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  • Obama Pursues "Reset" While Putin Pursues "Get Set"

    As reported by Bill Gertz, on the day Americans were celebrating our independence, Moscow dispatched bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons into the U.S. air defense zone on the Pacific Coast.

    This was not a fluke. It was the second incident in two weeks, and it has actually been going on for a while.

    In 2007, Russia began flying nuclear-capable bombers into air zones identified by the U.S., NATO, and Japanese as air defense zones. Indeed, according to October 2011 testimony by Mark Schneider before the House Armed Services Committee, since February 2007, Russian high-level political and military leaders have made an unprecedented number of nuclear threats, including, remarkably, about 15 nuclear-targeting and preemptive nuclear attack threats.

    The Russian media routinely report that Moscow is conducting regional military exercises involving simulated nuclear weapons strikes against the U.S., NATO, and China.

    Nuclear deterrence depends on a foe’s belief that its enemy is willing and able to employ nuclear weapons. Russian President Vladmir Putin understands this and has made nuclear weapons the centerpiece of Russian foreign policy. Nuclear weapons embolden Russia to push back and undermine U.S. foreign policy objectives throughout the world.

    The Obama Administration, however, continues to take “the world” down the path to zero nuclear weapons by eliminating or failing to modernize the U.S. nuclear arsenal and to pursue “reset” with Russia while Moscow undermines, insults, embarrasses, and threatens to nuke the U.S. and our allies.

    Indeed, if the U.S. continues along the current path of disarmament, the best the U.S. can hope for is strategic nuclear parity with Russia. If the U.S. continues to disarm while Russia is permitted to retain its overwhelming 10-to-1 advantage over the U.S. in short-range nuclear weapons, Russia will certainly attain overall nuclear superiority over the U.S.

    Clearly, the Russians don’t believe that the U.S. is willing to do whatever is needed to protect and defend itself and its allies, and it’s possible our allies are beginning to doubt this as well. It is past time for an about-face in U.S. relations toward Russia and in U.S. nuclear deterrence strategy.

    The U.S. commander in chief should make perfectly clear that he is in fact willing and able to do whatever is required of him to protect and defend the U.S. and its allies and has at his disposal a credible nuclear force capable of conveying this message.

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    7 Responses to Obama Pursues "Reset" While Putin Pursues "Get Set"

    1. Jonesy says:

      It's the USA that's been sabre rattling. The 'reset' press stunt was nothing more than a sham. From missile 'defence' projects in eastern Europe, to Georgia and Syria, the USA is moving aggressively against Russia. Who can blame Russia for reminding the USA that she is still a power to be respected?

      • Eric says:

        Hogwash. Threatening nuclear war is totally unjustified in the light of U.S. actions. It is a sign that Russia's fascist leaders are more unstable and dangerous than previously thought.

    2. Jonesy says:

      I see. You only want posts that AGREE with the article.

    3. Doug Lang says:


      Should have know it was the US's fault. All that saber rattling likely FORCED the Soviets — ummm I mean Russians — to fly into US air space. Those Americans are so crafty in forcing other nations to act aggressively when they're really just peace-loving, and misunderstood.

    4. Max says:

      "If the U.S. continues to disarm while Russia is permitted to retain its overwhelming 10-to-1 advantage over the U.S. in short-range nuclear weapons, Russia will certainly attain overall nuclear superiority over the U.S."

      It's not 10-1. It's more like 4-1, and even those are mostly short range shells that will explode in Russia if launched. As one Cold Warrior suggested, why should we care about Russian nukes that explode in Russia?

      Plus, it isn't the number of weapons deployed, it is the way they are deployed. The U.S. C2 is far better than the Russians. Finally, do we actually think the Russians would be so stupid as to launch a nuclear war? Sure, they fly bombers, but we still have nuclear subs deployed that can take out Moscow in minutes. I don't see how this upsets stability at all.

      Finally, we still have access to Russian missile sites thanks to New START. That has provided valuable information about the Russian arsenal that helps stability.

    5. Henry says:

      I'm not surprised at this – the Russians ONLY respect brute force or the threat of it – in Obama they see a patsy(or as Lenin would say "a useful idiot") who can be manipulated to serve the interests of the Russian state – if this President gets another 4 year term & continues to weaken our defenses you can bet that the Russians(along with the Chinese) will continue to probe both the East & West coasts & one day we might wake up to an actual attack on one of our cities – don't say that it can't happen – on Sept 10,2001 no one thought that we would see the worst terrorist attack on our soil the very next day – I hope it never comes to pass!

    6. Brian says:

      Doesn't matter what you think about good intentions and whose fault it is, as you only have to under estimate the enemy ONCE and its over for you. Just the way it is.

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