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  • Side Effects: Obama Administration Admits You Can’t Keep Your Health Plan

    On several occasions during the health care reform debate, President Obama promised the American people, “If you like your health care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health care plan, period. No one will take it away, no matter what.” Now, even the Administration admits that this isn’t the case, stating that “as a practical matter, a majority of group health plans will lose their grandfather status by 2013.”

    Case in point: Under Obamacare, grandfathered plans are not subject to the preventative services mandate, a subset of which is the anti-conscience mandate that requires almost all non-exempted employers to provide and pay for abortion-inducing drugs, contraception, and sterilization.

    In one of the 23 lawsuits over the mandate’s trampling on religious liberty, Newland v. Sebelius, the plaintiffs argue that the mandated coverage of these products violates the religious freedom guaranteed by the First Amendment because it forces employers, including those who object to use of such products on moral or religious grounds (for example, religious hospitals, schools, and charities) to pay for coverage of the objectionable drugs and services. There is only a narrow religious exemption that effectively applies only to places of worship.

    Arguments over the constitutionality of this infringement on religious freedom aside, the Administration admits in its legal response to the Newland complaint, “Even under grandfathering, more and more group health plans will be subject to the regulations as time goes on. Defendants estimate that, as a practical matter, a majority of group health plans will lose their grandfather status by 2013.” It concludes that “more women would enjoy coverage of recommended preventive services as fewer plans are eligible for grandfather status.”

    The defendants cite the Federal Register final rules on grandfathered plans, which states that the “mid-range estimate is that 66 percent of small employer plans and 45 percent of large employer plans will relinquish their grandfather status by the end of 2013.” They also include high-end estimates that 80 percent of small employer plans and 64 percent for large employer plans will lose grandfathered status.

    The reason: Obamacare puts employers with grandfathered plans in a box. If they make changes to their plans to control increasing costs, they will lose their grandfathered status. Alternatively, if they keep grandfathered status by not making changes, their plans will eventually become unaffordable, forcing them to give them up. Either way, their employees will eventually lose their current coverage.

    As more Americans lose their existing insurance, their new plan will be subjected to Obamacare’s overreaching regulations, mandates, and violations of religious liberty. This is just one of Obamacare’s many broken promises.

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    37 Responses to Side Effects: Obama Administration Admits You Can’t Keep Your Health Plan

    1. I'm shocked! The next thing we hear is that this involves taxation. Oops! I guess we already found that out.

    2. hughbaby says:

      Obamacare is a Trojan Horse. The end game is Federal Government provided health coverage. The Progressives call this single payer. If you have trouble believing this please contact me. I have some beachfront property for sale. It is located just outside Lawrence, Kansas. Beautiful view. Good price.

    3. Val says:

      I'm excited to see how they'll spin this one!

    4. Miller says:

      So… the lying Liar-in-Chief lied, and we're supposed to be stunned by that?

    5. KJinAZ says:

      Surprise surprise Obama did not tell the truth again. How many lies does it take to bring down a president? It only takes one, and Obama is up in the hundreads at least. It will take us years to find all the lies he has made, but I'm sure BB will try.

    6. Bobbie says:

      this was initially purposed for "health care." It evolved into over priced "insurance" that barely reflects "health" or "care." what it does reflect is enormous inefficiencies and costly preferential treatment that is counterproductive to survival and health! It makes no sense that 30 million uninsured people cause this drastic re-creation of health care posing government restrictions on people that cover their own. By fabricating, the government lessens their expectations that should HOLD equal to expect of 30 million people what 300 million figured out without government. This is a clear government take over that needs to stop! Everything America is going through is criminal under the principles of law that officials of government now hold themselves unaccountable to that AMERICA MUST HOLD THOSE ACCOUNTABLE!!!!!
      Obama's constitution is UNLAWFUL and the PEOPLE DEEM IT SO!

    7. I'm thinking that almost all group insurance plans will simply be modified to meet Obamacare requirements. So I don't see this as necessarily being a big deal. The nastiness of Obamacare is that young healthy people will have to pay the same premiums as old sick people. It's ironic that the very people that voted overwhelmingly for Obama are going to be hurt the worst by his policies. Now, they'll probably just pay the penalty instead, as there will be no reason to have insurance when you're healthy because of the "you can't be turned down for pre-existing conditions" stupidity. This will essentially raise premiums through the roof because Insurance companies have to break even.

      • Norma says:

        Well Paul, if you don't MIND someone else making your choices for you, you are probably not disturbed by the health care bill. To tell you the truth I really don't like ANYONE telling me what I have to do . . . I am a grown-up, and I can make my own decisions without someone "sticking it to me" by forcing a tax on me if I choose NOT to "COMPLY!"

        Here's the bottom line: if you think for a single minute that the "tax" or "penalty" – or whatever is the flavor of the week is this week – is going to remain a small amount, you better think again. As soon as this baby is "up and running" that tax will go through the roof, and you can bet carrying government insurance will be cheaper! Why do you THINK they need so many IRS agents . . . 1600 new employees for the IRS to make SURE the TAX is paid in full every single year!

        Here's what I DON'T understand. If there are folks who want to live in a dictatorship, there are plenty of them around they can live in. EXPLAIN to me why should I have to suffer because they are apparently not capable of taking care of themselves?????

        • Guest says:

          The penalty is not a once a year cost… the penalty is no less than $100 PER DAY you are NOT covered.

    8. lovingThoseDogs says:

      You mean Obama ………… lied?

    9. Jerry says:

      There are a couple of things you probably have not things all of us have overlooked.
      !. Do you know that after 2014, when you sell YOUR home you will have to pay a 3.9% tax on that sale??
      2. Did you know that when you sign up for ANY new policy you will be REQUIRED to give your bank account numbers to the IRS?
      3. One additional thing will come up very soon, You will be required to give the IRS a complete accounting of your total savings . That will affect how much reinbursement you will get for any medical procedure you amy recieve?

      • undunder says:

        Don't forget that the American health system is historically credited with great innovation and life saving drugs, treatment, and diagnostics. Where is the incentive gonna be for companies to do the research and development of new medical drugs/aids/devices? The death panels will not approve care that is expensive – that's the only way the system can stay solvent. This forced government run health care system is so NOT about health care; it's about taxation (Thank you bozo Roberts), power, and control. We are nearly Cuba – and you see how that health care system works.

    10. erin says:

      Sick of the lies!

    11. Joe G. says:

      Can't wait to see what they are going to do with the Amish. Are they going to be required by law to buy into the new system, too? That will be an interesting wicket for the proponents of Obamacare to wiggle through.

      • Raine says:

        The Amish are exempt. Congress is exempt. Thousands in California have received immunity from Obozo care thanks to Pelosi. Muslims are exempt. Native Americans are exempt. Hollywood elite are exempt. Ya think Oprah or Gates are thrown into the muck with the minions? If Obozo care is that wonderful, why are so many clamoring for exemption? Socialism is not for the people ; it's for the Socialist.

    12. Jasminenick says:

      Apparently most Americans consider Obamacare negative impact on the economy. The latest poll suggests that the majority believe it will bring down employment opportunities in small businesses. Women are more against it as they pay more for health insurance. http://www.instant.ly/blog/2012/07/election-2012-

      • Bobbie says:

        instead of taking over, why hasn't Obama's government been doing their job to oversee insurance companies discriminating costs per gender, to correct? or to correct any problems claimed before this unconstitutional intrusion? That should tell you right there not to trust government and their excuses that only show their history of incompetence. And in this area of our personal livelihoods we're forced to accept incompetence involving our personal health care coerced out of our control? the government promised lower costs for years with no positive results as their involvement has increased all costs. There's more to women's health that would be less the cost to men but I don't believe we pay more for "insurance" itself?

    13. Jill says:

      Don't forget that they will be taxing your employer paid healthcare as Income. So you get to pay for the uninsured two times.

    14. Mary says:

      I hope the people who wanted Obamacare choke on it!!!!!

    15. Dwan says:

      Why are insurance companies letting Pres. O put them out of business?

    16. Gary Kelley Sr. says:

      This was never about healthcare. It was and is about power. It's about putting the private Health Care Insurance industry out of business and it's also yet another wealth redistribution scheme.
      It's about taking over the economy (what's left of it) ala Castro, ala Lenin, ala Chavez
      It's about implementing socialism – which has meant death for many every where it has ever been tried.

      Obama, Pelosi and Reid- an unholy trinity of American hating -self righteous bigots.

      • Pragmatic says:

        Wait, putting the health insurance companies out of business by giving the $30million new customers?

    17. Beerman says:

      Every year my insurance plan changes! Does that mean I lose my coverage? That is what this story implies. That if an employer changes an insurance plan and as a consequence, loses their grandfathering clause (after 2013), that the employee will lose their insurance benefits. What poppy cock. Come on folks. There are many things to criticize about Obamacare. Let's make sure our complaints are real. This is the type of half truth that makes us all look bad.

      • Mary Larsen says:

        No it is not saying that . They mean that if your plan was originally grandfathered in you did not have to meet some of obamacare requirements like no co-pay for preventive care, no life time limits ect. If that plan changes anything like premiums, co-pays, deductables they will lose there grandfather status and by subject to all of obamacares too generous policies. In turn the insurance plan will either meets all the requirements or go out of business, like principal health insurance did. At that point, the employer would have to go shopping for new insurance.

      • Carol, AZ says:

        He lied again.The free market availability after 2013 will preempt with O.C. It will demand that you pay for all illegals living here, giving the same benefits, you pay for, granted under your insurance, not limited to, organ transplants, forcing all of us to pay for, directly. We already know they rob, $500 M from the Medicare fund to shore up the new age, socialized Obama Care. Mitt Romney's plan; will declare this monster unconstitutional which it is, replace the money robbed from the fund, and reform the INS CO's through free market sys.This will dictate which carrier won't survive. Mandated, under O. C, every person, is forced to have a direct withdrawal account at your bank. Big Brother will automatically take it. It's the most invasive system designed to disallow free choice to the customer, YOU. Rationing has already been stated by the AMA, "we have Doctor shortage." Emergency rooms, will be crushed with non-acute care, as the last gap-fillers, because of rationing. Under O.C. we're automatically looked upon by the Govt as, "all the same." The private sys under O.C is dead.

    18. winoceros says:

      Oh yes, and the best of all "health care" innovations, capital gains taxes go up. You're right Nancy…it just took us so long to get to that page.

      Why would Obama be surprised that the mandate could be viewed as a tax and then fight the implication when he already had tax hikes built into the bill, separate from the mandate?

    19. O2BMe says:

      Not only do you have a chance of losing your insurance but you may lose your doctor. Why would an intelligent man/woman want to be in a profession so regulated you can't do for your patients what you want to. A committee in Washington D.C that doesn't even have one doctor on it will be deciding what procedure you can have or what medicine you can take.

    20. lesley says:

      Well everyone knows the devil is a LIAR!
      We've allowed those bastards to infiltrate
      Our public schools and colleges
      And the institution of EDUCATING our
      Kids… When OB ran for office, he had a shoe in
      With his vote tampering and black panthers
      At the polling booths. Yet why hasn't the word IMPEACHMENT
      come into play here? He's robbed our treasury,
      Sucked up and handed over our country to our enemy's,
      Bailed out the unions with OUR MONEY, campaigned
      On WORK TIME, billions…. Spent LITERALLY BILLIONS ON
      VACATIONS!! As he opens our borders to MILLIONS OF ILLEGALS
      OF THIS COUNTRY!!!! China friggin OWNS IS AND LAUGHS
      ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK! His attorney
      general is hiding and with holding legal documents from the illegal
      BE IMPEACHED AND SENT BACK TO his REAL HOMELAND as he has systematically set out to destroy
      Our once great Nation! GOD SAVE THE USA!

    21. carole says:

      Where were all you people when Reagan was operating behind his closed doors?

    22. D Byler says:

      America got what to they ask for and thats this thing called change I did not vote for man nor will I this time!

    23. Jeanne Stotler says:

      We don't know and won't know all this intails as they are still working on how to get US ALL under the goverment's thumb, if you want to wait and see what they are hatching behind closed doors, I guess it's OK, BUT I prefer to know up front. With this administration and it's TRANSPARENCY, we won't know until it's already in force. If you trust them, all I can say is you join the numbers of fools that are created every minute.

    24. c.drury says:

      Obamacare is not about extending healthcare, it's about extending health insurance. Millions of folks won't be able to get the healthcare they need.

    25. Dan Beilke says:

      Not surprised one bit. VOTE 2012

    26. Dale L. says:

      for all of you who drank the coolaid thanks

    27. george says:

      How many of you have read "obcare"? Most of you are totally unaware of what's there and simply guessing or repeating another's guess (which is almost always wrong). Think i'm wrong, prove me wrong and you will learn the real answers.

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