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  • Morning Bell: Obama's Tax Hike on Job Creators

    “The last thing you want to do is to raise taxes in the middle of a recession, because that would just suck up—take more demand out of the economy and put businesses in a further hole.”

    That was President Obama in 2009, trying to reassure Americans that he was going to wait until after the recession to raise taxes. Yesterday, he began pushing again for higher taxes on the “wealthy“—which would actually hit 1.2 million of the country’s most successful job creators.

    As if the Obamacare tax hike and the rest of Taxmageddon weren’t enough.

    The tax increase du jour is a recycled one: The President’s long-held plan to raise taxes on incomes over $200,000 ($250,000 for families). Interestingly, President Obama is to the left of his liberal allies in Congress such as Senator Charles Schumer (D–NY) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D–CA) on the definition of the “rich.” Schumer and Pelosi set the mark at as those making more than $1 million annually. That is five times higher than President Obama’s $200,000 mark. Apparently even they recognize the President’s plan would be too punitive on job creators (although they are still willing to stick it to the most successful job creators for the sake of class warfare).

    This misguided plan would hurt Americans at all income levels, because it would slow job creation.

    As Heritage’s Curtis Dubay explains in new research, the President’s tax increase would fall heavily on important job-creating businesses that pay their taxes through the individual income tax, known as flow-through businesses.

    There has been considerable debate about whether flow-through businesses that pay the higher rates are job creators. A report from Obama’s own Treasury Department, however, provides data that settle the point conclusively. For the first time, this report breaks out the number of flow-through businesses that have employees.

    According to the Treasury study, 4.3 million of these small businesses employed workers in 2007 (the most recent year for which data are available). The Treasury report shows that 1.2 million, or 28 percent, of them earned more than $200,000—the income threshold over which President Obama’s tax increase would apply. More importantly for job creation, those 28 percent of businesses earned almost all—91 percent—of the income earned by flow-through employer-businesses.

    Yet, yesterday the President said “this isn’t about taxing job creators, this is about helping job creators.” Not exactly, Dubay says:

    By pinpointing his tax increase on incomes over $200,000, Obama has maximized the detrimental impact that his tax increase would have on job creation. A higher tax bill would deprive the most successful flow-through employer-businesses of resources they would otherwise invest back into their businesses—and into hiring new employees.

    President Obama often states that his plan would raise taxes only on “the rich” to force them to pay their “fair share.” But less job creation as a result of this tax increase would make it harder for unemployed Americans at all income levels to find new jobs. Most Americans would find those diminished opportunities anything but fair.

    The list of prominent economists and influencers calling for Congress and President Obama to stop Taxmageddon now has been growing longer by the day, but the President and his allies had been perfectly content to continue to allow Taxmageddon to weigh on the economy and then deal with it in some fashion in the lame duck period after the November election. He was reluctantly drawn into the debate now—not because he is trying to lead on the nation’s most important economic policy issue, stopping Taxmageddon, but because of recent dismal economic data capped off by the June jobs report.

    As the President often does, he seems to be trying to distract people from the bad economic news that reflects poorly on his policies. Instead of leading, the President is reacting.

    And he’s reacting with recycled rhetoric. The President has pushed for this tax increase ever since he started running for President back in 2007. It is old hat by now, and since he has failed to get it through Congress for three and a half years running, the proposal has nearly zero chance of prevailing now. Yet he continues pushing this unpopular, economically damaging tax increase even as the economy continues to languish.

    The best thing the President and Congress can do for the economy is to stop Taxmageddon. Click here to see how Taxmageddon would impact you.

    Quick Hits:

    • U.S. officials released the names of four suspects yesterday in the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, who was killed with a gun linked to the Fast and Furious gun-walking scandal. It was also revealed that Agent Terry was forced to defend himself with bean bags, rather than bullets.
    • 83 percent of American physicians “have considered leaving their practices over President Barack Obama’s health care reform law, according to a survey released by the Doctor Patient Medical Association.”
    • The House Rules Committee began proceedings yesterday to move toward a vote on full repeal of Obamacare, which could occur as soon as tomorrow.
    • The D.C. city council is trying to block competitive, lower-cost car services like Uber from competing with taxis in the District.
    • Heritage has revamped its Spanish-language website, Heritage Libertad. Check it out and share it with your Spanish-speaking friends.
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    62 Responses to Morning Bell: Obama's Tax Hike on Job Creators

    1. glynnda says:

      Heritage, once again you are stating the obvious…..however I'm in disagreement with you on one point. You are assuming that the lefties i.e. Pelosi and Reed are in disagreement with the president because they are concerned with overtaxing people. They are in disagreement because they know their party is in trouble and they must distance themselves from Obama and his policies. Do they really think the same way he does, of course they do, and you can bet those same lefties are going to take every tax dodge possible to keep their income under that magic million dollar threshhold……..

    2. Prudence says:

      As the current tax bill is law signed by B.H. Obama so he is now politicking against his own law. Is this too much for the elites, quasi-intellectuals, academics, business bureaucrats and the people at large to grasp?

      • Rational says:

        He is logically seeing that his law lowering the taxes on "job creators" did not result in them creating jobs, only making themselves better off at the expense of the economy.

        • Bobbie says:

          oops, you meant "only making government better off at the expense of the economy." right? right!

    3. undunder says:

      I find it interesting that obama's magic number to divide the wealthy from the non-wealthy is set at $200K – aren't congressional and senate salaries below that magic number? Plus, if he truly wants to tax the wealthy (and I disagree with this as well) would he not tax the actual wealthy if he taxes net worth rather than just income wealth. Oh, wait, that would ensnare too many politicians and donors and celebrity buddies..what a pity that would be. Pelosi with her billions might get taxed on her billions and that, too, would be such a pity. Taxing the way obama intends to tax is egregious, unfair, and counterproductive – repeatedly the American economy has put more money into government coffers when taxes are lower. To use taxation as a way to punish one group of citizens for doing better than another group of citizens, is not helpful. Doesn't the tax code say that all Americans should be taxes the same? Or has CJ Roberts redefined that as well? It appears that America would be better served by a leader who fought to close loopholes, limit income protection tools that most Americans can't even afford to use, and fought for a more prudent federal spending policy. A limitless credit card, which obama seems to think he has, is addicting to a guy with no economic sense. Reminds me of a drunk in a party with an open bar. No self control.

    4. I believe BHO has lost what is left of his rapidly deteriorating mind. Perhaps he, like so many megalomaniacs, has reached the outer limits and is imploding. As good and compassionate Americans we must allow this poor soul his long deserved rest. Let us do our civic duty and relieve him of his burdens. He should return to the country of his birth, whereever that may be and spend time reminiscing on the destruction he has brought upon innocent folks who 4 years ago replaced their thinking minds with the goal of "giving the man a chance". This is a testimony for folks who thought that way. No good deed goes unpunished.

      • Brentha says:

        I think you said it just right, Annemarie. Let's give him a Very Long Rest…altho., he will still get paid just for "playing Prez."…and he certainly want hurt for anything. With his tax ideas, I doubt he will be considered to be in the "Rich" Class.

    5. William Patrick says:

      If I had stayed in business as a financial services agent/manager, instead of entering the non-profit service of education, I would be earning over $200,000 a year now. I would also have been employing three or four people. With this tax increase dangling over my head, I would certainly be thinking twice about hiring anyone else, and might even be looking at downsizing in order to keep even. Why? Because when you work with high-earning people, they expect you to belong to all the "right clubs" and visibly serve on charitable boards and organizations, and drive a late model car. All things I gladly gave up to be of service to the needy. Do you get it? Clearly Obama does not.

    6. Dr. Henry Sinopoli says:

      Heritage is doing all it can to get news out of the worst of Obama's diabolical strategy to transform our country into a socialist state. Unfortunately the 40 or 50% of the welfare state, don't read, could care less about opportunities, enjoy having cigarettes, large TV, access to alcohol and illegal drugs and the time to enjoy them all. They are fat & happy…why change.

      I am going to vote for Romney and pray that he wins, but he must realize he is up against Chicago thugs. This is the Al Copone of Presidents. If Romney wants to have a chance against these thugs, he had better take off the gloves and go for the political jugular. He needs to dispatch them like he did his rivals for the nomination. It may be the economy but it's more about Barry Obama…Romney needs to 'out' him.

      • Brentha says:

        I too, will be voting for Romney…I sure don't think our Great Nation can stand another 4 yrs. of Obama and his spending sprees. His failed Solar Panel Companies. His horrible Economic Ideas, that he keeps repeating over and over. He, in my opinion, has been one of the Worst Presidents we've ever had.
        He's Promised so many supposedly "good things" before he was elected and then after his election, he has Completely Changed and lied to the American People. I can't wait til November!

    7. toledofan says:

      The sad part of all of this is that it's hard to comprehend that a President of the United States would, actually, want to do what Obama is doing; destroying the economy to implement a failed socialist ideology. There is no doubt that the only way to change direction is to change the Commander and from now until Novermber it's going to be quite pathetic to watch and listen to the lies, falsehoods and just plain old b.s.

    8. Don says:

      what i cant understand is like with the healthcare tax and governments control of our medical choices if this plan is so GOOD how come the politicians are not held to the same standard…why do they get "caddillac' health care again at the tax payers expense….so we pay for those who dont have health care and we pay for those chosen ones whom dont have to pay and get the best of care…..i wonder if the Obama family uses dads new healthcare program???—his whole challenge is to bring America to its end…taxation without representation is in full swing in America…politicians penalize achievment…outside of their own of course….succsess just means governments opportunity to tax you more…want more people able to afford health care create more jobs you nitwits….that simple….the biggest mistake in American history took place on Jan-08—lets correct it in 2012

      • Joe says:

        Don, read the bill. The congress can only receive the plans set up. They, like me, are free to buy better/more insurance out of their pockets.

    9. Topdog59 says:

      if this tax increase is passed i wonder if the rich politicians in Washington will find a way to exempt themselves from having to pay it. they have exempted themselves from every other stupid law they have passed.

    10. Mr. Obama is consistent. Once again, he plays the same old song of class warfare. I am getting pretty tired of hearing it. Actually, I keep getting embarrassed that my President has such a small and myopic mind. I am beginning to feel sorry for Mr. Obama.

      • wolff bachner says:

        he doesn't deserve any sympathy. obama deserves to be run out of town on a rail.

      • wayne says:

        Hay Angel what world are you living in . The so called job creators have had tax cut for 10 years now where are the jobs…..

    11. Paul Terry Stone says:

      By proposing this policy, either Obama is ignorant or is trying to purposely destroy the country and I think it's the latter.

    12. Average Joe says:

      Why isn't there a mass movement for Obama's impeachment?

      • Juan Martinez says:

        Joe, the reason is simple: there exist no grounds for impeachment. There will be an election in 4 months, though, and the voters in the 6 or 7 swing states will get to decide if Obama is re-elected. An impeachment would actually take considerably longer, and would be an embarassment for those seeking it.

      • lana says:

        caz last person that wanted to go against obama was put in prison…and yet we have freedom of speech.

      • alexander Ilnyckyj says:

        I'll tell you why, It's because the Republican Leadership is yella.A big yellow stripe down the backs of the so called speaker and his team of cowards. They sure no how to lay on the B.S. to make you feel good, but, no action.

      • Brentha says:

        Hummm, I wonder the same thing.? And others with him.

    13. cnfsdamcitizen says:

      According to Wikipedia, the definition of the American Dream is:

      “ A national ethos of the United States’ a set of ideals in which freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and success, and an upward social mobility achieved through hard work. In the definition of the American Dream, by James Truslow Adams in 1931, ‘life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement’ regardless of social class or circumstances of birth.
      The idea of the American Dream is rooted in the United States Declaration of Independence which proclaims that “all men are created equal” and that they are “endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights” including “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

      How does Obama’s ideals change that? Yesterday Obama said that he would extend the Bush tax cuts only for those that earn less than $250,000 a year. With Obama’s promise to veto anything else, a person who sets out to do what it takes to achieve the American Dream, with his own blood, sweat and tears, can only expect to be penalized for accomplishing it! Are WeThePeople so altruistic that we would sacrifice our family time, our recreational time, and those things that actually make life worth living in order to provide for those that don’t set out to do anything of the sort?

      The book The 5000 Year Leap, tells the story of how British funds were given to a group of migrants in order to set up a socialistic society in America. The problem was when that society was establishing itself, the situation arose that all things being equally distributed, that one neighbor would rise early to do his fair share toward contributing while another might decide it too grueling to do so. With this being a relatively small community of establishers, it became evident that those that were doing their fair share and those that weren’t were going to share starvation rather than share the bounty that could be.
      If it weren’t for the leadership that saw the potential threat and thwarted it by portioning a plot of land to each family and making that family responsible for its own success or failure, we would not be here to find ourselves in the same position now, how be it on a greater scale, as they were faced with then. By setting up a system whereby each neighbor was held accountable to themselves for themselves was ‘society’ being cruel as Obama and HarryPelosi would like you to believe? History shows to the contrary. ( A side question to this story might be, what was in it for those that financed this socialistic endeavor?)
      Given the freedom (and responsibility) to achieve the American Dream for themselves and their posterity, America’s successes have not only brought prosperity to themselves, but lead to the greatest innovations in the shortest amount of time that the world has ever known, benefiting all mankind.
      Obama, and other ‘progressives’ talk about moving us forward, but are attempting instead, to take us back to the time when our founders had to make the decision to allow citizens to succeed or fail according to their own will. The saying that a rising tide raises all boats has been used a lot lately. The same could be said about a tide that doesn’t rise, but recedes. Are we going to be lead back to a time where innovation is halted and starvation the norm?
      And what about the American Dream?
      I would be willing to bet that the same ‘middle class’ that Obama is trying to speak to is wise enough to understand that the measures that he is taking in essence can kill their own dreams by setting forth measures that would redistribute the outcome of any effort and sacrifice in the same way that it seeks to punish those that have achieved a greater measure of their American Dream already?
      What Obama is saying is that those that pursue the American Dream somehow earn the right to have the proceeds of their efforts confiscated and redistributed to those that feel that they are owed the same portion of the American Dream that others earn simply by existing.
      Just like those at Plymouth Rock, we will starve together, or we will prosper together according to the freedoms we are given to seek our individual American Dream.
      ….or are we going to allow the Obamanation to kill it?

      • Jeanne Stotler says:

        Those at Plymouth are my ancestors as are the Munro's who were sent here by Cromwell, they survived as we did during the depresion and WWII by hard work, determination, and love for our country. We have a generation now that only know how to extend their hand, and it's our fault, Some of us did not insist our kidswork forwhat they wanted (not me, my kids had jobs) I did home nursing in Miami and I heard a lot of tales about how gron kids did not see their elderly parents, when I asked what they asked of their kids, when they were growng up, the answer was the same, "Nothing, wegave them everything we could" At Plymouth, James Town and during the depression and the rationing of WWII, we all worked, colonial days if you didn't work you didn't eat, exception, sick and elderly. Now we arreaping ffrom the sins ofthose who taught taking better ta giving, where I believe, giving is the best.

    14. Juan Martinez says:

      Here's more of the same mythology from HF. The data does not support your claims. To make it simple: Bill Clinton raised income taxes for all americans, and in his eight years as president our nation added 22 million jobs and our federal budget went from deficit to surplus. The next president, George Bush, cut taxes dramatically for all americans, but especially for the "unearned income" available to the investor class, and in eight years the nation gained zero jobs, but was hemorrhaging jobs as he flew his helicopter from the white house three and a half years ago. You just know, whenever anyone starts the conversation with the fake term "job creators", a torrent of lies and misinformation is about to follow. Ms. Payne, and Heritage, I know you folks can do a lot better than this.

      • stephen says:

        Thanks Juan,
        It was my hope that I could read at lease one logical and reasonable response, Your it!

      • Bobbie says:

        well, aren't you both a little jerky! Clinton had a republican administration, BUSH HAD A MAJOR ATTACK AND A DEMOCRATIC ADMINISTRATION WHEN HE WAS AT HIS WORST! to be inconsiderate to all facts available is to be totally ignorant! It might be a good thing you two found each other…

        • lana says:

          bush wanted war thats why he was so calm and kept reading stories to kids when twin towers fell. bush did nothing for this country but put it in debt just so he can stuff his pockets with money as much as he could before he would never return to office. bush and obama are by far the worse people that happened to america.

      • Hayden Phillips says:

        Your "data" doesn't support your claim either by stating "in eight years the nation gained zero jobs" when in fact there was a net 6 million jobs created under Bush administration. Just look it up in the Bureau of Labor Statistics… and that was after absorbing the dot com bust. Jobs were created under Clinton in spite of it all because of the technology explosion. Who started that? Private "job creators", and that isn't a fake term, as you claim, because as a partner in a design firm, we're always looking to grow. I'm so sick and tired of the anti-business rhetoric from those who have no idea what it takes to run a business and try to make a profit so that our employees benefit from profit sharing.

    15. F.D. O'Toole says:

      Both Obama and Demorcratic Minority Whip Hoyer know that raising the taxes on the "rich" will not bring in enough money to float the fiscal boat for a week. (Hoyer said yesterday that keeping the present rates for households making less than $250,000 was OK for 2013 but that cutofff would have to be revisited later). Both these guys know that raising taxes on the "rich" will depress both investment and jobs. Look at today's dismal Small Business Report out of NFIB or last week's jobs report. These guys don't care. Their only objective is to win re-election and this class warfare debate distracts voters from what they can see with their own eyes in terms of Obama's performance and the economy. But the handwriting is on the wall. If they are reelected, they will sock the middle class with a huge tax increase, mainly because they have to. That's where the money is.

    16. JoAnne says:

      And if anyone in this adminstration or this Congress were honestly concerned about 'everyone paying their FAIR SHARE, then the tax rate would be the same across the board, and there would be NO 50% or 48%, or whatever the number is that pay NO TAXES…and no % of people who actually pay NO TAXES and then get back some form of income via TAX CREDITS for this that or the other! There is NOTHING fair about taking hard earned money from one person, to give it to another who earns nothing!! And I am NOT in the high income bracket, but a 68 yr old woman surviving on Social security alone, after almost all our retirement was lost in this and the previous 2 recessions. And, furthermore, I don't consider myself on government handouts because I get social security and medicare, because I paid into those programs for most of my working years…and I had the opportunity to keep that money and invest it on my own, my husband and I would be in much better shape today!!

    17. jrmbasso says:

      This Obama proposal to allow tax rate reductions to expire for those who make over $250K is simply a way of saying to the voters who hate those who they think of as rich, I am one of you.

    18. victorbarney says:


    19. stephen says:

      Everyone in America should know that we need to raise revenues for all the Bush policies and the continuation of those policies by Obama.
      It's not Rocket science, it's just plain math and as long as we keep this name calling and acting like the math does not work we're all on a boat to nowhere.
      So will the adults please stand up, do the math, create a plan to pay what we have squandered and let's carry on!

    20. DMJ says:

      We are not in a recession. We are in a depression. People are just too hesitant to say so. If there can be a Great Depression, there can be smaller depressions. A good gauge of the health of an economy is the unemployment rate. When Obama took office, the unemployment rate was 7.8%. Just a month later, it rose to 8.3%, coincidentally, when the first stimulus package was passed. Obama said that if his stimulus package wasn't passed, the unemployment rate would cap at 8%. It went higher, much higher at 10%, and that is a conservative estimate. Unemployment rates only include those taking unemployment benefits. It does not include those whose unemployment benefits ran out, those who took jobs with much lower pay than they previously had, those who are underemployed or working part-time, or those that just quit looking and are living only on one paycheck instead of two.
      During the Great Depression, the unemployment rate was 24.9%. Right now, the real unemployment rate is not the reported 8.2%; it is closer to 15 to 18%.

    21. william Childress says:

      those states and unions that have been given waivers, does that mean that they don't have to implement obama care?

    22. dodger says:

      The "Liar-In-Chief" knows exactly what he is doing. His goal is to wreak as much destruction as possible in the shortest time possible on our great country. He knows the time he has to accomplish his goal of bringing America to its knees is limited (hopefully to about 6 more months). Be prepared for many more disastrous actions, probably E.O.s, in the coming months…and beware the "October Surprise", which will probably be a trumped up incident to be used as an excuse to go to war with Iran.

    23. Bobbie says:

      America is in a controlled government stranglehold. Obama calls the "old policies" unworkable when he hasn't ever taken part. The "old policies" do work but it's obama's excuse and attempt to fool the masses. The "old policies" held accountabilities Obama doesn't hold himself to and eliminating at tax payers expense! The "old policies" showed a stronger workforce and a stronger people who didn't weaken to the need of government where Obama has moved himself in at extra, unnecessary, corruptible high costs.

      • Jeanne Stotler says:

        He says they don't work, because he wants us to fail and become like other communist countries and him as President for life.

    24. Casey Carlton says:

      Is there even a fine line of difference between Emperor Obama and a rabid dog?

    25. jaime Calva says:

      I do not understand why a union that provides the service of negotiating compensation and benefits is deemed a non profit organization whereas, for example, an accounting firm providing accounting services is a tax paying entity. The major unions allegedly donated 400 million dollars to PACS. I thought the President wants everyone to pay their fair share.

    26. Kupe says:

      The "Job Creators" have had their big tax break for several years running and it's done nothing to help unemployment. Sounds like they're not creating many jobs after all. Times up – Job Creators start paying your taxes again!

    27. Brian says:

      Trickle down reaganomics does not work! The "job creators" profits are at record highs.They are just sitting on the profits and not creating any jobs. Business as usual governing is NOT working!

    28. lana says:

      i just think Obama need to go and never in his life find his way back to American government. if there would be no stupid war that no one needs or wants except him then we wouldn't be this economic hole that we are. there would be no need to raise taxes on rich people or double subsidized loans for college students. Whole country would thrive but no dumb idiots come to office and one after another ruin this country which so many people put so much effort into building it. everyone made fun of clinton for being a bad president but lets face it our country was so much better in every aspect than its been in the last 12 years. just hope that people realize what an idiot this man is and that America deserves so much better.

    29. Jeanne Stotler says:

      Today a person renting a 1 BR apt. in this area (D.C.) needs to make $72,800 a year, according to statistics, that is $1400 a week the other $4200, would be for utilities, food, clothing etc. This is how bad things are, in 1950 you could rent a brand new apt. in the Seven Corner area of Virginia, suburbs of D.C. for 69.00 a month incl utilities except A/c , you paid extra if you had a unit in the window. In 1954, we bought a 3 bedroom house for $12,000, in 1963 we bought a larger, old house for $24,000 , we had oil heat and our year bill was $300, food for us, a family of 8 was about $25.00 a week. a new car (chevy impala wagn) 11,000, today a new car about $44,000, mortgage payments on average over $2,000 amonth, one month of heat in coldest months over $400 and grocerites for the 5 of us over $300 a week, arewe better off, NO WAY, Oh yes my husbands take home as 2nd in senority at the Bus co. (Before Metro) was $85.00 a week and we had it good.

    30. dam1953 says:

      The Republicans need to call Obama's bluff. Make it clear that conservatives will follow his lead while serving in the Illinois legislature by voting "present". Then Nancy, Harry and Obama can go into the fall election with the tax albatross hanging around their necks.

    31. RennyG says:

      Hey, you are barking up the wrong tree. He is buying votes. Anyone under the guide line amount are union people and government employees. The others probably don't pay taxes anyway. Also, there are other things attached to this "sale job" which I am not sure as to what!!!! Republicians, I say leave it all as status quoe or nothing. Let the chips fall. Don't let this guy walk over you. Thank you freshmen!!

    32. Andrea Hall says:

      This article is false. The rich need to be taxed, and they are not all job creators. You should do your research instead of adding your opinions. Job creators in this country are few and far between and they are getting fewer, and they still receive benefits for shipping jobs overseas which is hurting our economy. This is what needs to be corrected in the tax codes. It would be a simple remedy. Small businesses up to 75% are ma and pa shops run by two or less peoples, so they don't hire, and they can't effort health benefits until the fees for insurance drop off. This would not happen under a GOP administration, but it will happen with Obama. The rich will pay their fare share or leave this country.. MOve to China.. See how first hand they abuse their labor force and their own… Don't think for one minute that most Americans don't know this, either. they do and they will vote accordingly…. Fair is Fair..

      • Joseph McKennan says:

        I feel SO SORRY for you. Your talking points are straight from Marx"s mouth. Small business is doomed as I write this. Where I live, 20-25 % of the office buildings that mom and pop used are EMPTY…….
        They weren't five years ago.

      • sveta says:

        if taxes are raised even more companies will leave america to cheaper places to run their business and thrive. i agree everyone needs to pay their share but lets face it it will never be fair and if the taxes are raised rich people will still be rich and it wont hurt them as much as it will the middle class because they would be the ones loosing jobs not rich people.

    33. Jeanne Stotler says:

      part 2, When we were woking in 1972, we didn't have the Goverment running our lives, we had take home pay combined about $150.00 aweek, our groceries were about 25.00 a week, we sent our kids to Parochial school, paid for routine medical care out od pocket, Medical Insurance was fo hospital care and emergencies. When husband had heart attack in April of 1972 his total bill from the ER to discharge( 1 week) was less than $1,000, I stil have the itemized statement, we paid $5.00 for the phone. Gas was less tha $1.00 a gallon, I could send the kids to Sat. matenee for a meer quarter, popcorn was 15 cents. We had it a lot better as we worked for what we had and enjoyed our rewards.

    34. Joseph McKennan says:

      I read something yesterday that BHO was in favor of extending the Bush tax cuts to the middle class for one more year. This was stated so he could get reelected then when he takes his oath of office in January he only needs to wait 6-7 months to get it ALL. If Pelosi etal are starting to get scared it is their own damn fault. Now they have to pass a new law saying that legislators are exempt from the raise in taxes.. kind of like being exempt from the ban on insider trading for legislators that she and Boehner are so fond of. Where is the surprise in that? Crucify the rich but exempt the liberal rich. What else is new?

    35. alexander Ilnyckyj says:

      I would like to know why dose it take so long for a post to be seen. I feel no need to write since it's not going to be printed.

    36. sveta says:

      all this is wonderful talk but in reality our government is as corrupt as in any other country only here its all hidden. if you wan to know more read a book called En Route to Globalization. This book will open your eyes to all the thing we don't know and don't see that are going on in our country our government. It's not only our country its the world everyone in the same situation at different levels. But I agree Obama is a no good president.

    37. josie martinez says:

      Obama accting extremely diabolically. he do not care what American like it or not he not lesten, his intention is to destroying every good thing we have in our country medical care, jobs. peace freedom, he is pushing hard his agenda, he try to get all the riches for himself then run to Africa . With all his allies and all his friends and family very disrespctful and haughtiness

    38. Glen says:

      It's pretty obvious, that Obama wants to destroy America as we know it. Tax Tax Tax Lies Lies Lies. Hopefully we can vote him out in November.

    39. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Obama hates rich people.

    40. Levi says:

      If it's so great being on all of these government programs(welfare,food stamps,medicaid, housing assistance, so on and so forth). Then why are all of these job creators still working when they could be living the sweet life of doing whatever they wanted with their time and having the government foot the bill?

    41. Wayne Peterkin says:

      Virtually everyone including The Heritage Foundation keep cutting Obama too much slack. Obama's proposals are not accidental or misguided in his mind. Obama is determined to undermine this nation leading to Cloward and Pivens economic destruction. Every Obama policy has been to grow federal government control over every aspect of American life because he despises the nation we have historically been and is determined to "fundamentally transform" it. Some believe that he is a puppet to others such as George Soros, which may be true. Whether or not that's the case, Obama's left-wing policies are carefully crafted to inflict the maximum damage to our nation and our freedoms while trying to appear that he is really trying to help rather than destroy. Sadly, it appears that about half the electorate still refuse to see what is right in front of their eyes and may vote to continue the destruction of the nation.

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