP OUR GUNS OR OUR RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS. I for one would rather die than give up my rights, my way to provide food for myself durring hunting season, and protecting myself from criminals. They are just out to make us docile drones without anyway to protect ourselvs from criminals and crazies like James Holmes. If there were someone there who did have thier handgun leagaly with a concield carry licsence, less people could have been hurt or killed.

    30. Ed Miller says:

      The 2nd Amendment is a limitation against Congress whom are supposed to make our laws. No Treaty can abrogate the Constitution or Bill of Rights. Senators are selected by the State (not really the people). Look up your State Constitution and Bill of Rights. If your State has a Right of the People to defend their Rights and Liberties of bearing arms, then, if your Senator votes for this, he has committed an Act of Treason and Aggression against the State and the People. Send emails and letters showing them the errors in voting against our Unalienable Rights. If they do vote for it. Try them in State Court as Traitors to the Constitution and Bill of Rights of your State.

    31. bye bye america says:

      Haven't you all figured it out yet? It's over. The US simply doesn't have the economic power any more to project its will on the rest of the world. Get over it.

      • Elmer says:

        Get over it my ass, its wimps like you that have let this bunch of idiot run this country into the ground. Get US out of the UN should be the cry! this country is far from dead and that will be more obvious as this plays out. Make your phone calls to your representatives and carpet bomb the hell out of them. tie up their phones for the whole day with calls, burn up their fax machines with faxes, overload there computers with emails. Let them know we are out here and we the people are coming.

    32. Nancy Oakley says:

      The U.N. is not about peace. It is about control. They want to control us, our property, our food, our water, and now our guns. Time to evict the control-freak tennant in New York City.

    33. Danielle D. says:

      1) We have the right to keep and bear arms
      2) When i run out of shells, you can take my shotgun.
      3) The gun is only as deadly as its user.

    34. Danielle D. says:

      1) We have the right to keep and bear arms
      2) This would only start a war or something similar.
      3) The gun is only as evil as the person behind it.

    35. FedUp says:

      All I got to say to Obama is COME GETSOME.

    36. oliver Genn says:

      Why in hell do we have assult rifles out there???? I don't understand that whatsoever. You people push for guns constantly with all the NRA funds behind you….I'm not a hunter, but that's up to those people…let them hunt…do they need assult rifles to do that???? They just need an ordinary rifle…right? Get over all this stuff that "we have a right to bare arms…you're going back to 1776….years and years prior..this is 2012….let's be realistic….we are know over the world as the most dangerous country in the world…isn't that a wonderful title? Crazy…just plain crazy. We are not defending our country from Gr. Britain as history tells us….Wake up all you "gun crazy idiots." Sidney521@aol.com

      • Elmer says:

        Why shouldn't we have assault rifles out there? It is a right that is guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights. It doesn't say anything about what type of arms we have or cannot bear, just that we have the right to bear arms. Look at it this way why do you need a vehicle that will go 120 mph on a 65 mph hiway. Because, this is America and we want one and we can have one. Even in California, tho crippled it may be, the rifle not the car. Don't mess with a Californians car!
        Unless you live in a cave under a stump in Central Park you should know that AR15s are todays "ordinary rifles" and are used for all kinds of sports, including hunting.
        I would like to address the fact that the rest of the world thinks we are the most dangerous of countries, GOOD! I like that, it will keep them at home and out of my back yard where they may get hurt.

    37. Guest says:

      Let them sign it. Let the senate ratify it. If the treaty requires registration or confiscation let them TRY to enforce it. This nation is so divided and polarized (thanks to the media and scum politicians) that any attempt to do so would, imo, ignite the domestic conflict that is coming anyway. This will only accelerate the process.

    38. Gee says:

      Good luck to all, but Obama will sign it.. it is just in his nature.

    39. What can the UN really do if we do not comply? Pull US funding… oh wait, the US is the main contributor to the UN. I for one, as many of you on this, have served my country, OUR country, and swore to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America from enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC… the funny thing about that oath… there isn't an expiration date… I still intend to uphold my oath!

    40. tejano says:

      well all am saying if the God bless united sates of america, signs this nonsense treaty.
      here in Texas we will have to take some action,
      no way they will take our right to protect our selves.

    41. elmer says:

      this site says post your comments to express your opinion. what they mean is if it gets by our censors it will get posted. so much for free speech. i posted 2 comments neither of them made it. makes you wonder.

    42. Renee says:

      Hilary C is pushing for this and I say she is a complete idiot with no respect for our forefathers!

    43. Hilary C is pushing for this and I say she is a complete idiot with no respect for our forefathers!

    44. No such think as free speech here. This page is a waste of time.

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